Thursday, February 28, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 699 - 2/27/69

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Barnabas and Julia arrive at the mausoleum. Julia listens at the secret door, and Barnabas says that she won't hear anything, as Chris will be unconscious. He opens the door and they see that he's still a werewolf. Barnabas closes the door but the werewolf leaps for it. Barnabas strikes him with his cane, and the door shuts. Julia says he should have changed hours ago, and points out it's taking longer and longer for him to change back. Barnabas says there may come a time when he never changes back. Julia says he's more dangerous now than ever. Barnabas says not as long as he stays in the room. Julia says others know about it, and Barnabas says that he'll have Willie lock the outer door.

Amy comes into Maggie's room. Maggie says she hasn't been able to sleep because she's worried about David. She tells Amy that she's the only one that can help them find David. She says that she knows she knows where David is. Amy denies it. Maggie then accuses her of leading her to Collinwood because Quentin wanted her to. Amy denies knowing who Quentin is. Maggie tells her that Quentin may kill David. She asks Amy to take them to where he has David.

As Julia walks in, Amy says she'd like to help David, but if she says anything more, Quentin will do something terrible to Chris. Julia asks her about the connection between Quentin and Chris. Amy says she's afraid, and reluctantly leaves Maggie's room with Julia. Maggie falls asleep instantly and begins to dream.

Maggie dreams she's in the storage room in the West Wing of the main house. She sees Mr. Juggins, and then the secret access to Quentin's room. She crawls through and hears his music playing. Quentin appears with the dress in his hands. She asks him what he wants with her. He hands her the dress. She tells him that it's not hers. He comes closer and puts his arms around her, and leans in to kiss her. He then begins to laugh.

Maggie wakes up and calls for Julia. She tells her about her dream. She says she saw the room he took her to, but she can't recall where it was. Maggie says she remembered a dark staircase, and Mrs. Stoddard's room. Julia asks her to try and remember the night at Collinwood. She describes seeing Quentin in the drawing room, and then going up the old staircase into Mrs. Stoddard's room, which she thought was hers. She says she was then drawn someplace else, down a long corridor in the West Wing, alone. She says she went into a room and saw the figure of a man, but it was Mr. Juggins. She realizes where she was, and says she must go to Collinwood, because she knows where David is. Julia says she'll find Barnabas. Little do they know that Amy is listening outside her door.

Barnabas returns to the mausoleum. He hears the werewolf growl inside the secret room. Julia appears and tells him that Maggie knows where David is. They leave the mausoleum, which Barnabas appears to lock.

Amy goes to the storage room in the old house and works on the panel to Quentin's room.

Barnabas and Julia look for Maggie, but don't find her in her room. She comes in and says she's looking for Amy, who has disappeared. Julia says she'll look for her, and Maggie describes to Barnabas where she thinks David is.

Amy gets into Quentin's room and calls for David. She says she has something important to tell him. Quentin appears and puts his hand on her shoulder. She tells him that Maggie and Barnabas are on their way.

Barnabas and Maggie arrive at the main house and head towards the West Wing.

Amy explains that she didn't tell them where he was, and that it was Maggie in a dream. Quentin places his hand on her shoulder and she freezes.

In the storage room, Barnabas says he's going to rip out the remaining panels to Quentin's room.

Our thoughts

John: Another favorite Dark Shadows flub in today's episode - when Barnabas feeds Julia her lines.

Christine: That certainly was a switcheroo. I'm surprised the silver wolf's head on Barnabas' cane hasn't been bent out of shape by all the thrashings he's given with it.

John: The floaty-head Quentin was an odd choice as Maggie fell into her dream sequence.

Christine: It may not have been the floaty-head in itself that was odd, but the fact that it was a psychedelic floaty-head, with the effect removing his characteristic mutton chops that made it seem particularly strange. I wonder about the significance of Maggie knowing who Mr. Juggins is.

John: Doh! Maggie has a ghostly me-too moment with Quentin! Once again, we're left wondering what Maggie means to Quentin; whether she's a substitute for Beth, or something else..

Christine: That was pretty disturbing, especially after he had previously attempted to strangle her. I thought it was interesting that Josette's room was such a focal point in this episode, with her portrait being featured in today's end credits. I'm wondering if there's some parallel being drawn between Barnabas trying to make her into Josette and the possibility that Quentin may now be trying to make her his Beth.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 698 - 2/26/69

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The werewolf is in the mausoleum when Barnabas visits Ned. Ned asks if he thinks his cousin will end up like her. Sabrina seems aware that there's a full moon out. Ned says he's willing to shock his sister out of her condition, if that's what it takes to save her. Barnabas says goodbye to her, and she reacts to his cane. Ned says that the wolf's head is helping her remember. He takes it from Barnabas and brandishes it in front of his sister, asking why it upsets her. She struggles and Barnabas demands that he return the cane.

Sabrina has a flashback to her surprise visit to Chris. She tells him he's not supposed to be there, and that she's planning a surprise party for him. Chris doesn't say anything. She asks why he lied about going away for the weekend, and he says he's feeling sick.

He starts to groan in agnoy and tells her she needs to go. He says she has to get out, and pushes her away. She asks why he won't let her help him. He says nothing, so she leaves. He grabs some chains. Outside, Sabrina has second thoughts, and returns to the room. Inside, she see's a werewolf. She screams.

Sabrina screams and passes out. Ned tells her that Barnabas has gone to get a doctor. He asks her to tell him what happened.

Barnabas returns with Julia. Barnabas asks if she's said anything, and Ned says she was just starting to. Julia asks them to leave. After they do, Julia takes her vitals and asks her what it was about Barnabas' cane that frightened her. Ned bursts back in and asks if she's finished. Julia says she is not. Ned asks if she has said anything, and says he wants to know about it. Julia asks her if she was talking, and Sabrina says nothing.

Julia suggests that Ned admit her to Windcliff for treatment, and he refuses. Julia goes to give her a sedative, and Ned tells her not to. He doesn't want her to sleep. Barnabas suggests that Julia stay with her, but Ned refuses, and Julia willingly leaves. Ned asks Julia if she owes her something, and Julia tells him she'll send him a bill.

She and Barnabas leave, and Ned asks his sister to tell him what she remembers.

Julia tells Barnabas that Sabrina knows, and she will eventually tell. Barnabas takes turns feeling bad for Ned, Sabrina and Chris. Julia reminds him that they have been shielding a werewolf. Barnabas says that he will help Chris with his curse, with or without her help.

Ned continues to press Sabrina for information. He leaves the room to get her a sedative. She gets up and walks to the mirror, screaming when she sees her reflection. Ned comes back in and forces her to look at herself. He suggests that she's protecting Chris. He tells her that Chris is going to be punished. She sits back down in her wheelchair. Ned tells her that he's not going to give up.

Julia tells Barnabas that it's time to go to the mausoleum. Barnabas points out that he thinks there's a connection between Chris and what's going on at the old house. Julia says she saw Stokes and Roger. They had a seance to try and communicate with Quentin, but only heard his laughter. They leave to get Chris.

Barnabas and Julia arrive at the mausoleum. Julia listens at the secret door, and Barnabas says that she won't hear anything, as Chris will be unconscious. He opens the door and they see that he's still a werewolf.

Our thoughts

John: So Sabrina never technically saw Chris change into a werewolf. And as we know all too well, seeing people in the same outfit as a werewolf isn't normally sufficient for them to put 2+2 together. And yet she seemingly has. She's fixated on Barnabas' wolf's head cane, and she keeps staring at the full moon. Too bad this apparent lyncanthropy expert chooses not to talk to anyone!

Christine: Since she immediately turned around and saw a wolf in Chris' clothing, I think it was a simple addition problem for her. I'm beginning to think the one responsible for her trauma is her brother Ned, however. One minute he's groping and caressing her, and the next he's grabbing and shaking her. I think the real reason he doesn't want Julia to take her to Windcliff is because Sabrina might divulge his abuse.

John: An off-screen seance was held in Collinwood? With Roger, of all people? Shame on the writers for depriving us!

Christine: How dare they cheat us out of a séance! Still, it counts for the Séance Tracker.

John: Uh oh! Do we have a twenty-four hour werewolf to deal with now? At least he was pretty chill, even when they walked in on him.

Christine: He is a nocturnal animal, so perhaps he was getting ready to go to sleep as the sun was coming up. I wonder if they'll have to start tossing raw steaks into the mausoleum to keep him fed.

Dark Shadows Before I Die Séance Tracker

Episode 170/171: Dr. Peter Guthrie conducts; Carolyn, Vicki, Roger, Laura Collins participate; Josette speaks through Vicki in French; held in the drawing room at Collinwood

Episode 186: Vicki conducts; Sam and David participate; David Radcliffe speaks through David; held in the drawing room at the Old House

Episode 280/281: Roger conducts; Liz, Vicki, Burke, Barnabas, Carolyn participate; Josette speaks through Vicki; held in the drawing room at the Old House

Episode 365: Roger conducts; Liz, Julia, Vicki, Carolyn, Barnabas participate; Sarah Collins speaks through Vicki after Carolyn pretends Sarah is speaking through her; Vicki is transferred to 1795; held in the drawing room at Collinwood

Episode 449: Countess duPrés conducts; Joshua Collins participates; Bathia Mapes shows up, claiming she was called; held in the drawing room at Collinwood

Episode 510/511: Professor Stokes conducts; Julia and Tony Peterson participate; Reverend Trask speaks through Tony Peterson; the basement wall breaks open to reveal his skeleton; held in the basement at the Old House

Episode 600: Professor Stokes conducts; Barnabas and Julia participate; Phillipe Cordier speaks through Barnabas; held in the drawing room at the Old House

Episode 640: David conducts; Amy participates; unsuccessful attempt to contact Quentin Collins; held in Amy's bedroom

Episode 642: Professor Stokes conducts; Liz, Vicki, Carolyn, Chris participate; Magda speaks through Carolyn; held in the drawing room at Collinwood

Episode 682: Professor Stokes conducts; Barnabas, Maggie, Mrs. Johnson participate; Janet Findley speaks through Mrs. Johnson; held in the drawing room at Collinwood

Episode 698: Professor Stokes conducts (assumed); Roger participates; unsuccessful attempt to contact Quentin Collins, whose laughter is heard; held at Collinwood offscreen

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 697 - 2/25/69

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Barnabas stands at the top of the stairs wondering where in the house he hasn't explored. He goes back downstairs, and before he leaves, he says that in one room, he will come to him. He goes back into the drawing room and finds Maggie in the Victorian dress. He calls her Maggie, and she asks what he called her, and who he is. He tells her that he is Barnabas, and her name is Maggie Evans, and she must come with him. She tries to say her name, and when she can't come up with it, she screams and collapses.

Maggie comes to and can't understand why she's dressed the way she is, or the way her hair is done. She says she tried to take Amy out of the room, and she was touched by Quentin. Barnabas asks if he spoke to her, and she says he called her another name, but she can't remember what name. Barnabas says they must find where Quentin took her. She says Amy would know, but he tells her that she's already under his control.

Roger returns and says he will not leave the house until he finds David. He sees Maggie in period garb, and Barnabas explains what happened to her. Roger tells Barnabas to take her to the old house. Barnabas refuses to leave him alone. Roger says he's calling the police, so he won't be alone. Maggie pleads with Roger not to stay in the house alone. Barnabas takes Maggie out, and the music begins to play. Roger boldly proclaims that his music won't frighten him, and dares Quentin to show himself. He sees a book open on his desk, and he puts down the phone. In the book, he finds a note, "David is mine."

In the old house, Roger tells Barnabas that every time he picked up the phone to call the police, he heard laughing. When they arrived, the house was completely silent, and they searched and found nothing. He says he's going to meet Stokes at the house. Stokes told him that possessed children are more restless when there's a full moon. After he leaves, Barnabas thinks that at least the full moon will benefit someone. He wonders about Chris.

Ned calls Chris. He says that he and Sabrina haven't left town yet. He tells Chris that Sabrina is going to come out of this and talk. He holds the phone to her, and she turns away. Ned begs her to do what she did for him earlier. She manages to speak Chris' name. Ned tells Chris to come now, so she'll remember more. Chris says that he can't help her, and hangs up the phone. Ned tells Sabrina that Chris will help them, or he'll kill him.

Chris tells Barnabas that he wants to help Sabrina. Barnabas says they must see that nothing jogs her memory. Barnabas says they need to get to the mausoleum, and Chris says he'll eventually break out. Barnabas says he'll talk to Ned, and convince them to leave town. Chris feels the transformation coming on, and Barnabas rushes him out the door.

Maggie is in the old house when Roger returns. He removes a piece of material from his coat pocket and puts it in his jacket. He asks Maggie if she's feeling better, and she says yes. She tells him that Amy is with Mrs. Stoddard, and she still seems to be possessed. Roger says that someone needs to stay at the house, and wonders if Barnabas will do it. He then shows Maggie the fabric, which she recognizes from the dress she had been wearing. He tells her he found it in the fireplace in Liz' room. She calls Roger Edward, and asks what kind of power Quentin has. He asks her why she called him Edward. He says that Edward Collins was his grandfather, and Quentin was his grandfather's brother. He realizes that Quentin is trying to bring her back to his time, and wonders if he's already succeeded with David.

Barnabas visits Ned, who is angry that Chris didn't come to see them. Barnabas tells Ned that his staying in Collinwood is only making his sister's situation worse. Barnabas explains that Chris is in love with his cousin, and that's why it's so hard. Ned brings Sabrina out to meet Barnabas. Barnabas introduces himself. Ned asks if he thinks his cousin will end up like her. Sabrina seems aware that there's a full moon out. Ned says he's willing to shock his sister out of her condition, if that's what it takes to save her. Barnabas says goodbye to her, and she reacts to his cane. Ned says that the wolf's head is helping her remember.

Our thoughts

John: Why exactly would Quentin feel the need to hide from the police? Is he just toying with Roger?

Christine: He may have been concentrating on hiding David from the police, rather than himself.

John: Once again, Barnabas is more concerned about helping a monster than he is about protecting its victim.

Christine: Now he knows how Julia feels.

John: I'm sorry, if a wolf's head cane was enough to trigger a reaction in Sabrina, one would think that she's not as far gone as she appears to be playing. That's almost as silly as the werewolf himself responding to the sight of the cane...

Christine: I'd say that she must be regaining more of her senses to be able to fix herself up with some blue eyeshadow and blush, but after seeing the way her brother likes to fondle and kiss her, I have a feeling he was the one to make her up today.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 696 - 2/24/69

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Maggie runs downstairs and tells Barnabas that the children are missing. She shows him the phone she found in David's room, and tells him that it means they've gone to Collinwood to be with Quentin. Barnabas suggests that Quentin communicates with them through the phone. He tells her to wait, and he goes downstairs.

Amy looks for David in the storage room. She finds Quentin, and asks if he told David to run away from her. He nods. She asks what he wants from them. She asks where David is, and then says she doesn't want to play the game any more. The music begins to play, and she agrees to do whatever he wants.

Willie tells Barnabas that he doesn't want to go to the house. Barnabas says their lives are in danger, and when Maggie asks him to go, Willie agrees.

Amy carries a dress downstairs, followed by Quentin. He motions for her to be quiet.

Outside the front door, Barnabas says that he'll search the West Wing, and asks Willie to search the rest of the house.

Quentin leaves Amy, and she asks him not to leave her.

Barnabas hears Amy inside, and calls to her. The front doors swing open on their own. Willie reluctantly follows Barnabas in. Amy is hiding behind the curtains in the drawing room. Barnabas and Willie see a dress spread out on the floor, but no one is present in the room. Willie says he feels like someone is watching him. He picks up the dress, which Barnabas identifies as Victorian. He says Amy must have dropped it, and Willie suggests the ghost might have.

They leave the drawing room and music begins to play. Barnabas wonders where it's coming from, and why he wants them to hear it. He says he wants to draw them away from something, and Willie says the dress. The go back into the drawing room, and see no one. The music stops and they start upstairs. The lights come on and frighten Willie. Barnabas says that he's laughing at them.

Amy comes out from behind the curtain, followed by Quentin. He leans down and whispers something to her. She asks why he wants her to get her. She asks if he'll be nice if she brings her to him. He nods, and she agrees to go get her, leaving the house to get Maggie.

Maggie paces at the old house. She picks up the phone and says the children couldn't hear anything on it. She sees Amy outside and calls to her. She runs outside to get her.

Barnabas and Willie search the storage room in the West Wing. Barnabas tells Willie to look for a secret passage. They move furniture around, and expose the panel with the access to Quentin's room, but don't test it. Quentin appears in time to watch them leave the storage room.

Maggie follows Amy back to the main house, and yells at her not to go inside. Amy goes into the drawing room. Maggie arrives at the front door and enters the house. She hears Amy humming. She opens the door to the drawing room where Amy is sitting. Amy explains that she and David live in the house, and are very happy. Maggie tells Amy to come with her, and grabs her arm. She tells her that Quentin means to harm them.

Quentin makes his way down the stairs.

Maggie says there's someone else in the room, and asks where they are. She tells her they're by the fireplace. Maggie turns to take her away when Quentin appears in the doorway, and closes the door behind him. Maggie screams.

Barnabas and Willie hear the scream and run downstairs. The find Amy in the drawing room, coloring. Willie asks her if she screamed, and Amy says that was Maggie. Willie asks where she is, and Barnabas tells him to take Amy away. He does, leaving Barnabas alone in the house. Barnabas says he will take Maggie, Amy and David from him. He hears Quentin's laughter, and he goes back upstairs.

Back at the old house, Willie tells Amy that Maggie wasn't at the main house. He calls to Maggie. Amy says Maggie's not anywhere anymore, and soon he'll see what she means.

Barnabas stands at the top of the stairs wondering where in the house he hasn't explored. He goes back downstairs, and before he leaves, he says that in one room, he will come to him. He goes back into the drawing room and finds Maggie in the Victorian dress. He calls her Maggie and she asks what he called her, and who he is. He tells her she is Maggie Evans, and she must come with him. She tries to say her name, and when she can't come up with it, she screams and collapses.

Our thoughts

John: Did they swap out the ghost-phone for a different model? It looks different to me.

Christine: It looked different to me too. In reviewing past episodes, it appears to be the same phone, though it looks to me like it was spray painted gold. Either that or the lighting at the Old House gave it a different appearance.

Episode 639

Today's episode
John: Willie! Long time, no see. And back just in time to witness Maggie get caught up in a heap of time displacement trouble again.

Christine: I am impressed that Maggie could attire herself in Victorian fashion and create a remarkable updo in no time at all, unless that was Quentin's doing.

John: Barnabas should have tried calling Maggie Josette. He might have gotten lucky! So are we to understand that she's been possessed by Beth? I hope so, if only in that it will mean we should finally get filled in on her backstory.

Christine: That would be nice since it's really hard to determine Beth's motivation. At times she seems to be working against Quentin, and other times is aiding and abetting. It's about time we found out more about the gruesome twosome.