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Dark Shadows Episode 1179/1180 12/31/70

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The judge asks Quentin if he would like to cross-examine Trask. Quentin says it would be best handled by his council. He clarifies that he has found a man to handle his case, and he requests a recess while they await his arrival. Dawson objects. Quentin suggests that he deserves representation. Before any more can be argued, Barnabas walks in and says that they need not wait any longer. Trask is shocked. Quentin presents Barnabas as his attorney. Dawson objects. Barnabas says any citizen may volunteer their services in this sort of proceeding, and he volunteers his. Barnabas requests a transcript of Trask's testimony. Trask says he cannot continue his testimony, saying he has a severe pain in his chest, and asks to be dismissed. 

Barnabas asks for a postponement, and the judge agrees to postpone the trial until the next morning. Dawson says that may not be enough time, and the judge says if Trask's condition becomes more serious, they can discuss it tomorrow.

In his cell, Quentin says he got Valerie's note, but he doesn't understand where he was. Barnabas says Trask had imprisoned him, and Valerie and Julia found him and freed him. He describes being bricked into an alcove and left to die. Quentin asks why he didn't tell the judge. Barnabas says that for the moment, he doesn't intend to turn him over to the authorities. He asks Quentin to trust him. They review Trask's testimony together. 

Trask paces around his chapel when Barnabas comes to see him. He asks if Trask is wondering how he got out. Trask says he used Quentin's sorcery, and that he should be dead. Barnabas says that maybe he is dead, and now he's back to haunt him forever. Barnabas says that he has every intention of doing something to him in revenge for what he did — but not now. He tells him that he'll see him in court in the morning.

Dawson is pacing in the courtroom when Trask arrives. He asks him what's wrong. Trask says he won't appear on the stand. He refuses to be cross-examined. Dawson says his entire testimony will be tossed out. He asks Trask what he's frightened of. He says he will face Barnabas whether he likes it or not.

Barnabas comes to see Flora. She says they were so worried. She tells him they arrested Desmond for witchcraft. Barnabas says he plans to help Desmond as well as Quentin. He says when he proves Quentin's innocence, it will provide Desmond's as well. Barnabas asks her if Desmond told her he brought the severed head for Quentin. She says he did. Barnabas asks if it disappeared before Quentin got it. She says that as far as she knows, yes. He asks her who else saw the head. Flora says Leticia testified that she did. Barnabas points out that Gerard could have seen it, too. He says he suspects he's involved. He asks how Gerard and Trask became friends. She says they became friends the night they were discussing Trask's father's disappearance. Barnabas asks him to tell her everything about that night in as much detail as possible. 

The court is called to order. Trask is called to the stand for cross-examination. Barnabas asks if active participation in the occult tantamount to witchcraft. He agrees. Barnabas says he has to include himself. The judge asks for clarification. Barnabas asks Trask to tell the court if he participated in a seance to communicate with his dead father. Trask is silent. Trask says he's trying to brand him as a witch. The judge directs him to answer the question. Trask admits that he did. Barnabas asks if he was successful. Trask says they heard his father's voice warning them of evil. Barnabas asks if his participation means he's a witch. Trask says it does not. Barnabas agrees. And says the same is true of Quentin. The court agrees to remove references to seances and witchcraft from the record. 

Dawson says the prosecution has not claimed that a seance constitutes an act of witchcraft. He says a means other than a seance to contact the dead does constitute witchcraft. Dawson asks if Trask knows of other examples of Quentin's powers over the dead. Trask says he witnessed such an incident. Quentin wrote a letter to a dead woman, Joanna Mills. He says he saw the spirit appear and leave a written response. He says he took the letter the spirit left behind. Dawson produces the letter. He admits a self-portrait of Joanna created when she was in an asylum, and points out that the signature matches the letter. He then submits Joanna's death certificate. Barnabas objects. Dawson says Trask saw the spirit deliver the letter, and therefore he moves that the court make a decision. Barnabas says the defense hasn't even presented their case. The tribunal says they are ready to render a decision. They are interrupted by a woman dressed in black. She claims to be Joanna Mills.

Our thoughts: 

John: So much for Barnabas' arrival turning the tables! It looked like Trask was ready to break, but Dawson convinced him to take the stand, and before you know it, he's got the judges ready to render a judgment before the defense can even present their case!
Christine: I'm disappointed that we didn't get to see his amazing rescue by Angelique and Julia, and find out how he was revived so quickly after being near death.

John: Meanwhile, Barnabas plays his little game with Trask outside of the courtroom, but keeps his own imprisonment a secret so he can torture him? That may be great for Barnabas, but it's not doing any favors for Quentin!
Christine: Do you think he'll find a place for Lamar next to his dear old dad in his basement? It looks like the show's resident artist has been put to work again, providing a sketch of Joanna so the judges would have confirmation of her identity before she appeared. 

John: Well that's a horse of a different color. Do we think this Joanna is really alive? Or a dead woman appearing to testify on Quentin's behalf?
Christine: Of course it's Joanna! It's the oldest soap opera trope in the book! And of course we have the typical shocked faced zooms to bring a delightful end to our last full year on Dark Shadows. Happy New Year, everyone!

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1178 12/30/70

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Downstairs in the basement of Trask's Memorial Chapel, Trask calls to Barnabas. When he doesn't answer, Trask wonders if he's already dead. Barnabas confirms he's not dead yet. Trask tells him that he could go on living if he was a vampire. Barnabas tells him to go away and let him die in peace. 

Gerard visits Quentin, who says Desmond is no more guilty than he is. Gerard says he should try and postpone the trial to get a new attorney. Quentin asks if there's any news about Barnabas, and Gerard just says that he's vanished. 

Dawson reviews legal documents when Gerard comes to see him. Dawson says they need positive proof that Quentin is Zachery, and he says Gerard has it. He says they just need the head from Quentin's laboratory, and they're done. Gerard suggests that there must be another way. Gerard asks what he thinks they will do with the head when the trial is over. Dawson realizes that it would be destroyed. Trask comes in, and says if he were allowed to take the stand, the trial would soon be over. Dawson tells him that he can testify in the morning. Dawson excuses himself, and Gerard points out Trask isn't usually so cheerful. Trask tells him that Barnabas is dead. Gerard asks if he's sure, and how he knows. Trask says he can't say more. Gerard pushes him, but Trask tells him that his lips are sealed. 

Gerard asks for a postponement until legal representation can be found. Dawson objects, saying that extra time to practice witchcraft. The judge offers him three hours to find representation. Or they will appoints Silas Graham. Quentin says the man is incompetent, and he'd be better served to represent himself. The judge tells him that he has until 1pm. 

Gerard tells Quentin that three hours isn't enough time. He says he tried to find the right man for the case, but he couldn't find anyone. Quentin says if no one is willing to take his case, they must think he's guilty. Gerard tells him that he's not totally defenseless. He suggests that he defend himself. Quentin reminds him that he knows nothing of the law. 

Gerard tells Dawson that Quentin is all his. He says Quentin will be quite ineffectual in court, so it's time for Dawson to go in for the kill. 

The trial resumes at 1pm. Dawson asks Quentin will be representing him. Quentin says that much to his regret, he will have to speak for himself. Dawson says it's impossible that Quentin was unable to find anyone to represent him. He says the fact that only his cousin, who awaits his own trial for witchcraft, was willing to defend him makes a strong statement about the case against him. Quentin suggests that Dawson's statements should be stricken from the record, and his objection is sustained. They ask Quentin if he might find representation in the near future. Quentin says he's not at liberty to say. 

Dawson calls Trask to testify. After being sworn in, Dawson asks about Lorna Bell. Trask mentions how he last saw her alive, she mentioned planning to meet Quentin. He says when he next saw her, later that night, she was dead, and had the Devil's mark on her forehead. The same mark was on Quentin's ring. And also on Randall Drew's body. He says he found Quentin over Randall's dead body. He adds that Quentin's deceased father had a vision in which he saw Quentin murder Lorna. Quentin objects, but it is overruled. Trask says it was on Quentin's stairway into time. Dawson asks if Quentin has supernatural powers over time. Trask says he does not know. Dawson points out that the stairway is where Daniel saw the vision. 

Dawson asks about what happened on the Grimes property. Trask says his cattle were stricken by a spell cast by Quentin. Quentin objects. Trasks says Quentin threatened Grimes. Quentin says he didn't threaten Grimes, but he will threaten Trask. Dawson asks how Trask knows of the threat. Trask says Grimes told him. Quentin objects. Trask says he didn't hear the threat, but Grimes wouldn't lie to him. The judge says that Grimes can testify for himself, and Dawson assures the court that he will. The judge asks Quentin if he would like to cross-examine Trask. Quentin says it would be best handled by his council. He clarifies that he has found a man to handle his case, and he requests a recess while they await his arrival. Dawson objects. Quentin suggests that he deserved representation. Before any more can be argued, Barnabas walks in and says that they need not wait any longer.

Our thoughts: 

John: Where was Roxanne's ghost when Trask came to visit Barnabas? Do you supposed Julia and Angelique have been hanging out by Trask's chapel all day?
Christine: Julia and Angelique seemed determined to wait for a sign from Roxanne yesterday. Perhaps she finally found them, or they heard Trask taunting Barnabas, and broke down the wall when he left. 
John: How was Quentin supposed to find alternative representation in three hours — from within the jail cell? You'd be hard pressed to do that in 2020 with a smartphone at your disposal, and he's supposed to figure it out in 1840?
Christine: I love how the judge advised him not to make the decision to represent himself in haste and then followed up by saying he had until 1 o'clock. I hope we'll find out how Quentin knew that Barnabas was on the way to help him. 

John: Tomorrow should certainly be interesting! Considering how Barnabas was looking behind the brick wall just a few hours ago, I'd almost think that Angelique would have had to restore his vampire curse for him to suddenly appear so spry and chipper!
Christine: Yes, indeed! Let's hope for an exciting episode to conclude our last full year of the show! 

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1177 12/29/70

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Julia continues to search Quentin's lab when she hears footsteps. She realizes that someone's coming down the stairs. She sees Professor Stokes, and smiles. He comes downstairs and says he's half as amazed as she was. He says what he read in Flora's journal must be true. Julia asks where he found it. He says it was in the ruins of Collinwood. He read that Barnabas disappeared, and his body was never found. He asks how long Barnabas has been missing, and she says it's been a week. He says they must change the course of history and find him. She asks how he knew about the staircase, and Stokes explains that Barnabas told him about it. He says he was waiting in the playroom for 36 hours when the doorway appeared. She says he hopes he doesn't regret it, and he says it's an adventure. He asks if Gerard is there, and she says he's the master of Collinwood. She explains that Quentin and Desmond have been accused of being warlocks, and they believe Gerard is responsible. She says she'll introduce him as a professor friend from Pennsylvania. She'll say he hasn't met Barnabas, but has corresponded with him, and came due to an old invitation from him. He asks if Gerard suspects her and Barnabas, and she says that he does. 

Gerard calls from outside, demanding that she unlock the door. She does, and he asks if she's alone. She says she was reading aloud. He looks around, and asks if she's sure no one else is there. He pulls back the curtain, revealing the staircase. No one is there. She says she was ensuring there was no more incriminating evidence against Quentin or Desmond. He asks why she locked the door, and she explains that she didn't want to be disturbed. They head upstairs together. 

Gerard asks Julia if she'll see Quentin today. She says she may not have time. She tells Gerard that she just got a letter, and a friend is arriving from Pennsylvania. Professor Stokes. He asks if he's related to Carrie, and she says he is Ben Stokes' nephew. Gerard says he's surprised he didn't come to Ben's funeral. He goes to tell the servants to prepare Ben's room as Angelique comes in. They go into the drawing room, and Julia tells her a friend has arrived from 1970 to help them. He points out that in the future, he introduced Angelique to Collinwood. Julia says that he won't understand how they're married, and make up a story about Angelique traveling through time because she has an obsession about Barnabas. 

Stokes wonders about the obsession about Barnabas. He says he's afraid of doing the wrong thing, or saying the wrong thing to the wrong person. He says seeing Gerard in Quentin's lab made him feel quite vulnerable. She says that when she arrived in 1840, Ben Stokes helped her like she's now helping him. Stokes asks if Daphne came with Gerard, and Julia goes into great detail about Quentin's wife Samantha being in love with Gerard, and their getting married on the day that Quentin and Tad showed up after having been thought lost at sea. She then describes all of the twists and turns in Collinwood soap opera history circa 1840. She says they may have been wrong to blame everything on Gerard. He asks who is to blame, and she says Judah Zachery. She's surprised to see that Stokes recognizes the warlock's name. He reminds her that occult history is his academic specialty. He says he was beheaded, and his severed head had strange powers. Julia says Desmond found it, and it possessed him, then Leticia, then her. She says Quentin is accused of being possessed by it, though she's sure Gerard is. He asks what evidence the state has against Quentin. Julia lists the circumstantial evidence, including the series of dead bodies he was discovered with. Stokes asks what Barnabas' involvement is. Julia says Gerard and Trask are trying to involve him, and Barnabas disappeared when he was going to testify on Quentin's behalf. Julia tells him how to plan his arrival at Collinwood. Stokes asks about Daphne, and Julia says she's in love with Quentin, not Gerard. 

Julia is sleeping in the drawing room when she dreams that she's hearing Roxanne's voice. She gets up and sees her ghost, telling her that Barnabas is dying, and she must follow her. Julia does. Outside of a brick building, Roxanne tells Julia to hurry, and then Angelique wakes her. Julia says she was taking her to Barnabas, and Angelique has ruined it! Angelique says it's a sign, if she said he's alive. She asks if they know the place. Julia says Stokes will be there any moment, and Angelique asks her which is more important. Julia agrees that Barnabas is, and they leave together. 

Stokes arrives at Collinwood, and Gerard lets him in. Gerard introduces himself, and asks if his journey from Baltimore was successful. Stokes corrects him, saying Philadelphia. Gerard says he's surprised he didn't ask for Barnabas. Stokes asks if he's there, saying he looks forward to meeting him. Gerard explains that Barnabas is missing, and there may be foul play involved. He asks Stokes if he can tell him about Julia.

Julia and Angelique arrive in at the location from her dream. She says this is the room Roxanne led her to, and she knows Barnabas is here somewhere. She calls for Roxanne to help. Angelique joins her in calling, and says they will wait. 

Downstairs in the basement of Trask's Memorial Chapel, Roxanne waits outside the brick wall wondering why Julia hasn't come, when he has so little time.

Our thoughts: 

John: Eliot Stokes steps right out of the Disco in Saturday Night Fever into 1840! What impeccable timing to arrive while Julia happens to be in Quentin's lab!
Christine: Thank goodness he wasn't wearing the platform shoes and Angels Flight pants I was expecting! I can't help but wonder how he would know Barnabas if, according to what he read in Flora's journal, Barnabas disappeared and was never heard from again. Wouldn't that mean that they never had the chance to meet? 
John: Here we go again. At her first opportunity, Julia starts making up stories about Stokes, giving Gerard plenty of ammunition to use against him. And while I loved Julia's ridiculously detailed explanation about everything going on in 1840, it becomes quite clear to viewers how little any of it makes sense. Stokes is dead-on when he describes it as a complicated crossword puzzle.
Christine: That was a nice little recap for those just tuning in and wondering what the heck is going on, though it would seem unnecessary. Isn't it just us die-hard fans left watching at this point? 

John: Roxanne is one lazy ghost. She'll come to Julia in a dream, but not bother to step outside to drag her downstairs to where Barnabas is bricked in. Of course, I can't wait to see how a ghost, a witch, and a 1970s doctor are going to break down a brick wall!
Christine: Maybe Roxanne has a little bit of an attitude after Angelique poked her doll, resurrecting the vampire curse on her, and then fed Julia to her, though I guess she wouldn't take that out on Barnabas. Perhaps the fog obscured her ghostly vision and kept her from knowing where they were.

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Dark Shadows Episode 1176 12/28/70

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Flora tells Gerard that she's worried about Quentin. Gerard says Desmond is doing enough. She tells him they all should be doing more. He assures her that he's doing everything he can. Flora asks where Barnabas has gone, pointing out he's been missing for three days. Leticia rushes in, crying. Flora asks her what has happened. She tells Flora that Desmond has been arrested for witchcraft. Leticia says it's all her fault. Flora asks why they arrested him. Leticia says they asked her about the head of Judah Zachery. Gerard is shocked to hear that the head was in the house, but realizes that's why Desmond had Zachery's journal. Gerard points out that the head had certain powers, and could possess people. Leticia explains that's what happened to her. She doesn't understand why they arrested Desmond instead of her. Flora asks where the head is. Leticia says that the head was destroyed, but Dawson says it's possessing Quentin. Flora goes to see Desmond. Gerard tells Leticia that if they can prove the head was destroyed, it can't be possessing Quentin.

Leticia visits Desmond. He says he assumes his mother will arrive shortly, now that she knows. Leticia points out that if they can prove the head was destroyed, Gerard says it will end it all. Desmond tells her that Zachery is possessing Gerard, he just can't prove it. She says she's going to talk to Gerard, but Desmond stops her, saying he doesn't want her to get hurt. He points out that things might be different if Barnabas were there...

Angelique tells Julia that she'd give up her powers if she could only see where Barnabas is. Julia asks her if she's really in love with him. She says she is, and she thinks he finally understands that. Leticia runs in and tells Julia they must go to Zachery's tomb. She says if the head isn't in the tomb, then Desmond thinks he knows where it is.

In the jail, Flora asks Desmond why he didn't tell her about the head. She assures him she'll find a lawyer to overpower Dawson. He says he doesn't understand how Dawson found out so much about Zachery, and assumes it was Gerard. She says Gerard only just heard of Zachery. Desmond says that he found the journal in Gerard's room. He's sure he planted it in Quentin's lab, but can't prove it.

Angelique is sure that Gerard is Zachery, and therefore knows where Barnabas is. She decides to play upon his love for Miranda. She finds him in the drawing room, and she asks if Barnabas might have given some clue as to where he is. She cries, and Gerard comforts her. He reminds her that she and Barnabas were estranged. She asks Gerard if he were ever in love. He says he was, once, very long ago. She asks if he still remembers her, and he says he does. She asks if he would try to save her if he could, and he says he never would. He says he dreams about her only because he hates her. He says he would never help her now. 

Julia confirms the head is not in the tomb. Angelique says Gerard has it. Leticia says she wishes she could be as sure as they are. Julia asks if it would be in Gerard's room. She says he just left for Rose Cottage, so she can go searching for it now. She leaves, and Leticia asks Julia if they can go to the lab and make sure there's nothing else there to cause trouble for Quentin. 

Leticia says Quentin's staircase is crazy. Julia tells her it was an experiment to transcend time. Leticia says she knows that it's true. The stairs lead from 1840 to another time. Julia yells at her to stop as she ascends thee stairs. Julia grabs her. Leticia says it was like someone was calling her. She says they must get rid of the stairs. Angelique comes in and says the head is not in Gerard's room. Leticia says that maybe Gerard is not possessed, and leaves. Julia asks where she's going. Julia tells Angelique that she was afraid. Julia says she never thought anything like this would happen when she came down them. Angelique asks what she means. Julia explains that's how she arrived in 1840. On the night in 1970 when the ghost of Gerard had killed the two children. She says she doesn't know whether to be grateful, or hate the stairs.

Leticia is reading her cards when Gerard comes in. She tells him to sit down for a reading. She pulls a queen of hearts suggesting there will be another woman in his life, followed by the queen of spades, saying she will replace the one he loved and lost. And then the ace of clubs, saying she will marry him, hating him. He accuses her of making things up, and gets up and walks out on her. 

Desmond tells Leticia not to play games with Gerard. She says she saw his future as himself, and today she saw the future of Judah Zachery. Desmond says there's only one way to end it — to get out of jail and kill Gerard himself. She reminds him that she wouldn't have killed her when she was possessed. They must try to save Gerard from Zachery.

Julia and Angelique continue to search Quentin's lab. Angelique suggests that she should go to town to talk to Trask, leaving Julia alone to search. She hears footsteps, and calls out, asking who it is. She realizes that it's someone coming down the stairs.

Our thoughts: 

John: I thought it was great for Angelique to think she'd use her historic relationship with Zachery to get the low-down on Barnabas' location, only to find out that Gerard still thinks of his lost love every night, but not for the reason she was hoping!
Christine: I thought it was disappointing. Her spell casting has always been superior to her love magic, so she really couldn't have expected a different result, especially since she was responsible for his beheading. It would have been much more fun to see her throw a spell his way to make him do her bidding. 

John: Do you think it was an error on the part of the property master that Leticia only had a standard Bicycle deck of playing cards to read the future with? Of course we all know that Bicycle playing cards were not introduced until 1885, so we'll have to assume someone brought this deck back in time through Quentin's magic staircase at some point.
Christine: Desmond was seen with Collinwood's standard tarot deck last in Episode 1141. Leticia's Bicycle deck reading will be the last tarot reading on the show, so it's possible the 1JJ Swiss tarot deck used throughout various time periods may have ended up in the same hands as the original portrait of Barnabas.  

John: Hmmm... who could it be coming from the future? Barnabas? I highly doubt that. Do you think Professor Stokes has found the staircase? Not that we haven't seen Thayer David several times in 1840 already...
Christine: It could be Barnabas. Since he came to 1840 by way of I Ching, his body is still hanging out in 1970. Perhaps his 1840 persona croaked behind the wall, and snapped him back to consciousness in 1970, and then he took the Stairway through time back. Though, if he died in 1840, would he still remain alive in 1970? Was the zoom in on his portrait as the ladies went to Quentin's lab a clue? Or do the disco lights indicate that someone is arriving from the late 70s in platform shoes and Angels Flight pants? 

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12/25/70 Pre-Emption: Christmas

Wishing all of our readers and fellow Dark Shadows fans a very Merry Christmas!

As to be expected, no episode aired 50 years ago today. 

And while it's a little late for Christmas shopping, you might consider a Dark Shadows gift for your friends and fellow fans from MPI Home Video, without whom we wouldn't all still be enjoying the show today!

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Dark Shadows Episode 1174/1175 12/24/70

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Gerard laughs as he tells Samantha that her performance with the letter was brilliant. She explains that she went to the tree earlier and there was no letter there, so she wasn't able to leave a response. She and Gerard realize that Joanna must have returned. Samantha says she can feel her presence in the house, and she thinks she's coming to kill her. Gerard says they don't even know that it's her, and why would she want to kill her. Samantha says that it's her fault that Joanna and Quentin couldn't be together. There's a knock at the door, and Samantha is afraid. Gerard explains that ghosts don't knock. 

It's Dawson, with a court order allowing him to search Quentin's laboratory. She escorts him to it. Leticia comes in and tells Gerard that Dawson has death in his eyes. She says she's been thinking about Barnabas, and suggests that he knows where he is. Gerard tells her that he was with her when Barnabas disappeared. She says if he knows where Barnabas is, he must tell her. She says he may not know where he is, but he knows something about Barnabas' disappearance that he's not saying. 

Dawson tells Gerard that Samantha saw him take certain files, and will be a willing witness if needed. He says it's quite a discovery, and Gerard tells him that he placed them there earlier. Dawson says they probably shouldn't talk in the house, and Gerard assures him that Daphne is in the bedroom, and Samantha knows they are working closely together. He says that he and Samantha are back together again. He asks if Trask gave him the letter. Dawson says he did, but he's going to introduce his newly found evidence tomorrow. Gerard tells him that Leticia is becoming a thorn in his side, and Dawson says they'll have to do something about her. Gerard adds, "and quickly."

Leticia gives Desmond a letter the constable brought. He sees that they're calling her as a witness for the prosecution. Desmond is concerned, and then says they have no way of knowing. She assures him that she'd never speak of that. He says they may want to link her second sight to Quentin. He says that if they bring it up, she must tell them that it was just a performance. She agrees. He tells her that he doesn't want them to think that she's a witch.

Gerard and Samantha have tea, disappointed that they aren't able to listen to today's testimony. She asks him to take her away from Collinwood. She's still concerned about Joanna, and he tells her that once the trial is over, they will go away and get married, and he kisses her.

Desmond tells Quentin that Trask took the letter he gave to Daphne to leave at the oak tree. Quentin asks how he knew to be there. He asks if they've accused Daphne of anything yet, and Desmond tells him that they're up to something, and he should be prepared for anything. The tribunal is called back into session.

Leticia is sworn in. Dawson asks her to describe her act to the judges. She says she was a mentalist. He points out that she had second sight, and she says it was just a game. He asks her if she ever discussed the occult with Quentin. She says she doesn't remember. He asks if she remembers a book that he holds up for her, and she says she does not. He reads her the title — the Journal of Judah Zachery. Desmond objects, but is overruled. Dawson asks if she knows the name Judah Zachery, and she says she's heard the name.

She says he was a warlock. Dawson says he was, in 1692. She says he was beheaded. He says she can say more about him. Desmond objects, and Dawson reads from the diary, demonstrating when the first entry was written, and pointing out the last entry was written in the last month. He reads an entry which says, "Leticia is the logical one to help me." Dawson then asks Leticia if she had the head of Zachery in her possession. She says she can't tell them about the head, because it has nothing to do with Quentin, and Quentin stands up and tells her that she must. The judge admonishes Quentin, and Leticia says that she saw the head at Rose Cottage, and she could hear his voice in her mind. Dawson accuses her of being possessed by the head, and she says she was. He asks who brought the head to Rose Cottage, and she says it was Desmond. He asks why he brought it from Asia to Collinsport, and she says it was for Quentin. She breaks down, crying, and apologizes to Quentin. Dawson dismisses Leticia and calls Desmond to the stand. The judge finds it unusual, and Dawson says he plans to show that Quentin is possessed by Judah Zachery. Desmond approaches the stand. Dawson smiles at Quentin.

Dawson asks why Desmond brought the head to Quentin, and he says he found it for him as a curio. Dawson asks if he discovered the head's powers, and Desmond says yes. He asks if his eyes open, and if he heard his voice. Desmond says yes. Dawson asks if he wrote in the journal with the hand of Zachery. Desmond admits that he did. 

He then says Leticia took the head. Dawson asks what happened to it, and he says it was destroyed in an explosion. Dawson tells the judges that Desmond should be disqualified as Quentin's council, and that he should be charged with the crime of witchcraft. The judge says he will confer with his colleagues. Quentin tells Desmond that they can't do it. The judges disqualify Desmond as Quentin's attorney, and order him arrested to await trial on charges of witchcraft. 

Our thoughts: 

John: Aren't Gerard and Samantha technically still married? Did that ever get addressed? Or was that automatically nullified upon Quentin's return? Odd that Gerard would talk about getting married without even acknowledging that it will be their second wedding...
Christine: I think we were left to assume their marriage had been annulled after Quentin gave her the responsibility of deciding which husband to keep and Gerard rejected her when she chose him, so it's prudent that he not bring up their first time being married. No doubt Samantha has not forgotten it, and given that she's prone to bitter revenge, Gerard may be wise not to fully trust her.
John: Once again, Dawson really drives the court proceedings, not even giving Desmond a chance to cross-examine Leticia! And the judges basically play right along. Poor Quentin never had a chance.
Christine: It is rather ironic that he and Desmond are being prosecuted for witchcraft by a practicing warlock himself. 

John: Well, Leticia's testimony didn't exactly work out well for Quentin, or Desmond! It's possible that Quentin might still be acquitted, but Desmond's own case seems pretty much locked up. Do you think he's regretting picking up that severed-head curio now? With Barnabas buried alive, Quentin and now Desmond in jail, it's not exactly going to be a happy Christmas in Collinwood in 1840!
Christine: Here I thought we'd all be able to expect Quentin's head in a gift box with a tidy little bow under the tree this year. Perhaps we'll have it before the new year.