Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1243 3/31/71

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Morgan tells Julia and Kendrick he knows where Catherine's real affections lie. He asks if she'll love Bramwell in the morning as she loves him now.

Catherine goes to the locked room and pounds on the door, calling to Bramwell. He stirs. He calls to her, and manages to stand up. He tells her he's alright, and asks if she can open the door. She explains that Morgan has the keys, and is determined to have Bramwell spend the night in the room. Catherine says he has hidden the key. Bramwell tells her Morgan is insane. He says he can't break down the doors. He tells her that he'll stay and do what he must do. She promises to stay outside the door throughout the night. He tells her that it's best as well that she doesn't stay by the door. She asks how he got her there. He reads her the note that Morgan sent him, saying he knew the truth. She asks what he means by the truth. Bramwell says he must know about the child. She doesn't know how he could have found out. Bramwell tells her that she must go downstairs and face Morgan. He tells her he'll look after himself.

Julia tries to talk sense to Morgan. He says Bramwell will spend the night in the room, and end up dead or insane in the morning. He says it makes no difference who goes into the room, and tells Kendrick that Bramwell is eminently more qualified than him. Kendrick promises to hold Morgan responsible if Melanie is not well after the night is over. Julia intervenes before they begin to fight. She asks Morgan to explain why he did this. Catherine returns, and Morgan tells Julia that she should ask the little mother. They all look at Catherine. Julia asks her what that means. Catherine asks to see Morgan alone. Julia demands an explanation first. Catherine tells them that she is going to have a child. Julia congratulates she and Morgan. Morgan says that he'd like to discuss something with Catherine, and they go upstairs together. Kendrick says he doesn't understand, and Julia says she's beginning to. Kendrick asks her what is going to happen to Bramwell. She says no one knows what happens to people in the room, only what happens to people afterwards — death or madness. She mentions that Morgan took her there during the day, and into a separate room with two perfectly preserved corpses. She says Bramwell must not touch either of them. She says that she must warn Bramwell. 

Bramwell is sitting in the room when a wind appears. He tells Brutus that he has been waiting for him, and asks him to show himself. He goes to the secret door and goes inside. Morgan finds the perfectly preserved corpses. He approaches Forsythe's corpse and reaches out to touch it.

Kendrick and Julia arrive outside the room. She pounds on the door and calls to him. He hears them and comes running. She asks if he found the secret room. He says he just did. She warns him not to touch either of the corpses. She says that's how Morgan was possessed. She explains why Forsythe and Amanda are in there. He asks if she can tell him anything else, and she says no. He asks about Catherine, and she says she's with Morgan. Julia tells him that they're praying for him. 

Bramwell goes back into the secret room.

Catherine and Morgan go into their room. She says she doesn't know how to begin. She admits that she has done him a great wrong. Morgan asks if they were intimate from the beginning. He tells her that she is just as responsible for Daphne's death as Bramwell. Catherine cries. He tells her that he followed her to the gazebo last night, talking about their child. She says she knew something was wrong last night — he had changed. Morgan asks why she couldn't be honest with him. She says it was a moment of weakness that happened before they were married. He points out it was after they were engaged. She says she won't ask him to forgive her. He says he doesn't intend to. She asks what he has planned for her and Bramwell. He says has found one small way to gain satisfaction, and he hopes Bramwell rots in the room. Catherine begs him to set Bramwell free. She says if he does, she will never set eyes on him again. She gets on her knees and offers to do anything for him. He asks if her love for Bramwell is that great, he'll let him out. He says they'll go to the room together and unlock the door.

At 8pm, Kendrick says there are only ten hours to wait. He asks why they don't just break down the door. Julia explains that someone has to spend the night. If they remove Bramwell, it will just anger the ghost of Brutus. Kendrick goes upstairs to see Melanie.

Morgan and Catherine go to the locked room. He gets the key. She thanks him, and he tells her not to. She says he won't regret it, and he replies that he's sure he won't. He opens the door, pushes her in, and locks it behind her. He says that she and Bramwell are together now, and he hopes that they rot together like James Forsythe and Amanda did.

Our thoughts:  

John: I wonder who fake-Amanda and fake-Forsythe were in the secret room? It clearly wasn't Nancy Barrett and Keith Prentice. For a minute I thought today's cliffhanger finale was going to be Bramwell about to touch the corpse of Forsythe (all the while knowing that tomorrow Julia would have interrupted him just in time  — because it's not like they have another few weeks to let Jonathan Frid go wild for another round of 'look who's possessed by Forsythe!').
Christine: I wonder if they used the David and Hallie mannequins from Episode 1096 to stand in for Forsythe and Amanda. So, if Bramwell touched Amanda's corpse would he be possessed by Amanda? Isn't she already possessing Melanie? And she didn't touch her.
John: Julia's clearly sharp enough to figure out that Catherine is having Bramwell's baby. Poor Kendrick, being the new kid on the block, didn't get the subtlety of the announcement.
Christine: It didn't seem subtle, though it may suggest that Kendrick is far more naive than anyone could have guessed.
John: I can't imagine any viewer who didn't see Morgan's surprise for Catherine coming... but I do have to point out that when he said that he hopes that Catherine and Bramwell rot like James and Amanda did, he must have forgotten that rotting is the one thing that they didn't do! In any case, it will be interesting to see if anyone comes to their rescue, or if they end up spending the night together in the locked room. Perhaps their love will be the magic that breaks the curse. Excuse me while I go vomit.
Christine: It seemed clear to me that Brutus had no intention of relieving the family of the curse, and their stay in the room seems rather futile in achieving that outcome. You may want to keep the barf bag handy, though it seems unlikely that Bramwell's illicit love affair with Catherine will be what quells Brutus' vengeful spirit. Forsythe and Amanda's love affair may come into play somehow. 


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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1242 3/30/71

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Bramwell is waiting in the gazebo when Catherine arrives. She tells him she's risking everything being there. She asks what he wants. He reminds her that Daphne wants them together. He says he heard she had another fainting spell this morning. She admits that it's true. He says it's because she's pregnant, and that's what he wants to talk to her about. She says she doesn't know what to do. He says it's their child, and they have to decide about its future — not realizing that Morgan is watching them from the shadows. Catherine asks if he wants the child to live. He says he does, and she tells him she'll let him know what she plans soon. He embraces her. She tells him Morgan will be suspicious, and she must leave.

Morgan returns to Collinwood. He goes into the drawing room, and Kendirck asks him where he disappeared to. Morgan tells him he'll take the drink Kendrick offered now. He downs it, and when Kendrick asks where he went, he says he went for a walk. Kendrick says he looks terribly disturbed about something. Morgan declines to talk about it. He says it's strange that you could know someone your entire life, and then in one day realize you really never knew them at all. Kendrick asks who he's talking about. Morgan asks him if he's ever had the overwhelming urge to commit murder. Kendrick asks if he's serious. He says he is. Kendrick says he needs to speak to someone, and Morgan tells him he'd like to be left alone. Kendrick leaves him. 

Morgan hears Catherine return. He comes into the foyer and she asks if he was waiting for her. He asks her how everything is at the old house. She asks if something's wrong. He asks her if she went to the old house. She tells him that everything is fine. He asks if Josette was there, and after hesitating, she says that she was. He asks how Daphne looked, and she says she was quite peaceful. He then asks her if Bramwell was there, and she says he was, but she says she didn't speak to him. He starts to ask her something else, and she asks him why he's asking so many questions. He suggests that she should go upstairs and rest, since tomorrow will be an ordeal with Daphne's funeral. He kisses her on the forehead, and she goes up to her room.

The next morning, Catherine does a reading at Daphne's funeral. When she's done, she places flowers  on her grave, after which she and Morgan leave. Julia then places flowers and leaves. Kendrick nods and leaves, leaving Bramwell alone. He kneels at the grave. 

Catherine and the others return to Collinwood. She asks Morgan to take her upstairs, but he says he's got some correspondence to deal with. He asks Julia to take her upstairs, and she agrees, adding that she'll check on Flora, whose doctor recommended that she not attend the funeral. Kendrick also goes upstairs to see Melanie, leaving Morgan alone. He goes into the drawing room and sits down to write a letter.

Morgan goes to the old house, and slides a letter under the door. 

Bramwell sees the letter by the door and picks it up. It's from Morgan. It says, "I know the truth now. Are you man enough to face me? The West Wing of Collinwood at 5 o'clock." Bramwell wonders what truth Morgan is talking about, and if he learned about the child.

Kendrick watches the clock. It's three hours before he's scheduled to go into the locked room, where he believes he'll break the curse. Morgan returns home and is surprisingly pleasant. Kendrick says he looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. Morgan offers him a drink to the future. Morgan asks if going into the room is beginning to get to him. He says maybe it is. Morgan tells him that he's confident that he'll survive the night. Kendrick asks him what's brought that on. He says he looked into his own private crystal ball, and can see what the future holds for the family. Kendrick doesn't understand him, and Morgan tells him to be patient. They toast the future, and then Morgan says he has a matter of the utmost importance to attend to, and goes upstairs. 

Julia finds Kendrick in the drawing room and asks if he's seen Morgan. He says he just went upstairs. He points out that Morgan's demeanor changed completely, and he doesn't understand it.

Bramwell arrives at Collinwood and goes upstairs. 

Morgan goes into the West Wing, and into the 'locked' room. Bramwell arrives and calls out asking if Morgan is there. He hears a noise, and goes into the room. He asks if Morgan is there. Morgan steps out of the shadows and hits him over the head, knocking him out. Morgan welcomes the unconscious Bramwell to 'their special guest room' and locks the door behind him. He leaves the room with a smile on his face. 

Kendrick is downstairs with Julia and Catherine, a half hour before he was planning to go into the room. He complains about the waiting. He says he just wants it to be over with. Morgan comes in and says that Kendrick is not going to go into the room. Kendrick says he was picked. Morgan tells them that cousin Bramwell graciously volunteered. Julia asks if it's some kind of joke. Catherine asks what he's done to Bramwell. He says he did nothing. Julia says Bramwell would never go in voluntarily. She demands that Morgan give him the key so she can let him out. Morgan says he's in the room, and that's where he's going to stay. Catherine calls out Bramwell's name and runs off crying. Morgan mocks her, saying he knows where her real affections lie. He asks if she'll love him in the morning as she loves him now. 

Catherine goes to the locked room and pounds on the door, calling to Bramwell. He stirs. He calls to her, and manages to stand up. He asks if she can open the door, and she explains that Morgan has the keys. She says he's determined to have Bramwell spend the night in the room. 

Our thoughts:  

John: So much for my theory of Morgan confronting Bramwell and Catherine! I'm frankly surprised he was able to contain himself as long as he did.
Christine: It could be that his shock overwhelmed his impulsiveness, giving him time to plan something nefarious. I think we can expect he won't get the result he hoped for, and that Bramwell will emerge from the room alive and well, and be successful in ending the curse. 
John: Daphne's funeral almost looked like a Leviathan gathering! They made a point of explaining Flora's absence, and reminded us that Melanie was still locked away, but they didn't mention Quentin being out of town (the reason he missed the lottery — which was the same day of the funeral? I'm losing track of time!)... and they didn't even bother offering an explanation for Josette's absence at her daughter-in-law's funeral.

Christine: It would be the ideal time for the Leviathans to show up and claim Catherine's baby. 
John: Interesting play by Morgan. I can't fault Bramwell for falling for the 'meet me in the West Wing' ploy, since I didn't see it coming. Nice trick to lock him in the room to fulfill the lottery requirements. Perhaps Kendrick and Melanie will actually have a chance to live happily every after. But things don't bode well for cousin Bramwell!
Christine: The one thing about this show that makes it fun to watch, even when the storylines are not the best, is that it continues to do the unexpected. I can understand why fans picketed when it was announced the show was ending. This particular storyline may not be my favorite, but I still would have liked to have seen what came next for our plucky characters. Of course I would have remained hopeful that the original Collins family would be restored and we'd be able to catch up on the doings of Liz, Roger, David, Carolyn, Julia and Barnabas.


Only 3 more episodes to go...

Monday, March 29, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1241 3/29/71

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Bramwell arrives at Collinwood and finds Kendrick in the drawing room. Bramwell says that after hearing his and Melanie's news he expected that he would be more cheerful. Kendrick tells him that there is never anything to be cheerful about in this house. He explains that the lottery was held again, and he's going in the room this time. Bramwell is surprised that they allowed him to participate in the lottery. Kendrick says he was anxious to be picked to go into the room. Bramwell asks him why he's going to do it. He says he's going to end the curse. Bramwell suggests that he not become a part of the Collins' madness. He suggests that he take Melanie away from Collinwood. Kendrick explains that Melanie had another attack, and she's locked in the tower room. He adds that he and Julia saw the ghost of Brutus Collins, who told them she would never be free of madness unless someone else went into the room. Bramwell points out that Melanie seems to have suffered the most of everyone in the house. He asks Kendrick if he thinks he can end the curse. He says he believes it. Bramwell tells him that the only way to end the curse is for the Collins family to destroy itself. 

Catherine walks in and is surprised to see Bramwell. Kendrick goes upstairs to see Melanie. Catherine closes the drawing room doors and asks Bramwell what he's doing there. He says he spent the day making Daphne's funeral arrangements, and came to tell them to the family. She tells him to tell her, and she'll pass them on to the family. She says if they are seen together, it will be difficult for her. He says he'll leave on the condition that she agrees to meet him tonight in the gazebo. She says it's not possible. He asks if Morgan is watching her that closely. He tells her he won't leave until she promises to meet him. She does, and when he turns to leave, he runs into Morgan. 

Morgan tells Catherine to leave the room. She tries to explain but he cuts her off. She leaves, and Morgan tells Bramwell that he can thank Catherine that he's still alive. Morgan tells Bramwell that he's responsible for Daphne's death. He says he would have shot Bramwell if Catherine hadn't stopped him. Bramwell suggests that Morgan doesn't care about Daphne; he's just concerned that her death makes Bramwell a free man. Morgan denies it. He tells Bramwell he wants him to leave, and threatens to throw him out. Julia stops them, and tells Morgan to leave the room. Bramwell tells him he had better listen to his aunt if he wants to live to fight another day. He begrudgingly leaves. Julia reminds Bramwell that she warned him that there would be trouble if he stayed in Collinwood. Bramwell explains that he came to tell them of Daphne's funeral arrangements. He says he'd like to see Flora. Julia says she doesn't want to be disturbed. 

Kendrick goes to the tower room. Melanie asks him what he wants. He realizes that she's still possessed. She threatens to kill him if he comes near her. She tells him to stop calling her Melanie. He tries to get her to listen to him. He asks if she knows what the lottery is, and she says she does. He tells her that it was held again tonight, and he was chosen to go in. He says he will go in and the curse will end, and then she will be cured. She says Brutus will never let it end. She says he'll die, because Brutus shows no mercy to anyone. She says she is his servant to help him get his revenge. She tells Kendrick that she will rejoice when he goes into the room and dies. He leaves the room as she laughs. 

Outside the room, Julia arrives with food. She asks whey he came. He says he thought there might be some hope, but admits that it didn't do any good. She says that Melanie will stay that way. Kendrick tells her that he's not like the rest of them. He says that he's not willing to sit back and accept his fate. He says he will control his destiny. Julia tells him that Catherine used to feel the same way. She says that the curse has always caught up with the people that have tried to run away. She reminds Kendrick that he's just as human as the rest of them, and he's at the same risk when he goes inside the room. 

Morgan is drinking when Kendrick comes downstairs. He offers him a drink, and Kendrick declines. He says it's not going into the room that bothers him, but the waiting. He decides to fix himself a drink. 

Catherine comes downstairs and is about to head out when Morgan sees her. She says that she's going to the old house to pay her last respect to Daphne on her own. She tells him she won't be long. He asks her if she's feeling alright, and she says she is, and leaves. 

Kendrick brings Morgan another drink, and he turns it down.

Bramwell is waiting in the gazebo when Catherine arrives. She tells him she's risking everything being there. She asks what he wants. He reminds her that Daphne wants them together. He says he heard she had another fainting spell this morning. She admits that it's true. He says it's because she's pregnant, and that's what he wants to talk to her about. She says she doesn't know what to do. He says it's their child, and they have to decide about its future — not realizing that Morgan is watching them from the shadows.

Our thoughts:  

John: With each episode in this home stretch, it seems less likely that both Morgan and Bramwell will be alive by the last episode on Friday. And all things being equal, I don't know that Morgan will be able to survive another duel with Bramwell — of wits or pistols.
Christine: The question is whether or not Morgan will kill Catherine as well. I don't expect he'll want to keep her around to raise Bramwell's kid.
John: Something tells me that the entire Collins clan is not destined for a dreadful fate... though the only opportunity for happiness would seem to be Kendrick surviving the night in the locked room and Melanie reverting back to her normal self, so they could live happily ever after. I can't see a positive outcome for Catherine with either Bramwell or Morgan...
Christine: I can't understand what makes any of them think that holding the lottery and sending another lamb to slaughter in the locked room is going to appease Brutus in any way. I also fail to understand what Brutus is getting out of his relatives spending the night in the room. Does he just enjoy tormenting them while they are in there? Perhaps Kendrick will be the one to reveal the secret of what happens to the inhabitant locked inside. 
John: Glad to see that the writers didn't forget Catherine's pregnancy. I'll be surprised if Morgan doesn't come charging out of the bushes at Bramwell at the beginning of tomorrow's episode. He has not proven to be one to think things through before acting impulsively.
Christine: I don't think he will do that unless he came equipped with a pistol. I expect he will want to punish them both, one way or another. 


Only 4 more episodes to go...

Friday, March 26, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1240 3/26/71

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Morgan tells Flora that it's just as well that she didn't see Gabriel. She says he deserved a better fate, and Morgan replies that they all do. He tells her that Gabriel is now at peace. Julia comes in and tells them that they must hold the lottery again. Morgan asks what she's talking about. She says that she had another attack, and she and Kendrick had to lock her in the tower room. She says that they then saw the ghost of Brutus Collins in the drawing room. She says he told them that Melanie would never be sane unless someone else went into the locked room. Flora says to gather the family this afternoon. Morgan says Quentin is in Boston until Monday, and she says they'll have to hold it without him. She asks to speak to Kendrick, and Morgan goes to get him. Flora asks Julia who they will lose in this latest lottery.

Kendrick finds Catherine in the drawing room. He asks about Julia, and she says she hasn't seen her this morning. He expresses his condolences about Daphne, and asks when the funeral will be held. She says it's up to Bramwell, and then almost passes out. He helps her into a chair. 

Morgan comes in and asks her what's wrong. She tells him not to be alarmed. She explains that she's just dizzy with emotion over Daphne. He goes to call a doctor, and she begs him not to. He thinks there's more she's not telling them. She tries to assure him that she would tell him if there was something wrong. Morgan tells Kendrick that Flora would like to see him. After he's gone, Morgan says they are going to have to do another lottery. She asks why. 

Kendrick comes to see Flora. She tells him she's sorry about what happened with Melanie. He says he should have taken her away. Flora assures him that she would have had the attack wherever she is. She suggests that he consider having the marriage annulled. He refuses. He vows to take care of Melanie. He says Melanie will be herself when the curse is broken. Julia asks when that will be, and he says when he ends it. He says that he is a Collins now, and he intends to be the one chosen to spend the night in the room.

Morgan tells Catherine that she doesn't need to worry about the lottery, as she was chosen the last time. She reminds him that he took her place, and he says he'll do it again. She says she will take part if the family agrees that she should. 

In the drawing room, Julia tells Kendrick she's thinking about how few of them are left. She says she's frightened that she may be the one chosen. She says something frightened her the day Morgan took her into the secret room. Kendrick means when she saw the bodies. She says that the two bodies were mummified and preserved all these years. She said she had the feeling that they might still be alive. Kendrick says she could have imagined it under the circumstances. He tells her that he always thought she was the strong one in the family. Flora comes in and asks if Kendrick is certain he wants to go through with it. She concedes that he is a member of the family now. She prepares the slips for the lottery.

Morgan tells Catherine that it will be time soon, and that it could be goodbye this time. He says he has the strangest feeling that he will be the victim of fate. He says if he were to die, with Bramwell already free, then she would be free. He asks her to promise him that she will not marry Bramwell if he goes into the room and dies. She says he's not going to die, and he says she didn't answer his question. Julia arrives to let them know that it's time to hold the lottery. Morgan stomps out, and Catherine lies on her bed, crying.

Flora places the slips in the vase. Morgan and Julia come downstairs, and Flora asks about Catherine. He says she was pulled last time. She says he took her place, and by his logic shouldn't participate. He refuses to discuss it, and they proceed to draw lots. Flora's is blank. Morgan's is blank. Julia asks Kendrick to go next. He does, and shows that he was selected.

Our thoughts:  

John: So just to be clear, in order to restore Melanie's sanity (assuming we can believe that would even happen), someone else has to die or go insane? How does that make any sense to the family?
Christine: Right. What makes them think he'd hold up his end of the bargain anyway? Why wouldn't they expect him to continue demanding more family members go into the locked room to pick them off one by one?
John: Ah, Morgan, loving, faithful, trusting husband... oh wait. I'm surprised he didn't just come out and tell Catherine that if he died and she married Bramwell, he'd vow to come back to haunt her...
Christine: Would now be a good time for him to find out she's pregnant?
John: So the right answer appears to be, get out of town before the next lottery takes place, and get a participation pass like Quentin did. Or course Kendrick had already all but volunteered to take the spot. Does anyone really believe that Brutus would be appeased by someone who had married into the family being the one to go into the room? Seems to me that his beef with the Collins clan would require the continued suffering of a true Collins.
Christine: You would think that wouldn't work since his possessed wife has already said he's not a Collins, though it could be the secret of surviving the locked room is to actually want to go into it. 
Final mirror shot?


Just 5 more episodes to go...

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1239 3/25/71

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Catherine arrives at the old house and finds Bramwell coming down the stairs. She says that Julia told her Daphne had taken a turn for the worse. He tells her that Daphne is dead. He says she died peacefully. Catherine asks why it couldn't be her, saying that she deserved it. She says that the two of them inflicted the will to die upon her. Bramwell tells her that Daphne had a final wish — that she wanted them to be together. Catherine tells him that he's making it worse. She goes up to see Daphne, alone. 

Julia is in the drawing room, agitated. Kendrick and Melanie return and tell her that they were just married. She doesn't say anything. She explains that Daphne took a sudden change for the worse, and she's waiting to get an update. She tells them that they should wait for an update. She then takes the time to congratulate them. She asks if they've made any plans to stay in Collinwood, and he says they plan to stay in Collinwood, at least temporarily. Catherine returns, and Julia asks about Daphne. Catherine tells them that she's dead. Melanie bursts into tears and runs upstairs.

Julia tries to console Catherine. She says that she didn't know Daphne well, but she did pray for her. Ju;ia says she's worried about how Morgan will react. She says he's been particularly bitter towards Bramwell since Daphne fell ill, and with her gone, he will likely see him as competition for Catherine's affection. Catherine says she wouldn't do that. Julia says she's not worried about what Catherine would do, but what Morgan would do. Catherine says she'll tell him to leave Bramwell alone, and runs upstairs to find him. 

Kendrick carries Melanie into their room. He puts her on the bed and kisses her. He acknowledges that she's still upset about Daphne. She laments that death and madness are all that they know in the house.

Bramwell sits staring into the fire. There's a knock at the door, which he ignores. Eventually, Julia lets herself in. He says he assumes she has come as the family spokesperson to offer their condolences. She says she has. He tells her that she's done her job, the ritual is over, and he bids her goodnight. He says he just wants to be left alone. She says she had another reason for coming. She says that after the funeral, it might be wise for him to leave Collinwood. He asks her to explain herself. She says she wants to avoid another incident like the duel. She says that if he stays, Morgan may try something foolish. Bramwell says that if Morgan tries anything, he doesn't stand a chance. He refuses to go. He tells her that no force on earth could drive him away. He says he has longed to return a rich man to see the rest of them rot in hell. He says he has one good reason for staying — Catherine. Julia points out that she's married, and he reminds her that as Daphne knew, there's only one man that can make Catherine happy.

Catherine tells Julia that when she told Morgan about Daphne, he was ready to go to the old house and confront Bramwell. She says she got him to give her his word that he would leave Bramwell alone. Julia says that she hopes Morgan keeps his word, and that Bramwell also stays away. Kendrick comes into the drawing room, and tells Julia he has second thoughts about staying in Collinwood. He says he will take Melanie away as soon as he possibly can.

As Melanie sleeps, the shutters swing open. She asks who's in the room, and hears laughter. She sees and recognizes the ghost of Brutus Collins. She asks why he came to her. He says his curse must be fulfilled. He tells her that she will help him. She begs him to leave her alone. He says that she will be the instrument of his revenge, and calls her Amanda. He says she must do as he tells her. 

Julia asks Kendrick to change his mind. He says he will if that's what Melanie wants, but adds that she must get out of the house. 

Kendrick returns to his room. He finds the bed empty, and Melanie gone. He calls to her. Julia comes upstairs and he tells her Melanie is missing. Melanie appears with a knife. She says she met him before, and he's not a Collins. She says her name is Amanda, and all in the house are destined to die. She attacks, but he's able to get the knife out of her hand. Julia says they must lock her in the tower room for her own safety.

Julia brings Kendrick a drink. She says now he knows why Melanie can never leave the house. He says he agrees, only until the curse is done and finished with. The chandelier starts to swing. He asks what's happening. They hear laughter, and he asks Julia who it is. She tells him it's the ghost of Brutus Collins. Brutus materializes and says that she will not be sane again, until another Collins enters the locked room.


Our thoughts:  

John: So do you think there's any chance of both Bramwell and Morgan both surviving through the end of next week? I'm anxious to see if Catherine's pregnancy is even mentioned again, or if that little detail is ignored for the remainder of the series.

Christine: Anything goes at this point. I had expected Bramwell to say something about it to Catherine as he was warming her to the idea of honoring Daphne's dying wish. 
John: Boom! Melanie and Kendrick are now married, and living in Collinwood! And now they're moving out. And now she's possessed... It really does seem like they're trying to condense these storylines into the few remaining episodes.
Christine: What has Brutus provided his 'servants' to murder the family with? If it's an awl, it doesn't seem to be a very sharp one. And why has the spirit of Amanda decided to be a killer? You'd think she'd want to attack Brutus, if anyone.

John: Do they keep family member flashcards somewhere? How is everyone able to recognize Brutus' spirit right away? And I may have said it before, but folks seem awfully chill hanging around ghosts. And what's with Brutus continually moving the goal-post? He wants another family member to go into the room? Why not just require the whole family going into the room. I would say there's no way all of this is resolved within the next week, but as noted above, at the rate the writers are going, they might just manage to cram it all in...
Christine: Brutus is really unimaginative though. He's so stuck on the locked room. Where are the zombie pirates to tear the place down? Where are the reanimated dismembered parts of evil people flying through the air and attacking people? Why doesn't he have the corpses of James Forsythe and Amanda rise up to do his evil bidding for him? I have to say, he's a bit more frightening with chunks of his head missing. 

Don't you hate it when nobody tells you where the ghost is standing?


Just 6 more episodes to go...

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1238 3/24/71

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Kendrick visits Melanie. He explains that he saw Carrie, and he's already spoken to her real mother. She asks him to tell her who her mother is, and he says that she's on her way to see her. He says she'll be there shortly. She's very excited. There's a knock, and Kendrick goes to answer it. Melanie gasps and smiles. It's Josette. They embrace. Melanie says there's no one else she'd rather have as a mother. Josette says each time she saw here she considered telling her the truth. While Julia eavesdrops, Melanie asks her why she didn't keep her, and she says they couldn't, and ask to leave it at that. Julia bursts in and says Josette has told her enough. Josette says she should never have given her up. Julia says that she didn't have a choice, and Josette counters that she did. She says she could have taken Bramwell and the baby to Boston. Melanie asks what happened. Julia says she was persuaded that she couldn't take care of her children alone. Josette says she knew they'd take care of her. Julia tells her that telling the truth now can benefit no one. Josette tells her that nothing will stop her from telling Melanie the truth. Julia says she's so overwhelmed that she'll do anything for her daughter, no matter who she hurts. Melanie tells Julia to leave, and she does so reluctantly. 

Melanie asks her mother to tell her everything. Josette explains that her father, Justin Collins, insisted that she do what she did. Melanie can't believe it. Josette tells her that she's just as much a Collins as any of the others. Melanie says that she and her father must have been in love. She says it was after Barnabas died, they would spend time in Boston together. She says she got pregnant, and Melanie was their child. She says Justin hoped she would be a girl, having had three sons. Melanie thanks her for telling the truth. Josette says he offered to leave Flora, but she knew that was wrong. So she ran away to Boston by herself. She says he didn't track her down until after she was born. She says he convinced her that Melanie was the only thing that mattered. Melanie says it must have been hard to watch her grow up as someone else's child.

Julia finds Kendrick in the drawing room and berates him for prying into the family business and picking apart their secrets. She asks if he intends to tell everyone what they found out. Julia insists that Flora not be told. He says he will do whatever Melanie and her mother want. He then asks Julia how she found out. Julia explains that she found a letter in one of Justin's coat that she was donating to charity. She protected Flora, not letting her know that her husband had betrayed her with another woman.

Bramwell watches over Daphne. She wakes and is surprised to see him. He asks her how she feels, and she says she's tired. He says he's grateful she found her way back to him. She says she dreamed that she had his son, and the look on his face told her how much he loved her. She sees him change, and asks him what's wrong. She says she was wrong to come back. He tells her to chill out, and says that he does love her. She asks him not to turn away from her. She asks if he wants to have a child. He tells her that right now he wants her to get better. He says he may have failed her as a husband up until now, but he won't fail her again — ever.

Melanie is excited to realize that Bramwell is her half brother. Josette says she wishes she could have told them the truth when they were children. Melanie says she can't wait to tell the truth when Julia enters and interrupts them, saying that no one must know. Melanie says it doesn't concern her. Julia says she has obligations to the family, and she forbids it. Josette says she's not a child, and Julia tells her that she IS a child. A wilful child using Melanie for revenge against those she felt treated her badly. Julia asks Melanie if she wants to hurt Flora. She says she doesn't, but she also doesn't want to prevent her mother from telling the truth. Julia says that she owes it to Justin to take care of Flora. Melanie says if it's agreeable to Josette, they will say nothing. Melanie says that she needs to talk to Kendrick. Once she's gone, Julia tells Josette that she must never come to Collinwood again. Josette is shocked, and says she cannot treat her as an outcast. Julia says she made herself an outcast when she and Justin broke the laws of God and man.

Bramwell brings Daphne tea. Josette arrives and is pleased to see Daphne doing well. Bramwell tells his mother not to look sad. He asks her what's wrong, and she turns and runs from the room. 

Melanie says she doesn't know what to do. She says she doesn't want to hurt Flora or her father's memory. He says they will find a way, once they are married. She asks when they can be married, and he tells her they can go to the village and find out.

Bramwell comes to Collinwood and asks Julia what happened tonight. He says his mother came home very upset. She says there's nothing she wishes to tell him. He says her mother has never been so upset. Josette bursts in and tells Bramwell that something terrible is happening to Daphne. He runs out, and Josette follows him, but not before casting a glance at Julia.

Daphne, back at Death's door, tells Bramwell there's something she must tell him before she goes. He says he won't let her go. She says that not even his love can make her stay. She explains that she only came back for a visit, and now she must return to the darkness forever. She tells him that it's comforting, and she's not afraid. She tells him to find comfort without her. She says that in time, he will want Catherine, and she will want him. She gives him her blessing. She says they are the two people in the world she loves the most, and they must comfort one another. He tells her not to give up, but she dies. He begs her not to leave him.

Our thoughts:  

John: So we finally get the grand reveal — Josette is Melanie's mother, Justin is her father... and Melanie accepts it immediately and without question. And then Julia interrupts thinking she's going to strong-arm people into not sharing the info. And after somehow getting them to agree to cooperate, she basically tells Josette to get lost? If she's being banished from Collinwood, why would she care about what would happen if all the other family members found out? It seems ridiculous to think that now that the information is out there, everyone is going to keep quiet about it. And Justin and Josette broke the laws of God and man? Really, Julia? Isn't that laying it on a bit thick?
Christine: I find it hard to believe that Josette would turn to a married man for attention while in the throes of grief over losing her devoted husband. Justin was truly a cad. I'm also not sure how this fits Carrie's image of Melanie's mother bent over her father's coffin. Did she nudge Flora aside for the privilege, or just wait for her to take a potty break from her vigil to pay her respects?
John: What the hell? Daphne has been up and down the health yo-yo over the past several episodes, and now we get the full range in a single episode? Out of the blue, she was back to normal and perfectly healthy... and then... dead.
Christine: It felt something like this...

John: Nice of Daphne to use her final moments to set her married sister up with her husband...
Christine: We are certainly on a fast track now. Do you suppose Catherine will be having the baby by Friday? 


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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1237 3/23/71

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Melanie reiterates that she will marry Kendrick. Julia encourages her to wait, but she refuses. Julia wishes her all the best, and leaves her alone. Melanie turns and sees Gabriel in the room with her. She's shocked. He asks if she knew all of the secret panels and secrets in the house. He raises his knife and stabs her. Melanie lies on the ground, moaning. Gabriel goes to stab her again when Kendrick runs in and tries to take the knife from him. Gabriel punches him and escapes through the secret panel. Julia and Morgan come in, and Kendrick confirms that Melanie's been stabbed in the arm by Gabriel. Julia asks where he went, and Kendrick says he went through the secret panel. Julia sends Morgan to search for him. He grabs a gun and enters the secret panel. Kendrick and Julia help Melanie upstairs. 

In the secret passages of Collinwood, Morgan searches for Gabriel, gun drawn. He hears Gabriel laughing, and asks him to come out. Gabriel tells him it's more fun this way. Morgan vows to find him. Gabriel sneaks up behind him and knocks the gun out of Morgan's hand. They grapple, and Morgan punches Gabriel, who gets up and runs away.

Melanie tells Julia she feels better. She says she won't be able to rest until Gabriel is found, and asks to speak to Kendrick alone. Julia tells Kendrick that he can stay, but not for long. She leaves and Melanie kisses him, thanking him for saving her life. She asks if he still wants to marry her, despite all the madness and tragedy in the family. He tells her that nothing would change his mind. He says he came to find out if Carrie was able to help her. Melanie says she was, until Julia made her leave. She says that her mother is still alive, and very close by. She describes the vision, and explains that Julia sent her away before telling her what her mother looked like. Kendrick says that he's going to see Carrie to find out the truth. 

Julia stops Kendrick as he is leaving. She explains that Melanie told her of their marriage plans. She offers him her congratulations. She asks why Melanie wanted to see him alone, and he tells her that she can ask Melanie. Julia asks if the subject was who her real parents are, and he interrupts her, telling her that the subject never came up. 

Gabriel is near a suit of armor in the secret passages when he hears footsteps. He hides when they draw nearer. Morgan appears, gun in hand. Gabriel jumps out and knocks the gun away. They struggle. and Gabriel gasps as he is impaled on the sword held by the suit of armor.

Morgan returns to the drawing room, and tells Julia that Gabriel found him. And then he adds that he's dead — accidentally. He says the body is upstairs, and goes to get Quentin to help him with it. 

Kendrick arrives at the cottage to see Carrie. She says she can't tell him any more than she told Melanie. She apologizes. He asks about the woman she saw in her vision. She says she couldn't see her face. He asks if she was threatened by Julia, and she denies it. He says her father said Julia came to see her, and Carrie slips and says her father wasn't there when Julia came. Catching her in the lie, Kendrick asks what she's afraid of. She says Julia will make her life miserable. He assures her that she'll be fine, and asks what Julia said. She says Julia asked her to lie. Kendrick asks if she knows who Melanie's real mother is. She admits that she does. He begs her to tell him.

Later, Kendrick asks Carrie if she's certain. She says it is, and explains that he now knows why Julia tried to keep it from Melanie. He tells her that she's done the right thing, and then leaves to find Melanie's mother.

Julia comforts Melanie, explaining that Gabriel died almost instantly. Melanie thanks her for taking care of her. Julia says she gets impatient with her because she thinks of her as a Collins, just as her father did.

Julia finds Morgan and asks if  they took care of the body. He says they did. He asks her who will tell his mother. Julia volunteers. Kendrick arrives at Collinwood. He asks to speak to Julia alone about Melanie and her mother. Julia asks Morgan to leave them. Once alone, Kendrick tells Julia that he knows the truth.

Kendrick visits Melanie. He explains that he saw Carrie, and he's already spoken to her real mother. She asks him to tell her who she is, and he says that she's on her way to see her. He says she'll be there shortly. There's a knock, and Kendrick goes to answer it. Melanie is shocked by who she sees.

Our thoughts:  

John: With all of the potential weapons at his disposal, why do you think Gabriel attacked with what appeared to be a butter knife? If he had been smart, he would have taken the sword from the suit of armor.
Christine: Wasn't that the weapon that Brutus gave him, along with instructions to go murder the whole family? Perhaps it's all part of Brutus' evil plot to kill the family off by setting them loose with an inefficient weapon, causing the other family members to kill them in self defense.
John: Speaking of which, who keeps their suit of armor armed with a sword sticking straight out into a walkway? On the bright side, Gabriel went out with a bang! That was quite the blood-curdling death scream!
Christine: That was pretty awesome! I thought it was particularly noteworthy that he was giving us all the finger when he died. His death scene may be one of the best images in the series. 

John: I thought for a brief moment that maybe they were going to surprise us and have Julia turn out to be Melanie's mother, but I think I'll stick with your Josette prediction.
Christine: When Kendrick said he was going to see Melanie's mother and then we saw him talking to Julia, it became obvious they were trying to throw us off track. I might have believed it until I saw how pleased Kendrick was to tell her that her mother was coming to see her. I don't think he would have looked so delighted about Julia being his future mother-in-law.


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