Friday, May 28, 2021

Dark Shadows: The Revival - Episode 8 (2/15/91)

My name is Victoria Winters. A séance in the Great House of Collinwood has opened a bridge through time. Across a span of centuries, two women have traded places. One has been thrust into an unimaginable future, the other hurled into the past, where she comes face to face with herself.

Vicki watches Josette's arrival from the top of the stairs with Angelique, seeing that she looks exactly like her. Naomi and Barnabas descend the stairs to greet her. The Countess also comes down and greets her, telling she looks fantastic. Josette is happy to see Angelique, but Angelique is not happy when she sees Josette kissing Barnabas on their way upstairs.

Barnabas takes Josette to her room, saying it will be theirs once they're married, and she's thrilled to see her portrait hanging. He tells her she's beautiful and hands her a gift from the mantel. He says he had it specially made in Boston and it was to be a wedding present, but he couldn't wait to give it to her. She opens it and lifts out a music box, delighted to hear the tune that was playing when he first asked her to dance. 

As he goes to kiss her, Angelique barges in the room and Barnabas harshly tells her to put Josette's case down, saying that her mistress will call her if she wants her. Josette chides him for speaking to her that way, but he apologizes, saying he just wanted to be alone with her. He asks her to meet him outside in the garden. 
Angelique sees Barnabas leave and goes to Josette's room. She apologizes again and Josette tells her there's no need. Angelique offers to fix her a bath, but she says she has to leave. She tells her she'll have it waiting for her with her favorite rosewater when she returns. Josette tells her she's glad she's there and leaves. Angelique uses her perfume and says to her reflection that her rosewater is exactly what she needs.
Josette runs through the garden into Barnabas' arms. 

As she and Barnabas make out in the grass, Angelique prepares her potion, casting spells in French. 

She pours the concoction into Josette's bathwater as she sits in the bath and tells Angelique that she told Barnabas that she'll make him forget every other woman he has known. Angelique asks what he said, and she says he told her he has forgotten them already. Angelique washes her arms with a sponge as Josette tells her she's like a silly, young girl, asking if that's what love does. Angelique tells her she must relax and Josette says she's a treasure.

Angelique is dabbing Jeremiah's bed with her potion while saying, "The fire of a new love shall burn into your hearts." She leaves the room smiling.

Josette and Jeremiah are both sleeping in their beds as Angelique takes two clay figures, rocking back and forth saying, "Two souls shall be as one. Two hearts shall be as one. Two lives shall be as one," and then presses the two figures together. Josette and Jeremiah toss and turn in their beds as they have dreams of one another getting it on in Jeremiah's bed. Angelique says, "Dream on. Dream on, sweet lovers. Soon you will be helpless, lost." Jeremiah wakes up all sweaty. 

In the morning, the family is having breakfast and Josette arrives late. Barnabas greets her and asks if she's alright, but she says she didn't sleep well. Barnabas asks her to accompany him to the shipyards, but she says she thinks it will be better for her to stay there today. Jeremiah looks uncomfortable and excuses himself. Joshua wonders what's gotten into him and Millicent says she's beginning to think he's avoiding her.

Back in 1991, Sheriff Patterson and a deputy bring Phyllis Wicke back to Collinwood in the back of a patrol car. She's upset, but they get her out of the car and up to the house. 

Joe, Maggie, Roger and Elizabeth are in the kitchen when Mrs. Johnson comes in saying Sheriff Patterson is there. Elizabeth says she'll handle it and tells them to wait there. 

Sheriff Patterson tells Elizabeth that some hunters found this woman out in the woods, saying she had an accident and is supposed to be the new tutor at Collinwood. The woman introduces herself to Elizabeth, saying she should have received word of her arrival, further explaining that her carriage overturned. The sheriff says he thought he'd bring her there to be sure that's where she belonged before taking her to the sanitarium. 

Elizabeth says she has indeed been engaged by them and tells Miss Wicke they are happy to see her and were worried about her. She tells Mrs. Johnson to take her upstairs and fix her a bath. Before going up, Miss Wicke tells Sheriff Patterson that his services are no longer needed and he can roll away in his "fiendish, metal contraption." She tells Elizabeth that things are quite different in Connecticut. 

They go upstairs and the sheriff asks Elizabeth if Miss Winters is leaving, and she tells him she's taking a brief vacation. He says she is strange and talks funny for a tutor. She tells him she's the product of a formal education. He asks why she she acts like she's never seen a car before. Mrs. Johnson calls her to help as Miss Wicke collapses on the stairs. The sheriff says she belongs in a hospital and Elizabeth rushes to help her.

Julia attends to Phyllis Wicke, wearing a mask. Maggie, Roger and Elizabeth appear at the door and she tells them not to come in. She comes out of the room and explains that she has diphtheria and they all need to be re-immunized. Elizabeth says maybe they should consider moving her to a hospital, but Roger says she knows they can't do that, and Maggie reminds her that Vicki won't have any chance of getting back without her there. She offers to stick around and help. Roger says to Julia that she could die from diphtheria, and she agrees that she could.

Julia is with Barnabas, who is freaking out, saying the fever is what killed her before. Julia says they're doing everything they can, but she might not make it, and Barnabas says she'd like that. Willie asks what will happen to Miss Winters, and Barnabas roars at him as his fangs pop out. He pats Willie's cheek and tells them both to get out.  

Barnabas goes into Carolyn's room and wakes her. He makes like he's going to kiss her but then goes in for a big bite of her neck. 

Back in 1790, Josette is walking through the hall and stops outside the classroom where Vicki is singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to Daniel and Sarah. 

She enters the room and Sarah says Miss Winters is teaching them the song. She says she's never heard it and asks if it's new. Vicki explains it's about a girl named Dorothy who's lost her way and wants to go home. Josette and Victoria introduce themselves to each other. Josette asks her to walk to the mirror with her and they compare how they look alike. 

Josette asks the kids to bring Jeremiah his guitar back. They leave and Josette asks where she's from. She says she doesn't know because she's an orphan. Josette says she feels somehow that they know each other but can't explain it. She starts getting worked up and Victoria tells her that Barnabas loves her. She tells Vicki that she likes her and she knows she'll be her friend and runs out of the room. 

Josette runs to her room and closes the door, saying, "I do love you Barnabas. I do."

Jeremiah is reminiscing over his naughty dream of Josette. Josette appears behind him and calls his name. She says she had to see him and he admits he was thinking of her. He tells her that he dreamed about her last night. She says she dreamed of him too, and he asks what's happening to them. They begin kissing each other.

Vicki is walking by outside and hears Josette in Jeremiah's room as she tries to break away from him. She goes to the window and sees them kissing. She runs away. They keep kissing.

The Countess is laying out a tarot spread. Vicki enters and she says that she looks like she had a fright. She tells her that she saw Josette and Jeremiah at the stables acting like lovers. The Countess says that the tarot cards have anticipated her. 

She asks what she's to make of it and wonders how it concerns Vicki. She says she's been watching her and that she always seems to know more than she's telling. She asks what she knows and Vicki says she only wants to stop a tragedy and runs off. The Countess notes the Wicked Woman card.

The Countess finds Josette in her room and asks if she's completely mad. Abigail is in the hall and overhears her asking Josette about she and Jeremiah in the stables and gets closer to the door to listen in. The Countess asks if they are lovers and Josette says they're not. She cries and says she doesn't know what she's doing, it's as if they are bewitched. Abigail takes note of it outside the room.

Vicki foolishly records her thoughts on paper, asking if she's revealed too much. She thinks she's meant to stop Jeremiah and Josette, but then questions what will happen if one moment in history is changed and what will change with it, and if she'll be permanently trapped as a result.

Jeremiah has a glass of brandy. Josette enters his room and runs to his arms. They kiss amorously.

Angelique has her potion bottle and says, "Fire burn deep. Fire fill their hearts. Burn. Burn. Burn!" 

Jeremiah and Josette get down on the floor and continue kissing.

Vicki wakes up to the sound of her window banging in the storm. She sees two people running off together in the rain.

In the morning, she goes to see the Countess, who says it's too late, but she must already know since she warned of a tragedy. Barnabas enters smelling a rose and asks about the tragedy. 

He asks where Josette is and the Countess tells him he must be strong. He gets agitated and asks her to tell him what's happened to Josette. She tells him she has gone with Jeremiah and Vicki says it's true. Barnabas laughs and asks if they're both out of their minds, but then goes to Jeremiah's room, seeing that his clothes have been hastily packed. He asks when they were together and how he could not have seen. He says every moment has been lies, and throws a decanter at Jeremiah's portrait, smashing it. He storms out of the room, saying he'll find them. 

Down at the stables, he yells for Ben Loomis. He asks about his brother and Josette, and Ben admits he saw them last night and didn't know what to do. He tells him he thought they were on their way to Boston. Barnabas asks for his saddle and Ben offers to go with him, but he says it's between his brother and him.

Josette and Jeremiah are in a room together in Boston when Barnabas bursts in asking how it's possible. Jeremiah says he didn't want it to happen and Barnabas attacks him. 

Jeremiah fights back, but as Barnabas begins strangling him on the ground, Josette screams that they are married. Barnabas gets up and says, "Married! My brother! And his whore! You deserve each other!" 

Jeremiah demands satisfaction and Barnabas says he shall have it. They agree to duel at dawn. Josette asks what they have done.

Joshua tells André duPrés that it's insanity and he holds Josette responsible. 

The Countess says it doesn't matter who's responsible, that the duel must be stopped. Joshua says it's not a duel but an execution because Jeremiah is no match for Barnabas. Peter Bradford enters the room and says Barnabas will see no one, and he's been asked to stand second for Jeremiah, and Ben Loomis will stand second for him. Naomi says they're good boys who'd never harm each other. Millicent asks what about her and why no one is considering her feelings since she was supposed to marry Jeremiah. Peter asks God to have mercy on them all. 

Vicki enters her room and takes the family history book out of her drawer. She reads about the elopement of Jeremiah and Josette, and how the family was further devastated when Jeremiah was struck down in a firearms accident and died the following day.

Sarah runs after Barnabas downstairs, followed by Vicki, and begs him not to go, saying she doesn't want either him or Jeremiah to die.

He asks Vicki to take her back up to bed, and tells her not to make it any more difficult than it is. She goes upstairs, but Vicki stays to warn him that Jeremiah will die. He asks how she knows. She says she has an insight. He says his brother will not die at his hand, and that is certain. Abigail listens in on the stairs, unbeknownst to Vicki. 

Barnabas and Ben Loomis make their way to the duel while Angelique sits atop a gargoyle, saying, "I'll be with you, Barnabas." She then calls Ben to her service, reminding him that he'll be her eyes and ears.  

Peter Bradford paces as Josette and Jeremiah embrace when Barnabas arrives.

Jeremiah tells Josette to go and kisses her. Bradford asks them to resolve the dispute like brothers, for the sake of their family. Jeremiah says they will proceed. They each take a weapon and their seconds load the weapons. 

Barnabas tells Ben to omit the ball, saying he won't shoot his own brother. Ben gives him the ball, while Josette rotates her head and goes into a trance, invoking spirits. 

Jeremiah crosses himself and takes the gun from Bradford. Josette watches nearby as Barnabas and Jeremiah stand back to back.

Angelique is screaming for power.

Bradford instructs that he'll count the paces and then tells them to turn and fire. 

Angelique finds the ball in her hand, and it disappears just as Barnabas shoots, striking Jeremiah, who falls to the ground. Josette screams and runs to him. Angelique smiles. Barnabas runs to Jeremiah, but backs off when Josette gets there. She says he has killed her husband, and he's the only man she'll ever love. 

Angelique cackles.

Barnabas walks behind the wagon that carries Jeremiah's bloody corpse in Josette's arms. Bradford says he must take him. 

Barnabas tells his mother he didn't mean it to happen and the pistol wasn't loaded. He shows them the ball Ben gave him and says he couldn't have killed him. 

Abigail says it's witchcraft. She then points to Vicki saying she's the witch who brought all this upon them. They turn to see Vicki looking down at them from her window. 

Our thoughts

Christine: I like that we got to check in with the present day family and what's happening with Phyllis Wicke, which is something I wished they had done in the original series. 

John: I thought it was a bit much for Wicke to get so worked up over a horseless carriage, and was particularly surprised when she told off the sheriff. Speaking of which, is it just me, or was Patterson trying out a new accent today?

Christine: I don't understand how it serves Angelique to have Barnabas kill Jeremiah. Wouldn't it have been better for her if they were together so there was no chance she and Barnabas could reunite? I have to wonder if Angelique will raise him from the dead and then be haunted by him, or if they will change that part of the story. 

John: Well, one thing's for sure — this Ghost of Jeremiah won't have the bandaged head and droopy eye of his namesake from the original series. With so much happening in such a short period of time, we really don't get a chance to understand Angelique's motivations. One would reasonably assume that her primary interest was capturing Barnabas' heart, but perhaps she just wanted to torture him in every way imaginable. That said, I don't think anyone would believe that implicating Vicki was ever her intention.

Christine: I think we know what's in store for Vicki. Trask with the crazy eyebrows should be knocking on their door the next time we see them. Will he light a forked branch this time, or will he have other ways of dealing with the witch, Victoria Winters?

John: If I were Victoria, I'd start speaking in a French accent and dressing in Josette's clothes. Then she could point the finger at Josette and explain that she's the imposter. With the real Josette so distraught over Jeremiah's demise, that might be all it takes to fool everyone.