Friday, May 29, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1025 5/29/70

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Maggie is sitting in the drawing room after the party when Roger comes in and asks if she's waiting for Quentin. He tells her that he wouldn't if he were her. He says the party would have been a disaster even if Quentin had stayed.

Maggie gets up to leave, and Roger tells her to take off the dress, as it doesn't suit her. He adds that no one can take Angelique's place, but she knows that. He laughs at her as she heads upstairs.

Maggie gets into bed, still wearing Angelique's dress. She looks longingly at a photo of Quentin. She gets up and takes off a tiara. Angelexis comes in, and Maggie tells her that she's changing. Angelexis apologizes for giving her Angelique's dress. Maggie says she had no way of knowing. Maggie points out that Julia knew. Angelexis says she wasn't in the room, so she can't blame her. She assures Maggie that it was an unfortunate accident, and she says she'll tell Quentin that it was her fault.

Maggie tells Angelexis that Roger told her that she handled the party poorly, and that Angelique would have done better. Angelexis says there's no reason to talk about Angelique. Maggie wonders where Quentin went in his costume. Angelexis says he's probably down at the beach watching the waves. Maggie says she thinks she's right. She read him say as much in a letter to Angelique.

Julia tells Angelique that it's typical Maggie would blame her for the dress. She says she almost feels sorry for her. Angelique tells her not to. She says she's forced to seem like a stranger in her own home. She adds that next year, it will be her party again. They hear footsteps, and Julia says that she thinks Quentin has gone into her old room.

Roger is in Aneglique's room, drinking. He tells her portrait that he feels her presence. He reminisces about last year's party, and how he longed for her to come down the stairs this year. He asks her if her spirit is still there, and if so, what else she is going to do. He turns to see Angelexis watching him.

He tells Angelexis that she's the reason he thinks Angelique is in the house. Angelexis asks him to do her a favor—find Quentin. He says if Angelique were here, Quentin never would have left. She says Maggie needs him, and Roger says he doesn't care about her needs. He says Quentin doesn't want her there. He's always comparing her to Angelique. She says he's just going to wait for Quentin to come back, and suggests that she do the same.

Maggie wonders why Quentin hasn't returned. Roger finds her in the drawing room and tells her that waiting up is bad form for a wife. She tells him he's drunk, and he says he's more perceptive when he is. Maggie runs upstairs as Roger shouts that she doesn't really know Quentin.

Julia tells Angelique to keep on with her plan, saying it would be a mistake to change course now. She says she'll have nothing to do with it, and Angelique reminds her that she'll do as she's told. Angelique picks up the phone and dials.

Maggie answers the phone to hear a woman laughing hysterically on the other end. She asks if it's Alexis. She hangs up and decides it was someone from the party. The phone rings again, and when she answers she hears the same laughing. This time, she leaves the phone off the hook. Maggie runs into Alexis' room and finds her in bed, asleep. She wakes, and asks Maggie if she's alright. Maggie say she received a call and it was a woman laughing. Angelexis asks her who it was, and Maggie says it sounded like her. Angelexis says that she and her sister had identical voices. Maggie runs back to her room.

Julia comes downstairs to lock up the house for the night. She turns off the lights downstairs, and when she starts to clean up the drawing room, Roger emerges from the shadows and asks her what the secret is. She says he's imagining things. He says something has happened in the house, and to her. He says he will be included in any secrets. Julia excuses herself.

The phone is still off the hook in Maggie's room when she returns. She hangs it up. A door blows open, and she hears music from another room. She follows it to a door. She steps inside Angelique's room, where the piano plays with no one at it. She hears Angelique's voice calling her name. She starts to run, and Angelique says she can't run away from her. Maggie stops and says she'll fight her. Angelique tells her that she has already won. She says no one wants Maggie around, especially Quentin.

Maggie looks at Angelique's portrait, which dissolves into Alexis face, telling her how Quentin doesn't love her. She tells Maggie to go to the window and jump. Maggie stands on the window ledge, as Angelique's voice tells her to let go.

Our thoughts

John: Roger is just one more person piling on Maggie! I'm beginning to think that all of the Collins' clan in this time band are jerks!

Christine: I'm wondering if the fact that Barnabas escaped vampirism in parallel time had something to do with everyone else becoming so surly and mean. It would appear that Roger did not marry his grandma in this time band. I wonder if Laura Collins is a Phoenix in parallel time.

John: Identical Voice Twins? Come on, Angelexis. Do you think that Maggie is dumb enough to fall for that? I guess she is. Do you think Maggie actually saw Angelexis in the portrait, or was that just for the benefit of us watching at home?

Christine: No, I think Maggie saw her all creepy and superimposed over the portrait just as we did.

John: I guess in this time band, they didn't deposit discarded Collins' women over Widow's Hill. I'll go ahead and place my bet that Quentin pulls her off the ledge first thing on Monday.

Christine: I don't know if Quentin will be done sulking by Monday. Maggie may need to rescue herself.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1024 5/28/70

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Maggie wakes, says it was only a dream, and makes her way into Angelique's room. She approaches the desk from her dream. She finds the button that opens the secret panel and presses it. Inside, she finds a bundle of letters. She opens the bundle and sees that they are Quentin's love letters to Angelique. She opens one and reads it. Of course it says that he'll never want another woman than her.

Angelique sits by the fire, saying that Maggie needs to read them all to know the truth. Barnabas walks in on her. He says he heard her talking to someone, and she admits that he caught her. She tells hm that she always loved the fire; she feels a kinship with it. He asks if she was ever afraid of it, and she says no. Barnabas sits by her, and asks about Quentin. She says that he and Maggie have been quarreling.

Maggie continues reading letters in which Quentin fawns over Angelique.

Quentin returns home and blabbers on to Angelexis and Barnabas, before finally asking about Maggie. Barnabas suggests that Quentin should reassure Maggie that he is alright. He goes upstairs.

Maggie reads another, in which Quentin says he will never be able to love another woman, even if anything were to happen to her. Quentin surprises her, asking if that interests her... He says he was wrong about her. She's not so innocent. Maggie says they should talk about love, and he sends her to her room. She defies him, saying they need to talk. She explains her dream. He accuses her of having looked through every drawer and Angelique's diary. She says she wants to understand him. He's dismissive, ultimately telling her to get out.

Angelexis and Barnabas play chess. He asks her about her sculpture work, and she explains she left it all in her studio in Italy.  He asks if she's done any gallery shows in New York. Angelexis moves a piece and declares, "check." Elizabeth comes in, bemoaning the costume ball. She asks for Alexis' help.

Quentin comes to see Maggie in her room. He says they had better forget about what happened earlier. Maggie suggests that they be more open with each other. She says she knows that it's his  anniversary, and he snaps at her. He storms out and slams the door.

Quentin comes into the drawing room and tells Elizabeth to cancel the costume ball. He walks out, gets in his car, and speeds away. Maggie comes downstairs, and Barnabas confirms that Quentin is gone.

Julia asks Maggie if she's picked out a costume yet, pointing out that there are elegant gowns in the attic. Julia add that Angelique loved the masked ball. They hear Quentin arrive and Julia goes out to greet him.

Maggie asks him why he wanted to cancel the party, and he tells her that they are going to try and have a pleasant evening. Elizabeth comes in with alcohol. Quentin says he's going to get dressed. Elizabeth gives her a hard time for not picking her costume yet.

Julia and Angelique discuss last year's party, and how Bruno applauded her dress. Maggie comes in and says the dress she's holding is very pretty. Angelexis tells her to choose a dress for herself. Julia excuses herself. Angelexis tells her she can pick any dress she wants, and Maggie says she'd rather wear her own clothes. Angelexis picks something and tells her to try it. When Maggie says she likes it, Angelexis says it's all wrong. Maggie asks if Alexis had ever been to the costume ball. Angelexis gets her to agree to wear a certain dress—the dress she wore last year.

Barnabas and Elizabeth are dressed in period clothes. Quentin comes in offering champagne. Angelexis comes downstairs and then they see Maggie. Barnabas says the dress is lovely on her. Quentin comes in and tells her to take off the dress, saying she can't ever wear it. Angelexis smiles.

Our thoughts

John: Why exactly would someone get worked up over the love letters someone sent to their deceased wife? And such a coincidence that he would have spent so much time talking about how he'd never love another if anything happened to her.

Christine: Considering that Maggie is living in a house where everyone goes on and on about how perfect Angelique was and how she hosted the best parties and all the men loved her and her husband was entirely devoted to her, along with the fact that Quentin shows her more irritation than affection, Hoffman treats her with absolute disdain, Roger is deliberately cruel, and Elizabeth just tolerates her presence might have something to do with her being upset to read about Quentin's singular devotion to his dead wife.

John: I thought it was very interesting for Angelique and Barnabas to play chess in a time band where they surprisingly aren't pitted always against one another.

Christine: Is there some underlying meaning we're supposed to grasp about the fact that she had the upper hand in the game? Barnabas was very pensively clutching the pawn she took from him.

John: Is anyone else growing tired of Quentin's tantrums? I was looking forward to meeting 'everybody' at the costume ball, so it was disappointing that only the cast of today's episode showed up—except for Julia... I really thought they'd take better advantage of the existing wardrobe from the show's prior flashbacks.

Christine: I know I'm tired of Quentin being a jackass. It's hard to determine what Maggie loves about him. I was hoping Cyrus might show up to the costume ball and uncontrollably revert to John Yaeger. It also would be a great event to welcome back Bruno, or maybe even to introduce Papa Stokes. Perhaps more exciting guests will arrive for the Friday episode. In the past, when the period clothes came out, time travel was sure to follow. How long before someone takes a trip to the past and who will be tripping this time?

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1023 5/27/70

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Maggie shows up on the dock, and Yaeger  explains that he's the man who called her. He tells her that he's her friend, and says he finds her inescapably charming. She starts to leave and he adds that her husband was seen choking his wife during the first seance. He also says that he's doing her a big favor giving her this information, and asks her to do him a favor, too. He grabs her and places his hand over her mouth. She struggles but cannot get away from him. He licks his lips and she calls for help. Buffie shows up and tells him to stop, or she'll call the police. He tells her to go ahead. He says Maggie will love explaining what she was doing meeting a stranger on a deserted street. Buffie tells him to leave them both alone. He says he can't wait for a second encounter with Mrs. Collins, and that she'll look forward to seeing him again. He bows to Maggie before sauntering off.

Yaeger returns to the lab, excited to have touched Maggie with his hands, and fondling his lips and tongue, anticipates touching Maggie with his lips, too. And no one, not even Quentin, will stand in his way. There's a knock at the door, and he assumes it's the police. He yells that he's coming, and quickly opens the safe and drinks the potion.

Cyrus hangs the picture over the safe and goes upstairs to answer the door. It's Maggie. She apologizes for coming by unannounced. She explains that Yaeger called her, and knew something about the seances, and she agreed to meet him. She asks Cyrus if he's really a friend of his, and she says he's the only one who can help her. He has to get rid of Yaeger. She says that if Buffie hadn't heard her screams, she doesn't know what he might have done to her. He gives her his solemn word that she'll never see Yaeger again. She says she trusts him—almost more than anyone she knows. She thanks him, and leaves. Once alone, he thinks of what Yaeger would do...

Cyrus pours a glass of potion, and raises it to his lips. He stops himself, thinking that he can't let Yaeger hurt her.

He then thinks that he wants to be Yaeger, and what Yaeger does, Cyrus does. He bashes a mirror, and says he has to destroy Yaeger forever.

He begins breaking his vials, beakers and test tubes. He takes his notebook and pours gasoline on it before dropping a lit match on it. He watches his notes burn, saying Yaeger is destroyed forever.

Maggie arrives at Collinwood and Roger intercepts her to talk about the costume ball. He says it's in questionable taste due to the traditional association. She says she's not interested in the costume ball, and asks about Quentin. Roger says that he's out. She asks if it seemed to have something to do with her. He treats her rudely and walks out on her.

Angelexis comes downstairs and asks if there's anything she can do. Maggie asks her to join her in the drawing room. She asks if Angelique wrote her often. Angelexis says she wrote to her from time to time. Maggie asks if she ever mentioned him as being brooding, and Angelexis goes into detail about how great her sister and Quentin's relationship was. When Maggie leaves, Angelique says she will learn more about her precious Quentin tonight.

Angelexis finds Roger in the drawing room, and he says she reminded him of her sister in the dim lights. Maggie comes in and asks if Quentin is back. Roger says that sometimes a man likes to be alone with his memories. He adds that today is his and Angelique's anniversary. Angelexis tells Roger that he's cruel. Roger says he was just answering Maggie's question, and bids the ladies goodnight. Angelexis tells Maggie to try and get some sleep. She sends her upstairs, and says that while Roger was sarcastic, she really means it, offering her pleasant dreams.

Angelique looks into the fireplace and tells Maggie to sleep, and hear her voice, and obey her. She promises to lead her to the secret of Quentin's life.

Maggie dreams, and gets out of bed as commanded by Angelique. She is summoned to Angelique's room, and told the table holds the secret. She is led to press a button which opens a secret panel. Angelique tells her that the secret lies inside. When Maggie wakes, she says it was only a dream, but makes her way out of her room.

Angelexis sits by the fire, smiling.

Maggie comes into Angelique's room and approaches the desk from her dream. She finds the button that opens the secret panel and presses it. Inside, she finds a bundle of letters.

Our thoughts

John: Yaeger's hands were filthy when he was molesting Maggie, but when he gets back to the lab, they're clean. I initially thought it was a continuity error, until they showed him licking his fingers... so I realized that must be how he cleaned them. Gross!

Christine: I don't know how much more of this I can take!

John: Funny that Angelique didn't notice when Maggie actually called her by that name... If Maggie had only realized when she made the mistake!

Christine: I didn't catch that either. It doesn't seem like we'll be having any more mad scientist labs in the near future with the way Longworth went about demolishing his glassware. Hopefully Dr. Hoffman will not need that equipment in the other time band to help cure Barnabas again.

John: Today's dream sequence lights seemed like a Christmas arrangement. Sadly, the current dream sequences pale in comparison to what they once were...

Christine: We are certainly not in the days of Angelique's dream curse anymore. David's dream in Episode 320 is one of my favorites.