Friday, December 7, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 640 - 12/6/68

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In the West Wing, Amy calls out to Quentin. She asks if he'll come out to see her. The door opens and David enters. He asks her why she came back to the room, suggesting she used the telephone again. They leave, and Amy says he's afraid. In her room, he explains that he's not afraid, they're just not allowed in the West Wing. He picks up the phone to prove he's not afraid, and hears nothing. He accuses her of lying about talking to Quentin.

David says they could have a seance to contact Quentin. He lights a candle, and tells her he's done these things lots of times. Amy turns out the light, and they sit at a small table. He explains how their hands must form an unbroken circle on the table. He tells her to concentrate on Quentin, and then proceeds to call to him. The door opens and they see a figure in the shadows at the end of the hall.

It approaches, and turns out to be Vicki dressed in black. She introduces herself to Amy as Vicki Clark. Vicki sends David back to his room, and prepares the bed for Amy. She sees the phone and asks where she got it. Amy says they went exploring. Vicki goes to tuck her in, and when she offers to tell Amy a story, she says that her brother Tom used to tell her stories. She then asks Amy if she can find out where her brother Chris is. Vicki tells her that she's sure he hasn't gone, and leaves her to go to sleep.

Muddy footprints lead to Chris Jennings' passed out body lying on the floor.

Carolyn is surprised to see Chris show up at Collinwood. She tells him he hasn't changed. She introduces Chris to Vicki (Clark), who offers to take him to Amy.

David tells Amy not to feel bad. He says he likes to be left alone. Chris walks in and Amy is thrilled to see him. Vicki takes David into the sitting room next door. Chris asks why she left the hospital, and she says she was afraid he would have left again.She asks if she can stay with him in Collinsport. He tells her it's impossible. He tells her he'll find her a nice home in town where she can stay. She's upset, and asks if she can stay with him. He tries to explain why she can't, and she refuses to listen. He leaves her.

Carolyn tells Chris he can't just leave her. She then says that her mother has offered to let Amy stay at Collinwood.

David tells Amy how much fun they would have if she stays at Collinwood. She doesn't say anything.

At The Blue Whale, Chris buys Carolyn a drink. He agrees to let Amy stay at Collinwood temporarily. Chris says it must seem weird to her that he doesn't take care of Amy himself. She points out that it must worry him. She asks if he could settle down, and when he says no, she points out that he could change.

She adds that it would be good for him to stay around town for a few weeks while Amy settles in. As it gets dark outside, he throws back his drink and calls the waitress for the check. As he looks at the waitress, he sees a pentagram over her face. Tom hastily exits the bar, leaving Carolyn alone. The waitress checks her make-up to see if there's something wrong, due to the way Chris had looked at her.

Back in his room, Chris chains himself to the heater. He then transforms into a werewolf, and attempts to break the chain holding him.

The waitress closes up The Blue Whale. She hears someone outside and tells them they're closed. She then sees a figure outside the window, it breaks through the window and she screams as it approaches her.

Our thoughts

John: How did David become the seance master all of a sudden? I don't recall him ever snooping while one was being conducted. I'm actually surprised Vicki didn't ask them about the door swinging open on its own before she came in...

Christine: Just the wind. You know how drafty those halls are at Collinwood during a storm. David became an expert on seances ever since he participated in one over a year and a half ago in Episode 186, and we should assume he's always snooping around the occult meetings at the mansion, even if we don't see him. So, Vicki is back to her job as governess, now that her husband has returned to his own time period, and Carolyn has found a new love interest.

John: Is anyone else having a problem with Vicki being referred to as 'Vicki Clark'? That just sounds wrong.

Christine: They had such a quickie wedding I don't think she's had time to go through the process of officially changing her name, therefore, she'll still be labeled as Victoria Winters in the character links for clarity. Also, I think she's technically Victoria Bradford. So confusing.

John: Welcome to the Pentagram-cam! How fortuitous that a werewolf comes to town just in time to meet our first(?) waitress at The Blue Whale. Good thing Bob the Bartender had the night off. The only down side is that Dan didn't spring for a multi-step werewolf transformation a la Lon Chaney, Jr. Instead, we go right from Chris Jennings to full-wolf. Now can someone explain why Chris would chain himself in, if Chris-wolf would just undo the chain?

Christine: Actually, Don Briscoe transformed to another actor entirely during the change from human to werewolf. Alex Stevens will be bringing his lycanthropic talents to the show for quite some time. I thought his stunt dive through the window of The Blue Whale was pretty impressive, though difficult to capture.


Paul Haney said...

The werewolf has all the action scenes, but I really love this slow-burn start to the Quentin story line. Makes the anticipation of whats to come all the sweeter.

D.Wor said...

Thank you, dearly! I was trying to figure out which episode this final scene was in and never knew this web log was in construction. DO keep it up! It's a fabulous alternative to other catalogs.