Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Episode 113 - 11/30/66

Matthew enters the old house. We see him go through a secret panel into a hidden room.

Mrs. Johnson visits Burke in his hotel room. She tells him that Matthew killed Bill Malloy. Burke has trouble believing it. He says that while they got her the job at Collinwood to find out who killed Bill, he asks her to stay on. She agrees. They both blame Roger for the five years Burke spent in prison on the manslaughter charge.

David comes to visit Burke in his hotel room. David is disappointed that his father wasn't jailed for Bill's death. David says he hates his father for the way he treated his mother. David thinks his father still killed Bill, and wonders if the ghosts, Josette or Bill himself, will tell him. David also says that he saw Mrs. Johnson as he came to see Burke, and wondered if she had been to see Burke.

Mrs. Johnson snoops around as she cleans the drawing room. She hears the front door and sees David. He says he saw her in town. He says that maybe she went to see Burke Devlin. She says she has nothing in common with Burke, and David explains that all three of them hate his father. David says she always watches his father when they're in the same room. David says he has to go to the old house to try and get some facts from the ghosts about the car accident 10 years ago. Mrs. Johnson tells him to be sure he's back by suppertime.

David makes his way to the old house. He speaks to the portrait of Josette. Matthew sneaks up and grabs David from behind. Matthew asks how he knew he was in the old house. David says he was asking the ghosts where Matthew was. David suggests Matthew can stay in the old house until he can find evidence they can use against his father. David says he'll bring Matthew food, and no one will ever find him in the old house. Matthew agrees to trust David. 

Our thoughts

John: Burke is surprised and disappointed to find that Roger is not responsible for Bill's death. And let's face it, who isn't? Despite all the mounting evidence, we're back to where only Roger and Sam have the information Burke needs about his manslaughter conviction, and no pressing threat to have them divulge any secrets they may be harboring. Of course there's still Sam's letter to Maggie...

Christine: We have another heartwarming father-son moment between Davey and Burke. I wonder if it will ever occur to Burke to question David's paternity as Roger has.

John: Is that a new portrait of Josette at the old house? Is the portrait monitor still on the job?

Christine: I prefer to be called Dark Shadows Art Historian. As far as I can tell, it is the same portrait. Here are a few shots so you can judge for yourself:

Today's episode

Episode 102
First appearance in Episode 70

John: David finally finds himself in control of something, with a pet Matthew living in the old house among the ghosts.

Christine: I expect we'll be seeing more of the Old House now.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Episode 112 - 11/29/66

Liz asks what is going on, and demands that Matthew let Vicki go. Vicki says Matthew killed Bill, and tried to kill her. Liz asks if that's true, and Matthew confirms it.

Liz says she can't believe it. Matthew explains that Bill's death was an accident. He was trying to protect the Collins family. Matthew says that he grabbed Bill, who slipped and fell off the cliff. She says she believes him. He asks Liz to protect him. She says Vicki won't tell the sheriff anything. Liz tells Vicki to go to the house, straight to her room and not to talk to anyone. Matthew refuses to let her go. Liz asks Matthew to trust her. He says he will, but he won't trust Vicki, and he won't let her leave his sight. Liz suggests that they all go to the main house, and Matthew asks who all is there. He says the sheriff is there. He moves to grab Liz and stops at the last minute. He turns and leaves them alone in his cottage.

Frank talks to the sheriff in the foyer when Liz and Vicki arrive. She explains that Matthew killed Bill, and threatened to kill her. Liz explains that she arrived just in time. Liz pours a brandy. Frank asks how she knew where Vicki was, and she explains that she didn't until Frank asked who might try to protect her. The sheriff asks for a complete accounting of what happened. She explains how she went to the old house looking for David, and Matthew pushed the stone decoration off the roof. She says she went to Matthew's cottage to call the sheriff, but he returned and wouldn't let her. She says they were talking about the car that almost hit her, and he let on how he knew what time that was. Once she realized that was him, she explained that he threatened to kill her until Mrs. Stoddard arrived. Liz picks up the story, explaining she told Matthew to let Vicki go. She describes Matthew's story about accidentally killing Bill. He thought Bill was going to make trouble for her, so he tried to protect her. The sheriff asks if he threatened Liz. Vicki says she thought he might try to kill Liz, but he did not. Liz leaves Vicki with Frank to go back to Matthew's cottage with the sheriff.

Frank says he's going to drive Vicki into town for a steak dinner. Roger walks in. He doesn't seem thrilled to see her. Vicki asks if he heard the news, and he says yes. He asks where his sister is. Vicki apologizes to Roger, who doesn't accept it. He turns and walks out on her.

The sheriff goes through Matthew's letters and asks Liz about his brother in Coldwater. They think that's where he's headed. Roger walks into Matthew's cottage. The sheriff apologizes for Roger's detention. The sheriff leaves, and Liz explains that Matthew was trying to protect the family. Roger tells Liz that Vicki must be discharged for what she did to him. Liz says she will not fire Vicki, explaining that Roger was responsible for his own problems. Roger expresses relief that everything is over. Liz reminds him that Burke is still out there, and vows to destroy him before he destroys them.

Frank and Vicki return from dinner, and he offers to bring her up to Bangor. She says she'll try to arrange it. Liz walks in and Frank asks her if Vicki could have the weekend off. Liz agrees, and then explains that the sheriff is tracking Matthew, and should have him in custody soon. Liz apologizes to Vicki for everything she had gone through. Vicki says she feels bad about Roger, and Liz says she had every reason to believe what she did. Liz explains that since Matthew is miles away from Collinsport, she should sleep well.

We see Matthew wandering outside the old house with his lantern.

Our thoughts

John: Is this the first time Liz drinks some of Roger's booze? She must have really been shaken up by Matthew.

Christine: She kept a cool head while dealing with the madman. It almost didn't work out for her. 

John: For someone who got off without penalty for lying to the sheriff, Roger seems quick to blame everyone around him for his troubles.

Christine: He did seem to forget that he got busted because he was caught digging up concealed evidence. Roger is at his best when he's acting haughty though.

John: If they ever want us to wonder who the mysterious character wandering around the old house is, they probably shouldn't re-use the footage that we know is Matthew. Clearly we haven't seen the last of him. But are his days in Collinwood numbered?

Christine: Add this to the Dark Shadows drinking game. Every time you see Matthew's feet or shadow approaching the Old House, you must imbibe.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Episode 111 - 11/28/66

Matthew tells Vicki he shouldn't have told her he killed Malloy. She promises she won't tell. He says he might believe that if she were dead. She says they'll find her body and know it was him. He said he never killed anyone deliberately before. He explains that Bill's death was an accident. Bill was causing trouble for the family, and he tried to tell him to leave them alone. After a struggle, Bill fell to his death. Victoria says she believes it was an accident, and the sheriff will, too. She explains that if he kills her, he'll be guilty of murder.

Frank and Liz are concerned about Vicki as they wait in the drawing room. The sheriff returns to use the phone to call in more men to help in the search. Liz describes the houses on the ground; the house, the old house and the caretaker's cottage. She says there's no point checking any of those as they already checked them.

Vicki tells Matthew that the sheriff will figure it out if he kills her. He says he has to keep her quiet. Matthew describes how he tried to scare her by coming into her room, and then again on the road. He thought it would be enough to scare her off. She says he had chances to murder her and he did not. Not even when he pushed the stone from the top of the old house. Matthew says he doesn't have any choice but to kill her. Vicki begins to cry.

Liz says she's worried that Vicki could have stumbled into one of the caves under the cliffs. She says that only Matthew knows the property like the back of his hand. She says it's odd she hasn't heard from Matthew since she asked him to look for Vicki. She decides to call him.

Matthew's phone rings, and he says he won't answer it because it could only be Mrs. Stoddard. Vicki watches as the phone stops ringing.

A few minutes past eight, Frank says he's sure Vicki's in real danger. He thinks that the same person who tried to kill her may have her. He asks Liz who stood to benefit from Bill's death. Frank asks if he was on the best of terms with the Collins family. She said before he died, he said he had to do something she wouldn't like. Frank asks if Malloy found out something about Roger's manslaughter case. Liz explains that Roger is with the police. Frank said that so is Sam Evans, so it can't be him either. Frank asks if there's anyone who would want to protect Liz and the family from scandal.

Matthew takes a chair and sits across from Vicki. He says he's trying to think of the best way to kill her. He says he was lying when he said he hadn't killed before. He said he killed a dog to put him out of his misery by breaking his neck. He said it was a peaceful death, it didn't suffer. He says she won't suffer, either. She says she'll fight him, and she screams. Liz walks in calls Matthew's name. Vicki screams that Matthew killed Bill Malloy, and that he's going to kill her next.

Our thoughts

John: Vicki could assume that they were looking for her, so why didn't she bother screaming as soon as she figured out Matthew was determined to kill her?

Christine: As Liz says to Frank, "Have you any idea of the size of this property?" It's likely nobody would have heard her unless they happened to be searching close to the cottage. She also may have thought that startling the madman with screams may have forced his hand and removed any possibility of escape.

John: Frank is pretty smart. In mere minutes, he figures out (without knowing) who was threatening Vicki.

Christine: It's not like there is a long list of suspects, so I don't know that it's saying much that he was able to figure out something that should have been evident to everyone.

John: How are today's events going to impact Liz and Matthew's relationship? Will he get a pass for attempting to kill Vicki like David?

Christine: He's not a Collins, so I think not, though he probably won't stick around to find out.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Episode 110 - PRE-EMPTED - 11/25/66

There was no episode shot for today, as it was pre-empted for a post-Thanksgiving football game. We'll be back with a new episode review on Monday.

In the meantime, here is an exhibition of portraits we've seen on Dark Shadows. There will be many more portraits to come in the series. Some play an active role, while others are just silent spectators. These are the ones we've seen so far.

Isaac Collins 

Isaac Collins founded the town of Collinsport, the Collins' fishing fleet, and is responsible for the Collins' family fortune. His portrait was shifted around the room quite a bit in the beginning of the series. It may indicate a sense of restlessness over present day events at Collinwood.

 Jeremiah Collins

Jeremiah is prominently displayed overlooking the drawing room, which makes his portrait the one most frequently seen. He may have earned this place of honor for having built Collinwood. From the Collins Family History Book Carolyn reads from in Episode 45: "Jeremiah Collins, sixth generation descendant of the founder of Collinsport. In 1830, married Josette la Frenière of Paris, France. The construction of Collinwood, the family mansion, was begun the same year." In Episode 34, we learn that he was drunk more often than sober.

  Benjamin Collins

We learned that Benjamin Collins hangs in the foyer in Episode 59. We never seem to get a clear shot of him and he's usually seen at an angle.

Josette Collins


Josette's ghost has materialized twice from her portrait after visits from David to the Old House. It could be his conversations with her that helps to release her from it, or there could be some other reason she appears.

Theodore Collins?

This is an unknown ancestor. The DS Wiki states that Theodore's portrait hung in the drawing room. It may be this one or one of the other unidentified portraits. We'll have to wait and see if the identity is revealed later in the series.



Naomi Collins?

This may be Naomi Collins, since it looks like a woman, who bears some resemblance to Elizabeth. We'll learn later that she was Barnabas' mom.

Joshua Collins?

It's possible this is Joshua Collins because of the sideburns and resemblance to Roger. He was married to Naomi Collins.

Daniel Collins?

This may be Daniel Collins, since he is one of the few ancestors whose name has been mentioned so far.

Fortunately, Collinsport has an artist who's experienced in portraiture, which makes him the go-to guy whenever someone wants a portrait done. As you would expect, Sam Evans will be making more portraits during the series. Here are portraits we've seen by Sam Evans.

 Maggie's Mom


Burke #1

Burke #2

Betty Hanscombe

David has also demonstrated a talent for making portraits, and may be Collinsport's up and coming new artist.

David's drawing of Josette Collins.
It's possible Dan Curtis had a fixation with portraits that went beyond The Picture of Dorian Gray, a story he made into a movie, which will figure into storylines in Dark Shadows. His TV pilot, A Darkness at Blaisedon, also features a portrait from which a ghost materializes. Picture portraits of victims are collected in Mrs. Allardyce's room in his 1976 film, Burnt Offerings. There is something inherently creepy about portraits of dead people. In the world of Dan Curtis, they are vessels for souls that can be powerful objects. Be sure to keep a close watch on them to see if their eyes follow you.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Episode 109 - PRE-EMPTED - 11/24/66

There was no episode shot for today, as it was pre-empted for a Thanksgiving football game.

It's interesting to note that this day featured the Dallas Cowboys first Thanksgiving football game. You can read more here, but in summary:
Until 1966, the only NFL contest on Thanksgiving was always hosted by the Detroit Lions, but after the ’65 season, the league was looking to expand coverage with an afternoon game. Cowboys president Tex Schramm approached his friend, then-NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle, about playing the late game.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Episode 108 - 11/23/66

We see Matthew approach the old house, followed by Vicki, and watch as he pushes a stone from the roof which lands just inches in front of her. She enters Matthew's cottage and calls for him, but he's not there. He comes in from outside and asks what she wants. She says she needs to call the sheriff and he hangs up the phone.

He asks what she wants with the sheriff. She says someone tried to kill her at the old house. He says it could have been an accident. He asks who would want to kill her, and she says she's not sure she knows anymore. She asks him if he's seen Roger. Matthew says he hasn't seen him all day. She said he was at the sheriff's earlier, and Matthew asks why. She doesn't want to tell him and he refuses to let her call the sheriff. He says she's been nothing but trouble since she came to Collinwood. She tries to leave, and he won't let her.

Liz hears the front door and finds David. She asks where he was, and he says he was playing by the cliffs. She asks if he's seem Vicki, as she went looking for David at the old house.

Matthew makes Vicki sit down so he can ask her some questions about Roger and Bill Malloy. He says he won't let her go until she answers them. He asks what she found out about Bill Malloy's death. He said she told David that she knew who killed Bill Malloy. She says she found a pen which connects Roger to Bill's death. She said the sheriff and Burke caught Roger digging up the pen. Matthew seems alarmed that she dragged the sheriff and Burke Devlin into Collinwood. She says if not Roger, then someone else is guilty that she doesn't even know about. Matthew asks who.

David suggests the ghosts may have gotten Vicki. Liz sends him to find Mrs. Johnson to fix his dinner. There's a pounding at the door, and it's Frank Garner. Liz asks if he has news on Roger. He doesn't, and he asks about Vicki. She explains Vicki hasn't been back since looking for David. He wants to go look for her, and Liz joins him.

Liz and Frank return to the main house without Vicki. He's concerned about the broken stone urn, and suggests they call the sheriff. Liz says she wants to call the caretaker's cottage first.

Matthew says Vicki is foolish to think someone wants to harm her. The phone rings and Matthew tells Liz he hasn't seen David. She asks about Vicki, and he says he hasn't seen her. She asks if he's seen Vicki and he says he has not. After he hangs up, Vicki determines Mrs. Stoddard had asked about her. Matthew denies it. She talks about the near accidents, and Matthew mentions it was probably an accident if she was on a lonely road at 8 in the evening. Vicki asks how he knew what time it was. Matthew stutters as he tries to cover his gaffe. Vicki says she believes him as she makes her way to the door. Matthew says she thinks he killed Bill Malloy, and she's going to tell the sheriff. She screams for him to let her go, and he says he can't, not now.

Liz and Frank are anxiously awaiting the sheriff. He arrives, and they fill her in on Vicki's absence. The sheriff tells Frank to stay with Liz, and he and his deputy will search for her on the grounds.

Vicki tells Matthew she believes that he didn't have anything to do with Bill's death. She pleads with him to let her go. She promises not to call the sheriff. She tells him she feels sick, and asks him for water. He goes to get her some whiskey and she makes a break for the door. He stops her, asking if she thinks he killed Bill Malloy, and then saying he had to. He didn't have any choice. Vicki says they're going to search for her if she doesn't get back to the house, so he'll have to let her go. He says he doesn't have to let her go—he has to kill her.

Our thoughts

John: Well that was a bit of a disappointing reveal of Bill Malloy's killer, after all of the build up and red herrings. We don't yet know why, or how the details work out, and I imagine that's going to drag on for a while, too.

Christine: What were you expecting? I thought it was cool to see Matthew finally come unhinged and reveal himself as the murderer and then threaten to kill Vicki. How will she escape?

John: Were we not supposed to know that it was Matthew that pushed the stone urn last episode? It seemed perfectly clear to me, possibly even the same exterior shots of Matthew approaching the old house that we saw a while back when the location was first introduced.

Christine: I think we were supposed to know, which is why they showed it again at the beginning of today's episode in case you missed yesterday's. Vicki was not supposed to know.

John: If you're wondering why this Wednesday episode feels like a Friday episode, it's because there were scheduled pre-emptions for football games on Thanksgiving and the day after. We'll be back with the next episode review (111, for those of you keeping score) on Monday, but Christine put together a special treat for Friday. Happy Thanksgiving from Collinwood!