Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 352 - 10/31/67

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In the middle of the night, Carolyn goes downstairs and stares at the portrait of Barnabas. She removes her scarf, revealing two bite marks on her neck. She goes into the drawing room and looks outside. In her thoughts, she tells Barnabas that Vicki will be hers when he's ready for her, and David will never trouble him again. She walks upstairs to deal with him.

Carolyn enters David's room while he sleeps. She puts her hand on his shoulder and he bolts awake.

He asks what she's doing so early. She says she wasn't able to sleep because she's worried about him. She tells him she went to the old house, and he says she promised she'd never go there. He says she's lucky she's still alive. Carolyn says there's no danger. She saw cousin Barnabas, and he showed her through the entire house. She says she saw the house and there's nothing bad there. David tells her Barnabas did something to her. She says it's his imagination, and he reminds her that she saw Sarah, too. She denies seeing Sarah. She says that was just her own imagination. She tells him that if he keeps believing the things he's telling people, he'll be sent away to home for mentally disturbed children. She says she wants to help him, but he has to help himself and say he's been lying about his stories.

Carolyn startles Julia in the drawing room. She asks if Carolyn is feeling any after effects. Carolyn asks what she's doing. When Julia says she was comparing chandelier pieces, Carolyn snaps at her and says Barnabas was going to help her with that. Carolyn says she convinced David that if he keeps telling stories, he'll be sent away. She also says she's going to help Barnabas with Vicki. Carolyn says that Julia can help Barnabas medically, and she'll take care of his relationships. She leaves Julia and goes upstairs.

Vicki comes into the drawing room and tells Vicki the crystal doesn't match like she thought it did. She holds them up and tells Vicki to look deeply into it. Once again, she is hypnotized. She tells Vicki she has something else to show her that she will not remember. Carolyn sees them as they leave the house.

In Josette's room, Julia tells her that she will never forget what she tells her in this room, but in her conscious mind she will never remember. Julia says Barnabas plans to transform Vicki into the image of Josette, to replace her, making her his bride. Vicki says she doesn't want to be his bride.

Julia asks if she remembers what she showed Vicki in the house. She says she saw a coffin with Barnabas. Julia says that Barnabas is one of the undead, and he uses his power to force people to do his bidding. She says he'll try that with her, but she can resist him. Julia takes Vicki back to Collinwood.

Carolyn finds Vicki in the drawing room. Vicki explains there's still no news about Burke. She says if their roles had been reversed, Burke would have gone searching for her himself. Carolyn says that she's sorry they didn't connect earlier, but Vicki was out with Julia. Vicki says she wasn't with Julia earlier. She goes upstairs to start David on his lessons.

Carolyn thinks that Vicki lied to her, and wonders if she noticed the change in her. She decides Vicki didn't lie. She's convinced something else is responsible. At that point, Julia enters and Carolyn asks if she enjoyed her walk with Vicki. Julia says they just went outside for fresh air. She asks if that meets wither her approval, and they have a polite yet tense standoff.

Our thoughts
John: Carolyn under Barnabas' influence is not particularly subtle. I think that's going to be problematic, though perhaps it will work on David, and he'll recant his stories to avoid getting shipped off.

Christine: She may succeed in her mission with David, but I doubt she'll have much success with Vicki, especially with Julia working against her.

John: Poor Vicki is being filled with so many subliminal suggestions, I think she's not going to know which way is up when she's next in Barnabas' presence.

Christine: She seemed to shrug off the last hypnotic suggestion, so we'll see if there's a cumulative effect that will allow her to be more determined in rejecting Barnabas.

John: Who would have thought that Julia's latest foil would be none other than Carolyn Stoddard. While they are both trying to serve Barnabas, they have very distinct motivations which is going to lead to further friction between them.

Christine: Barnabas certainly has a lot of women striving to please him. He's sure to find out that having Carolyn around to do his bidding will end up being more trouble than it's worth.

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Monday, October 30, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 351 - 10/30/67

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Old Barnabas tells Carolyn he won't be old for much longer, and that he wouldn't do anything to hurt his own flesh and blood. He bares his fangs to bite her as she screams in terror.

Carolyn lies on the bed in Josette's room. Julia asks if she knows where she is, and if she knows what happened. In a daze, she says she knows, and that she's where she belongs. She asks Julia if that was really Barnabas. Julia tells her Barnabas had to stop aging to turn back the years. Carolyn asks if she was able to do that for him, and Julia says she doesn't know. It may be too late. Carolyn asks to see Barnabas. Julia tells her to rest. They hear someone coming up the stairs. Carolyn sits up and says she hopes she didn't fail Barnabas.

The door opens and Barnabas enters, once again looking young.

Roger is fixing himself a drink when Liz asks him if he's seen Carolyn. Roger says she's probably on a date and forgot to tell her. She's alarmed, and Roger is dismissive.  She says Carolyn is beginning to believe some of the things David is saying. She tells him that Carolyn says she spoke to Sarah, who told her David was telling the truth.

Julia is surprised Barnabas reverted so quickly. He calls her Dr. Hoffman, and Carolyn is surprised. Barnabas explains that there are many secrets that Carolyn will now be privy to. He sends Julia downstairs and asks Carolyn how she feels.

She says she's relaxed. He asks her not to tell anyone about him and Dr. Hoffman. He says she will help him with two things. First she must convince everyone that the things David said about him are the figment of David's imagination. Second, he says that Vicki will soon replace Josette. He tells her that Vicki must come to him willingly, and she says she'll see to it.

She asks what is going to happen to her, and what their relationship will be. He says since they are of the same blood, he will not give her the same status as Willie, who was just a servant. He tells her he can give her the gift of eternal life if she serves him well.

Barnabas sends Carolyn home, and says she will need to be careful, as others will recognize the change she's gone through. She leaves and Julia tells him he looks proud of himself. He says he should be, and that Carolyn will be very helpful to him. Julia tells him that she's ready to resume her experiment, but it's going to be on her timetable. He tells her that she must be joking to think he'll resume her experiments after what happened. He asks if she can guarantee he won't age. When she says no one could guarantee that, he says that is why they shall not resume her experiments.

He tells her he will have very little time for her from now on. He's going to focus on making Vicki his  next Josette. She explains that he needs her, because he's still vulnerable during the day. Carolyn cannot do that. He says he must find a servant somewhere else. She says she can help, and he tells her that she's a professional woman, and cannot be his servant. She says she's not offering to be his maid, and he accepts her offer until he can find a full time replacement.

Liz asks Roger the time. He tells her not to worry, and the door opens and Carolyn enters. Roger tells her that she's had her mother worried all night. She says she went for a walk because she was upset about her talk with David. She apologizes. Carolyn goes upstairs to go to bed. Liz tells Roger that something did happen to Carolyn. He asks what, and she says something other than David has her seeming like a stranger in her own house.

In the middle of the night, Carolyn goes downstairs and stares at the portrait of Barnabas. She removes her scarf, revealing two bite marks on her neck.

Our thoughts
John: Wow. What a revolting development this is. One bite and Carolyn is a willing servant. Considering how readily Willie was to turn on Barnabas, I don't understand why he thinks he'll have complete control over Carolyn.

Christine: Is this vampire incest? It is disturbing on so many levels. Barnabas molests Carolyn, but rather than becoming fearful as Willie did, she has become a submissive, dreamy eyed school girl with a vampire crush, who's eager to discredit her troubled little brother and help make her friend a vampire bride. 

Willie's reaction to Barnabas' vampire treatment.

Carolyn's response to Barnabas' bite.

John: It looked like Julia's contract might have been up, as Barnabas was about to send her packing. It looks like she's earned an extension. Surprising that no one has mentioned death-bed Willie since Dr. Woodard's death.

Christine: Julia is not going to let Barnabas break up with her, despite his penchant for young girls who resemble Josette. If she's spending all day babysitting Barnabas at the Old House, does this mean she's no longer treating patients? How is she earning a living? Barnabas didn't offer to pay her for her services.

John: I kept expecting a cuckoo after we lingered on the portrait of Barnabas while the clock ticked away.

Christine: Carolyn stroking her vampire bite was just plain creepy. Will she become one of the undead, or will Julia eventually be treating her with hypnosis as she did Maggie?

Friday, October 27, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 350 - 10/27/67

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David brings his toy soldier back to Carolyn. He tells her she should have it with her all the time. She agrees, and he turns to go up to his room. Out the window, he sees old Barnabas.

He gasps, and when Carolyn turns, no one is there. David says an old man was looking in at them. Carolyn looks around and says there was no one there. Liz walks in and David tells her that he saw an old man outside the window. Carolyn says she didn't see anyone. David realizes that no one believes him again. He says he can't stop terrible things from happening. David leaves to go to his room.

Liz says she should send David away. Carolyn asks her what if some of what David is saying is real. She tells her mother that Sarah appeared to her in her room, and she is a ghost.

She says Sarah begged her not to let David be sent away. She says that Sarah also told her that everything David said was true. Liz has trouble believing it. She asks how the things David said about Barnabas be true?

Liz says David is mentally disturbed, and she'll have to send him away, not realizing that he's eavesdropping outside the drawing room.

Julia is in the old house when Barnabas returns home. She asks where he has been. He says he's been contemplating her failed experiments. She asks who he's selected. He says he hasn't decided yet, but it won't be Vicki. Julia tells him there might be an alternative. She offers her blood up to him.

He asks if she'd do so willingly, knowing what would happen to her. He asks why she'd make that sacrifice. She points out that it's the first time he called her Julia. He asks if his face repels her. She says no. He tells her he appreciates her offer, but he must refuse.

Carolyn studies the toy soldier David gave her. He walks in and asks if Carolyn leaves without taking the soldier. He tells her he made everything up to discourage her from going to the old house, but she decides to do just that once he's in bed.

Carolyn finds the door of the old house unlocked, and lets herself in. She doesn't see anyone and believes Barnabas must be asleep. She makes her way towards the basement, avoiding making noise. The basement door is unlocked, and she works her way downstairs. She is shocked to find a coffin at the base of the stairs.

She approaches it and runs her hand along the surface. She lifts the lid and finds it empty. The coffin lid slams shut, and she sees Julia standing there. She asks what she's doing there. Julia tells her to leave before it's too late, and Barnabas steps forward saying it's already too late. He asks Carolyn what she's doing there. She says she came to see her cousin, and he tells her she's looking at him. She doesn't believe it. She says he's old, and Barnabas tells her he won't be for much longer.

He bares his fangs to bite her as she screams in terror.

Our thoughts
John: Kudos to Dan Curtis Productions for landing Dick Smith to do Barnabas' old-age makeup. Smith is the godfather of make-up effects, and his stellar work gave the show very high production values. His work on Barnabas for Dark Shadows would serve him well when he needed to make up Dustin Hoffman to look 121 years old in Little Big Man.

Christine: Oh my! Julia offered herself to Barnabas! That's quite forward for 1967. He evades her by saying he needs to keep her functioning as his doctor, though I think he may be refusing her offer because he secretly admires her strength and doesn't want to turn her into a submissive servant. He may also be afraid that he'll develop feelings for Julia, which would interfere with his obsession for Josette.

John: Did anyone else happen to notice how well Carolyn's outfit matched the blue candles Barnabas has in the old house?

Christine: It also seemed to pair well with the coffin interior, though it could have been the lighting.

John: Wow! Barnabas is about to put the bite on a member of the Collins clan! Something tells me between the baring of fangs and the actual bite, Julia might intervene...

Christine: Julia's already stuck her neck out for him, so I don't think it's likely she'll be able to stop him from sampling some of the Collins family's finest hemoglobin. 

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 349 - 10/26/67

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Barnabas asks Julia why she screamed, not realizing that the experiment failed. She says the dosage he requested was too powerful. He touches his face and realizes his face aged as his hands had.

He asks if this is her revenge for not letting their relationship become what she hoped it would be. She blames him for expediting the experiment. She says she may be able to counteract it with time. He says he doesn't have time. He's now closer to death than ever before. She says she can help him, and he tells her he no longer needs her. He tells her he must save himself. She asks if he means reverting, and he says yes. She says that if he goes on destroying, she'll be partially responsible each time. He tells her to go to the main house, and as Julia opens the door, he asks her to tell Vicki that he has to leave town and won't be back for a while.

Vicki walks in and says he can tell her himself. Barnabas hides behind a chair, and says he's not feeling well and doesn't want to expose her. She asks him if he should be going on a business trip if he's not feeling well. He snaps back that it isn't serious. He bids her goodnight, and she leaves.

Barnabas says he must act before anyone sees him this way. Barnabas says he'll never forgive Julia. She says Vicki could still be his. She suggests that he use Vicki as the instrument of his reverting. He says she must come to him of her own choosing. She tells him he should get her in any way he can.

Back in her room, Vicki starts to lie down when Carolyn comes in to tell her she's going to meet Joe at The Blue Whale, and she wanted Vicki to be there for David. Carolyn asks where Barnabas is, as he was supposed to come back with Vicki to look at the West Wing. She says he was sick, and going away for a few days on business. She says she's going to miss him while he's gone. Vicki says she's come to rely on Barnabas.

Julia tells Barnabas that Vicki's blood can be his, and he tells her to stop it. She says Vicki may never come to him of her own free will, and that if he wants her, he should get her tonight.

At The Blue Whale, Carolyn tells Joe that she saw Sarah. She says the other things David has said may be true. Joe says that Burke and Dr. Woodard proved there was no coffin in the basement of the old house. Carolyn says the things David said sound far fetched, but so did the stories of Sarah. She asks Joe to come with her to Eagle Hill cemetery to see if they can find the secret room. She says there may be a connection with Barnabas. Joe tells her to forget the whole thing. He asks if she believes there's anything sinister about Barnabas.

Back at Collinwood, Carolyn tells Vicki that she's having doubts about Barnabas, based on what David has been saying. Vicki says the things David says about Barnabas aren't true.

Barnabas paces in front of his portrait in the old house. He considers what Julia said about getting Vicki, and leaves the old house.

In her room, Vicki sleeps when a bat appears outside her window. Old Barnabas appears in her room, and approaches Vicki in her bed.

Carolyn calls to Vicki and enters her room. Vicki wakes up and asks her what she wants. Carolyn says she thought she heard something. She turns and outside the window, they see the giant bat flapping.

Our thoughts
John: You'd think Barnabas might be aware that his face had shriveled up like an old codger.

Christine: That is some pretty effective make up to still look so good close up. I suppose it should have occurred to everyone involved that restoring Barnabas to human form might also reinstate his real age to his body.

John: Having Vicki walk in on Barnabas and Julia was one of the best shocks in the show's history. Of course, poor, naive Vicki doesn't catch on to Barnabas' ruse.

Christine: Shouldn't Vicki still be feeling uneasy about Barnabas after seeing him in his coffin while in a hypnotic state? I would think she would avoid romantic sunrise encounters and would not argue against the validity of David's suspicions about him. Julia's infatuation has caused her to become quite diabolical in suggesting Barnabas partake of Vicki's vital fluids to simultaneously restore himself and bring her under his power. I wonder why he doesn't just use Julia to rejuvenate himself. Perhaps he wants to avoid an intimate encounter with her.

John: The squeaky bat sound doesn't do much to make the cheesy bat puppet seem any more realistic.

Christine: Yes, the squeaky marker on a board sound effect does diminish the bat's fear factor. I don't think that shadow bat is Bil Baird's puppet bat though, since it's not credited. Joe and Carolyn's scene at the Blue Whale took me back to Episode 2 when Carolyn was shaking her groove thing to the same tune (Cue 73: Med. Slow Blue Whale) as Joe sat at a table by himself looking miserable.