Monday, July 31, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 286 - 7/31/67

Barnabas tells Vicki she can't go out in the storm. He says he can send Willie to the main house to tell them she's alright. He asks her to forgive him for being delighted, and reiterates how the house was built for nights like this. He says he'll do his best to entertain her, and if necessary she can rest in Josette's room. Vicki looks upstairs, smiling. She asks if he'd mind if she stayed in Josette's room. He says of course not. She claims a closeness to Josette, as she doesn't know her own ancestors. Barnabas tells Vicki all the ways she's like Josette. She says he talks about her as if he knew her. He says she was the most fascinating of his ancestors.

Vicki asks who was chasing Josette when she threw herself off the cliff. Barnabas says it was her lover, Jeremiah Collins. Vicki is surprised that her husband was chasing her. Barnabas says he can't defend everything Jeremiah did. Vicki excuses herself to go upstairs. Barnabas says the storm may have lessened, and he offers to escort her back. She says the storm seems to be pretty severe and asks to stay. Barnabas is of course, accommodating, and Vicki makes her way to Josette's room.

Vicki lights a few candles in Josette's room. She then blows them out and gets into Josette's bed.

Barnabas is downstairs thinking of Vicki when Willie enters. He asks if everything's okay, and asks if someone is in the house. He found a ball in the basement near the coffin. Barnabas asks if Willie let David sneak into the house. Willie says there's no way. Barnabas agrees that if David found the coffin, they would have heard by now. Willie says there was the girl. He says Maggie talked about seeing a girl. Barnabas says he'll check downstairs. Willie tells him he thinks there's someone else in the house besides them. Barnabas tells him to wait there, while he checks.

While Vicki sleeps, a girl sings London Bridge. Vicki wakes and asks who's there. She looks around the room, but sees no one.

Willie is startled when Vicki comes downstairs. He asks what she's doing there, and she asks if Barnabas said she was staying in Josette's room during the storm. He asks if they'll be worried about her in the main house. Willie tells her he'll loan her a coat and escort her home. She says she likes the idea of spending the night in Josette's room. She says she's surprised to find him so thoughtful. He tells her she's making a mistake, and Barnabas enters, asking why he said that. He says people might get the wrong idea. Vicki assures him his concern is unwarranted. Barnabas asks what brought her downstairs. She said she woke when she heard a little girl singing London Bridge. Barnabas says it must have been her imagination. He asks if she's frightened to return to Josette's room, and she says she is not. She bids them goodnight and returns upstairs.

Willie asks Barnabas who the little girl is. He denies there's a little girl, blaming it on Vicki's imagination. Willie asks about the ball he found. Barnabas asks Willie if he was warning Vicki when he came in. Willie admits that he was. He tells Barnabas he can kill him—he just doesn't want to see Vicki hurt. Barnabas chooses to do nothing, and Willie is quite surprised he's not getting punished. Barnabas sends him to his room.

Barnabas enters Josette's room and hovers over Vicki's sleeping body.

Our thoughts

John: Vicki may buy his story about Jeremiah Collins, but I think the rest of us are pretty sure that it was Barnabas who chased Josette off the cliff.

Christine: In the original telling, Barnabas said, "Her eyes were wide with terror as the lover held her tightly, lips pressed against her throat. Soon she grew limp, and he released her." He also said, "Her lover descended to the bottom of Widows Hill and found her body broken, lifeless, bloodless." Unless Jeremiah was also a vampire, the lover was most likely Barnabas.

John: Funny how the guys running sound effects for the thunder and lightning didn't seem to be in sync with the cast's description of the storm. Barnabas says it's lessening right after a particularly loud thunderclap.

Christine: It seemed odd that he would say the storm was letting up and offer to walk her back to Collinwood, until Willie put things in perspective by calling Barnabas out for having a thing for Vicki that makes him not want to harm her. Perhaps he knew he wouldn't be able to resist having a little midnight Vicki snack, and thought he should get her out of temptation's way.

John: Barnabas tells Willie to talk to him, and then better yet, not to talk to him. It's been a good few weeks of flubbed lines from Barnabas!

Christine: Sarah is really inconsiderate to be singing her favorite song while Vicki is trying to sleep. Barnabas seemed irritated when she reported the little girl's singing she heard. Is he worried that Sarah might divulge his secret? So, Vicki unknowingly places herself at the mercy of a vampire. Will she be wearing a brand new scarf tomorrow?

Friday, July 28, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 285 - 7/28/67

Vicki sits in her room listening to Josette's music box. Carolyn knocks at the door and calls to her. She eventually realizes Carolyn is there and invites her in. She says she was thinking about Maggie. She says she thought she saw her the other day, and Carolyn reminds her that Maggie is dead.

She describes seeing her at the cemetery. Carolyn asks why she was at the cemetery, and Vicki says it was Josette's birthday, and she wanted to put flowers on her grave. Carolyn suggests that Vicki still seems to be under the influence of the party, and particularly the seance. Carolyn says she should forget all about it. She compares her seeing Maggie to her seeing the little girl at the party. Carolyn then tells her that Burke has been downstairs for 30 minutes to take her out. Vicki is reluctant to go. Carolyn asks about Josette's music box, and Vicki tells her that Barnabas gave it to her. She plays it for Carolyn, who says it's not like her to just sit and listen to a music box. She tells Carolyn to let Burke know she'll be right down. After Carolyn leaves, she opens the music box again and begins brushing her hair.

Downstairs, Burke and Barnabas are speaking. Carolyn comes in and is surprised to find Barnabas. He came to see Vicki. Carolyn says she'll be right down. Burke says they have a date, and Barnabas says he has a gift for her. He brought a book for her. Carolyn looks at it, and asks him if he thinks it's good to be so tied up in the past. Burke says that he thinks Vicki's getting too tied up in the past. Carolyn asks if Barnabas knows where Vicki went the other day. Burke says they went to the cemetery to put flowers on Josette's grave. Barnabas thinks it was a nice gesture. Burke says that the seance was a bad idea, but so was everyone getting dressed up in those costumes. Burke says now Vicki is seeing things. The little girl at the party, and Maggie Evans in the cemetery. Barnabas is shocked. He asks if Burke saw it too, and Burke says of course not. Barnabas says she couldn't have seen Maggie any more than she had seen the little girl on the stairs.

Vicki asks Barnabas if he saw Mrs. Stoddard, and he says he came to see her. Vicki asks if it's about Ms. Hoffman, and Barnabas asks if that's the woman she brought to the house. Barnabas is not enthusiastic about sharing the family history outside of the family. Vicki asks him to at least consider it. He starts to leave, and Vicki asks if the book in his hand is from his library. He says it's of little importance, but she asks if she can see it. He says she can come by to see the entire collection sometime. She opens the book and notices that it's inscribed to her. She asks if he was going to leave without giving it to her, and Burke says it's his fault. Barnabas says Burke felt she's become too enamored with the past. Burke tells her she should get off the history kick. Barnabas attempts to excuse himself, and Vicki stops him to thank him for the book. After he leaves, Burke asks if she's ready to go. She says she's not sure she wants to go out. Burke says she needs a good time. She says she'd like to stay home, and he says he's angry that she'd rather stay home with a book. They say goodnight and he leaves.

At the old house, Barnabas looks out as a storm approaches. There's a knock at the door, and he asks who it is. It's Vicki, so he lets her in. She apologizes for herself, Carolyn and Burke. Barnabas explains that it's not necessary. She tells him that she loves having it, and asks for his forgiveness. She starts to leave before the storm comes, and he asks if she'll stay. She says she would like to speak more, and possibly help Ms. Hoffman with her research. Barnabas won't let her leave now that the storm has started. She apologizes for getting stuck there. He tells her to forgive him for being delighted. He waxes poetic about the house being built for storms; lit by lightning and thunder echoing down the corridors. He tells her that if she needs to rest, Josette's room is available. Barnabas smiles looking over her shoulder as Vicki looks upstairs, smiling.

Our thoughts

John: Doctor Devlin is in the house. His prescription: A good time. Good and loud. Nice try, Burke! Looks like Vicki is going to go with the more sophisticated approach offered up by Barnabas—A storm. Good and loud!

Christine: Burke's a real sourpuss today. Why would Vicki want to go out with him when he's being so unpleasant and overbearing?

John: Well, we can pretty much see that Julia is going to get her hooks in Collinwood by way of Vicki. She's pretty lucky, considering had she initially met any other family member she would have no doubt been rebuffed.

Christine: Vicki will also be lucky to have Julia around as an outlet to indulge her interest in the Collins family history, since Carolyn and Burke are both overreacting and trying to put the kibosh on it. 

John: So after all his failed efforts with Maggie, Vicki is all but tripping over herself to become the new Josette. How could this go wrong for BC?

Christine: Just wait until surly Burke finds out that she shacked up at the Old House for the night with Barnabas instead of spending an evening in his grumpy company. It's all quite improper. Will Barnabas take advantage or resist temptation?

"Don't forget...Josette's room is ready at all times." -Barnabas

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 284 - 7/27/67

While waving a flashlight in her eyes, Julia repeatedly asks Maggie who Sarah Collins is. Maggie says she doesn't know. She says her friends name was Sarah. Julia asks if there was someone in the graveyard who would hurt her, and what that person's name is. Julia says their name is Collins, and Maggie screams, "No!"

Woodard meets with Julia in Collinsport and says he can't believe she brought Maggie here. She asks Woodard to introduce her to the Collins family as a historian. He asks if she suspects one of the Collins family members was responsible for abducting Maggie. She refuses to go into detail, and Woodard agrees to introduce her to the Collins family. Woodard asks her how far from ordinary she thinks Maggie's case is? Julia says that 'unearthly' is incorrect.

Julia visits Collinwood, and Vicki lets her in. She apologizes that Liz is not available to meet her because she's busy. Vicki was excited to hear she was interested in researching the family. She says Julia should talk to Liz, or better yet Barnabas. David walks in, and Vicki introduces him to Julia. Vicki sends him upstairs to work on his schoolwork. David says he was hoping to see Sarah. Julia asks if she means Sarah Collins, and Vicki says it's a local girl. David says he doesn't know her last name. He goes upstairs, and Julia asks if Vicki thinks Sarah is real. She then asks about meeting Barnabas, and Vicki fills her in on him. She says that she could live in one particular room - Josette's room. Julia recognizes the name, and asks if Vicki will take her to meet him, as she'd really like to see the room. Vicki says she has a feeling that the two of them will get along well.

Inside the old house, Vicki lets Doctor Hoffman into Josette's room. She asks who the man was that didn't want to let them in, and Vicki says that was Willie. Julia spots the portrait of Josette, and Vicki points out Josette's dress that she wore. Julia feels a chill. Vicki says the sun has just gone down. Julia asks to see the rest of the house, and Vicki says that Barnabas should be the one to do that. She only felt comfortable showing her Josette's room. Vicki lights some candles, which are immediately blown out. Julia says she felt the chill again, and suggests that they leave. She says she looks forward to returning when Barnabas is available.

Woodard asks Julia about her trip. She says she has nothing to report. Woodard reminds her that if she has any idea who the madman is, she's obligated to notify the authorities. She asks to speak to Maggie one more time before they return to Windfcliff.  Julia shows Maggie the doll, and recites Collins family names. When she says Sarah Collins, Maggie says that's her friend who gave her a doll. When she gets to, "My name is Barnabas Collins," Maggie flips out. Julia tells her it's the wrong name and gives her the doll. While Maggie sings London Bridge, Hoffman says it's the wrong name for the doll, and the right name for something else.

Our thoughts

John: Hoffman's techniques continue to be unorthodox, to say the least. I have got to give her credit, though. The old flashlight in the eyes while saying the same thing over and over again does seem to get results.

Christine: Her antagonistic relationship with Dr. Woodard is certainly interesting. She obviously doesn't trust him, since she continues to hold back information from him, and she completely dominates him, getting him to do whatever she asks. Her canary eating grin when she gets him to agree to introduce her as a historian to the Collins family is especially precious. I think it's been quickly established that Dr. Julia Hoffman is a badass.

John: Ouch! Vicki basically calls David stupid because he had trouble with his Geography lesson! Must be one of the benefits of not being a public school teacher.

Christine: She said, "David, anyone who did what you did in geography today shouldn't call anyone else dumb." Vicki is obviously not a trained teacher. I'm wondering why they're having a fire in the drawing room today. Isn't it summertime in Collinsport?

John: So Hoffman now knows there's something about Barnabas. Can't wait for them to finally meet!

Christine: It will be a treat to see Barnabas meet his match. I wonder if they'll get along as well as Vicki thinks they will.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 283 - 7/26/67

Woodard checks in on Julia Hoffman, who berates him for not trusting her. He says he's disturbed and frightened that she's not sharing information about Maggie with him.

She says he seems to be accusing her of malpractice. He says he's bombarded with questions from Sam and Joe, and he has nothing to tell them. She threatens that if he's not happy with her, he's welcome to find another doctor for Maggie. He apologizes and says that's not what he's after. Hoffman says she was thinking about taking Maggie somewhere that might jar her memory. She was thinking of taking her to Eagle Hill Cemetery. Woodard is alarmed by such a suggestion. She says she won't do that, and Woodard leaves. She then calls for Maggie to be brought in. Maggie says she was told they were going on a trip, and Julia escorts her out of the office.

Burke drops in on Vicki and invites her to go for a ride. She asks if he'd mind taking her to put flowers on the grave of a friend. Burke assumed she was talking about Maggie, and Vicki clarifies they're for Josette. Burke thinks she's crazy. Vicki shows Burke the music box Barnabas gave her. Vicki tells him that when she's listening to it, she feels like Josette is nearby. Burke slams the music box shut, and tells her it's not right that she gets caught up with the Collins' spooks. He tells her he won't take her to the grave, and she says she'll have to go herself. Burke agrees to take her, but only for a moment, and then they'll go on a nice drive and to dinner.

Julia leads Maggie through Eagle Hill Cemetery, asking if she recognizes anything. Maggie says she can't, and Julia tells her to try harder. Julia tells Maggie that she's been here before—she was found wandering in the graveyard. Maggie kneels before the tombstone of Josette Collins. Julia asks if she recognizes it, and Maggie says she does not. They hear voices and Julia leads her away.

Vicki and Burke search for the grave. Vicki says it may be near where the two women were standing.

Julia and Maggie leave as Burke and Vicki find the grave. She leaves the flowers, and is sad that the grave is lonely and desolate. Vicki points out that the graveyard is deserted other than the two women they saw.

Vicki says that one of the women turned around, and it was Maggie Evans. Burke tells her that Maggie is dead. She says she's sure it was Maggie, and Burke brings up the little girl she saw at Barnabas' party. Vicki is scared, and Burke says being in the graveyard doesn't help matters.

Julia and Maggie stop outside of the Collins family crypt. Maggie seems to recognize it and wants to leave, but Julia wants to know why it's familiar to her. They enter the crypt, and Julia asks Maggie if the name Collins means anything to her. She points out Sarah's marker, and says that's the same name as her little friend. Maggie says she needs to leave or he'll kill her. Julia tells her she's safe, and she leads her out of the crypt.

Our thoughts

John: So do you think Doctors' Woodard and Hoffman have more than just professional history? They sure behave like an ex-husband and wife. I did like how he was barely out the door before she called for Maggie to do what she had just told Woodard she wouldn't do.

Christine: Well, we know they're on a first name basis, except for when she's unhappy with him. It's masterful the way she lies to him outright and dominates him in a way that causes him to apologize to her more than once, despite his valid complaints. If they did have more than a professional relationship, it's clear she was the one who ended it.

John: Burke was a bit of a jerk, slapping the music box shut. I could understand if he was jealous of Barnabas, but he seems to be more jealous of Josette!

Christine: It could be that Burke the jerk is acting so nasty because he senses that her obsessive interest in Josette may bring her closer to Barnabas.

John: I guess a showdown at Eagle Hill, with Maggie, Vicki and Barnabas all arriving at Josette's grave was too much to ask for on a Wednesday afternoon, but considering that they're all still in the graveyard, we might see Maggie and Vicki reunited by Friday!

Christine: Let's hope so! More Collins' history revealed! Jeremiah buried Josette in what Burke notes was "a pitiful sort of grave" as revenge for feeling she deserted him by killing herself. Funny that Burke calls it "a petty revenge." He ought to know about that!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 282 - 7/25/67

Maggie tells Julia Hoffman that she doesn't remember anything. Hoffman asks her to remember sensory things; those things that made her happy or sad. Maggie describes music, a tinkling sound.

Vicki listens to Josette's music box and smiles. Liz walks in on her and asks what it is. Vicki tells her that it's the loveliest music box she's ever seen. She said it was a gift from Barnabas, and asks if Liz minds if she accepted it, since it's a Collins' family heirloom. Liz says she has no problem with that. When she says it belonged to Josette, Liz says she's been getting a lot of Josette Collins lately. Liz asks how she's feeling, and Vicki says she's fine. Liz brings up how Vicki thought she saw a little girl last night, and Vicki says that must have been from seeing Sarah Collins' dress with the costumes.

Hoffman asks Maggie to describe the music. She asks Maggie to try to hear the music. She says it frightens her. Maggie also describes a sweet aroma. She says it frightens her, too. Hoffman asks her to close her eyes and describe what she sees. Maggie describes a gravestone in a cemetery.

Vicki returns Josette's dress to the old house. Willie shows her into Josette's room. She lays it on the bed. She asks if Barnabas is home, and Willie says he's out. Vicki says she regrets mentioning the little girl, as it upset Barnabas and ruined the party. Willie explains that he's just strange about that stuff. He's shocked to hear Barnabas visited her last night and gave her Josette's music box. Willie is troubled to hear Vicki speak so fondly of Josette. He mentions that Barnabas thought they should have had the party tomorrow, on Josette's birthday.

Vicki asks Liz if she can take an hour to pay her respects to Josette on her birthday. Liz says she wishes she wouldn't. Liz is concerned Vicki is withdrawing from reality. Vicki says she'll ask Burke to join her, as she feels she has to put flowers on Josette's grave.

Julia tells Maggie that she made good progress today. She mentions the graves, and how Maggie was found in the graveyard early on. She suggests that if they return to the graveyard, it may help Maggie. Maggie begs not to be taken there.

Our thoughts

John: Liz is right. Vicki has disappeared deep down the Josette rabbit hole.

Christine: Is Liz really concerned that Vicki is withdrawing from reality, or more worried that her rapport with Josette might put her in a position of finding out that she truly is a Collins family member? 

John: Are we supposed to believe that Josette's music box has some supernatural power over the women who listen to it? First Maggie, now Vicki are transfixed by it.

Christine: Not a supernatural power so much as a hypnotic power. Willie warned Vicki not to listen to it for hours and hours, because he knows it's true.

John: While Maggie has made a lot of progress since we last saw her, Hoffman's methods are strange to say the least. But, if that's what it takes to get the two of them back to Collinwoord, so be it!

Christine: Maggie is getting her memory back, putting Barnabas at risk for being exposed. Dr. Hoffman wants to send Maggie back to the cemetery and Vicki wants to put flowers on Josette's grave. Will they cross paths tomorrow?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 281 - 7/24/67

Vicki is in a trance, and Carolyn repeatedly asks who she is. She says she must run, and tells them not to stop her. Everyone intently watches. She describes the rocks beneath her feet. She then describes being chased by someone, saying that he's getting closer. Liz wants them to stop, but Barnabas says she's not suffering. Vicki then describes the cliffs as her only escape. Liz says she knows what's happening. Carolyn asks who is chasing her, and Vicki says she has to jump. Liz says she's Josette, and Barnabas stopped her, saying he couldn't let her go through that death again. Carolyn says she was just about to tell them who was chasing her.

Vicki is now fine, and asks what happened. Carolyn says Josette was here. Roger says she was reliving the moments before her death. Carolyn asks if she was trying to tell them something and Barnabas dismisses that. Vicki suggests that maybe Josette was trying to warn them of something. She says that she hasn't forgotten what happened to Maggie. Barnabas reminds her that those things are unrelated. Vicki goes to get some fresh air and notices a little girl at the top of the stairs.

Barnabas asks what she saw, and Vicki says she saw a little girl at the top of the stairs. Barnabas calls out for anyone, and there's no response. Vicki tells Barnabas that she reminded her of the young girl's dress they found in the trunk of clothes.

Back home, everyone is still in costume. Liz says she knew it was wrong going to the party in costume. Roger thinks it was exciting, while Carolyn is upset that Barnabas interrupted the seance. Vicki is upset the party ended so early, and that they left Barnabas all alone. Roger jokes about his ancestors suffering, and Liz scolds him for doing so. Everyone but Vicki and Carolyn go up to bed. Carolyn asks if she really saw a little girl at the top of the stairs, and she says she guesses not.

Sarah admires her dress in Josette's room when Barnabas enters. Once in the room, Sarah is gone. He picks up the dress and puts in back into the trunk. He approaches the portrait of Josette, and tells her that he had to send her away again. He tells her that in order to have her, she must be someone from the present.

Carolyn tells Vicki that her being at the party with Burke didn't bother her at all. Carolyn goes up to bed and there's a knock at the door. It's Barnabas. He apologizes for coming by so late. He tells her he's there to see her, and she invites him in. He thanks her for coming to the party, and fulfilling the spirit of it. She apologizes for saying she saw a little girl upstairs, and he tells her he doesn't believe in ghosts. He said there were moments when he felt that Josette was truly there, and he's grateful to her for that. He offers her Josette's music box as a gift of gratitude. She takes it and he opens it for her. She's transfixed by the music, and he asks her to please accept it.

Our thoughts

John: Did Josette learn English since the last seance? Last time around, she only spoke French.

Christine: She must have, unless Vicki is putting them on, using details from the story Barnabas told about the night Josette died to make her performance believable. In typical fashion, Josette is unable to convey a straightforward message to warn Vicki that Barnabas wants to make her his vampire bride.

John: Since it didn't start until almost 11pm, how late did Vicki think Barnabas' party would go?

Christine: It's funny that the family goes home and drinks more booze after all they had was wine at the party. Barnabas wants the spirit of Josette to go away, saying he must live in the present, yet still wants Vicki to take on the role of Josette. The guy is truly mental. Now that he's given her the music box, she is on her way to fulfilling his wish.

John: I want to know why Sarah has yet to show herself to her older brother. Willie, David and now Vicki were all deemed worthy. Do you think Barnabas might have been involved in her untimely death?

Christine: It could be that she knows what he is. Roger was in fine form being the only attendee who was delighted with the party, seemingly enjoying it all the more because he was the only one who had a good time, and taking morbid delight in the suffering of his ancestors. Roger is a lot of fun when he is being witty.

Roger: It was a wonderful party!

Roger: What is the value of suffering if it isn't to be enjoyed?

Roger: I think that all of the unhappiness of all of my ancestors
is my rightful heritage, and you shouldn't try to keep it from me.