Friday, September 28, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 590 - 9/27/68

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Barnabas comes downstairs where Julia is working on the experiment. He tells her that Maggie Evans has remembered him as he was. He tells her that she must hypnotize Maggie again. She says she's ready to start the experiment, and he tells her it must wait. Julia can't understand how Maggie's memory could come back.

He calls Willie downstairs and asks him to tell Julia about Maggie. Willie is upset, and Julia suggests that he's exaggerating. He confirms that Maggie recalled Barnabas being one of the undead. Julia says she doesn't know what she dreads more—seeing Maggie in the mausoleum, or seeing Carolyn in the lab for the experiment. Barnabas says he'll tell Carolyn there's a problem with the equipment, and she says that it might convince her not to go through with it.

Upstairs, Julia prepares to leave with Willie when Adam enters and tells her that she's not going anywhere. He directs her to the drawing room, and she says she has an ill patient she must see. Willie comes upstairs, sees Adam, and calls Barnabas.

Adam thanks Willie for preventing Maggie from providing the life force for his mate. Barnabas comes upstairs, and tells Adam that Julia must go. Willie goes to leave and Adam stops him. Willie convinces Adam to let him go upstairs.

Barnabas explains that they are not stalling. Adam tells them that Carolyn is ready now, goes upstairs to get her. He tells them to join her. Willie appears at the top of the stairs with a rifle. He threatens Adam, and Julia reminds him that if he kills Adam, Barnabas will die. Adam approaches Willie and grabs the rifle from him. He points the rifle at Julia and tells her that his mate will be the first one to leave the old house.

Adam tells them all to go down to the lab. Barnabas says Willie should stay upstairs unless anyone comes to the old house. Adam leads Julia downstairs. Barnabas tells Willie to go to the mausoleum, and not to let Maggie out of his sight.

Julia prepares the equipment for the experiment. She tells Adam to sit down and not touch anything. He asks her if the experiment will work. She tells him to be quiet or go upstairs.

He tells her not to hurt his mate. She points out he doesn't want his mate harmed, but he has no concern about Carolyn's comfort and safety.  Barnabas comes downstairs and Julia checks everything one last time. He reminds Adam that he agreed to take his mate away forever.

Julia sends Barnabas to get Carolyn. Adam intervenes and says he will get Carolyn. He adds that if anything happens to her, they will suffer.

Adam exposes the bandaged head of his mate, and he tells Julia to remove the bandages so he can see her. She explains the bandages will prevent her from being scarred like he is. 

Our thoughts

John: Doesn't Barnabas realize that if Maggie were to go to the police claiming that he's a vampire, they wouldn't take her seriously?

Christine: He's too busy being melodramatic. I love when he told Willie, "You brought me to the edge of disaster, and I must find a way back," as he is illuminated by the red light in the lab. I also enjoyed when Willie asked him what he should say to Maggie and Barnabas said, "Say anything you want, but keep it down!"

John: It's interesting how Adam seems to get more sophisticated with each episode. I'd give Nicholas Blair the credit, but every time we see the two of them together, we're reminded just how naive Adam is.

Christine: If only he were sophisticated enough to go out and buy himself another sweater so he wasn't wearing that green abomination from Carolyn every day.

John: It looked like we were finally going to see the face of Adam's mate today! Unfortunately, it was just a tease. For now, she resembles the mummy's bride...

Christine: Maybe mummies will be the next monster to arrive on Dark Shadows. Let's hope we have a mate on Monday and can get moving on this storyline, so Blair can finally realize the flaw in his plan to have Adam and bride make his superhuman army by procreation.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 589 - 9/26/68

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Maggie tells Willie that she knows what Barnabas is. She says that he knows, too. Willie says he doesn't know anything. She says Barnabas brought her to the secret room in the mausoleum and put her in the coffin. She says he tried to make her what he is—one of the living dead.

Willie tells her she doesn't remember anything. She says she remembers everything. Willie tries to convince her that it's all a bad dream. She's adamant that it's not, and describes how Barnabas tried to make her Josette. Willie grabs her and tells her that if she wants to live, she'll decide it's a crazy dream.

She refuses, and realizes that Willie helped him. He tells her that he didn't want to, but he had to. Willie says he was under his power, the same as her. She asks if he's under his power now, and he tells her no. She says he's got to help her now, to tell the police.

Willie tells her Barnabas is not the same. He laughs at her idea of going to the police. She says he promised he'd let her go, and he says that was before she remembered what happened. She says she knows why he brought her there, adding that Barnabas wanted him to. He tries to explain he was trying to protect her. She runs to the door and screams for help.

Roger helps Vicki to the couch in the drawing room. Barnabas asks her if she's sure she wants to talk. She tells them that she woke up and someone was strangling her. She says it was a large man; Adam. Barnabas asks if she's sure, and she says she can't believe who else it would be. Roger says that Barnabas told Carolyn he thought it was Adam. Roger doesn't understand why Barnabas is defending Adam. Carolyn enters and agrees that Adam is always blamed when something happens.

Barnabas takes Vicki back upstairs. Roger can't understand how Barnabas knew Vicki was in danger. Carolyn tells her uncle that she's going to Boston for a few days. He's shocked she's leaving with Vicki and her mother in the condition they're in. He tells her she's inconsiderate, and she tells him she's frightened by what's going on in the house and she needs to get away. She tells him she'll see him in a few days and leaves.

Barnabas comes downstairs, and Roger tells him that Carolyn has run off to Boston. He's shocked. Roger asks him if something is wrong, and Barnabas explains that he's tired, and leaves for the old house.

Back at the old house, Barnabas worries about what they'll do now that Carolyn has run off. He  wonders how he'll stop him when he comes into the drawing room to find Carolyn. She says she lied to Roger so she'd have an excuse for coming there. She tells him she's there to help with the experiment. She describes what Adam told her about needing a life force to bring Adam's mate to life, and she's willing to help. He's bewildered. He's surprised she's so willing to help Adam. She says he saved her life. Barnabas asks her if she was frightened when she found out the truth about Adam, and she says she was, but not anymore. He tells her there is a risk, and she says she's willing to take the risk for Adam's sake. She goes upstairs to rest, and tells him to call her when he needs her.

Maggie stares at Willie, and suggests that he could be the same as Barnabas. He tells her that's crazy. He tries to tell her he's just like her, and when he approaches her she screams and passes out. He opens the secret door and leaves.

Barnabas wonders how Adam could have convinced Carolyn to take part in the experiment. Willie shows up, and Barnabas says he should kill him. He says that Adam tried to kill Vicki last night. Willie tells him that Maggie remembers everything that happened, and if she tells anyone, they'll come to destroy him.

Our thoughts

John: Counting the days until Julia takes out her Magic Hypno-tizer™ to erase Maggie's vivid memories.

Christine: What if she doesn't? Will Maggie earn herself a one-way ticket to Windcliff if she goes around town blabbing about Barnabas being a vampire when he clearly casts a reflection and can be seen parading about in the sunlight? How can she prove her allegations?

John: If I were Roger, I'd certainly be mystified why Collinwood appears to be the home of the Adam Booster Club. It does seem uncharacteristic of everyone to suddenly be supporting the strange fugitive.

Christine: Roger shows off how hip he is by bringing up Extra Sensory Perception today. How long before he's giddily calling for another séance?

John: It's strange that Carolyn can speak so freely about being involved in an experiment to give Adam a mate when she's not (as far as we know) aware that he's a patchwork of dead tissue. Funny thing is - if Adam knew Blair could have this much control over Carolyn, he'd know that he could also give him what he truly wants, and make Carolyn love him. But no, Blair wants to build his master race of supermen slaves...

Christine: I was confused when Barnabas asked if she felt frightened when she learned the truth about Adam, since I don't remember her learning the truth about Adam. I have to assume that he assumed she knew Adam was a fabricated man since she knew of the experiment to create another life and was willing to participate. Barnabas really should have recognized the dreamy quality Carolyn has when she's under someone's power, and suspected Blair's involvement. 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 588 - 9/25/68

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Standing over the coffin in the secret chamber of the Collins family mausoleum, Maggie thinks about the dream she had, where she was alone in a room with Willie when Barnabas came in. She was terrified of him, but she doesn't know why. She thinks it was too vivid just to be a dream. She realizes that she needs to remember what happened during the time she can't remember.

She tries to picture the room, and imagines the drawing room at the old house, watching as Willie lights candles at a table. He tells her she should be upstairs in her room. Willie gives her a dress, and calls her Maggie, and then corrects himself and calls her Josette.

She tells him that's not her name. He opens the music box, which almost hypnotizes her. He tells her she's not afraid anymore, and she needs to be what Barnabas wants her to be. He sends her upstairs to change into her dress. She comes out of her recollection, wondering why Barnabas wanted her to be Josette.

Blair arrives at Collinwood, and Carolyn lets him in. He asks about Vicki, and Carolyn tells her she'll be alright. He asks if Roger is in town, and she says he went into town to speak to the sheriff. Blair asks her if she's all alone, and then invites himself in for a drink. He tells her she should never be left alone.

He closes the doors, and when she asks why, he says so that they can talk privately. He asks her to look at him. He tells her she cannot move nor speak until she understands what she is to do, as she is his slave. He tells her that she is going to participate in an experiment that will provide a mate for Adam. He says that she will provide the necessary life force. He tells her that she will not be in danger, and asks her to tell him that she is not afraid. She does, and he tells her that she will participate in the experiment willingly to help Adam. She says she will help Adam.

Willie returns to the secret room, and tells Maggie she can go home, as she's not in danger anymore. She asks him who Josette is. He says he doesn't know anyone by that name, and she tells him he's lying. She says she's remembering things, like being in the old house. She says he gave her a dress to wear, and that Barnabas wanted her to be Josette. She says she remembers a room in the old house—Josette's room. She says Barnabas was holding her prisoner. He tells her she needs to stop thinking. She says she escaped once, but Barnabas found her. She says Barnabas brought her to the mausoleum, and though she was frightened, there was nothing she could do.

Maggie remembers being in the mausoleum with Barnabas. He tells her she is to be punished for trying to leave him. He calls her Josette, and she says the name several times. He says she will be his bride, and they will be together through all eternity. He says it may not be necessary to punish her now, but she must not try to escape him. She then makes a break for the door, but he grabs her and bites her neck.

He then takes her into the secret room and places her in a coffin. He tells her she will remain there until he sends for her. She screams as he closes the coffin lid.

In front of Willie, Maggie screams that she knows what Barnabas is.

Our thoughts

John: Well, Maggie has acclimated well to being trapped in a mausoleum with a coffin. If she were to open it, would she find it empty? Or are the remains of Jason McGuire in there?

Christine: In Episode 276, we see Willie shoveling dirt in the corner of the mausoleum as Barnabas remarks that Jason ended up in a narrow, unmarked grave, so it's not possible for him to be found in the coffin. I really wish we'd had another POV shot of the coffin closing on Maggie like we saw in Episode 248.

John: I'm sorry, before Nicholas Blair could ask me to look at him, I'd already be creeped out by him. Fortunately for his sake, Carolyn has slave experience. But getting her to cooperate is one thing. Convincing Julia and Barnabas to use her still seems like a long shot.

Christine: Honestly, I'm afraid to look at him onscreen when he's doing the hypnotic eyes.

John: I like the transitions in and out of Maggie's memories. It will be interesting if Willie and Barnabas try to prove that she's imagining things by proving that he's not actually a vampire (anymore).

Christine: I'm not sure Maggie has anyone she can tell who will believe her. Vicki's having a breakdown from the Adam attack, her pop's dead, and her boyfriend's consorting with a vampire. All she has left is Nicholas Blair, and he's got his own designs on her.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 587 - 9/24/68

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Adam plays solitaire while talking to Barnabas. Adam says he doesn't want to use Maggie as a life force, and Barnabas says that it's not his decision. Adam tells Barnabas that he will provide a life force tomorrow night. Barnabas asks who, and Adam says it doesn't matter if he knows. Barnabas demands that he tell him. Adam says he wants to use the woman he wants his wife to be like—Carolyn.

Barnabas says it's impossible to use Carolyn. Barnabas explains that Maggie can be controlled, and no one will notice if she's missing for a few days. Adam says Carolyn will not talk, and Barnabas says she can't go missing for days. Barnabas tells him it would be too dangerous for Carolyn. He says that according to Lang's theory, Carolyn will die. He adds that he was supposed to be transferred into Adam's body. He says that it was all planned out; he would move into the old house as Barnabas' cousin. He adds that Julia changed the experiment, and if she makes one mistake, it might kill Carolyn. Barnabas asks if he's willing to sacrifice Carolyn. Adam says if they're using Carolyn, they'll try harder to ensure they get it right. Adam refuses to entertain Barnabas' suggestions of using Maggie, whose whereabouts are still unknown to them.

Willie watches over Maggie, wondering how to watch over her while taking care of her. He decides to go into town to get food for her.

After he steps out of the secret room, Maggie wakes up. She sneaks into the main crypt, and Willie looks back in and sees she's gone. He calls to her, and sees her as she's about to escape. He tries to convince her he's trying to protect her. Maggie recognizes she's in the Collins' mausoleum, and begins calling for help. He drags her back into the secret room. She tells him that she hates him, and she'll go straight to the police as soon as she gets out. He says someday she may forgive him. He sneaks out the Chloroform he stole from Julia's lab, and uses it to knock her out again.

Blair is waiting in the garden when Adam appears. Adam says Barnabas wants him to wait until he finds Maggie. Blair says the only way his mate will be what he likes the most, they have to use Carolyn. Adam asks Blair to tell him how he will get Carolyn to be part of the experiment, and says he can't use violence. He says she has to want to do it to help him. Adam says he wants to be there when Blair talks to her, and Blair tells him not to worry, saying he'll do it when the time is right.

Willie wanders through the woods.

Blair hears something, and he and Adam hide as Willie walks by. Blair startles Willie. Willie says he's running an errand for Barnabas, and Blair calls him a liar. He stares at Willie and tells him he can't take his eyes off of him. He tells Willie to come to him, and says he knows about Maggie Evans.

Adam watches from the shadows, as Willie asks how Blair knows about Maggie. Blair tells him he is to let Maggie go, and then forget about the exchange that they're having. He waves him away, and Willie leaves. Adam comes out of hiding and suggests they follow him. Blair says he doesn't want Maggie to know that he's involved. Blair says he wanted Adam to see the exchange with Willie so he'd know how easy it will be for him to control Carolyn.

Maggie remains unconscious in the secret room of the Collins' mausoleum. She dreams of Willie preparing a dinner table for two. There's a knock at the door, and he invites Maggie in. She hears the music from Josette's music box. She asks where they are, and why she's there. She sees a place card on the table with Josette's name. She asks Willie what Barnabas wants from her.

She says she's going to leave, and Willie tells her that Barnabas is coming. She says she won't be alright if she stays. Barnabas enters the room and Maggie screams in terror.

Maggie wakes up, thinking about Barnabas, wondering why she was afraid of him. 

Our thoughts

John: Interesting to hear Barnabas describe how Lang's experiment was supposed to go, with his consciousness transferring into Adam's body. I thought they had abandoned that narrative, particularly when they had Lang record his final words describing how things would go for Barnabas if Adam were to live or die.

Christine: It was also interesting that he said Julia completed the experiment differently to try and explain why that didn't occur. The writers seem to be making this up as they go.

John: Interesting that Willie and Blair are both on the same side when it comes to Maggie without really realizing it.

Christine: Adam has a point about how Barnabas is willing to sacrifice Maggie's life, but not Carolyn's. He does not seem to feel any guilt over kidnapping and tormenting her.

John: I don't know what to make of Maggie's dream. She wakes up wondering why she's afraid of him. If they had wanted her to remember what Julia had gotten her to forget, wouldn't she have remembered him as a vampire? Not that it matters, since no matter what she remembers, Julia will likely clear her mental cache again...

Christine: She's getting closer to remembering all the details of her captivity, and it may not be long before she remembers him locking her in a coffin to punish her for trying to leave him. Julia may not get to her before she fully realizes what happened to her. 

Monday, September 24, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 586 - 9/23/68

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Adam stands over Vicki as she sleeps. He considers that he doesn't hate Vicki, but she is the only way he can get back at Barnabas. There's a pounding on her door, and Barnabas calls to her. Before she can respond, Adam grabs her and squeezes her throat so she can't scream. Adam thinks about killing Vicki to punish Barnabas. She stops struggling and Adam leaves the body and crawls out the window.'

Carolyn finds Barnabas trying to get into Vicki's room. He tells her something's wrong and Carolyn brings the key to Vicki's room. They get in and find Vicki in bed, unconscious. Carolyn asks who did it and how he knew. He tells her it was Adam. She asks for details, and he tells her to get Julia as they need a doctor immediately. She leaves, and Barnabas realizes that it is his fault.

Carolyn calls the police. Blair interrupts her, and she asks if he's been with Adam. He takes the phone from her and hangs it up. She says he lied to her, as Adam was just in Vicki's room. He asks why they blame Adam, and Carolyn says it was Barnabas. Blair says that Adam has become the local whipping boy. He asks if the police is the answer, and offers an alibi—saying he's been with Adam all evening. Carolyn asks who else could have done it, and Blair points out that Vicki recently broke up with Jeff, and he has a motive. He suggests they go talk with Adam.

Carolyn comes upstairs where Barnabas is with Vicki. She asks if she'll be all right, and he says yes. She points out he saved her life, and asks why he thinks it was Adam. He says they can discuss it later. She tells him that he will answer her questions later.

Blair tells Adam that Carolyn almost called the police on him. He asks why he did it. Adam complains that Barnabas hasn't completed his mate. He says that he's stalling. Adam says Barnabas chose Maggie Evans to be the life force. Blair angrily says she can't be.

Adam says Willie took her away, because he loves her. Blair threatens Adam if anything happens to Maggie. Adam suggests Blair's in love with Maggie, and Blair says he doesn't use words like love. There's a knock at the door and Carolyn comes in. She says hello, and Adam doesn't respond. Blair says he was upset when he told him what happened. Adam apologizes, and Carolyn says he doesn't need to if he's not responsible. Adam pouts, and she leaves Adam and Blair. Adam tells Blair he's not happy he had to lie to Carolyn.

Downstairs, Carolyn asks Barnabas if he's ready to explain things, and he asks why it's so important. She says she needs to know why he thinks it was Adam. He tells her Julia saw Adam in the woods. Carolyn asks why she assumed he was coming to Collinwood. And if she thought he was coming, why would she run to the old house rather than the new house, and why he would be coming for Vicki. She says he must have reason to believe these things, and he counters that she has some reason for not believing. He says she must care more for Vicki than Adam. She says he hasn't given her proof Adam was involved, and he says they've reached an impasse, and leaves.

Blair tells Adam not to lose his temper with Barnabas. He reminds Adam that Barnabas has to do what Adam says, and sends him on his way.

Barnabas returns to the old house where Adam is waiting for him. Barnabas asks him if he thinks he's going to help him after what he did tonight. Adam asks him to sit down. Adam says he believes his reason for the delay in the experiment, and Barnabas asks why that matters now. Adam says he doesn't want to use Maggie as a life force, and Barnabas says that it's not his decision. Adam tells Barnabas that he will provide a life force tomorrow night. Barnabas asks who, and Adam says it doesn't matter if he knows. Barnabas demands that he tell him. Adam says he wants to use the woman he wants his wife to be like—Carolyn.

Our thoughts

John: I was surprised they didn't go for the—"Oh my gosh, Vicki's dead..." path after Adam choked her out. Good thing they were able to call Julia in, considering she had the day off today!

Christine: Adam's not happy he had to lie to Carolyn about attempting to kill Vicki, but is not unhappy that he attempted to murder her friend in the first place.

John: Nice to see Blair worked up over someone other than Angelique. I thought he was going to give Adam a beating when he let on that Barnabas was going to use Maggie Evans for the life force. Though I'm still curious what Blair's fascination is, if not just a love interest. Do you think Blair has history with Josette?

Christine: Blair said, "Love is not a word that I use," which makes sense, considering his nature. I believe the orange slice encounter would exemplify the depth of Blair's feelings for Maggie. His fascination with Maggie has everything to do with lusts of the flesh, though it's interesting to think that he may have had an encounter with Josette back in Martinique.

John: I must admit, after their head-butting this evening, Barnabas is probably fine using Carolyn for the experiment.

Christine: He seemed to be acting as though he still held her under his vampire influence. I can't help thinking that with all the people who have traipsed through Adam's room in the West Wing, that not one of them could do something about that crooked frame hanging from the rafters, not to mention the cobwebs.