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Dark Shadows Episode 916 12/30/69

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Julia tells Elizabeth about the third child to have stayed with Megan and Philip at the antique shop. Elizabeth suggests that they have a lot of relatives, and Julia says she doesn't think the children are from relatives. Elizabeth asks what she's saying. Julia says it's a bizarre situation. She points out that they have all shared a birthmark right above their right wrist. She says that it defies logic, but it appears all three children are one and the same. She says she wants to talk to Paul, as he was the first to express fears about the antique shop. Elizabeth says he's under sedation and unavailable. She tells Julia that her suspicions are just that, and she has no proof of a conspiracy. Julia says she's going to investigate it, and find out if there is. Elizabeth, in a warning tone, tells her to be very careful.

She goes upstairs and Chris arrives to ask her about Harrison Monroe. She says he doesn't live at the address he found, but Charles Delaware Tate does, and he's very much alive. Chris asks Tate he can help him. Julia says he seems slightly mad. Chris says he doesn't care if he's mad—he reminds her there's a full moon tonight. He complains that there's no way out for him. She says Tate told her the portrait of Quentin was destroyed. She says that if that's true, and if Grant is truly Quentin, then he'll also change tonight. If he does not, then the portrait must still exist. She says she's going to make arrangements to be with Grant at dusk.

Barnabas tells Elizabeth that it was wise of her to tell him about Julia's plans to investigate. He says the only course of action is to make Julia one of them. He says he'll meet her in Collinwood to give her the necessary instructions. Elizabeth asks him if he can tell her what their ultimate goal is, and what Paul has to do with it. He says that she will know when the time comes—but it will include bestowing a great honor on a very particular person.

Barnabas finds Julia in the drawing room. He asks what arrangements she has made for Chris Jennings, since there will be a full moon tonight. She asks why he cares, since he said he couldn't help Chris. He says he can have compassion even if he can't help him. She says Chris will spend the night at Windcliff. She says she will not give up on him as he has. He sees she's reading a book on lycanthropy. He gives her a strange stare. He tells her she has been working very hard and it's starting to show. He asks if she has been resting enough, and she slurs yes. She says she doesn't believe he's concerned. He says he hopes she finds what she's looking for, and places his hand on her cheek before leaving her. She gets up in a bit of a daze and heads up to her room.

Grant pours himself a drink in Olivia's suite. Olivia comes in and asks what he's doing. It's obvious he's drunk. She asks why he's behaving this way. He says that at least his behavior is open and honest. She says he's in no condition to make any sense. She says he has been so calm about his problem before now, and asks him why today is so different. He says he doesn't know why today is different. She suggests that he should go to sleep. He yells at her that at least he has hope of finding out who he was, suggesting that she'll never know who she was.

Julia sleeps and has a dream. She hears Barnabas tell her that soon she will believe, and they will be close as they had been once before. He beckons her to come to them. She comes down the stairs at Collinwood, and sees Barnabas enter the foyer with the Leviathan box in his hands. He brings it into the drawing room; the doors opening and closing on their own around him. She approaches the doors and they do the same. Barnabas tells her not to be frightened. She asks what he wants. He tells her that she was fascinated with the box when she first saw it, and now he wants her to have it.

Hearing breathing, she asks what's inside it. He tells her to open it and look inside. She reaches for it, but says she doesn't want to. He says she wants to know. She turns and runs from it. He says she will be compelled to open it when she next sees the box. She awakens from the dream, frightened.

Elizabeth is in the drawing room with Barnabas and the Leviathan box. He says Julia has had the dream. He tells her that Elizabeth must show her the box and stay with her until she opens it. He leaves, and Julia comes downstairs.

She makes her way into the drawing room. Elizabeth tells her that someone left something for her, and shows her the box. Julia asks who left it, and Elizabeth says she has no idea. She adds that it's interesting looking, and she wonders what's inside. She encourages Julia to open it. She reaches for it when she's distracted by a knock at the door.

She goes to the door and it's Chris. He asks her what's wrong. She calls to Elizabeth saying she has to do something and will be back later. After she leaves, Barnabas comes out and says the interruption should not have been strong enough to stop her from opening the box. He blames her genetic structure. He tells Elizabeth that she will have to find another way.

Julia arrives at Olivia's with the painting. She says she'd like to see Grant first. Olivia asks to see the painting first. Julia says she won't be interested in it any more as she's done to it what she was going to do. She shows her the portrait and says she knew the portrait was under the landscape.

Olivia says that it has no value to her, and Julia says it has no value to her because it's not Quentin's portrait. Julia says she wants to show it to Grant. Olivia says he was upset and had been drinking, and Julia tells her that's exactly the right time to see him. They go to his room only to find it ransacked.

Our thoughts

John: The only flaw in Julia's plan is that if Grant actually isn't Quentin, his not becoming a werewolf doesn't do anything to prove that Quentin's portrait still exists. But I guess the bigger issue is who cares if Quentin's portrait still exists? How is that fact alone going to help Chris? Shouldn't they be trying to commission Tate to make a similar portrait for him regardless?

Christine: Maybe she was thinking that having two werewolves running around town might inspire Tate to help them both.

John: If it's so darn easy, why hasn't the Leviathan's goal been more of an Invasion of the Body Snatchers style plan? Are they really trying to be selective about their recruits?

Christine: I think they've only just hit on the idea of absorbing more humans to reduce their interference, since just yesterday the Leviathan plan was to kill Julia to get her out of the way.

John: Those newly discovered stock shots of lightning are now in heavy rotation. Julia impresses us again, fighting off the mind control of the Leviathans thanks to her strong genetic structure!

Christine: Funny how Barnabas, who was directed to kill Julia, has now passed the buck to Elizabeth in dealing with her. Perhaps this is the reason the Leviathans haven't taken over more humans. They seem to be extremely unreliable under Leviathan control.

Monday, December 30, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 915 12/29/69

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Barnabas comes to the antique shop. He asks Michael why he wanted to see him. He says Julia was in the shop, and saw his birthmark. He says she knows it was the same one that was on Joseph and Alexander. He demands that Barnabas kill Julia immediately. Barnabas refuses. Michael says he can't let sentimentality make him careless. He says Julia is an enemy. Barnabas says that she is not, and the subject is closed.

At the old house, Barnabas lights candles and speaks to the Leviathan box. He says the boy demanded he kill a good friend, and Barnabas refused. He puts the box down and puts the candles out. He realizes that he cannot let Michael upset him. Barnabas falls asleep, and sees a hooded figure appear and tell him that he has no right to disobey. He points out that he was not originally one of them, but they needed someone to transport their leader through time, so they made him one of them. He thought Barnabas would be loyal to them, but he has broken their law. He says enemies must be dealt with, and Barnabas says he is cruel.

The man says Michael is a Leviathan. He then asks Barnabas to reconsider taking care of Julia, and he once again refuses. The man asks if he knows who they really are, and Barnabas says he does not. The man says that the Leviathans ruled before man—when there was only essence and intelligence. Barnabas asks about the people they have possessed, and says that they will refuse to do his bidding, as he will.

He disappears, and Barnabas still hears the man's voice, saying they know what he is, and what he was. The front doors swing open and Barnabas hears a loud heartbeat. He goes outside and is attacked by a huge bat.

Barnabas wakes from his dream screaming, "Don't let it happen again!" He hears a knock on the door, and when he answers it, Megan comes in. He asks her what's wrong, and she says Michael told her that he wants Julia killed. She asks if he can stand up against Michael, and Barnabas says that he can. He tells her that he's extremely tired. She refuses to go, begging him to listen to her.

Barnabas begs her to leave, and she does. He realizes that something is happening to him, and notices that he can't see his reflection in the mirror. He also realizes that he once again has fangs.

Barnabas is down by the docks when a woman approaches him. He suggests that she go to The Blue Whale. She hits on him. He says he's going home alone and bids her goodnight. She says she doesn't think he's going home. She says he's clearly waiting for something. He turns to face her and she's frightened of him. He asks why she doesn't run away. He leans in and bites her neck. He is then overcome by guilt, so he runs away from her lifeless body.

Barnabas lies down and once again dreams. The woman he just bit enters the old house, now a vampire, She approaches him. The Leviathan appears to him. Barnabas says once more that he will not kill Julia. The Leviathan says she needn't die, but she must be dealt with by Barnabas. He sends the vampire back to the darkness.

Barnabas realizes that she's one of them, and he confirms that she was. The man shows Barnabas his portrait changing to Josette's. He points out that Barnabas was supposed to meet her. He says that now she is their hostage, and if he disobeys them, she will die the most horrible death imaginable. Barnabas wakes from this next dream. He gets up and walks to the mirror, where he can see his reflection. He says he must obey until he can find a way to escape them, and apologizes to Julia.

Our thoughts

John: Just in time for the release of Star Wars Episode IX, the Dark Shadows equivalent of Emperor Palpatine shows up! Haza and Oberon were far more easygoing than this latest Leviathan stooge.

Christine: Suddenly, Barnabas seems to be himself again. I'd like to assume that being directed to kill his true love, Julia Hoffman, was what knocked the Leviathan out of him, though it would indicate he has no regard for Carolyn, since he maintained his evil Leviathan ways while chortling over Paul Stoddard inadvertently giving her up to the Leviathan cause.

John: It seems that it has been forever since we had a decent Giant Bat Attack. I guess we should be thankful for that. 

Christine: Do you suppose they finally had to do something to placate the fans that were protesting at their back stage door? At least we got a cool vampire chick, if only briefly. It didn't seem likely the Leviathans would really make Barnabas a vampire, since it would make him a more dangerous adversary.

John: So the Leviathans are holding Josette as leverage against Barnabas? Pretty smart, fellas. They've managed to zero in on his weak spot!

Christine: Um...didn't Josette kill herself? I guess informing Barnabas about that would interfere with their extortion plans. Still, why don't they just kill Julia themselves? Why does Barnabas have to do it? It seems like something the Leviathan kid should cut his teeth on to me.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 913/914 12/26/69

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Julia goes to see Harrison Monroe, and a spooky voice tells her to go away. She says she has an important message for him from Charles Delaware Tate. The door opens and she goes inside. The spooky voice directs her through the house. He tells her to sit down and she finds herself opposite a man who looks like Tate. He tells her to remain seated and not come near him. She says he's Tate and he looks just like he did in 1897. He says she couldn't have seen him, and she tells him about her travels through time.

Julia reminds him that he painted a portrait of Quentin. He says that's only a legend. She says the portrait explains why Quentin is alive in Collinwood now. She gets up and once again he tells her to sit down and not come near him. She asks where the portrait of Quentin is. He says it was destroyed in a fire. She tells him that she knows it exists, and she needs help with a portrait for Chris Jennings—an ancestor of Quentin afflicted by the curse. He says she will never understand, and he disappears. His voice tells her to leave and never return.

Elizabeth is in the drawing room with David looking out the window. Roger enters and asks him what's wrong. He offers to take David into Boston with him for a few days next week. David goes upstairs to work on his homework. Roger tells Elizabeth that Maggie is right; something is troubling David. Elizabeth says he's been through moody phases before.

David looks through the Leviathan book. He reads from a section talking about waiting 10 days for a manifestation. He leaves the book on his desk and leaves the room.

Elizabeth finishes writing a letter when David comes in. He tells her he read another prophecy, and that they need to go now and pay homage to 'him.'

Roger goes up to David's room and is surprised to find it empty.

David and Elizabeth arrive at the antique store after hours. Behind the bedroom door the horrible breathing can be heard. David opens the door. A boy older than Alex comes out. He says they can call him Michael. Michael tells Elizabeth that David will spend the night. She leaves them.

Julia returns to Collinwood. Roger asks if she saw David. He says he's searched the entire house and can't find him. He goes to search the grounds, and Julia goes upstairs to search.

Michael accuses David of running to Barnabas. He says it made him very angry. He says he'll have to teach him a lesson, as anyone who displeases him must be punished. Michael asks if he'd like to stay alone in the antique shop. He says David must be very quiet, must stay awake, and under no circumstances call for help. He goes upstairs, leaving David alone.

Julia says she can't find him upstairs, and Roger goes to call the sheriff. Elizabeth comes in and explains that David is spending the night with a friend in Collinsport. Roger asks Julia to leave them. She does, but eavesdrops at the door. Roger chides Elizabeth for letting David stay with a friend without consulting him first. She says that his friend Alex is leaving town tomorrow and he wanted to see him. Roger says Alex is an abominable boy.

David is all alone in the antique shop, freaking out at the various sights and sounds around him. He picks up the phone, and then remembers what Michael told him. David then hears a door open upstairs, and the labored breathing.

The next morning, Michael comes down and checks on David. He says they should get along fine now. There's a knock at the door and David lets Julia in. She says she came to see some paintings Megan found for her. She's surprised to see Michael, and asks David where Alex is. He says Megan took Alex away. Julia asks Michael if he's also a relative of Megan and Philip, and he confirms that he is. She notices a birthmark on his wrist—the same one she saw on Alex. She asks David when Carolyn normally comes in. David says she's usually in late in the afternoon, and Julia leaves quickly.

Michael says she noticed his birthmark, and they need to find a way to deal with her immediately.

Our thoughts

John: Gotta love the spooky voice at Monroe Manor, until it starts to sound more and more like Charles Tate. The best part is his deep and yet ludicrous maniacal laugh right before he disappears!

Christine: I guess we didn't get to see Roger Davis wearing old age makeup, after all. It made sense for him to speak in an echoey spooky voice through the speakers, but was quite a surprise that he continued talking that way while she sat right in front of him. I especially loved the way he laughed without moving his face. It made him appear rather robotic.

John: Little Alex we hardly knew you! He has apparently grown into Michael, who is a little bit older looking. He didn't bother explaining his relationship to Philip and Megan, as it's not pretty much accepted that they're running a house for wayward youth.

Christine: He's got a really strange way of going about punishing David. It's similar to what Philip did to Megan in Episode 897, so it must be straight out of the Leviathan playbook.

John: Try though they might, the taxidermy cutaways are not nearly as effective as the were in Night of the Living Dead (1968), released a year earlier. I can't believe they resisted the urge to marry the shots up with Robert Cobert stingers, which could have made them far more effective.

Christine: It certainly would have been much scarier with stingers. They could have at least had them advance on David. Perhaps they didn't want the kid viewers to have nightmares.

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12/25/69 - Christmas Pre-emption

No show aired on Christmas Day in 1969.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Dark Shadows Before I Die!

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Dark Shadows Episode 912 12/24/69

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Upstairs, Amy tells David to make Quentin go away. She hears a deep breathing behind a door. She tells David she won't let him frighten her again. She goes into the room where the breathing is coming from and screams.

Barnabas comes to the antique shop looking for Megan and Philip. Alex comes downstairs and Barnabas commands him to come. He does not. He says Megan and Philip are gone, and Barnabas says he's there to see him. He asks why he let Amy into his room. Alex asks who told. He then says it was David and throws something. Barnabas tells him to pick it up, and Alex tells Barnabas to pick it up. Barnabas tells him that when he is grown, he will do what he says, but for now he's a child, and he will do as he's told.

Barnabas says David is looking for Amy, and asks why he did it. He says he hates her, and that she won't say anything as long as she's scared. He says Barnabas is not in charge of him, and he tells him that he is. He says that Haza and Oberon entrusted Alex to him. He asks if he'd like to be locked in his room. Alex says Megan and Philip wouldn't let him do that, and Barnabas explains that he tells them what to do. Alex says he understands, and confirms that he will not let it happen again. Barnabas tells Alex he will be locked in his room, and he leaves to undo what Alex has done. He takes the Leviathan box with him.

Amy knocks on the door of the cottage where Chris has been staying. There's no answer, so she lets herself in.

Stokes shows Julia the portrait of Amanda that was under the landscape. She says she found another, and shows him the landscape attributed to Harrison Monroe in 1968. He says Osmund tells him Tate died 10 years ago. He asks about her obsession with Tate, and she asks him to see if Osmund knows anything about Harrison Monroe. Stokes asks her why Chris is interested in late Victorian art. Once again, she leaves Stokes with less information than he'd like.

Chris returns home and finds Amy by the fire. She runs to him and he asks her what's wrong. She can't speak. She cries. He asks if it's David, and she shakes her head. She grabs a pen and paper and writes a note: SHOP. He tells her to write more and she throws the note into the fire. There's a knock at the door. Chris lets Julia in, and tells her she can't talk. He says she wrote one word—SHOP. Julia tells him to go to David and demand that he tell him what they did in the antique shop with Alex.

Chris leaves and Julia tells Amy to relax, and then she'll be able to speak. Julia asks if it had to do with Alexander and she turns from her. Julia asks her to write down what Alex did and she refuses. Julia tells her that she doesn't like Alex. Barnabas walks in on them. He asks Amy if she's alright, and she doesn't reply. Julia says she's not well and was about to examine her. He says he's come to see Chris, and would like to wait for him. Julia tells him to come back later. Barnabas asks Amy again what's wrong, and she says water. Barnabas tells Julia to get her water, and she refuses.

She tells Barnabas to get the water for her. He goes to do that, and Julia tells her not to speak until Barnabas leaves. Barnabas returns and asks if they're exchanging confidences. Amy drinks the glass of water. He asks if she's feeling better, and she doesn't respond. He touches her face, and says he's sure she'll feel better. She lies down and falls asleep. He tells Julia to tell Chris he was there. He says he has other things to do. He says Amy will be much better when she wakes.

Chris returns. Julia asks if he talked to David. He says that he and Alexander were at the house. He describes how Grant came into the shop while they were playing hide and seek, and she must have thought he was Quentin. Amy wakes up and Chris asks her what happened. She says she saw Quentin. Julia says that she saw Grant Douglas. Amy is sure it was Quentin. She says there was something else, but she can't remember what. Professor Stokes arrives and says that the second landscape was also painted by Tate. He got an address for Monroe, a recluse. Julia says she'll go to see him.

Barnabas shows Alex the Leviathan box. He asks Barnabas how he knows it works. He says Amy is in the intermediary stage, and she won't know what happens until she walks into the room. Alex says that when she's with them, she will open the box.

Chris brings Amy back to Collinwood, and then leaves. She finds Alex in the drawing room. She walks past him to the box, and opens it. She then hands him the photo of Carolyn and apologizes for taking it from him. He says she will follow orders now, and she agrees that she will. She leaves him alone with Barnabas in the drawing room.

Julia goes to see Harrison Monroe, and a voice tells her to go away. She says she has a message for him from Charles Delaware Tate. The door opens and she goes inside.

Our thoughts

John: This kid who plays evil Alexander is really pretty good, all things said. It does look like they provided him with cue cards for his longer speeches, but he's able to hold his own in adult conversations with Barnabas and the like. Impressive for a kid his age.

Christine: I loved the way he talked back to Barnabas. It's not always clear what the Leviathan chain of command is, but it sounds like Barnabas is the boss until the Leviathan child comes of age.

John: Why would Barnabas discuss traveling through time so cavalierly in front of Amy?

Christine: Probably because he knew she was in the process of making the Leviathan transition and it wouldn't matter what she knew. Another great Barnabas-Julia close talking face off today.

John: I can't wait to see old-age makeup on Roger Davis, who surely has to be the embodiment of the modern-day Charles Delaware Tate/Harrison Monroe!

Christine: I can wait.