Friday, January 29, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1200 1/29/71

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Morgan makes his way back to Collinwood, thinking that it's a house of death that Catherine will make alive. He then sees the woman in white, and realizes that tonight is the night.

From her father's bedroom, Melanie looks out the window. He asks if she saw the woman in white. She says it was nothing. He gets out of bed and goes to the window. He sees the woman in white. He says she has come for him. Melanie tells him it's an illusion. He says he's not ready to die. 

Morgan tells Gabriel he saw the woman in white. Gabriel asks him for the key to the liquor cabinet so he can fix himself a drink. Gabriel asks who will go into the room. When Morgan says there are three of them to choose from, Gabriel brings up Melanie and Julia. Morgan asks if he's going to include their mother as well. Gabriel goes to leave, and Morgan tells him that if he leaves, he'll never see another penny. Gabriel turns to leave and  Morgan stops him. He says Gabriel can't go anywhere, because he can't live without them. Morgan says the curse will only be finished when one of them comes out of that room in the morning, still sane. 

Bramwell arrives at Collinwood and finds Gabriel in the drawing room. He asks about Justin, and Gabriel says that he's dying. Bramwell asks to see him and Gabriel refuses. He asks Bramwell if he came back a rich man like he always boasted. Bramwell says his situation will change. Gabriel says he'll have a chance at the lottery. Bramwell says the family has done nothing for him, and he will do nothing for their family, save grieving their father's death. 

Melanie tells Morgan that his father saw the woman in white. Morgan blames her, saying he wouldn't have let their father get to the window. Justin tosses and turns, and mentions the room. He says, "She's here." Melanie tells him there's no one there. Justin asks to be alone with Melanie. Morgan reluctantly leaves.

Gabriel is drinking in the drawing room. Quentin and Bramwell enter the foyer. Quentin tells Bramwell he appreciates his concern, particularly after the way he was treated. They go into the drawing room. Gabriel asks Bramwell how badly he needs money. Gabriel says he could hire a fisherman to go into the room dressed up like him. Quentin says he's not going to let him bring anyone else into this. He tells Gabriel that whatever happens, he's not going to be a coward about it.

Justin tells Melanie that the lottery must happen. He says if no one goes into the room, it will be worse. Justin gets up and says he must try something. He goes to the room, while Melanie begs him not to. He goes into the room, and Melanie follows him. Justin says they can't take any more of them, and then collapses.

Morgan arrives to find Quentin, Gabriel and Bramwell in the drawing room. He tells them that their father is dead. He asks Quentin to go up to see their mother. A drunk Gabriel follows him. Morgan dismisses Bramwell, who says he's there to see Melanie.

Melanie tells Bramwell that Justin loved her, even if she wasn't his real daughter. When she wanted to find her parents, he told her not to try. She says the boys resent her, as they resent him. Bramwell suggests that she go aware where she can have a life of her own, away from Collinwood. She says she couldn't leave. 

Quentin and Gabriel stand over their father's coffin in the drawing room. Morgan comes in with the letter from Brutus Collins, dated 1680. Morgan reads it out loud. It described the curse upon the family and the house. He says he must stay up to confront their enemy. If he lives through the night in sound mind, the curse will end. He suggests a lottery to choose who is selected. He reminds them that it's useless to run. Quentin says they can't go on living like this. He walks out. Morgan prepares the lottery slips for the three of them. Gabriel asks what Brutus did to bring the curse upon them. He says there has to be a way out. Morgan says there is not.

Our thoughts:  

John: I've got to give props to Jonathan Frid, and not just for his new hairstyle. He really gives a distinct performance with Bramwell, who is nothing like Barnabas. It's also nice to see Quentin and Bramwell having the more cordial relationship of the Collins clan.
Christine: I think that is just as Jonathan Frid wanted it, and it is nice that he finally got the opportunity to take a break from being Barnabas and show off his acting chops. 
John: Is anyone else lamenting the fact that the show has seemingly been stripped of vampires, werewolves and witches? And while there appears to be the promise of the supernatural as it pertains to the lottery, they once again avoided showing us the woman in white today, which is a long way from the days of parading every ghost available across the TV screen.
Christine: Yes. Not only that, but we have completely abandoned all the core characters on the show. I am missing Liz, Roger, Carolyn and David, not to mention Julia, Barnabas, and Stokes. We are watching a completely different show. I would have much rather seen David and Hallie get a Monkey's Paw or find an evil possessed doll somewhere in the house.

John: Morgan seems to be the one destined to spend the night in the room... considering he's the closest thing to a Star Trek red shirt in the line-up (particularly since the only other new face in parallel time, his father Justin, is now dead). I can't see them killing Quentin or Gabriel, or rendering them completely mad... but I guess that remains a possibility.
Christine: At least the show has got some unpredictability left. Morgan is the obvious choice, but this could be one of those times when we can expect the unexpected. 

We can always count on the Mustache Man to remain constant.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1199 1/28/71

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Melanie rushes in looking for her mother and Julia. Melanie tells them that her father is dying. Julia says that the lottery will start again before this week is out. Flora walks out, and Melanie says that Julia had to mention the lottery. She says her father is the only one who makes her feel as if she belongs. Julia asks her who makes her feel unwelcome. 

Morgan comes in and tells Melanie that their father wants her. She leaves. Morgan points out that when he was five, he heard his parents talking about that room, and how one day he or Quentin would have to go in and spend the night. He says he stood in front of the door, and began to tremble, feeling the evil that was inside. He says he can't run anymore. He says he knows that he'll be the one that has to go into the room. He says if his father lived another week, he could marry Catherine tonight. Julia tells him that he can't marry her tonight. He says if they're married when his father dies, she'll be part of the lottery. Morgan says no, there will be no women this time. He says Quentin agrees, and Gabriel will, too. She says he can't tamper with tradition. He says he knows that six Collins' have gone into that room to spend the night; three died, and three left the room mad. He says Quentin, Gabriel or he will be on that list. She says the letter he reads when his father dies will determine who goes in. She asks if he's told Catherine about the lottery. He says he has not. She says that after this lottery, they will have a whole generation to wait. Morgan says the next lottery will include his and Catherine's children.

Bramwell comes to see Catherine. She says he can't come back to Collinwood and change everything since he's been gone. He tells her they've always been exactly alike. She says that's why they shouldn't be married. He says that's why she shouldn't marry anyone else. He tells her that Morgan is spoiled, arrogant and weak. He says he returned because he knew she was in trouble. They kiss. He tells her that she still loves him. She says she loves Morgan, and they could have a good life together. He says he could give her that, and she asks him how he can do that. She asks if they would live on his bitterness towards the rich Collins'. He says he has a plan to get money. She says he always has a plan. She reminds him that they had their happiness when they were young. 

Morgan interrupts them. He asks Bramwell what he's doing there. Bramwell says he will go where he wants when he wants. Morgan tells him to never come here again. Bramwell leaves it to Catherine. She tells him that she wishes he would never come there again. He tells her that she'll be sorry she said  that, and she will change her mind. He storms out, and she hugs Morgan. He tells her that they must marry tonight, but he can't tell her why. He tells her that his father is dying. She asks him why he wants to get married tonight, and what he's not telling her. 

Flora says she can't bear being in the room where they found the body. She asks Julia if she thinks anyone saw them burying the body. She then asks if she remembers Justin before he went into the room all those years ago. Melanie comes in and says she thinks her father is doing better. Julia asks her if she was with her father when he had his second attack. She says she went to his room but he wasn't there. She says she found him downstairs. Flora sends her out. She asks Julia if she thinks Melanie knows they found the man's body. Julia says the man's name is Trask. She took his wallet. Flora wonders if he's one of the ones who owns the bakery. They find a card that says he's an undertaker on Front street. Flora says there's no funeral chapel there. She tells Julia to burn the wallet and its contents. She says that Justin killed him, so they had to bury him. Julia says they should burn the house to the ground, saying that they're trapped. Flora is concerned about her sons. Julia says that Justin can't die before someone sees the woman in white. 

Morgan comes to see Bramwell. He asks him to promise not to come see Catherine again. Morgan tells him that he has always envied the Collins'. Bramwell says that she'll be his again, and tells Morgan that if they have to fight, one of them will die. 

Catherine goes to Collinwood to see Melanie. Catherine tells her that Morgan wants to marry her tonight. She asks Melanie why. She tells her she wants to understand the house. Melanie is about to tell her when Julia comes in and interrupts them. Melanie leaves, and Julia tells her that Morgan is not home yet. Julia escorts her out.

Morgan makes his way back to Collinwood, thinking that it's a house of death that Catherine will make alive. He then sees the woman in white, and realizes that tonight is the night.

Our thoughts:  

John: While I'd be interested in what happens behind the closed door that either kills or drives family members mad, I'm almost willing to bet that we'll never find out that particular detail.
Christine: Don't you think it's better that we don't find out? Maybe there's a parallel Head of Judah Zachery. 
John: It's amusing to see Bramwell (Barnabas) putting the moves on Catherine (Angelique), only to be the one who's rebuffed.
Christine: Yes. It's particularly interesting that watching the two of them together was what inspired Barnabas to declare his love for Angelique. I love Bramwell's painted on 5 o'clock shadow. It makes him look so roguish!

John: How cheap have things gotten for them to have established the importance of seeing a 'woman in white,' and then not even show her!
Christine: Not even a chroma-key woman in white either! Where's KLS when we need her?

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1198 1/27/71

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In the drawing room, Barnabas tells Angelique that he knows how he feels. Trask bursts in and calls out, "Die, witch!" before shooting her. Barnabas wrestles the gun away from Trask and says he should have killed him before. He drops him to the ground and calls to Julia. 

Angelique asks him to hold her, telling him she's dying. He tells her that he loves her. She dies in his arms. 

Trask starts to get up, and Barnabas grabs him. Trask runs upstairs and Barnabas follows him. He finds his way into a room and grabs a letter opener. He stabs Barnabas with it, but Barnabas sticks it in his belly. Trask wanders into the room in the East Wing and is transported into parallel time. Barnabas sees him, and then watches as he disappears when the room reverts to being empty.

Barnabas comes downstairs and picks up Trask's gun. He lays it on a table and kneels beside Angelique's dead body. He tells her that he was so often blinded by his fury, yet beneath his rage was a love as strong as hers.  

Julia comes in, and he tells her that Angelique is dead. He says Trask killed her before she knew that he loved her. He explains that she was his only love, and she never knew. She asks what happened, and he says Trask attacked him, and has disappeared into parallel time.

Desmond wonders where Leticia is. Flora says she doesn't know. She's just pleased that he is free. She chides herself for falling for Gerard's charm. She says that at least he brought them Leticia. Leticia returns and she and Desmond embrace and kiss. Flora leaves them. He asks where she has been, and she says she's been walking on the beach. He tells her that they're leaving Collinsport to get married in New York.

Barnabas tells Julia and Stokes that the police believed his story. He adds that Angelique is to be buried in the family mausoleum. Stokes says they must return to their own time. Barnabas asks how, and Stokes says they must ascend Quentin's staircase. He says they must return to Collinwood in their time to know if they've succeeded. He says it's 1971 there now. Barnabas wonders about what their visit has done to Collinwood in 1971. Desmond walks in and asks if they've gone mad, saying 1971 is 130 years from now. Julia explains that they came from the future. Stokes says they came down Quentin's staircase. He says they must be destroyed. Barnabas tells them they must leave him there. They're adamant that he must return with them. Desmond says that if Barnabas is staying for Valerie's funeral, he and Leticia can stay. Barnabas agrees to trying to ascend the stairs. 

Desmond is amazed to hear about the room in the East Wing, after hearing about the stairs. Barnabas says he must stop Trask if he tries to escape from parallel time. Desmond assures them that if he escapes, he will deal with him. He says he will tell no one the secret but Leticia and Quentin. They say their goodbyes. He asks how he will know if they made it, and Barnabas says he must assume that they have. As they ascend the stairs, Julia asks what they should do if they return to Collinwood in ruins. At the top of the stairs, Stokes opens the door and the three step through into disco lights. 

Barnabas, Julia and Stokes exit the stairwell. Collinwood is still standing, and Julia assumes they changed everything.

Two hours later, Barnabas dressed in 1971 fashions, Barnabas says they haven't seen a single person in the whole house. Stokes points out the refrigerator was full of food. Julia says there are no signs of the ghosts of Gerard and Daphne. Elizabeth walks in and tells them they're all late for opening of the historical center. She tells them to hurry. She says she returned to get Roger's speech. Julia asks if David and Hallie are there, and Elizabeth confirms it. Barnabas asks about Quentin and Carolyn, and she says they are there as well. She finds Roger's speech, and invites them to go with her. She mentions to Stokes that she found a journal from one of her ancestors, Flora Collins, in the West Wing that she's giving to the historical society tonight. Barnabas tells Julia that the ghosts of Gerard and Daphne never came there. He says the stairway is likely no more; destroyed by Desmond. 

Desmond chops at the staircase, wondering if Barnabas, Julia and Stokes made it back to their own time.

Leticia calls to Desmond. He comes upstairs and she says she was worried about him. He tells her to come with her to the East Wing. 

Leticia can't believe that Valerie is dead, and Trask is in another band of time. He tells her to wait until she hears the rest. He opens the door to an empty room. He stops her before she enters, and it suddenly changes. They see Trask, stabbed, calling for help. Leticia says that he's dead. She then sees Julia enter and call to Flora. Flora arrives and says it finally happened. What they've dreaded. Julia shuts the doors Desmond and Leticia are watching from. Flora says first poor Stella, and now this stranger. Julia goes back to the door and looks for anyone. She sees no one. She tells Flora they must get rid of the body. 

Melanie is looking for Julia. She calls to her mother. Flora appears and Melanie tells her that her father is dying. Julia says that the lottery will happen again before the week is over.

Our thoughts:  

John: While tending to her wound, Barnabas was applying compressions to Angelique's chest like he was ringing a bell to call a servant!
Christine: It's interesting that Barnabas has finally realized that he loves Angelique. Think of all the trouble he could have saved the family if he'd admitted it much sooner. 
John: So for all intents and purposes, it looks like on this day we saw the 'finale' of Dark Shadows. Chronologically speaking, anyway. And lest anyone think that 1840 parallel time would continue with any relevance to the show, Trask has up and died, and his body already disposed of. At this point, I'm doubting we'll even see any more of our time band in 1840.
Christine: At least we know there are two happy couples, the kids will survive, and Flora will go on to flourish as a novelist. Perhaps she'll go exploring in the east wing and get the inspiration to pen "The Collins Lottery." 

John: I guess it's now safe to assume we'll ride out the remainder of the show's run watching this other soap opera play out. This is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.
Christine: It is disappointing to be whisked away to a parallel past without spending some time with the present day Collins family. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1197 1/26/71

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The executioner practices on a log, slicing it in half. Barnabas watches as the guards bring Quentin out. Gerard tells Quentin that he wouldn't miss this for the world. Desmond comes out as they lead Quentin to the executioner. They start to blindfold him and he refuses it. He says, "When I was born, I saw the light of day. And when I die, I'm going to see the dark of night." He gets into position beneath the executioner, who raises his axe. 

Valerie calls for the executioner to stop, saying that Quentin and Desmond are innocent, pointing out that Gerard is the one who is guilty. She comes forward a covered box. The judge asks her who she is. Barnabas explains that she's his wife. She tells the judge that Dawson mentioned the head of Judah Zachery possessed Quentin, and she claims she found the head tonight it Dawson's home. She pulls off the cover. 

The judge asks where Dawson is, and she says that he's dead. Trask says that she killed him, and she says that for once, he is right. She says he was holding her prisoner, and she hit him over the head when trying to escape. She says when she searched his house, she found the head. The judge asks how she got to Dawson's house, and she says Gerard took her there. Gerard tells him that she's lying. She says that what Dawson said was true — except the part about the head possessing Quentin Collin. She says it posses Gerard Stiles. He asks her how she knows all this, and she explains that she knew Judah Zachery for many years. Barnabas smiles.

The judge says he died in 1692, and she says it was her testimony that sent him to his death. Gerard points out that she's deranged, and she says that he knows he bewitched her, until he took away her powers last night. Barnabas points out the significance of finding the head in Dawson's home, and Gerard and Trask suggest that she may have placed it there herself. She tells the judge she would swear under oath. 

While they argue, Desmond grabs a gun from a guard and shoots Gerard, calling him Judah. He falls to the ground. 

Barnabas tells the judge to look at the head, which is transformed to a skull. Barnabas says they need no more proof. On the ground, Gerard says that Judah is dead, and now he is free. He asks to see Quentin. Quentin kneels near him and accepts his apology as Gerard dies. The judge says he's convinced, and releases Quentin and Desmond. 

Trask points out that Valerie is a witch. The judge says she'll be arrested. Barnabas asks if he can have a few minutes with her before turning her in. He goes to Angelique and thanks her. She asks if he knows why she did it, and he says he does, and thanks her again. She says she did what she felt she had to do, and the rest is up to him. He promises to get her out of this, and leaves her to go with the guard. 

Back in Collinwood, Quentin says they need to find Daphne. He sends Desmond to go see Leticia. 

Daphne hears footsteps and grabs a candlestick. When Quentin comes in, he tells her that Gerard is dead. They kiss. 

In the East Wing, Barnabas searches for Daphne. He sees Catherine in parallel time. He then sees himself enter the room. Bramwell tells her that he's waited five years to see her. They kiss, and she pulls away. He asks if she's happy to see him, and she says that he's been gone for five years. He says he came back to marry her. She says he can't; that she's agreed to marry Morgan. He demands that she look at him. He asks if she loves him. She says she does not. He says it's impossible. He says it has always been the two of them. She apologizes to him. He says he won't let her ruin both of their lives. He says he'd like to kill Morgan. She says no one can ever talk to him when he's angry. She says it was a difficult decision to decide to marry Morgan. She says that he she could never find the life she wants together. He says they belong to one another. She says they would destroy one another. 

He says she must have a rich Collins over a poor one. Bramwell says Morgan only wants her because he doesn't want him to have her. He says that the family drove his father Barnabas to his grave. He says only Justin loved him, yet he had his accident before he could give him his rightful place in the business. He says that's why he left, and now he has returned to find out that they have claimed her, too. He says it's the final insult. She says it was her choice. He says he told her he would live to see the day when the Collins family would come crawling to him. He grabs her and kisses her one last time before walking out on her.

Quentin brings Daphne downstairs. She doesn't understand what happened. Quentin says he doesn't either. Barnabas comes downstairs and seems distraught. Daphne asks if he saw something in parallel time. He says he realizes that he must go tell someone he loves how he feels about them.

Barnabas finds the judge to discuss Valerie's case. He says it's too late. Barnabas asks why. The judge explains that the tribunal interviewed her and let her go.

Quentin reads Daphne a note from Samantha confirming that Tad is his son. Barnabas returns, and Quentin tells him that they're going to Boston to get Tad and be married. He tells him that Valerie is in the drawing room. Quentin and Valerie leave, and Barnabas goes into the drawing room. Trask sneaks into the foyer behind him.

Barnabas tells her that he knows how she feels. Trask bursts in and calls out, "Die, witch!" before shooting her.

Our thoughts:  

John: Were beheadings so common in 1840 that they had an executioner ready to go, with a big axe and the full wardrobe, just waiting to get the call?
Christine: Not only that, but it appears they have an execution rehearsal before the big event, since they did not have flaming torches yesterday, and neither Trask nor Barnabas were present. 
John: Wow. Talk about a rush to judgement! I'm sorry, but it's a little too simple to wrap up such an extensive storyline with a simple gunshot. I can't even begin to understand why Judah's head would decompose when the unrelated body he possessed was killed. The nature of his existence already established that his life was not tied to a corproeal form. To think Julia missed out on the whole thing! Seems like they were anxious to get everyone over to the parallel time storyline, and cut the cord on Gerard Stiles and the curse of Judah Zachery. Should we assume that everything in 1970 is now hunky-dory?
Christine: I agree it did not make sense for Judah be killed by a gunshot and have his head decompose to a cool looking skull in a box, though perhaps it might make you feel better to think of him like a cat whose nine lives suddenly expired. If Gerard was truly free of possession when he died, then I think it's safe to assume that zombie pirates will not overrun Collinwood, and that Tad and Carrie won't be haunting the playroom. At least it makes me feel better to think that the present day Collins family members are safe, even if we may never see them again.

John: Adding insult to injury, the self-confessed witch talks her way out of conviction in a matter of minutes; in front of the same tribunal that convicted Quentin and Desmond to death on mere circumstantial evidence! Of course that was all a setup to allow Trask to shoot her. Let's face it. If Trask was going to kill her in cold blood, he would have shot Barnabas at the same time, given that he holds him responsible for his father's death. Not to mention that Barnabas also can likely prove that Trask walled him up in the basement of his shop and left him to die. Did I mention that it's only Tuesday???
Christine: It certainly was an eventful episode for a Tuesday! Perhaps Trask intends to turn the gun on Barnabas next. If he doesn't get the shot off before Barnabas grabs him by the throat, then I expect he'll be hanging out with his dad in Barnabas' basement before the end of the week. 

Monday, January 25, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1196 1/25/71

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Angelique prepares to stab a voodoo doll with another pin when Gerard comes into the room. He realizes that she is in fact Miranda. He tells her that she has used her powers for the last time. He tells her that she's clever for recognizing him as Judah. He brings how he was beheaded because of her. He grabs her and she refuses to look into his eyes. He forces her to look him in the eyes, and tells her that he taught her powers when she was a young girl. She says that she has learned more since then. He threatens to make her human again. He takes away the powers he bestowed upon her. He lets go of her, he gives her back the voodoo doll, and his handkerchief. She wraps it around the dolls neck and tries to strangle it. It doesn't work. He grabs her and leads her out of the room.

Barnabas returns to the East Wing where she sees someone Melanie speaking to her father, Justin Collins. She reminds him that she was adopted. He tells her that she saved his life. Catherine comes into the room and greets Justin. She asks if he's feeling better, and he doesn't respond. She shows her wedding invitation to Melanie, who asks if she's inviting Bramwell to the wedding. Melanie explains that he's coming back. Catherine says that if Morgan wants it, Bramwell will be invited. Melanie shows Justin the invitation and he freaks out. Melanie sends Catherine to get his medication. Justin tells Melanie that Catherine must not marry Morgan. He says no strangers in the house... he mentions 'the room'... and says no one must know. Melanie tells him they will not have the lottery again. He tells her to close the door so they can talk. She does.

On the other side of the closed door, Barnabas wonders what room he was talking about. 

Gerard assures Dawson that Miranda is harmless. He doesn't want to keep her there. Gerard tells him that Quentin will soon be dead, and people will think that Judah Zachery is gone. He promises to return to Miranda to give her his full attention once Quentin is dead. Dawson asks for permission to kill her if she tries to escape. Gerard encourages him to try to keep her alive. Gerard tells her that he'll see her after the execution, and leaves. Dawson tells her not to try to escape.

Leticia visits Desmond in his cell. He asks her to promise to give a letter to Flora that changes his will so that Leticia will get his inheritance. She tells him Flora has gone to get the governor. He says they found a law allowing them to execute a warlock's follower without a trial. He tells her that had they made it to Boston, he would have married her. She asks him to marry her in his cell. He tells her that it would be too dangerous. They might say she was part of their coven and arrest her. He refuses. She asks him to say the words so they'll know in their hearts. She says her vows aloud, and he does the same. They kiss. 

Barnabas visits Quentin in his cell. Quentin says he deserves to die for allowing Gerard to fool him. Barnabas assures Quentin that he will rescue Daphne, and run Gerard out of Collinwood. He says that Quentin will be avenged. Quentin says that he's more concerned about Desmond. And then he expresses concern for Tad. He asks Barnabas to try and convince him that he's not guilty, and that he was not afraid to die. 

Dawson tells Miranda that she should have tried to fight Judah Zachery. She tells Dawson that she never used her powers to get a man, and that she could have gotten him. She goes to kiss him. He tells her that he almost believed her for a minute, but he knows how desperately she wants to escape. He says he's more afraid than he is attracted to her. He says there's nothing she could do to help Quentin or Desmond anyway. She asks why he won't let her go then. He tells her that she won't turn Judah against him, but when he turns away, she clocks him with a candlestick. Miranda realizes that he's dead.

Gerard counts down the minutes to Quentin's execution. Leticia comes in and calls him Judah, saying he killed Gerard. She pulls a knife and he disarms her. As he leaves, he tells her that she is no longer welcome in the house. 

Desmond and Quentin share a last moment together. Quentin tells him that what he minds the most is that Desmond got caught up in everything. The guards come for them, and Quentin leaves first.

Leticia tells Barnabas that she tried to kill Gerard, but nothing can save them now. He asks her where Valerie is.

The executioner practices on a log, slicing it in half. The guards bring Quentin out, and Gerard, who is there as a witness, tells Quentin that he wouldn't miss this for the world. Desmond watches as they lead Quentin to the executioner. 

They start to blindfold him and he refuses it. He says, "When I was born, I saw the light of day. And when I die, I want to see the dark of night." He gets into position beneath the executioner. 

Our thoughts:  

John: I love how people just decide to tune into parallel time as if it were a separate soap opera that they could pick up and follow on demand... I have to admit that I was surprised at this late date to see another new face. I was sure that Justin Collins would have been portrayed by Louis Edmonds.
Christine: Honestly, I'd love to see one of the characters standing at the door to parallel time with a bag of popcorn just once! The fact that Louis Edmonds is not playing the role of Justin Collins, in addition to the copious amount of pasty makeup he's wearing, might indicate that he has a short expiration date. 

John: And just like that, Mirangelique is stripped of her powers? It's amazing how characters are so suddenly gifted with previously unused powers where the story calls for it!
Christine: It looks like he gave her a Barbie knockoff to test that her powers were gone. Perhaps that's why the spell didn't work!

John: You'd think they could have at least had the executioner raise the axe before the episode faded to black...
Christine: If you look closely while Quentin's head is on the chopping block, you'll see the pole swing back as it had been raised, though I suppose you were expecting the cliche blade in the air. It is still a chilling moment. Do you think heads will roll tomorrow, or will something completely ludicrous happen to save the day?

Friday, January 22, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1195 1/22/71

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Daphne and Gerard exchange vows, and are pronounced man and wife. Quentin enters and says, "No!" Gerard sends the preacher away. Quentin asks Daphne why she did it. She appears to be in a trance. Quentin accuses Gerard of putting her under a spell. Quentin says he's taking her, and he'll kill him with his bare hands if he has to. Trask appears and tells Quentin his killing days are over, as he points a gun at him. Quentin realizes that he stepped into a trap. Trask tells Quentin he's taking him back to jail. Quentin asks if they've already got Desmond, and Trask confirms the police already apprehended him. Daphne comes out of her spell and hears Gerard refer to her as his wife. She asks Quentin what he's doing there, and he says he was tricked into coming, just as she was tricked into marrying Gerard. Daphne tries to stop Trask from taking him, and Gerard tells her that he is her husband, and she will do exactly what he says. He tells her he's taking her up to the bridal chamber. Quentin tells her to go upstairs. Gerard tells Quentin to take his last look at Daphne, and he pushes her out of the drawing room. 

When they are alone, Quentin tells Trask that if there's a way to return from the grave, he's going to find it so he can torment him until he's dead. Trask leads him out of the house.

Daphne tells Gerard he can't get her to stay. He assures her that her opinion will pass. He pulls a cover off the bed. She says she hates him, and she won't be his wife. He says she will become Mrs. Gerard Stiles. She says he's not Gerard Stiles — he's the warlock Judah Zachery. She says there's no power on earth that can get her to change her feelings for Quentin. Gerard tells her to think it over, and locks her in the room.

Barnabas returns to the East Wing. He hears voices and opens the door. He sees Catherine and Daphne. Daphne tells her that old Ezra Robinson asked if Catherine was planning to live in Collinwood after getting married. He said he had to warn her. He said there's a haunted room in the house, and that's why everyone keeps their doors locked at night. He told her that every generation, a lottery is held to see which family member has to spend a night in that room. People either die or come out mad. The last person to go in that room was Justin Collins. She tells Daphne she doesn't believe any of the stories. Quentin comes in and tells her she has made a wise decision. She sends Catherine downstairs to discuss wedding plans with Morgan. Quentin asks Daphne if she knows why he's been gone for seven years. She says he was in prison for manslaughter. He tells her he got into a fight with a man and killed him because he was telling stories about his family like Ezra Robinson. He tells her that he doesn't like to hear slanderous stories about his family. He asks her if he has made himself absolutely clear. She says yes, and apologizes. He then turns on the charm, and offers to take her for a walk. He grabs her arm and leads her out of the room. 

Gerard is in the drawing room when Valerie arrives at Collinwood to meet Barnabas. He says he hasn't seen him. He offers to wait with her in the drawing room, and when Barnabas arrives, he'll tell them the news. She asks about the news, and he says that Quentin was captured tonight, right after he and she were married. Barnabas hears this from the top of the stairs, shocked.

Barnabas goes to see Quentin and says they can still get him out. Quentin says there's more guards this time. Quentin tells Barnabas that Daphne was placed under a spell, and he has to help her. Trask comes in and tells them that tomorrow morning Quentin and Desmond will be executed. Barnabas warns Trask that they still have a private matter to settle, and that tomorrow might be his day...

Barnabas returns to Collinwood. He tells Angelique they only have a day to save Quentin. He says he has no other choice. She has to save Quentin. He says that she can find the head of Judah Zachery and destroy it. She says that it is under the power of Gerard, and he would destroy anyone who approached the head. She says their only hope is to leave Collinwood. Barnabas says that they can be nothing more than friends. He tells her that he can never love her the way she wants to be loved. He says that he is human, and she's a witch. She assures him that she has changed. He says she will never change — her feelings towards others are cold an indifferent. He walks out on her and goes upstairs.

Barnabas comes downstairs and runs into Gerard. He says he's looking for Daphne. Gerard refers to her as Mrs. Stiles. Barnabas says the wedding is a fraud, and demands to know where she is. Gerard says Collinwood is his house, and he demands that Barnabas get out. Barnabas tells him he thought he would never come out into the open, and refers to him as Judah before leaving. 

Gerard returns to Daphne's room and tells her that Quentin will be executed at dawn. He offers to deliver a message to him. She screams that she hates him, and attacks him. He tosses her onto the bed.

Angelique stares at the portrait of Barnabas and thinks she will help Quentin, but she's only doing it out of her love for Barnabas. She goes into the drawing room and stares into the fire. She summons the prince of fire and the dark creatures of nature to aid her in the destruction of her mortal enemy. She holds up a voodoo doll of Gerard Stiles, saying he's the embodiment of Judah Zachery. She stabs it with a pin.

Gerard gasps in pain. Daphne asks what's happening to him as he stumbles out of Daphne's room.

Angelique prepares to stab the doll with another pin when Gerard comes into the room. He finally realizes that she is in fact Miranda.

Our thoughts:  

John: Wouldn't Trask be interested in understanding how Gerard put Daphne under a spell so that she would marry him? Or is he so excited to be bringing Quentin back to jail that he's not even paying attention?
Christine: Just like his dad, he's so fixated on the person he thinks is guilty of witchcraft that he misses the very obvious clues to the person who truly is guilty. 
John: Mere seconds after parallel Quentin basically threatens to kill parallel Daphne, he starts hitting on her! Poor Kate Jackson had to spend the whole episode fending off lecherous men...
Christine: I don't understand why Quentin would tell her to do what Gerard said and go up to the "bridal chamber" when he should have advised her to run screaming willy nilly from the house to escape the beast. 

John: So it sounds like poor Desmond is going to be executed without so much as a trial! Of course, it's quite possible that no one survives the confrontation between Angelique and Judah Zachery.
Christine: I am hoping Angelique only paused her curse for end of episode drama's sake, and that she'll be plunging the pin on Monday. Incidentally, I loved seeing Kate Jackson make faces in the fun house mirror!