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Dark Shadows Episode 510 - 6/10/68

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Stokes pours himself a sherry, and tells Tony that the key would have been used to ward off witches. Stokes leaves his drink on the table and goes to the kitchen to get some cheese. Tony takes the ring and pours the contents of the secret compartment into Stokes' drink.

When Stokes returns, Tony talks about the key, and they sit down to drink. Stokes drinks from his cup, and Tony drinks from his. Tony stands up, chokes, and falls over in pain. Stokes calls Collinwood. Julia answers, and Stokes tells her he's afraid he just killed a man.

Julia comes out of the bedroom and says Tony is sick but he's resting now. She tells him he gave him the correct emetic. Stokes says he gave him a different name, and he suspected he tampered with the sherry, so he switched the glasses. Julia confirms that Tony is her lawyer, and Stokes realizes he was under the witch's spell. He wonders how many others have helped Cassandra. He says they must find someone she cannot control. He suggests they need someone who is already dead, like the witch hunter Reverend Trask. He tells Julia he was responsible for Victoria being hanged. He says Revered Trask is very important to them, and perfect for their needs.

He shows Julia his ancestor Ben Stokes' memoir. He tells her that the key to Reverend Trask is in the book. He also adds that the first Barnabas Collins appears to have changed from an advanced gentleman to some kind of monster, but there's a chapter missing. As they review the memoir, Stokes finds himself writing Trask's name in Ben's handwriting.

He says they need to know where Trask was walled up, and he finds himself writing more words in his ancestor's hand. It references Trask being in the north wall of the Coffin room. Julia tells him that's in the basement of the old house. Stokes says they must go there now, so Trask can stage his last witch hunt.

Tony stumbles out of the bedroom. He asks if Stokes plans to call the police. He says he doesn't have any explanation, so he'll leave. Stokes tells him he knows Cassandra Collins, and invites Tony to sit down. Tony confirms that he did Cassandra's bidding, as she has some kind of power over him. Stokes explains that she's a witch and he's under her spell. He asks if Tony would like to fight her, and he agrees. Stokes asks Tony to go to Cassandra and tell her that he was successful, and that he drank the poison and died.

Roger and Cassandra play chess, though Cassandra is not paying attention. She explains she's not interested tonight, and he mentions she hasn't been interested the past several nights. She says they do everything he wants to do, and Roger reminds her they haven't had a honeymoon yet.

Cassandra tries to make up an excuse, but Roger can tell something is wrong. He says they're alone so seldom, and she adds that when they are, they fight. She suggests that he go to bed, and he says he hasn't finished his brandy. She tells him to take it upstairs, since he'll only have another when he gets there. He downs it, and asks if she's joining him. She tells him she's going to stay up a bit. After Roger goes upstairs, she wonders what happened to Tony.

There's a knock at the window, and Cassandra sees Tony, and points him to the front door. Once inside, Tony confirms that Stokes is dead, and before he can fill her in on the details, Roger appears at the top of the stairs. Tony tells Cassandra he's sorry Carolyn is not available, and makes a hasty exit.

Stokes and Julia are in the basement of the old house. She explains Barnabas and Willie are driving up the coast looking for a friend. Tony comes downstairs and confirms that Cassandra believes he's dead. Tony tells Stokes that he doesn't believe in seances, and the Professor tells him that he doesn't need to.

They put their hands on the table, touching fingers. He explains the rules, and tells them they must not break the connection. Stokes calls for Reverend Trask's spirit. Tony begins to moan, and says Ben Stokes does not need him.

Stokes says he's not Ben, but Angelique is back, and he can finish her off and rest in peace. The candle goes out, and the brick wall behind Tony begins to push outward.

Our thoughts

John: Good thing Stokes just happened to have an antidote to whatever poison Cassangelique had given Tony to give him...

Christine: It would make sense for him to keep such things on hand since he has declared war on a witch, though he didn't give him an antidote, he game him an emetic, which would have caused Tony to vomit up the poison. It's interesting that he chose to do that after he called Julia, and that it was effective, since Tony had already been experiencing the effects of the poison.

John: Great interaction between Roger and Cassandra today. We've seen so little of them together, and it seems like that's true for Roger, too. They haven't even had a honeymoon, and it's pretty clear that it's already over.

Christine: When Roger says that she hasn't been interested the past few nights, I wonder if he's really talking about chess. He seems a bit frustrated. I wonder if the marriage hasn't yet been consummated because he reminds her too much of Joshua Collins. It doesn't look like she'll be able to hide her affair with Tony from him much longer.

John: I have to wonder if Barnabas would truly be comfortable with Julia bringing Stokes into his coffin room - particularly because they all but know Trask's body is walled up behind bricks. I guess we'll find out when he and Willie get home!

Christine: I wonder where he had Willie move the coffin. Hopefully he kept that on hand for when the dream curse runs its course or Willie will be having to build a new one. It appears that Ben removed the entries regarding Barnabas' affliction from his memoir. I wonder why he would do so if he was willing to record it in the first place. I do hope we get to see Zombie Trask breaking through the bricks tomorrow! If you didn't watch the end credits, then you missed Thayer David getting caught walking on set with a humorous expression of surprise.

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