The Mustache Man

Portraits can turn up in the strangest places on Dark Shadows. This page is dedicated to the portrait of the Mustache Man, who I understand will be appearing quite often in different places on the series, which I will document here as we go through the episodes.

I first noticed the distinctive portrait of the Mustache Man at Professor Stokes' house, and thought it might be a representation of his ancestor, Ben Stokes.

Episode 472

When Roger takes Nicholas to show him the seaside house to rent, I knew the portrait behind him looked familiar, but didn't recognize it as the same one at Stokes' place right away.

Episode 549

It was was when I revisited Episode 148 that I realized there was a reason this mustachioed fellow seemed so familiar. Here he is hanging in Frank Garner's office.

Episode 148

It's possible that Frank leased Roger's old office, where the portrait can be seen hanging in the same place as Roger throws darts in Episode 45.

Episode 45

You'll need a keen eye to spot MM's portrait lurking behind Willie in the Collinwood foyer in Episode 206, but the characteristic mustache gives him away.

Episode 206

The Mustache Man is set to rights at the House by the Sea in Episode 556.

Then he reappears at Stokes' place in Episode 557.

The Mustache Man is featured during the end credits at the House by the Sea in Episode 580.

Something unusual appears on the Mustache Man's coat in Episode 601.

The Mustache Man shows up in the magic mirror in Episode 607.

Side by side comparison in Episode 621. Could Nicholas Blair actually be the Mustache Man?

The Mustache Man continues to reside at Stokes' place in Episode 636.

In Episode 684, Ezra Braithwaite claims that the Mustache Man is his father, Ezra Julius Braithwaite. One can only wonder if he loans out his Dad's portrait to earn money when jewelry business is slow, or if it's possible that many folks around Collinwood happen to be related to Ezra Braithwaite, Sr.

Episode 684

The Mustache Man hangs in the hallway outside Jamison's room in Episode 726.

The Mustache Man can be seen in the hallway as Quentin walks to his room in Episode 832.

The Mustache Man is found in parallel time, where he hangs at Hannah Stokes' pad in Episode 1004. 

It looks like Aunt Hannah loaned out MM's portrait to Angelique in Episode 1024

Clear shot of MM in Episode 1025.

MM is featured in Episode 1032 end credits still hanging in Angelique's room in parallel time.

MM is seen at Timothy Stokes' house in Episode 1043 as Barnabas and William H. Loomis sneak in.

MM lurks over a confrontation between Barnabas and Timothy Stokes at his house in Episode 1057.

In 1995, Eliot Stokes continues to have MM hanging at his home as seen in Episode 1065.

In Episode 1119, MM usurps Barnabas' favored place in the foyer in 1840. 

MM can be seen in Desmond's room at Rose Cottage in Episode 1153.

Partial MM sighting in the courtroom at Quentin's 1840 trial in Episode 1165.

MM in the courtroom as Desmond earns his own charges of witchcraft in Episode 1174/1175.

MM is found covered in cobwebs hanging in a secret passage in Episode 1190.

Daphne notices the portrait in Episode 1190.

Parallel time Mustache Man in Episode 1201.

Mustache Man in Episode 1209.

Mustache Man hangs in Justin Collins' study in Episode 1233.

He also appears in end credits in Episode 1233.

Keep an eye out for the Mustache Man! Who knows where he'll turn up next!


PrisoneroftheNight said...

I call it the "Smith Brothers" portrait because it resembles those images on those old-time Smith Brothers cough drops boxes.

The portrait is first seen in episode 45 in Roger's office at the cannery, hanging between the two windows. It makes an appearance in the Collinwood foyer in episode 206; it's in partial view over Willie's shoulder as he leans a hand on the grandfather clock while attempting to pry information from Mrs. Johnson about the history of the Collins family jewels.

My compliments on these Dark Shadows Gallery threads -- great work! Dark Shadows propspotting is one of my favorite pastimes.

Christine said...

Thanks PrisoneroftheNight! I've added images from the episodes you mentioned above. I suspected there were other early appearances that I missed. I appreciate your help in making my collection here complete. : )

Unknown said...

Hi, as a long time Dark Shadows fan (thanks to VHS and reruns) I'm excited to find a very good and entertaining blog to read. I have followed darkshadowseveryday for a few years and I thought I knew every detail there was but I never picked up the moustache man. The Collinsport Afghan that usually is on the Evans couch is one I noticed that shows up all over the place. Thanks for putting in this time dedicated to DS!