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Dark Shadows Episode 893 - 11/28/69

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A man sits down next to Carolyn at The Blue Whale, and Carolyn is confused. The man says it is strange situation to introduce himself to his own daughter. He tells her that he is Paul Stoddard, her father. Carolyn says she'll never forgive Maggie for arranging this. Paul says he thinks he deserves five minutes of her time. She asks how she can, considering what he did to her mother. He admits he tried to take Elizabeth's money. Carolyn points out that her mother was imprisoned in Collinwood for 20 years because she believed that she had killed him. He says he doesn't know what she's talking about.

Carolyn asks if he remembers his getting caught planning to steal from her, and his plans with Jason McGuire. She says that she knows all about that night, and how Jason told her that Paul was buried in the cellar. Paul asks when Jason came back, and Carolyn describes how he tried to blackmail her mother. Paul denies having any part in Jason's blackmail plans. He says when he came to in the basement, Jason told him that Elizabeth had paid him to kill him. He says that he agreed to leave Collinwood and never come back, so she would think he was dead. He says he went to California, and got everything he wanted in life, except his daughter. He says when he came back and saw her in the woods, he was determined to speak with her. He says that his five minutes are up. She asks why he didn't tell her who he was in the woods. He can't explain, but wonders if they can make up for the mischief that Jason did. Carolyn says that since he's come so far, she'll see how far she can get her mother to come.

Philip and Megan look down at the cradle. She says she's got to feed him. Philip says he senses that he's telling them what they want to do, even without crying. Megan tells Philip that he needs to go see Barnabas about the furniture. He says he doesn't want to leave the child who is lonely. Megan says she'll stay with him. She says there's something else he has to do, and he knows what.

Paul tells Carolyn that it took all his courage to come to meet her tonight, afraid that she wouldn't accept him. She says that he is her father, and her mother will have to accept him, too. She invites him in, and he says he's used up all of his courage in The Blue Whale. He says it will take Elizabeth more time to accept him. He asks her to talk to her mother about him, without revealing that she's seen him. He asks how he can reach her, and she says he can leave messages at the antique shop. He kisses her forehead.

Carolyn comes inside and finds David. He says her new boyfriend is a surprise. She tells him it's terrible to spy on people. She says she won't tell on him if he doesn't say anything. He asks who the man is, and she says she'll tell him in time, and then sends him up to bed.

There's a knock on  the door at Collinwood, and Carolyn answers. It's Philip from the antique store. She tells him that she needs a favor. She says that she told a man that he could reach her through his shop if that's okay with him. He says they actually want her to work at the shop at a regular basis starting tomorrow.

Carolyn arrives at the antique shop in the morning ready to get started. Megan comes out holding a baby. Carolyn asks whose it is, and she says it's her sister's baby, Joseph, and they're watching him while she's vacationing in Canada. Carolyn apologizes for being stupid and self-centered yesterday, thinking it was her and not her sister and her baby they were thinking of. Megan takes the baby upstairs.

David and Amy come in to the antique store. David says that his father doesn't know if it's proper for her to be working there. The kids are browsing around when Paul comes in to see Carolyn. She calls him Mr. Prescott, and then tells the kids they had better go. She explains to her father that the boy was Roger's son David. She says she hasn't spoken to her mother yet, and Paul is surprised. He tells her not to wait too long to talk to her. She asks if something is wrong, and he asks her to speak to her mother as soon as she can. She says she will tonight.

That night, Philip asks Megan where the book is. She asks if he took it upstairs, and he says he didn't. She says they must search the shop for it.

Amy asks David why he took the book, and he says he had to. He says that Carolyn said his father would have to pay for anything they damaged, and he ripped a page while looking at it, so he took it. She points out that it's not even in English. She tells him that he had better return it. She asks if he's going to, and he says he doesn't know.

Megan says someone must have taken the book. She says that whoever took it must pay for it with their life. She then asks what made her say that.

She says that everything is different now that they serve 'him.' Philip agrees that they will track down and kill the thief.

Our thoughts

John: It's awfully strange watching Paul talk about Jason, when he's portrayed by the same actor. I almost wish Jason could make a return appearance so the two men could face off!

Christine: Folks that tuned in after the arrival of Barnabas did not experience this sort of confusion. Paul has got Carolyn thoroughly bamboozled. I doubt he'll have the same sort of influence with Liz.

John: Let me get this straight. To avoid getting in trouble for damaging an old book, David decided that stealing it was the smart thing to do. That's Collins' logic for you!

Christine: Carolyn warned him that his dad would have to pay for anything he damaged, and even though Roger can easily afford it, he will probably get very cantankerous over having to pay for David's mishap.

John: I'm not particularly impressed by the performances of Megan and Philip. They seem to be sleepwalking through their roles as custodians of this demon-baby. And it's particularly silly when they try to convince us that they're coming in and out of their trance. Let's kill him! That's strange, I never used to threaten to kill people...

Christine: That was great! You know what's missing on these two? The robes. Give them a pair of robes and some heavy eyeliner, and that sleepwalking routine will have a better effect. After seeing Pansy Faye's boa at the shop in yesterday's episode, it looks like we've now come across Sarah's doll and several of Barnabas' toy soldiers, both of which Angelique used in the past to cast spells. I wonder how many other items from Collinwood of the past will turn up at the antique shop.

Episode 389

Episode 370

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11/27/69 - Pre-emption: Thanksgiving Football

50 years ago, today's episode was pre-empted for football on the Thanksgiving holiday. The Minnesota Vikings faced the Detroit Lions in a snowstorm!

Here is some video of the game.

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Dark Shadows Episode 892 - 11/26/69

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Megan picks up the box and tells Philip it sounds like there's something alive within the box. She tries to open it. Philip opens the envelope with the list of items Barnabas provided, and he finds a key. Megan says they can open the box, and he says if they do so, he feels that they will never be the same. She says they have to open it, and he agrees. He unlocks it and when he lifts the lid, they hear a whistling. She tells him to open it all the way, and he does.

Megan holds a book and asks Philip if he thinks Barnabas knew there was something in the box. She flips through it and says it's not in English. Philip says he'll take it to Barnabas when he goes to see his furniture. Megan reaches into the box and pulls out a scroll. As it is in English, she reads from it. Philip reads part of it as well. Megan says she feels as if she almost knows what it's about.

Maggie takes a dress out of a box. Carolyn compliments her on it. Carolyn mentions that she's going to help out at the antique store, and Maggie says she'll pick her up afterwards.

Megan and Philip are sleeping when Megan dreams of Barnabas coming to see her. She says she is different, and Barnabas says it is because she opened the box and read the scroll. He says the book will help her. He says she is the chosen one, and hers is the chosen room. He tells her to close off all the windows so that no light must come in. He tells her to remove all unnecessary furniture, and not allow any non-believers in. She calls him master. He tells her to tell those who ask that her sister has asked to entrust her with this thing. She says she has no sister, and he says she has many, and she will meet them when the time is right. Barnabas tells her to sleep well without dreams, and says that when she awakens, she will not recognize him in the waking world.

Megan wakes up and looks for Philip, who is no longer in the bed with her. He comes into the room with several boards. He tells her the windows must be closed off so that no light can come in. She asks who told him that, and he says that he doesn't remember, but it must be done without question. She tells him that they had the same dream.

Philip finishes boarding up he windows. The room is empty of furniture.

Carolyn dusts things in the antique shop, and comes across the book. She doesn't understand what it is, and continues dusting. The phone rings and Carolyn answers it. She says the item the person is interested in is still available, and that she'll hold it for her. Megan comes downstairs and Carolyn says she sold the cradle. Megan tells her that it's not for sale. Philip comes downstairs and takes the cradle back upstairs.

Maggie arrives and asks if Carolyn is finished. She says she has to make a call first. She calls the woman back and tells her that the cradle was spoken for. Maggie asks Carolyn about the book. She says it's new. She tells Maggie that she's not interested in shopping, or going to get a drink. Maggie assures her that a drink at the Blue Whale might change her outlook.

Philip sets the cradle down in the chosen room and says it will soon be time. He says they must close the shop, and tells Megan to tell Carolyn to leave. They leave the room and the empty cradle begins rocking.

Carolyn is tallying up the day's sales when Megan comes downstairs and tells her that Philip can do it. She says that they're closing. Maggie goes to buy a feather boa, and Megan says she can buy it tomorrow, because she's closing the shop. She rushes them out and locks the door. She and Philip draw the shades. They look upstairs.

Maggie and Carolyn drink at The Blue Whale. Carolyn says she shouldn't have gone shopping, or come with her for a drink. She says she's going to leave, and Maggie tells her she can't.

Megan asks Philip if it's time, and he says it is. They make their way upstairs.

Carolyn says she likes working at the shop, but she felt as if she were in the way today. She says she doesn't think she'll go back. A man enters and Carolyn tells Maggie that she's seen him around town over the past few days. She says she ran into him, and asked him what he wanted, but he didn't answer. He comes to their table and says hello to Maggie. She excuses herself to give them privacy. The man asks if he can sit down, and Carolyn is confused. The man says it is strange to introduce himself to his own daughter, and tells her that he is Paul Stoddard.

Our thoughts

John: I'm sorry, whose idea was it to suggest that a book that is larger than the box in question, was somehow stashed inside the Leviathan's box? And wouldn't it have crushed the scroll that was still in the box?

Christine: It must be a truly magical box! Maybe it's like Hermione's purse. The box was a little more musical today, with more of a whistling sound instead of the hissing we heard yesterday. It was just too bad that it made that sound before Philip could actually open it. I believe that was Pansy Faye's boa that Maggie wanted to purchase at the antique shop.

Episode 881

John: So did Dark Shadows decide to put the gothics in the rear-view mirror, and draw upon a more contemporary literary influence in Ira Levin's Rosemary's Baby?

Christine: I think our current storyline is based on H. P. Lovecraft's The Dunwich Horror. So, are we to believe that Megan has been impregnated, or is the stork bringing a baby? Who is the father?

John: Talk about an awkward way to introduce yourself to your daughter. Frankly I'm surprised that Maggie would agree to being involved in such a plot. Did she really think Carolyn would appreciate this?

Christine: That certainly is out of character for her. I imagine Paul Stoddard is gifted in the power of persuasion. It was great to be back at the Blue Whale and hear some of Cobert's classic Blue Whale numbers.

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Dark Shadows Episode 891 - 11/25/69

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Barnabas wakes from the dream of Oberon to the sound of someone knocking at the door. He realizes that the chosen ones have arrived. He opens the doors and it's the antique dealers. They introduce themselves to Barnabas. He sees the Leviathans logo on her locket. They tell him they run the antique store in town, and Carolyn suggested that they come see him. Barnabas points out that the Naga symbol on her locket is also on the wooden box that he has. Megan asks what's inside, and Barnabas says that he never bothered to open it. Philip offers to buy the box, and Barnabas suggests they go upstairs to see some pieces that he might sell.

There's another knock at the door as they head upstairs, and Barnabas stays to answer it. It's Elizabeth. She asks how he feels, and thanks him for ridding the house of ghosts. She invites him to dinner. He asks if Carolyn will be there with Chris Jennings. He says he thinks she's seeing too much of him. She explains that she lets Carolyn make her own choices. Barnabas presses her to research where Chris goes away each month. He then says that he's entertaining the people from the antique store, and Elizabeth leaves to return to Collinwood.

Outside the old house, Paul Stoddard sees Elizabeth returning to Collinwood.

Barnabas tells Philip and Megan that he'll put together a list of things he's willing to sell, and they leave the old house.

Elizabeth returns to Collinwood as Maggie leaves to go to her house to prepare it for renters. The phone rings, and Paul Stoddard asks for Elizabeth. Maggie hands her the phone, but Paul says nothing, and hangs up. She asks Maggie if she recognized the voice, and she just says that it was a man.

At the antique store, Philip says they need less merchandise and more customers. Megan can't stop thinking of Barnabas' box. Barnabas arrives at the antique store with the box. He tells Megan that it's a present for her. Barnabas says that she must take it. He says the legend states that whoever gives it will get what he wants in return. She asks Philip, and he agrees. He offers to pay something, and Barnabas says he wouldn't know what to ask. Megan says that she will always treasure it.

Maggie finishes straightening up the cottage when Paul Stoddard arrives, asking to see Sam Evans.  Maggie tells the man that her father is dead, and invites him in. He expresses his condolences, and says that he and her father were old friends. He says he remembers her as a young girl. He asks if she lives there with her husband. She explains that she lives and works at Collinwood. He asks her who lives at Collinwood, and Maggie lists everyone in the family. He asks her what Carolyn is like, and Maggie says she's not going to answer anymore questions. He asks again about Carolyn, and she describes her as kind and generous. He says she doesn't sound like a true Collins. He says he'll tell her a secret, if he can trust her.

As Barnabas prepares to leave the antique store, Megan promises him they'll learn all about the box. He says he thinks they will see a lot of each other, and exits. Philip wonders why he gave them the box. She says he just wants to be friends, and knows that they'll treasure it.

Maggie returns to Collinwood and finds Elizabeth still awake. She asks if Carolyn is home, and when Elizabeth says she's in town, she tells her that she'll talk to her in the morning. Elizabeth tells her the man never called back.

Philip and Megan try to open the box, but are unable. Megan picks it up and tells him it sounds like there's something alive within the box. She continues to try opening it. Philip opens the envelope with the list of items Barnabas provided, and he finds a key. Megan says they can open the box, and he says if they do so, he feels that they will never be the same. She says they have to open it, and he agrees. He unlocks it and when he lifts the lid, they hear something. She tells him to open it all the way, and he does.

Our thoughts

John: If Barnabas thought that Philip and Megan were the rightful recipients of the Leviathan's box, why not just give it to them at the house? I'm curious if whatever is inside the box will come to possess them (hopefully there are two hooded robes waiting inside for them!).

Christine: Perhaps if he had given it to them right away, they would have been more suspicious, and less receptive to opening it and unleashing whatever hissing beast came out of it. So, we finally get confirmation that Barnabas' 1897 mission was successful in banishing the ghosts at Collinwood, and apparently David has survived his ordeal.

John: I thought it was odd for Elizabeth to point out that Collinwood was no longer haunted. When the past was changed, the house never would have been haunted by his ghost, and anyone in 1969 shouldn't know any better. So how exactly does Elizabeth possess an awareness of this alternate history? Sadly, the writers didn't have Back to the Future at their disposal to help explain time travel basics to them. I also wonder why Paul Stoddard is pussyfooting around Collinsport, rather than coming right out and returning to Collinwood. I get that he hasn't seen Carolyn since she was just a baby, but what's his specific interest in her?

Christine: I think he may be testing the waters, since he allowed his wife and daughter to believe he was dead, before Jason McGuire was forced to come clean in Episode 273 about how he and Paul conspired to extort money from Liz by making her believe she killed her husband. I wonder if he and Sam Evans were really best buds as he claims, or if he's just making that up to get close to an all-too-trusting Maggie. I was really hoping Charles Tate was going to show up to rent Maggie's cottage today.

John: Was that a snake I heard in the box?

Christine: Yes. Or maybe someone let the air out of a balloon. Or sprayed a can of hairspray.