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Dark Shadows Episode 1156 11/30/70

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Quentin finds Randall's body in the woods with piece of paper with the Devil's mark next to it. Trask appears, and assumes Quentin is responsible. Quentin says he was dead when he found him. Trask says Randall was on his way to meet him and go to the police. Quentin leaves to get to the police and Trask pulls a gun on him. He says they will go to the police together.

Samantha sees Gabriel in the drawing room and turns to leave. He asks her not to leave him alone tonight. She reluctantly joins him to work on needlepoint by the fire. Gabriel asks her if she ever thinks of Quentin. She says what she thinks is his none of his business. He points out that Grimes accused Quentin of witchcraft. And after he left, Randall came. There's a knock on the door. Samantha lets Trask in. He tells her that another tragedy has struck. He tells her that Quentin killed Randall. She's upset. Gabriel asks how he can prove it, and Trask says he found Quentin kneeling beside the body. He says Randall knew the truth about Quentin. Trask tries to comfort Samantha. She tells Gabriel that Randall lost everything because of Quentin. She says she wants to see the body. 

The constable asks Quentin if he did it, and he denies it. He says he has no motive, although he's sure Trask gave him one. The constable asks Quentin if he knows what caused Roxanne's death. Quentin asks if Grimes told him of his accusation. The constable says that Trask told him Randall had proof of the allegations. Quentin says that if Trask hadn't been there, he would have come to the police himself to report Randall's death, and he wouldn't be a suspect. The constable asks him if he'll stay in Collinwood if he lets him go, and Quentin reminds him that the witch hunt was over a hundred years ago. The constable says that folks are scared, and they believe it's witchcraft. 

Trask asks Gabriel to stay with Samantha. Gabriel calls him an emotional vulture. They hear a carriage approaching. Trask goes to wait in the study. Quentin comes in and Gabriel asks if he's in trouble. He tells him they have to find out who did it, and quickly. 

Samantha comes out of the drawing room and asks Quentin why he killed Randall. She then asks why he's not locked up. He follows her into the drawing room. She says that he knew Randall was going to the police. Quentin points out that he grieves for Randall, too. He asks her if she thinks he's guilty of witchcraft. She says she begged him to stop dealing with the occult. She says that her son will grow up with the fact that his father... and Quentin interrupts her, asking if he is her father, based on what she said previously. He tells her that she accuses him just like Trask does, and if he's callous, they are equally matched.

The constable interviews Gabriel. Gabriel claims that Randall's visit was purely social. The constable asks what information Randall was bringing to the police. He says he was upset about the animal attacks. He accuses Gabriel of lying to protect Quentin.   

Trask tells Samantha the constable has gone to speak to Quentin. She expresses concern for Tad. Trask points out that she should protect him from his father. She says she never really believed Quentin's interest in the black arts was more than an eccentricity, but she does, now. Trask is pleased. She says that she loved Quentin once. The constable comes in and asks to see her alone. Trask leaves. The constable asks if Quentin and Randall were friends. The constable brings up Joanna. He then asks if Randall suspected Quentin of witchcraft. She says no, and says that had she been home, Randall would have come to her, and this never would have happened.

Trask asks Gabriel if he thinks Quentin is guilty. He says he does not. Trask tries to convince him that he, his wife, and his children are in danger. He asks Gabriel if he's a member of Quentin's coven. He says no. Trask gets the constable. Gabriel tells him that Randall knew about the witchcraft. He says there was trouble between Grimes and Quentin, after which Quentin left. Grimes told Randall that Quentin tried to kill him. After Randall left, Quentin returned, and when he told him what Gabriel was going to do, he says Quentin told him, "I will stop him," and ran out after him. 

Quentin takes a drink. The constable comes into his room and arrests Quentin for murder.

Our thoughts: 

John: Why would they make such a big deal about 'strong hands' in the opening of today's episode? Has Gabriel's disability been a ruse all along? That would certainly explain how he has no trouble appearing upstairs and back downstairs in the blink of an eye.
Christine: That was rather obvious, since one would have to have strong hands to strangle a strapping young man. Since Gabriel has had his stress ball workouts often featured in odd and random ways, it does make him the likely suspect. 
John: I love when Quentin reminds the constable that it's 1840... pointing out that the days of witchcraft were long behind them!

Christine: With the appearance of Angelique in this time period, we know that the days of witchcraft continue in the town of Collinsport, and will carry on into the future! 

John: It was a bit surprising to see Gabriel suddenly melancholy about Quentin's predicament. Of course, that just furthers the belief that Gabriel is in fact the mastermind of the murders, knowing that he stands (pun intended) to gain the most if Quentin is in fact beheaded...
Christine: He did say that he had plans if Quentin went to jail in the last episode. I'm sure Gerardudah would be pleased to know he helped to hasten his plan, which may allow him to turn a vengeful eye toward Gabriel sooner than he'd anticipated. 


Friday, November 27, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1154/1155 11/27/70

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Randall sneaks into Gerard's room and snoops around. He finds a box in the bottom drawer of a desk, and opens it up to see the bejeweled mask. He hears someone at the door. It opens and Edith walks in. She asks where Gerard is, and then asks what he's doing there. He turns the tables on her, asking what she's doing there. She says she came with a message from Gabriel. He points out that she's a modern woman, coming to a man's bedroom. She uses Gabriel's disability as an excuse. He asks if Gerard and Gabriel are friends, and then asks her if she knows Gerard better. She says she's done nothing wrong coming there, and asks him again what he's doing. He tells her that he's curious. He then asks Edith how his sister felt about Gerard. He then follows up asking her how well Gerard knows Quentin, and he's surprised to hear that they are the best of friends. They agree not to mention running into each other to anybody.

Gabriel looks around Collinwood for Edith when Mr. Grimes comes looking for Quentin. When he hears that he isn't there, he says he'll go straight to the constable. Gabriel asks him if it's a serious matter. He invites Grimes in to wait for Quentin. Gabriel asks how things are at Weatherby Farm. Grimes tells him that he's not planning to sell them his land. Gabriel says Grimes' cows broke through the fence yesterday, and Grimes points out that they're all dead. 

Quentin arrives and addresses Grimes. Grimes accuses Quentin of being responsible for his herd of cows being killed. Quentin asks if he's been talking to Trask. Grimes says the whole town knows. Quentin pushes Gabriel out of the drawing room. Grimes says there was nothing wrong with his herd when they died. He lists off all the strange phenomena that has been occurring in Collinwood,  Quentin denies having anything to do with it. He tells Grimes to get out. Quentin threatens him, and Gabriel laughs as Grimes runs out. 

In the woods, someone follows Grimes. He hears someone following him, and calls to Quentin, saying he's prepared to fight him. He pulls a gun and fires. Randall appears and asks Grimes what he's doing. Grimes tells him to follow him. They find a paper with the Devil's mark stuck to a tree with a knife. Grimes says it's a warning Quentin left for him. Randall asks him if he's sure it was Quentin. Grimes tells Randall to get his sister out of the house while he still can.

Edith is sitting by the fireplace when she hears someone coming. She hides in the shadows as Gerard comes into his room. She asks him where he has been. He tells her to nevermind. She asks if he's going to be nice to her, or awful as he is sometimes. He kisses her, and then walks away. She tells him she can't stand it at Collinwood anymore. He says she took a big chance coming to his room, and she says he should be glad she did. He asks what she means. She tells him she caught Randall in his room, at his desk. Gerard sees the case with the mask has been opened. She asks him what's in the box, and he tells her she'll find out one night soon. She reminds him that she'll do anything for him. He tells her to go to Collinwood and find out who Randall has talked to.  He says he's going to go to the village to see if Randall is still at Trask's. He kisses her once again, and then sends her away. He hides the box with the mask.

Gabriel is in the foyer when Edith returns to Collinwood. He asks where she has been, and she says she was at the old house. He asks if Barnabas is the new object of her devotion. She asks him if Randall has been there, and Gabriel says he is more her type. She goes to ask someone else. He grabs her hand and says they're going to have a chat about why she went to the old house. She admits that she did not go to the old house. 

Randall comes in and asks them to tell them exactly what is happening in Collinwood, showing them the paper with the Devil's sign. He says it was left as a warning to Grimes. Gabriel dismisses it. Randall says Trask was right that there was something supernatural about his sister's death. He says tonight is the final proof — Desmond's attack through Quentin's voodoo doll. He asks how close Quentin is to Gerard, and Gabriel says very close. He says he's going to the police to meet Trask, and Gabriel tells him he admires how he can step outside his family and harm his sister, nephew and brother in law. He tells Gabriel he has no choice, and leaves. 

Edith is excited to think Quentin might go to jail. Gabriel says if that happens, he has many plans. He asks her why she was asking if Randall was there. She makes up a story about Samantha. Quentin comes in through the back door. Gabriel tells him that Randall is meeting up with Trask to go to the police, because they think he is a warlock. Quentin goes out after them. Gabriel sends Edith up to bed.

Randall waits in the woods for Trask. He hears someone approaching. He's surprised by who he sees. A gloved hand grabs Randall's throat and chokes him. The man stabs another piece of paper with the Devil's mark into the ground next to Randall's body.

Our thoughts: 

John: Who is this Grimes who appears to have arrived out of a Charles Dickens novel?
Christine: It was about time Thayer David showed up in 1840 to assume the role of Mordecai Grimes! 

John: I love how Randall reluctantly admits there was something supernatural about his sister's death. Oh, your vampire sister who disintegrated when you kept her from he coffin while the sun rose? Supernatural? Really?
Christine: That did not make a whole lot of sense, though I assume the supernatural aspect he's citing referred to how she became a vampire, which was instigated unconventionally by witchcraft. 

John: Place your bets on the mystery man! I guess there really aren't too many choices. It seems pretty obvious that it has to be Gerard... but maybe, just maybe, the writers have another trick up their sleeves.
Christine: You never know. Sometimes they make us think that it couldn't be the obvious choice and it turns out to be the obvious choice, though every now and then they hit us with something completely unexpected. Let's hope for the latter this time. 

Thursday, November 26, 2020

11/26/70 Pre-emption: Thanksgiving

As we reach our final Thanksgiving pre-emption in our 50th anniversary blogging of Dark Shadows, we want to thank each and every one of you who has joined us on this five-year journey!


Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1153 11/25/70

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Daphne finds Trask sneaking out of Quentin's laboratory. He tells her that she had better forget what she saw. She says she intends to tell Quentin he was there. He asks if she's already in league with the Devil. He says she can tell Quentin that he found the weapon he used against Desmond, and he will bring the wrath of God down upon him, ridding the house of the witchcraft of which he has defiled it. He shows her the voodoo doll he found in Quentin's lab. Daphne doesn't believe him. She goes to find Quentin, and Trask leaves Collinwood.

Daphne answers a knock at the door. It's Randall. He introduces himself and says he's looking for Quentin. She says she doesn't know where he is, and invites him to stay in the drawing room while she looks for him. He says she looks familiar, and asks her name. She tells him, and he doesn't recognize her name. Quentin arrives and Daphne starts to tell him about Desmond. She says Trask says he was dying, and then he made some statements she doesn't want to repeat. Randall says he'll go to Rose Cottage, and Quentin says he'll join him there shortly. In the drawing room, Daphne says Trask found a voodoo doll in his laboratory that he said Quentin used to harm Desmond. He asks where Trask went, and when she says Rose Cottage, he leaves. 

Trask visits Gerard, and shows him the voodoo doll, proving that Quentin is a warlock. Gerard seems unimpressed. He asks if that constitutes proof. He points out that it could have been planted. Trask asks why Gerard is so determined to defend him. Trask says the ascot is the reason Desmond is choking. Gerard says there's only one way to find out.

Trask and Gerard go to Desmond's room.  Gerard removes the ascot from the doll's neck and Desmond rises, wondering what's going on. He says he couldn't breathe. Trask asks how he's feeling now, and Desmond says the pressure on his throat is gone. Trask says he has the weapon that was causing it. He shows Desmond the doll, and Desmond says that he gave it to Quentin as a gift. 

Quentin arrives at Rose Cottage. Randall says Trask and Gerard are upstairs with Desmond. He says Daphne cause Trask sneaking around his lab, looking for something he could pin on him. Randall suggests that he have Trask arrested for breaking and entering. Quentin asks Randall what he wanted to talk about, and he says he'd rather wait until after Quentin speaks to Trask. Randall says he feels like he has met Daphne before. They speak of Joanna, and Randall says he doesn't know or care if Quentin still sees her. Quentin tells him that Joanna committed suicide six months ago. He's shocked. He asks Quentin why she did it. He says he doesn't know, and adds that he was at sea when it happened. Randall realizes that he has met Daphne before — as a child. He says that she's Joanna's sister. He realizes Quentin already knows, and asks if Samantha is aware. Quentin begs him not to say anything. Randall assumes Quentin installed her in the house. Randall is terribly upset. He accuses Quentin of killing Joanna, and says he now wants to kill his younger sister. Randall warns him not to ruin her life. 

Trask comes in, and tells Randall that it's dangerous to threaten Quentin. Quentin warns Trask to stop his witchcraft talk, and tells him to stay out of Collinwood. Trask asks if he denies having a voodoo doll. Quentin says he has a voodoo doll, but it was in his room. Trask accuses Quentin of using it to choke Desmond. Quentin says he doesn't care what Trask thinks, and accuses him of taking the doll from his room and planting it in his lab. Quentin tells him that he wants the doll back. Trask refuses, saying that he'll use it as evidence against him. Quentin tells him to stay off of his property, and storms out. Trask shows Randall the voodoo doll. Randall asks Trask if he's going too far. Trask says he's going to the police with his evidence tonight, and asks Randall to support him. Randall says he's going to talk to others at Collinwood, and if he feels Quentin is guilty, he will go with Trask to the police. 

Daphne reads Gerard a note she received from Joanna. Gerard says the answer to where it came from lies in the supernatural. She says they held a seance earlier, and she thinks Joanna appeared. Gerard expresses concern for Daphne. He tells her that things are going to change for her, if she lets him help her. They kiss, but after a moment she pushes him away. She asks how he can claim to be Quentin's friend. 

Quentin returns and tells Daphne that he talked to Trask. He asks her if something has happened with Gerard, and she says she received another note. Gerard leaves them. Quentin says he'll get to the bottom of it, and then asks her what happened while he was out. She says it's just the note.

Randall asks Desmond if he fought with Quentin earlier. He says he did, but he knows it's not Quentin. He says he thinks Gerard is responsible, but he can't provide proof.

Randall sneaks into Gerard's room and snoops around. He finds a box in the bottom drawer of a desk, and opens it up to see the bejeweled mask. He hears someone at the door.

Our thoughts: 

John: Is Daphne just playing games? Or does she really not know that Randall was her sister's beau?
Christine: It's possible she did not know since they were somewhat estranged and only communicating through letters. Also, Randall mentioned that she was still a little girl when he last saw her, so it could be she was too young to really remember.
John: It sure seems like Gerard's treachery can't stay in the dark much longer. And while we know he's currently possessed by Judah Zachery, it sure is hard to separate where one man ends and the other begins, because we knew Gerard was one sketchy dude well before he was possessed.
Christine: I think the fact that Gerard was of low moral character made him ripe for possession by an evil entity. Without Judah he was simply a no-good scoundrel, but with him, he is much more malicious and dangerous.

John: Randall is an interesting character. He maintains a certain amount of skepticism even in the face of mounting evidence of the supernatural existing. Do you think he knows what the bejeweled mask is, and where it came from?
Christine: Randall is full of surprises, so he may know something about the mask, but may not live to tell about it if he does.


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1152 11/24/70

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Desmond tells Flora that Gerard is responsible, as he chokes. Something is choking him, and Flora calls to Leticia. She comes running and asks what happened to Desmond. He tells her to get Julia. Flora sends her to get Julia, and she says Julia can't help him — that this is the Devil's work.

Trask asks Julia if she's as anxious to find out how Roxanne became a vampire. She says she is, but does not like his insinuations about her brother. She explains that Barnabas is upset and has gone into seclusion. He asks her who took her to the lighthouse. She says it was Roxanne. He points out that she couldn't stay with her during the day, and asks why she didn't leave. She says she was too weak. She reminds him that he too was attacked, and doesn't remember all of the details. He leaves to speak to Samantha. 

Leticia runs in and tells Julia that Desmond needs her at Rose Cottage. Julia goes upstairs to get her medical bag. Leticia laments that something happens to every nice man she meets.

Desmond goes limp. Flora comes in with a glass of water and shakes him. He speaks to Quentin, who's not there. He warns him to stay away, because it's dangerous.

Julia comes downstairs and she and Leticia are about to leave when Valerie comes in. She's surprised to see Julia. Julia explains that she has to go treat Desmond, and Valerie lets her go. Once they leave, Angelique wonders how Julia escaped, as Roxanne would not let her go. She goes to the window and calls for Roxanne to appear to her. 

Julia arrives at Rose Cottage and examines Desmond. She asks how long he's been stricken. Flora tells her that he almost choked to death. She says he seems to be trying to choke again. Flora asks if he'll be all right. Julia says there's nothing physically wrong with him. Flora doesn't understand. Leticia says that she understands — she claims it's the Devil's work. She wonders who would want to do this to him. 

She takes his hand, and says it's someone not far from here. She sees a vision of the voodoo doll. She says it's on some stairs with Desmond's ascot around it's neck. She tells them someone is using black magic on him. Julia asks where it is, and Leticia says it's on stairs, but she can't recognize them.

Angelique finally gives up when Roxanne doesn't answer her call. Trask comes in and asks her if she knows where Samantha is. She says she hasn't seen her. Trask points out that Valerie always seems to be alone — without her husband. He asks if she knows where he is, and he says that he appears to have completely vanished. She says he might be at Rose Cottage helping with Desmond's emergency. 

Leticia asks Flora why Julia had to leave. She explains that she couldn't do any more for him. Trask arrives, and asks if he can help. She says that no one can help. He says the man who caused it can — Quentin. He claims that he is a warlock. He points out that Quentin and Desmond had a quarrel earlier. Trask asks what Julia's diagnosis was. Flora says she found nothing physically wrong. Trask says that he's correct in assuming that it was witchcraft. Flora says she believes in witchcraft, just not that Quentin is responsible. She mentions what Leticia saw. He asks where the doll was. She says she saw the doll on stairs that didn't seem to lead anywhere. Trask considers stairs to nowhere, and then thanks Leticia and  leaves.

Julia asks Angelique if she plans to kill off the entire Collins family since she failed with her. She asks what Julia is talking about, and she says witchcraft. Angelique asks her to explain her accusation. Angelique says she doesn't just harm someone for no reason, and she never met Desmond. She asks how Julia destroyed Roxanne. She explains that Roxanne's brother kept her from her coffin at dawn, and now she's at peace. Julia says that someone is using witchcraft against Desmond, and it's in Angelique's interest to help them find out who it is. She asks why. Julia says if anything happens to Desmond, there will be questions, and she will become the one accused.  

Trask arrives at Collinwood and sneaks around.

Angelique tells Julia to guard the door. She says she'll try to contact whoever is using black magic. She kneels by the fire and speaks to the flames. She calls out to the other witch or warlock. She sees the face of Judah Zachery in the fire. She gets up, disturbed. Julia asks what she saw. Angelique says whoever the witch is, he's hostile to her as well, and there's nothing more that she can do. Julia starts to leave, and Angelique reminds her that nothing has changed between them, and she will deal her at the first opportunity that presents itself.

Trask sneaks into the basement of Collinwood, and finds Quentin's stairway to nowhere. He finds the voodoo doll. He thinks he has finally found the proof that Quentin is a warlock.

Our thoughts: 

John: So I understand for dramatic reasons that they don't want to kill Desmond, but if Gerard/Judah had tied a knot around his neck and left it, why would the choking come and go? He should have been dead ten times over.
Christine: Maybe Judard loosened the knot a bit before planting it on the Stairway into Time, so that it would continue to constrict but not kill. You know how the witches on this show like to prolong the suffering.
John: Was Angelique expecting to reach Roxanne's ghost voicemail? When your undead servant doesn't answer the call, that's not a good sign. Of course you might think that she would still be able to reach her in the great beyond...
Christine: I'm not sure why Angelique was so surprised that Julia had escaped when she didn't bother to stick around to see her plan to fruition. Was she off shopping in Bangor? Is that where Barnabas is hanging out now? 

John: I thought we might get an extended Julia/Angelique team-up — not that it could ever last — but I was surprised that they were back to their old rivalry before Julia even left the room.
Christine: I am hoping for a magical duel between Judah and Angelique. I wonder if he will finish his business with Quentin first before turning his eye to her. 


Monday, November 23, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1151 11/23/70

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Daphne and Quentin prepare for the seance. She is reluctant, but sits down at the table. He explains the process, and holds her hands. He begins the ritual, and calls for Joanna to communicate through one of them. He asks her to appear to them, or give them a sign. Lightning flashes outside. Quentin asks her to appear to them and speak. The drawing room doors swing open, and a figure stands in the shadows. Daphne asks if it's Joanna. Quentin gets up and Daphne tries to stop him. The figure in the shadows is gone. 

Quentin says they have to try and contact her again. She says Joanna came, and that should be enough. She says Joanna will never be at peace if she stays in the house. He asks if she thinks Joanna doesn't want them to be together, and she says she does. He kisses her, and Daphne tells him no. He promises to follow her if she leaves. He says they'll find a way to bring Joanna the peace she deserves. He asks her to tell him that she'll stay. She asks him to promise that they won't see each other alone. She says that by being together, they've drawn Joanna from her grave. He says it will be very difficult.

Desmond finds Judah Zachery's journal in Gerard's room. Gerard walks in and asks what he has. He says it's the journal he asked him about, that he said he had never seen. Gerard says he found it on the table the other night. Desmond doesn't believe his excuse. Gerard asks if he's threatening him again, Desmond says he intends to do more than just send him away. Gerard asks if he can finish reading the journal, and Desmond tells him to imagine the rest. 

Gerard goes to see Flora. She tells him that she's found an exciting new subject to write about — vampirism. She says that Roxanne came back from the dead as a vampire. She tells him that she's at peace now. She says Barnabas and Randall found her and put her to rest. Gerard asks how Barnabas got involved. Flora says Roxanne kidnapped Julia, and he tracker her down. She says it will be her best book yet. He asks if she's seen Desmond, and he says he came in, put something in a cabinet, and then left. Gerard asks her if she has a key to the cabinet, and she says Desmond must have it.

Trask tells Gerard that Quentin is involved in the ways of witchcraft with Barnabas. Gerard asks why Barnabas would use Roxanne as a vampire. Trask says in order to destroy their enemies, like him. Gerard points out that Barnabas also was responsible for her destruction. Trask says that was only because she disobeyed them and attacked Julia. He says they will try to stop them, so they must strike the first blow, Trask adds that Lorna had the mark of the Devil on her forehead. He adds that it's the same as the one on Quentin's ring. Gerard explains that he gave Quentin that ring. 

He asks Trask why Quentin would be interested in witchcraft. Trask says it's do he can twist their minds to do his bidding. Gerard reminds him that Quentin is a very good friend. Trask says that his case against Quentin is becoming more and more clear. Trask leaves, and Gerard takes out his sigil matching Quentin's ring. 

Desmond asks for Quentin's help with his mother. He says that Gerard must leave the house, because he's a dangerous, evil man. Quentin asks if he has a reason for saying that. Desmond says he found Judah Zachery's journal in Gerard's room. Quentin asks if someone else could have put it there. Trask interrupts them. He points out that evil is a corrupting agent. He tells Quentin that soon everyone will know what he knows. 

Gerard tells Quentin that Desmond should apologize to him. Quentin asks him to get along with Desmond. Gerard asks if Quentin found more letters. He says he did, and points out that he and Daphne are in love. Gerard asks him to tell him more about her, and Quentin says he shouldn't have mentioned it. He leaves and Gerard says Quentin always got what Gerard wanted... and he says that he, Judah Zachery, wants Daphne, and he will have her. He grabs his sigil and calls for Daphne to sleep. 

Daphne is reading in the drawing room when she suddenly grows tired. 

Gerard calls to Daphne, telling her that she will be completely his.

Daphne falls asleep and dreams. In her dream, she sees Gerard. She goes to him and they kiss. He tells her that when she wants to see him, she will have to come to him. They kiss again. He pulls away from her and tells her to come to him whenever she wants to see him. She calls to him as he leaves, and wakes. She gets up and leaves Collinwood.

Daphne arrives at Rose Cottage. Gerard tells her that he was expecting her. She says she doesn't understand why she's there. He asks if she's come to see him. She seems confused. He asks if she realizes how important he is to her. He asks why she's always fighting him. They hear the door, and Desmond comes in. Daphne excuses herself and runs off. 

Desmond asks Gerard what he's up to now. Gerard says he only wishes that he had the powers Desmond thinks that he does. He leaves, and Desmond remobes the journal from the locked cabinet. He wonders what Gerard could have learned from reading it. He hears Flora and Gerard outside his room, and calls his mother in to see him. He tells her that he wants Gerard out of the house. She tells him Gerard is invaluable.

Gerard wraps a cloth around the neck of a tiki idol. He tells Desmond that it's his last chance before tightening the cloth around the doll's neck.

Desmond begins to choke. Flora calls for help and Gerard rushes in. Desmond tells him to get out. Before he leaves, Gerard picks up Judah's journal.

Our thoughts: 

John: That sure look liked Angelique's silhouette in the doorway... what a cop out to just have her 'disappear.'
Christine: I'd still like to believe it was Laura Collins, but it's most likely the person who is impersonating Joanna. After Samantha's histrionic performance the other day when Quentin played his Joanna tune on the piano, it's looking more and more like she may be the one responsible for the Joanna notes. 
John: I can't wait to read Flora's vampire book! Do you think it will be a novel? Or a non-fiction interview with the vampire a la parallel-time's Will Loomis?
Christine: I'm rather intrigued by "The Call of the Wild Goose" by Flora Collins, which surely inspired Jack London. I expect she will be penning a vampire novel to inspire Bram Stoker next. 

John: Thanks for reminding us that you're possessed by Judah Zachery, Gerard. But doing so raised another question. Why is it he would need to read Judah's journal to know what's in there?
Christine: Maybe he just doesn't want Desmond to read all his entries about how much he loves Daphne and wants to make kissy face with her.