Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 418 - 1/31/68

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Barnabas sits up in his coffin, surprised to still be alive. Ben tells him that he couldn't kill him. Ben admits that he betrayed Barnabas, who clutches his throat.

Ben explains that he tried, but couldn't do it.

He says Angelique prevented him from harming Barnabas. He tells him that Angelique says she'll prevent anyone from destroying him.

Ben mentions that he spoke to Josette, and that she remembers Barnabas' promise, and feels his presence. Ben tells him she's going away, because she's been convinced she's in danger here. Barnabas realizes he cannot see Josette again, and leaves the crypt.

Alone, Ben once again see's the laughing, disembodied head of Angelique. She says if Barnabas refuses to come to Josette, then she will come to him. She begins to call Josette's name, and slowly her voice morphs into that of Barnabas.

Josette lies in bed sleeping, hearing the voice of Barnabas call her name. Angelique's disembodied head appears in Josette's room, promising her that if she opens up to her, all her wishes will be granted. She tells Josette she will see her in dreams but only in shadows, and hear only a disembodied voice.

In Josette's dream Angelique guides her to Barnabas. She says that when she tells her, she will turn and see the place where Barnabas can be found. Angelique tells her to turn and she does, screaming as she finds herself in the cemetery.

Josette bolts up in bed, screaming. She gets up and says she knows where Barnabas is. She hears his voice, calling her, and leaves the room.

Josette makes her way to the cemetery. Ben finds her in the woods and asks what she's doing. He offers to take her home, and she says that she's fine. He asks why she's going to the graveyard and she tells him she doesn't have to answer to him. She hears Barnabas again, but Ben does not. He tells her if she heard a voice that sounded like Barnabas, it was not. Suddenly, he stops speaking when he sees Angelique's disembodied head. Josette asks if he will come with her. He explains he has to get back, and it wasn't his place to stop her to begin with. As if in a trance, Ben walks away, leaving her alone.

Josette makes her way to the Collins family crypt. Inside, she's startled when the door closes behind her and Barnabas is there. He asks why she came, and Josette explains that she heard his voice. She asks why he didn't tell her he was alive. She says he promised to return, and he has. He begs her to leave. She reminds him that he loves her. He says if she loves him, she will go. He says there are powers controlling them, and she suggests that love is controlling them. She pleads with him to hold her in his arms, and he does. drawing her hair back and exposing her neck. He bares his fangs to bite her neck...

Our thoughts

John: I wonder where Angelique is dialing in from. The afterlife? Limbo?

Christine: Wherever it is, apparently only her head can make it through. Maybe she figures Barnabas can't hurt her if she's got no neck to throttle or bite.

John: Angelique certainly dialed up her control of Ben today. If she had exerted this much control over him previously, she might still be alive. Well, more alive. 

Christine: Naomi is probably dead drunk, Joshua probably doesn't care, and Millicent is most likely making out with Lt. Forbes, but where's the Countess while Josette is screaming her head off in her bedroom? You'd think she'd come running.

John: Here we go again! Barnabas about to bite down on Josette, just like he'll bite down on Maggie Evans 200 years from now!

Christine: Like Josette, Maggie also had a dream and woke up screaming before Barnabas came calling. And just like his first visit to Maggie, Barnabas has once again forgotten to bring his fangs.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 417 - 1/30/68

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Barnabas tells Ben to drive a stake through his heart in the morning to end his torment and give him peace. Ben reluctantly agrees to do it. Barnabas tells him that after he has freed Vicki, he should take whatever money is left to live off of, away from Collinsport. Barnabas then tells Ben he must see Josette one more time. He plans to go to her room while he sleeps just to see her. Ben says it's not safe, and asks what if he can't help himself and harms her? Barnabas says he could never harm Josette. Ben begs him not to do it. Barnabas tells Ben he can go

While Josette sleeps, a bat appears in her room, and transforms into Barnabas. He says goodbye, and as he stands watching her, the Countess enters her room. She sees Barnabas before he disappears.

Josette wakes up and asks what's wrong. The Countess tells her they must leave Collinwood immediately, and Josette replies that she can't leave, because Barnabas promised to return to her. The Countess says Josette is not safe, and she explains that she's not afraid to die. The Countess then tells Josette that she saw her own death in the Tarot cards, and she too will die if she remains in Collinwood. She tells Josette that she won't leave without her, but that means she will die in Collinwood. Josette agrees to leave to ensure the safety of the Countess.

Ben finds Josette in the garden before dawn. He asks her if everything is alright. She asks why he's looking at her so strangely. He explains that he's been worried about her; about all the women, considering the recent events. Josette tells him she wouldn't dream of going in to Collinsport, and adds that she and the Countess will be leaving soon. Ben tells her she'll be happy when she's far away from Collinwood. She tells Ben that Barnabas promised her that he'd return, which is why she doesn't want to leave. Ben explains that Barnabas is dead, so he can never come back.

At dawn, Ben brings a stake and mallet to the Collins family crypt. He enters, and makes his way to the secret chamber. He approaches the coffin and opens it, the sleeping Barnabas inside. He prepares to drive the stake through his heart when he hears the maniacal laughter of a woman.

Josette's head appears, and asks Ben if he thought she would allow him to end her curse. She points out that his stake has disappeared, and that he'll never be able to do as Barnabas asks.

She sends him away. She looks down on the body of Barnabas and tells him he shall never escape her curse—nor shall Josette.

Our thoughts

John: Barnabas is being awfully melodramatic. You'd think he had been a vampire for hundreds of years at this point, the way he tells Ben how he's longed for peace...

Christine: Now we know where his penchant for watching women while they sleep originated.

John: It's the dreaded floating Angelique head! I guess we shouldn't be surprised, but I didn't expect her to go all Obi-Wan Kenobi and be more powerful in death.

Christine: She must be sorta mad that Barnabas choked the life out of her, since she was all for staking him when she was alive. I love how she floated out of the way so that Ben could pass by.

John: Poor Barnabas... just when he thought he could sleep in peace, his fling with Angelique comes back to haunt him once again (this time literally!).

Christine: Barnabas is not going to be happy when he wakes up and finds out his wife still hovers over him. It's a surprising twist to have Angelique resurrect herself once again to continue her reign of terror. She's more powerful than we were led to believe.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 416 - 1/29/68

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Naomi is drinking by the fireplace in the drawing room when Joshua arrives home. He chastises her, and she describes how she has already seen the first bird of the morning. He starts to leave, and she says she has something to tell him. He says he's sure it can wait, and she says it CAN wait, because nothing can change it. She tells him that their daughter Sarah is dead. She says she's relieved; as Sarah was suffering. Joshua can't believe it. Naomi says they can call her and she'll come running. She asks Joshua to leave her alone.

He says he would have been there had he known. Naomi blasts him for not caring about his son, daughter or wife. She tells him that Vicki warned her that Sarah would die unless some miracle could save her. He suggests Vicki killed Sarah, and Naomi clarified that she warned her in order to try and save Sarah. Joshua suggests Naomi cannot spot a clever ruse. He can't understand why she would defend the woman who killed their child. Naomi tells him that he wants revenge—but not for Sarah; for himself. She tells him that Sarah is in her room if he'd like to say goodbye to her.

Joshua visits Vicki in jail. She realizes that her warning didn't help. He says it wasn't to help Sarah, but herself. He asks why he wanted to kill his daughter, and Vicki tells him that he tried to save her. She thought that somehow the past could be changed. He asks what she means by that. He reminds her that her life is in danger. He asks how she could know Sarah was going to die if she's not a witch. Vicki tells him she comes from another century. She explains she comes from the future, and is trapped in the past. She tells him that she loved Sarah and wanted to help her. She says that from what she read on the Collins' history, she knew Sarah would die on her 11th birthday, and she thought if she could help her live past that day, she might survive. Joshua tells her that she should enjoy her last few sunrises and sunsets, as she contemplates the fires of hell in which she will surely burn.

Ben returns to the family crypt and enters the secret room, where Barnabas is standing by his coffin. Ben explains that the funeral is over, and everyone has returned to the house. Ben says that everyone blames Vicki, and Barnabas says that he's responsible. He says he should give himself up as the real murderer. Ben tells him he can help Vicki escape. With some jewels, he could get her far away from Collinsport. Barnabas says it might not work. He says there is only one way. He will go into the village tonight and turn himself in so that they will free Vicki. As he begins to leave, Ben hears someone in the crypt. It's Naomi. She lies across Sarah's coffin.

Joshua finds Naomi in the crypt, and tells her he must take her home. She says that both her children are here now. He reminds her that she must be silent, as no one can find out that Barnabas is buried in the secret room. She says she failed to save them from their deaths, as well as Joshua's coldness and bitterness. Joshua shows some emotion over the loss of his children, and Naomi offers to take him home.

Ben says he'll see that Vicki escapes. Barnabas says he'll await the sunrise, and Ben asks if he means the sunset. Barnabas says that Sarah is at peace, and at sunrise, he too will be at peace. Barnabas asks him to prepare a stake from a holly tree, and drive it through his heart in the morning. Ben says he won't do it, but Barnabas gets him to agree to it.

Our thoughts

John: I did enjoy when Naomi tells Joshua not to leave, as she doesn't want to be alone, and then to leave, as she does want to be alone. Was she drunk, or was it an acting flub?

Christine: I think she may have initially wanted Joshua to stay to feel less alone, but realized it wouldn't have made a difference since he is no source of comfort. Naomi has lost the only two people in the world who truly cared for her, and is a step away from Widows' Hill with the sherry bottle in hand.

John: I guess it's only fair that Joshua know Vicki's story, too. Everyone else in Collinwood does...

Christine: Vicki has really set herself up to be convicted for witchcraft even with the demise of Angelique and an end to the spells she was casting.

John: Do you think Louis and Joan swapped script pages? Out of the blue, Joshua and Naomi seem to change roles as far as who is suffering, and who will take the other home.

Christine: It appeared that Joshua was beginning to overcome the shock of Sarah's death to realize he's lost both of his children, and Naomi took on a protective role when she saw him express emotion. I liked that she reached up as though she were going to open the secret room. It would have been interesting to have her and Joshua walk in on Ben and Barnabas.

John: Did Barnabas forget that Ben already prepared a holly stake to pierce his heart? It should still be on the floor in the secret room.

Christine: He probably forgot about it amidst the confusion over waking up dead and gleefully strangling his wife. I was wondering how he knew the stake should be made from a holly tree. It's clear his loyal servant will be unable to complete the task he has requested, but it remains for us to find out what will prevent him from doing so.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 415 - 1/26/68

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Barnabas returns to the family crypt. Sarah looks up and sees him. She tells him she's been waiting for him. He tells her she must go home, and she asks him to carry her home. He says he cannot, and she must not say that she saw him. She sees the blood on his mouth, and says he's not Barnabas. She runs from the crypt as he calls after her.

Millicent returns home and tells Naomi they haven't yet found Sarah. She says she keeps thinking of what Vicki said. Millicent suggests that Vicki is responsible, and Naomi says she's sure that Vicki is innocent.

Barnabas wanders in the woods looking for Sarah. He runs into Ben, who is also searching for Sarah. Ben tells him he can't be seen by anyone. Barnabas explains that it's his fault Sarah is missing. Barnabas suggests they return to the mausoleum before the sun rises. He tells Ben to continue looking for Sarah, and Ben reminds him to take care of himself, as it's almost dawn.

Sarah hides behind Jeremiah's tombstone. She sees Barnabas return and walk past her. He enters the crypt.

Ben enters the cemetery calling for Sarah. He finds her hiding between tombstones. He picks her up to carry her home. He asks her what happened but she doesn't speak. He assures her that everything will be all right.

Millicent looks out the drawing room. Naomi joins her and asks how long she was resting. Millicent tells Naomi she had only been resting for an hour. She sees Ben outside, approaching the house with Sarah in his arms.

Sarah is in bed, watched over by her mother Naomi, when Millicent brings in tea. Sarah does not speak. Ben enters with a tray of towels the doctor prepared. He asks how Sarah is doing, and Sarah smiles at him. Sarah is unable to speak. Millicent says she can write. The give Sarah a chalkboard and she writes Barnab—. Millicent explains that he's away in England, but he'll be back. She reacts fearfully to that statement.

Barnabas wakes and calls for Ben.

Naomi applies hot compresses to Sarah's forehead. She tells Millicent to go have her dinner, and that Ben will stay with her. Ben says he has to go somewhere, but ultimately agrees to stay. Naomi tells Ben that Sarah would never be afraid of her own brother. She tells Ben it's strange that she would associate him with Barnabas, and couldn't understand why Sarah would be afraid at the thought of Barnabas returning.

Barnabas wonders where Ben is, and whether he can risk going to the house to check on Sarah. He steps back into the shadows when someone approaches. When he sees it's Ben, he asks for an update. Ben confirms that she's alive, but if she doesn't get better soon, she'll die. Barnabas blames himself, and says he must go see Sarah. Ben tells him that she can't speak. He also says that Barnabas will need his help.

Millicent tells Naomi to  go eat. She does, and then Ben enters. He offers to cover for Millicent, who has somethings to do. Once she's gone, Ben is able to make way for Barnabas to visit Sarah. He apologizes for frightening her, and tells her to promise him she'll get better. She asks him to hold her, and he does as she sits up. She tells him she loves him, and dies in his arms.

Our thoughts

John: Naomi brags about nursing Joshua and Barnabas through their illnesses. Um, in case you forgot, Naomi, Barnabas died...

Christine: I think she was referring to nursing them through la grippe, not the plague.

John: Why did Barnabas come across as being trapped in the crypt while waiting for Ben to arrive? Sure, he could help him meet with Sarah, but it's not like he couldn't have gone out on his own.

Christine: I think he didn't want to make the mistake of getting caught lurking around the bushes by anyone else. Poor Barnabas. He remembered that part of Angelique's curse was that anyone who loved him would die, and helped fulfill that by strangling her, but he hasn't taken into consideration how it might also affect Sarah, Josette and Naomi. I suspect Joshua will be okay.

John: I was kind of hoping that Naomi would walk in on Barnabas holding his dead sister in his arms... Fortunately, we already know that they'll (eventually) meet again.

Christine: It was a poignant moment. I wonder if Sarah will make her first ghostly appearance in 1795, or if she'll wait around until Barnabas returns in 1967 to show up.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 414 - 1/25/68

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In the family crypt, Sarah calls to Barnabas. The door slams shut, trapping her inside.

Millicent and Nathan return to Collinwood after viewing an eclipse of the moon. She suggests that he must be going, and he continues to flirt with her. She says he makes her do things she should not do. Before you know it, he proposes to her, and she accepts. She says they will be married in New York, and then return to Collinwood so he can resume his work with the Navy. He says he was considering a change, and gives her reasons why she wouldn't want him in the Navy once they were married. Naomi calls for Sarah and walks in on them. They attempt to explain what they were up to, but all Naomi is interested in is whether they've seen Sarah.

Sarah calls for help from within the family crypt.

Naomi says that when she got back from town, she found that Sarah had not been in her bed. Nathan suggests she might have gone to watch the eclipse. He says he'll go look for her and leaves. Naomi says that Joshua will be furious that she left Sarah alone. She mentions Victoria, and Millicent refers to her as a witch. Naomi says witches don't warn people. Millicent asks for more details. Naomi explains that Vicki warned her about Sarah dying on her birthday. When she got back and found Sarah was gone, she believes that Vicki may be able to predict the future.

Sarah calls for Barnabas, asking him to please find her.

Barnabas approaches a woman standing by the water. She recognizes him, and says he frightened her. She says she knows she shouldn't be out alone after what happened to other girls. She tells Barnabas that she heard he had gone to England. She flirts with him, offering to go walking with him. She says she can't wait until her friends hear about the two of them.

She says the Revered Bland has written a whole sermon about her. She invites him to the Eagle for a drink, and he explains that he really should be going. He asks if she's waiting for someone else. He says she's very pretty, and when she says she has to tell her friends he said that, he asks her not to tell anyone she saw him. He starts to leave but she convinces him to stay. She snuggles up against him and he makes a move to bite her. She backs away, and falls into the ocean.

Nathan calls for Sarah in the woods. Millicent joins him, and says if Naomi is right, there's a curse on everyone at Collinwood. She says everyone that falls in love becomes miserable. He offers to take her to the house, and she says they have to keep looking. She asks if he checked near the cemetery, and Nathan explains that a child would be too frightened to do that.

Barnabas kneels at Jeremiah's grave, commiserating with him. He thinks at least Jeremiah has a chance at rest, while his eternity offers no escape. He cries out.

Millicent tells Nathan she heard a human cry.

Barnabas returns to the family crypt. Sarah looks up and sees him. She tells him she's been waiting for him. He tells her she must go home, and she asks him to walk her home. He says he cannot, and she must not say that she saw him. She sees the blood on his mouth, and says he's not Barnabas. She runs from the crypt as daylight breaks on the horizon.

Our thoughts

John: Good thing for Millicent that Naomi was too preoccupied with Sarah to get upset with her fooling around with Nathan in the drawing room.

Christine: Nathan is a real scalawag. He's looking at living the high life off Millicent's fortune. Millicent is going to get whiplash the way she's always whipping her head away from his smoochy lips.

John: Barnabas almost got to play Jack the Ripper! Question is, did Ruby drown? Or did he just leave her to swim away? I guess we'll find out if the constable comes calling...

Christine: I think that he fished her out and then had himself a nice meal. He couldn't risk letting her get away and expose him.

John: Sarah has been waiting all day to see Barnabas, and when he finally appears, she runs away because he has a little blood on his mouth?

Christine: Well, he's also dead and is not quite the same mild mannered brother she once knew. I was wrong about him learning to eat a little more neatly. You'd think a gentleman vampire would carry a handkerchief to dab about the bloodstained lips after an evening's refreshment.