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Dark Shadows Episode 395 - 12/29/67

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Joshua meets Barnabas in the drawing room of the new house. Barnabas tells him that he and Angelique will be married tonight. Joshua explains he will either marry her when he tells him he can, or he will not marry her at all. Joshua reminds him who is the master of the house, and Barnabas says that he thinks Joshua is trying to keep them from getting married. Joshua denies it, and Barnabas brings up his attempting to bribe Angelique to leave. Joshua admits that she turned down $10,000, so she must truly love him. Barnabas tells his father that he will proceed with or without his consent.

Joshua threatens to cut him off with a penny, take away his property and share of the family business, and remove Barnabas from his will. Barnabas tells him that he and Angelique will be married that night. Joshua tells him that he is no longer his son.

Angelique is putting things away in Josette's room when Barnabas enters. He tells her that his father was furious. He explains that he's been disinherited. If he marries her, he will have no money, no property, and no role in the family business. Angelique suggests that he'll change his mind. He gives her a chance to opt out of the marriage, and she tells him she did not fall in love with what he owned. He tells her to pack her bags, and they will leave tonight. Angelique kisses him when Josette walks in.

She says she could not help but overhear Barnabas, and says she's sorry his father was not understanding. She releases Angelique from any further obligation, and tells her that she will miss her. Angelique leaves, and Josette tells Barnabas that she will miss him, too. They wonder about how different things could have been, had they gotten married as planned. Barnabas tells her goodbye and leaves.

Barnabas and Angelique prepare to leave when Naomi stops them. She asks them to come into the drawing room. Barnabas says there's no point, but his mother insists. She tells them that they can live in the old house. The deed is in her name, and she offers it to them as a wedding present. Barnabas says he cannot accept it. She explains she's doing it for Joshua as well. In time, he'll admit he was wrong, and if Barnabas isn't around to accept his forgiveness, it will kill him. Barnabas agrees to stay in the old house.

Joshua finds Naomi sitting by the fire and joins her. He tells her that they're gone, but he expects he'll eventually come crawling back home. Naomi tells Joshua that Barnabas and Angelique are living at the old house. He threatens to have a constable remove him from his property. Naomi reminds him that the deed is in her name, and she gave it to them as a wedding gift. Joshua asked if she did it to spite him. She says Barnabas is their only son. Joshua warns her to obey his command not to see or speak to them.

At the old house, Barnabas leaves Angelique, explaining the minister will arrive shortly. Angelique walks around the old house smiling broadly.

The ghost of Jeremiah appears in the room, and she asks what he's doing there. She sends him back to his grave. He walks towards her, ignoring her commands. She begins to sound frightened as she tells him that she controls him, yet he continues towards her.

Our thoughts

John: Why would Barnabas give up everything just to live up to a promise he made to Angelique? Does he really have feelings for her?

Christine: I think Barnabas is trying to assert his independence by engaging in a battle of wills with his father. He may also have been a little freaked out by zombie Jeremiah's warning and wants there to be no chance for reconciliation with Josette. I guess it should not be surprising that Angelique does not care that Barnabas will be disinherited, considering her powers, though it does give her a redeeming quality to assert that she does not love Barnabas for what he owns. Will she ultimate transmogrify Joshua again to punish him?

John: Well, Josette, you had your chance to make one last pitch to Barnabas. Now you're losing your man and your servant in one fell swoop.

Christine: Josette is not really in a position to reclaim Barnabas after running off with Jeremiah. It seems Angelique's machinations may have finally succeeded.

John: I love how Angelique so calmly reacts to Jeremiah's appearance. Ah, the life of a witch. Too bad Reverend Trask has missed out on all of the supernatural goings on of the past week!

Christine: It looks like Jeremiah intends to set up house with the newlyweds to be. Incidentally, the portrait of Benjamin Collins that was identified in Episode 59 has already found its place in the foyer at Collinwood. I'm wondering if Jeremiah's portrait has already been painted and is waiting to be hung over the mantle in the drawing room.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 394 - 12/28/67

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André finds Angelique outside of the Countess' room. She explains they heard sounds from behind the locked door. As he makes plans to force the door, it opens on its own. They go in to find the room torn apart.

André is unwilling to believe something supernatural took place, but he can't otherwise explain things. Angelique suggests it may have been Jeremiah's ghost. Abigail enters, and upon seeing the state of the room, claims the devil has followed them into the new house. She says that Reverend Trask said they should clear the house of evil before moving in. She also says that the Collins family was never troubled until Victoria Winters and the duPrés arrived. André is insulted, and tells Abigail that he intends to tell her brother of her behavior.

As Angelique starts to leave, Abigail stops her. She intends to interrogate her. She tells Angelique she wants her to tell about her trickery. Angelique is surprised, and denies knowing what she means. Abigail says she used trickery on Barnabas. She explains that she knows how she got Barnabas to agree to marry her. She asks about the potion Angelique used to cure Sarah. Abigail tells Angelique that she doesn't fool her. She says that someone can cure ills may also be able to make people sick. Angelique says it's impossible, but then happens to mention that when Sarah was ill, Victoria was present. Abigail jumps on that, and while she doesn't dismiss her suspicion of Angelique as being in league with Vicki.

Abigail leaves, and Angelique calls for Jeremiah to appear. He does, and she tells him that he cannot return to his grave until he does one more thing for her.

Nathan stops in to see Barnabas. He asks to speak to him as a friend. He says the Countess told him that Barnabas is going to marry Angelique. He doesn't understand it, and Barnabas says it's too much to explain. He says that his father and aunt are against his marriage, and he hopes his friends will support him. He explains he has no choice. Nathan asks if he has to marry her because her honor is at stake, and Barnabas puts his mind at ease. Nathan asks about Josette, suggesting that the two of them might reconnect. Barnabas snaps at him, and then apologizes. Nathan leaves, saying he hopes Barnabas and Angelique will be happy together.

Barnabas hears the voice of Jeremiah. He turns to see him standing in the room. He says he wants in death what Barnabas would not give him in life—justice. He says Barnabas cannot have Josette, and Barnabas says that he'll marry Angelique. Jeremiah threatens to haunt him forever if he ever tries to marry Josette.

Angelique  comes to see Barnabas, and tells him his aunt Abigail is trying to prevent them from getting married. She says she was accused of making Sarah ill in order to trap him into marrying her. She says they must get married tonight. He says they promised his father they would wait, and she says that his aunt will find a way to stop them. He mentions that Jeremiah was just in his room, and threatened him if he ever married Josette. She tells him that the only solution is for them to be married tonight. He agrees, and says they will not run away to do it. He will go to speak to his father immediately.

Our thoughts

John Well, you've got to give Abigail credit for suspecting Angelique. But just when she had her on the ropes, Angelique drops the V-word and Abigail's suspicions return to our young Miss Winters.

Christine: I'm surprised she doesn't suspect they are in the same coven. Maybe it will take her a little more time to get around to that.

John: So is Jeremiah a ghost or a shambling cadaver? I was hoping for the latter after his prior appearances, but now he's back, via the bargain blue-screen, and it's not quite as impressive as when he's on set.

Christine: He seems to be a little bit of both. I think the voiceover also reduces his fear factor.

John: Can anyone explain why one of Jeremiah's eyes is hanging out of its socket? It's a good look, but I wish it were justified based on how he died. Unless they really want us to believe that Barnabas shot him in the face during their duel. Or it was damage from crawling out of the grave...

Christine: Perhaps he's just decomposing quickly.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 393 - 12/27/67

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Josette arrives at Jeremiah's grave with Naomi. She calls to Jeremiah to waken him, and as Naomi tries to explain that he's dead, a hand bursts from the grave. She screams and runs off with Naomi.

André discusses leaving Collinwood, and Joshua explains that they won't want to leave before Jeremiah's extensive estate has been settled. Josette and Naomi burst in. Josette hysterically explains that she heard Jeremiah's voice, and they went to his grave where she and Naomi saw Jeremiah's hand reach from his grave. André and Joshua assure her that Jeremiah is dead. Josette says that Jeremiah is going to come to find her. André takes Josette upstairs. Joshua dismisses Naomi's corroboration as the result of her drinking. She suggests that Joshua go to the grave to see for himself. Looking out the window, Naomi sees Jeremiah, his face partially wrapped in bandages, standing outside. She calls for Joshua to come look. By the time he gets to the window, he points out there is nothing there.

Naomi tells the Countess what happened. The Countess asks if Naomi now believes her that there's an evil force in the house. She agrees, though she also states that she doesn't believe that force is Miss Winters. The Countess says she's considered that Joshua could be responsible. She points out that everyone is a suspect, herself included. Naomi asks about Angelique, and the Countess dismisses that notion. They work through the family members and staff, and the Countess suggests Naomi's sister-in-law. She then says they really need to find Miss Winters.

The Countess checks in on Josette, who is sleeping. She sends André off to bed, and they leave Josette alone in her room. Jeremiah appears and approaches her bed. Josette sits up in terror. Jeremiah implores her to come with him. She screams for help, and the Countess rushes in to find her alone.

Josette wakes up to the sound of a rooster, and the Countess tells her to go back to sleep. Angelique enters with coffee for the Countess. She offers to stay with Josette, and the Countess agrees, saying she can help her pack for the move to the new house. Angelique starts packing, and Josette asks her to sit down with her. She asks if Angelique wishes they could go back to Martinique. She explains she plans to stay, and when Josette asks for details, she says if Barnabas has not explained, then she cannot say. Josette presses the issue, and Angelique tells her that Barnabas has asked for her hand in marriage. Josette is surprised by the news. She tells Angelique that she doesn't need to pack for her any more, and hopes that Barnabas makes her happy.

Joshua complains to Naomi about the state of his study in the new house. The Countess arrives with Angelique, and compliments Naomi on the work she's done preparing the new house. Naomi leads Angelique upstairs with the Countess' things. The Countess and Joshua look around the foyer.

Upstairs, Naomi tries to open the door to The Countess' room, which was to have been Jeremiah's room. They hear footsteps inside, and the Countess suggests it's Miss Winters. They hear a man's laughing from behind the door, and then Naomi runs downstairs to get Joshua.

Our thoughts

John: Once again, the excitement of the arrival of a dead character is tempered by the fact that they are unrecognizable. We never did get an explanation why Jeremiah's head was bandaged before his death, but his face is now a bloody mess. Were we to believe Barnabas shot him in the face?

Christine: I think it must have happened as a result of having to claw his way out of a coffin through rocky graveyard soil. I'm wondering if that's how his eyeball got popped out onto his cheek. 

John: Angelique's spilling the beans about her upcoming wedding didn't seem to have much of an impact on Josette. I guess that will come over time, once she gets over seeing her dead husband.

Christine: I thought she looked like she wanted to throw up after hearing the news, though maybe she was still thinking of her zombie husband's mutilated face.

John: I think the writers were reaching when they decided that Jeremiah would go to what was to be his room in the new house, as opposed to returning to his room at the old house. Is that why he came back—because he was really looking forward to his new room?

Christine: I thought Angelique was controlling him. Why would she have him hang out at the old house by himself, with everyone moving out? I wonder why he's laughing his head off in his room at the new house.

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Dark Shadows Episode 392 - 12/26/67

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Joshua asks Naomi if she wants the entire village to know that his brother was killed by his son. He says they'll tell everyone Jeremiah befell an accident. She asks what good his story will do, and he tells her that they're leaving the old house. Tomorrow they'll move to the new house. Naomi is shocked. She says the house is not ready, and Joshua says it's close enough. Naomi tells Joshua that Barnabas has decided to marry. He's shocked that Barnabas and Josette would do something so soon after Jermeiah's death, and Naomi clarifies he's not marrying Josette, he's marrying Angelique. Joshua sends Naomi to get Barnabas.

Joshua questions Barnabas, and tells him that he will tell the servant girl he has made a mistake. Barnabas says he has made a promise, and he was raised as a man of honor. Joshua says he will not let Barnabas make this mistake.

Barnabas says Angelique loves him, and Joshua says he's sure she does. Barnabas tells his father to leave them alone, confirming there's nothing he can do to stop them. Joshua is not convinced.

Barnabas makes his way to the cemetery, where he sees Josette placing flowers on Jeremiah's grave.

He wonders how he can tell her about he and Angelique before she hears the news from someone else. He wonders if telling her he's getting married will help her, allowing her to feel less remorse. He approaches her and they exchange pleasantries. Barnabas says that he killed him, and Josette points out that she could have come to him before they ran away. Barnabas tells her not to hate herself. She asks him what they're going to do. He says they must each move on and not wait for time to heal their wounds. He starts to talk, and she stops him, asking him not to say anything he might regret. Before he can say more, Angelique appears telling her the carriage is at the gate. She offers a ride to Barnabas as well, who declines. Josette leaves and Angelique asks if she interrupted something. Barnabas says she interrupted nothing, and she says she hopes not.

Naomi tells Joshua that he needs to treat Angelique kindly. She does not want him to turn Barnabas against them. Angelique enters and Joshua allows her to sit down. Naomi says Barnabas has told them the news, and Joshua tries to dismiss his wife. Joshua takes over the conversation, and asks Angelique why she wants to marry his son. She says they love one another, and Joshua says she made him promise under a time of duress. Angelique points out that it is not a crime to rise above one's station in life. Joshua says he has another way to do that, and attempts to offer her money. She says she only wants his approval, which Joshua declares she will never have. Joshua offers her $10,000 in gold as a ransom for his son's future. She doesn't say anything, and he asks if she wants more. She says she hopes someday he will like her. He asks when they plan to marry. She says very soon.

He says they should observe a decent period of mourning for Jeremiah. She says he's just asking for more time to fight her, and therefore they will be married at once. Naomi suggests that if she will wait an appropriate mourning period, she will offer her friendship for life. Angelique accepts Naomi's offer, and thinks the one threat to their happiness is now Josette.

Josette wakes to hear a voice telling her to come to Jeremiah. The voice says he's not dead, and beckons her to his grave.

Angelique speaks to a small coffin, telling Jeremiah that Josette has already decided to marry his killer. She tells him not to allow it.

Naomi has a late night cocktail. She sees Josette leaving the house, saying Jeremiah is not dead. Naomi puts on a coat and follows her.

Angelique opens her miniature coffin, and speaks to Josette saying Jeremiah is in his coffin, waiting for her voice to bring him back.

Josette arrives at Jeremiah's grave with Naomi. She calls to Jeremiah to waken him, and as Naomi tries to explain that he's dead, a hand bursts from the grave. She screams and runs off with Naomi.

Our thoughts

John: Sure, Barnabas, tell the love of your life you're marrying her servant. I'm sure that's just the remedy she's looking for.

Christine: I'm thinking Barnabas has not had much experience with women.

John: How could Josette NOT recognize Angelique's voice in the night, calling her to Jeremiah's grave?

Christine: Where did Angelique get her little coffin zombie maker? Did she nail that together herself, or is there a witch shop she goes for specialty items like this?

John: It's Night of the Living Dead in Collinwood! I'm sure you'll fill us in on who portrayed the hand of Jeremiah. I do hope his shambling corpse will make its way back to the house, and this won't turn out to be one of Josette's hallucinations. That would make for a great confrontation with Barnabas...

Christine: You can count on me to show some appreciation for the unsung, uncredited actors on Dark Shadows. I'm surprised you didn't recognize the graveyard hand as the same one that clutched Willie's throat. You can look forward to more of Timothy Gordon's handiwork in later episodes.

Louis Edmonds shows off his own expressive hands as he attempts to control Angelique.

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Dark Shadows - PRE-EMPTED - 12/25/67

No new episode aired 50 years ago today in honor of the Christmas holiday.

All of us at Dark Shadows Before I Die hope Santa brings you everything you wished for this year, and if he let you down, we hope Barnabas stepped in to fill his shoes!

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Dark Shadows Episode 390/391 - 12/22/67

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Naomi, Josette and her father sit by Jeremiah's bedside. She refuses to leave his side. She then points out a coldness that came over her. She says she feels the presence of death all around them, and that Jeremiah is going to die tonight.

André tells Barnabas that Josette believes Jeremiah will die tonight. He says she feels responsible for his condition. Barnabas explains that Jeremiah's blood is not on her hands—just his own. André begs him to make Josette believe that he doesn't blame her for what happened. He agrees to, and says perhaps Jeremiah will be well and they can live happily ever after.

As he leaves, he runs into Angelique, who says Sarah is with her doll and feeling better. André goes upstairs, and Angelique asks him if he plans to tell Josette they are getting married. Barnabas tells her they never spoke of marriage, and Angelique reminds him that he promised he would marry her if Sarah got better. He says he said that when he didn't think Sarah would survive. Angelique releases him from his promise, and begins to cry. She says that soon Josette may be a widow, and he can finally marry her. She says that she understands how he couldn't love a lowly servant like her. He asks if she can accept him, knowing how he feels about Josette. She says that all she wants is to be his wife. He tells her that he won't break his promise. She promises to make him happy, and he asks her not to tell anyone else. He'll tell his family and Josette in his own way. She agrees to be an obedient wife.

Naomi enters and asks Angelique to stay with Josette. She leaves, and Naomi asks when Barnabas will speak to Josette. He tells her that he has decided to marry Angelique. She tells him she hopes he's not making a mistake that he'll regret for the rest of his life.

Angelique checks on Josette, who asks her about Barnabas. She says her father said he had something to tell her. Angelique says that she knows what he's planning to tell her. Josette asks Angelique to tell her what he was going to say to her. She says he was going to tell her that he forgives her for marrying Jeremiah. Josette asks if her father told him to say that. Angelique says they spoke, but doesn't corroborate her claim. Josette blames herself for what has transpired, and says she wishes she were dead. She sends Angelique away.

André sits with Jeremiah. Barnabas enters, and André says he may not live through the night. He asks if Barnabas spoke to Josette. He says he may speak to her tomorrow. Something else came up tonight, and he doesn't want to talk to her about it yet. André suggests that he make his peace, and forgive Jeremiah. He then notices he can't tell if Jeremiah is breathing.

Josette sits up in bed and asks who's there. She hears a clock strike 2am. Jeremiah appears at the end of her bed, and she asks who is and what he wants. She realizes it's Jeremiah, but he doesn't answer her. He leaves her room and she follows him.

André pulls a sheet up over Jeremiah's head. Barnabas stands over the body when Josette runs in. She says she just saw Jeremiah in her room.

André tells her that's impossible, as Jeremiah just died.

Our thoughts

John: Has Anthony George already been let go? I can't otherwise imagine why Jeremiah's head was wrapped up like Imhotep in today's episode.

Christine: Episode 384 was Anthony George's last appearance. Poor guy got killed off twice with very little fanfare on either occasion. For some reason, he was not given the opportunity to act out a death scene. Timothy Gordon is on hand to play the ghost of Jeremiah, and it was also his hand that reached up from the unchained coffin to strangle Willie Loomis in Episode 210.

John: Why would Naomi not want Barnabas to marry cousin Millicent? Joshua was adamant that Jeremiah court her to get her wealth into the Collins family coffers.

Christine: Naomi wants Barnabas to be happy and marry for love instead of money, probably so he will not end up like her in a loveless marriage, seeking solace in the bottle. Nobody expected Jeremiah to fall in love with anyone, and he probably wouldn't have, if not for witchcraft and the devil's influence.

John: With Jeremiah now dead, will it be too late for Barnabas to ease Josette's suffering by forgiving her? Or will he be inclined to take advantage of the fact that she's once again single?

Christine: He promised to marry Angelique and sealed the deal by telling his mom what he was going to do. Josette is on the back burner until he spurns Angelique again, once he's made Josette suffer a little by planning to marry her servant. It's difficult to imagine Angelique being the obedient wife she promises to be to Barnabas.

Dark shadows in Josette's bedroom.