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Dark Shadows Episode 635 - 11/29/68

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Barnabas returns home. Julia asks him what happened. He explains that Nicholas has disappeared in a blaze of flame on Widow's Hill. He describes Blair's begging to avoid his fate. Julia asks if he's disappeared forever, and he says he is. She hugs Barnabas, saying that the danger is over.

Adam sneaks into Collinwood. He makes his way upstairs, and says they all will die, but first, the one Barnabas loves. Victoria Winters.

Barnabas asks where Adam is, and Julia says he's in the lab. Barnabas goes to speak with him, but he's nowhere to be found. Eve's crispy skeleton is the only thing left in the room. Barnabas asks Julia if it's possible that Adam left the house to carry out his threat. He rushes off to Collinwood.

Carolyn gives Vicki some sleeping pills. She explains that she's worried about Jeff, but doesn't want to talk about it now. Adam listens outside her door. Carolyn tells Vicki in confidence that she became attracted to someone who went away. Adam hears this, and wonders who she's referring to. Vicki asks her how long this person has been gone, and Carolyn says it's been a long time. Carolyn leaves Vicki, and Adam hides so as not to be seen.

Once she's gone, he enters Vicki's room. He puts his hand over her mouth and tells her not to scream or he'll kill her. He drags her out of bed and says he's taking her out of the house. She asks if she can get her coat, and when he lets her go, she screams for help. Carolyn rushes in, and Vicki says Adam was trying to kidnap her. Adam backhands Vicki and she is knocked out. Carolyn says she's still breathing, but he could have killed her. She asks Adam what has happened to him, and he refuses to look at her. She tells him to remember he was a sweet man. She tells him to leave Vicki alone, and he says he will have his revenge. Carolyn asks for what, and goes to the phone to call the police. He rips the phone out of the wall, and then chokes Carolyn until she passes out. Adam picks up Vicki and leaves with her body.

Barnabas finds Carolyn on the floor in Vicki's room. He asks where Vicki is, and she says Adam kidnapped her. He goes to call the police, and tells Carolyn that he has to find Adam before he kills Vicki.

Julia is alone in the old house when he hears the machinery turned on downstairs. She calls for Barnabas and starts downstairs. Adam grabs her and roughly leads her into the drawing room. He asks her to sit down. She asks where he went, and he tells her he went into the woods to think. She asks what he was doing in the cellar. Adam says he was looking at his bride. Julia asks him what he plans to do, and he asks her why he should hurt Barnabas. He asks what he has to gain hurting her or Barnabas. Julia tells Adam that Blair disappeared, and will likely never return. Adam says Blair made too many promises he couldn't keep. Julia asks why he keeps staring at her, and he asks if he makes her nervous. She offers to give him a sedative and he declines. She tries to go downstairs, but he won't let her go. She asks what's going on, and starts downstairs. He follows her and she screams.

Barnabas returns home and calls for Julia. He finds her lying on the stairs, and asks where Adam is. She says he's downstairs, and Barnabas tells her that he's got Vicki. They find the door to the cellar is locked.

Adam has Vicki strapped to the operating table next to Eve's skeleton. He then throws the switch, and Vicki begins to scream.

Barnabas calls to Adam from upstairs, but he doesn't respond.

Adam fiddles with dials and smiles gleefully as Vicki appears to be tormented by the experiment. She begs for him to stop.

Adam hears Julia call to leave her alone. He then hears Carolyn call to leave Vicki alone. He continues to spin dials, and then goes to Eve's skeleton. He tells Vicki that Barnabas will suffer. Barnabas comes downstairs with a gun drawn on Adam, and tells him to turn off the machine. Adam says if he dies, Barnabas will revert to what he was. Barnabas says he's lying. Julia says Adam must have heard Lang's tape. Adam says he doesn't know what Barnabas is, but he knows he doesn't want him to die. Adam tells him to watch what happens to Vicki when he pulls the switch, and when he starts to do it, Barnabas shoots him in the back.

Our thoughts

John: Your 'friend' has been gone a long time, Carolyn? In soap-opera time, didn't Adam just leave a day or two ago?

Christine: Maybe she was referring to good ol' Tony Peterson and not Adam.

John: Where the hell is everyone else in Collinwood while Vicki and Carolyn are being attacked upstairs? Hell of a day for Roger, David, Elizabeth, Mrs. Johnson and that loser Harry to all have the day off.

Christine: It's not the first time the young ladies have been attacked and screaming for help with no one to come running in response. I guess when it happens often enough the residents fail to notice.

John: So Adam demonstrates that no one ever really knew how to run the experiment. But the random turning of dials had a great effect causing pain on the person on the operating table, despite their not being connected to anything—not even electrodes. Was anyone else surprised it took Barnabas so long to do something while Vicki continued to cry out in pain?

Christine: Well, he needed to give Adam a chance to remind us of Dr. Lang's tape so we could wonder all weekend if we may get Vampire Barnabas back on Monday if his shot proves to be fatal. 

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 633 - 11/27/68

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Blair begins performing a ritual to unite his spirit with Maggie's. He says she will dwell with him forever in the land of the dead.

Eve's body is on the operating table. Barnabas tells Julia that this will be the last time. Julia tells him they're at Blair's mercy. She asks who he thinks Blair will have found to provide the life force. Blair arrives and asks if everything is ready. Barnabas points out that Blair removed the stake from Tom Jennings' heart, and sent him to Collinwood. Blair says they've got things to do, and they don't have time to waste. Blair goes back upstairs, and Adam comes downstairs. Barnabas tells him he doesn't want him there. Blair returns and says Adam will stay. Maggie follows him down, says she wants to do this. Barnabas tells Julia to turn off the equipment. Blair touches Adam and makes his heart beat quickly. The same happens to Barnabas. Julia begs Maggie to make Blair stop, and when she refuses, Julia agrees to perform the experiment.

Blair takes Adam into his cell and tells him to sleep. Blair says he can make Adam stop breathing if they don't do what he says. Barnabas points out that Maggie will be in great pain, and may die. Maggie says she's ready, and gets up on the second operating table. Barnabas straps her down. Barnabas accuses Blair of having done something to Maggie, and he says that he has given her his love. Blair kisses Maggie on the forehead, and Julia has Barnabas throw the switch to start the experiment. Maggie moans, and then screams. Barnabas can't believe that Maggie loves Blair and is participating of her own free will. Julia asks him what the gauges read. Maggie continues to moan. Julia comes over and says the readings are too high. Maggie starts to scream that she's dying. Eve begins to move, and Barnabas turns off the switch.

Blair tries to keep him from moving with his power, but Barnabas destroys equipment. Blair screams that he will kill him and runs to Adam. Adam asks why Blair tried to hurt him. Barnabas asks where his powers are now. Blair runs away, and they find Eve's body is now a charred skeleton. Barnabas chases Blair. Adam realizes he has no one.

Julia pleads with Maggie to open her eyes. She then injects her with a hypodermic needle, and Maggie wakes up. Maggie asks where she is. She gets up, and when Julia calls her Maggie, she doesn't recognize her, or that name. Julia says that Nicholas brought her there. Maggie asks why, and where she is. Julia takes her upstairs. Adam covers up Eve's skeleton. He can't decide if he should be mad at Barnabas or Blair. He stomps upstairs.

Julia leads Maggie upstairs, and she asks her who lives in the house. Julia says Barnabas Collins, and then plays Josette's music box for her. Maggie says she doesn't know anyone named Josette.

Adam comes upstairs and leaves the house.

Blair is at Widows' Hill, begging for a chance to explain. He says he'll make a new woman for Adam. He explains that he just needs time. Barnabas hears Blair, who is then consumed in fire as he pleads that the experiment will work the next time. Barnabas smiles at the defeat of his foe.

Adam sneaks upstairs at Collinwood.

Our thoughts

John: Holy extra-crispy Eve, Batman! What a great episode. If only Diabolos had made an appearance - it would have been perfect.

Christine: Too bad they couldn't get Duane Morris today. It was disappointing to have Blair talk to an unresponsive Diabolos. Fortunately, Eve's dress fell off when she got cooked or we would not have been able to clearly identify the wonky skeletal bride standing in for her on the table today.

John: Blair finally gets his comeuppance. I'm sorry to see him go, as he was a powerful presence on the show. Of course, there's nothing like a strong character being torn down by his superior.

Christine: I'll miss Blair, though I expect Diabolos will grant Angelique her reward and she'll be back to witching Barnabas and wiping that silly grin off his face in no time.

John: If Maggie isn't Maggie, and Maggie isn't Josette... who the hell is she? I'm assuming she didn't get the spirit of Danielle Roget from Eve's corpse...

Christine: If Blair worked his magic right, she's one of the damned now, so she could be any number of evil people we haven't yet met. It was odd that Julia was trying to get her to remember her captivity as Josette.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 632 - 11/26/68

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Blair wonders where Jennings is, and why Adam disappeared. Everything is going wrong, and he realizes that his time is running out.

He decides that he must have Maggie now. He commands her to come to him, and believes they will be united in death.

Adam returns home, and Blair tells him he's glad that he's back. He explains that Eve will live again, but she will be different than she was before. He says she will truly love him. Blair explains that Maggie will provide the new life force for Eve. Adam says he doesn't know if he wants Eve to live again. Blair ensures him that Eve will be unlike how she was before, other than her beauty. Blair explains that he must do it. He asks Adam what he has to lose. Adam tells Blair that if Eve is anything like she was before, he will kill her.

Maggie arrives at Blair's, and he asks her why she has come to see him. She says she knows he doesn't have very much time, and she tells him that she agrees to marrying him. She tells him that she hadn't decided as of this morning, but then she suddenly decided to do it. He tells her he's very happy, and says that they will be married tonight. She tells him marriage is very serious. Blair tells her that he must leave Collinsport tonight, and he wants her to leave with him as his wife. She asks what's the rush, and he tells her he has business in London.

Chris Jennings arrives at Windcliff to see his sister Amy. While he waits, he realizes that there will be a full moon tonight. A young girl walks in, and he offers his sister a present. She doesn't speak, so he opens the gift and shows her it's a box of paint. She takes it and throws is. She asks why he didn't come before. He says he wanted to. She cries and tells him to go away. He tells her that he'll change his plans so he can stay. She begs him not to leave her.

Chris returns to the Inn and asks the Innkeeper if he can change to an isolated room. The innkeeper explains he has a room, but it's very small. He takes Chris upstairs. Chris says he'll take the room, and asks him to be locked in. He also tells the Innkeeper that if he hears strange noises, that's just part of his writing process. The Innkeeper does as he's asked, and locks Chris into the room.

Maggie asks Blair where the minister is. He offers to pour a toast, and adds something to her glass. He hands her the glass and she takes it. He toasts their happiness, and they drink. She passes out, and he picks her up.

Noises come from behind the door to Chris' room. The Inkeeper knocks on the door and calls to Chris. He unlocks the door and enters the room. It's a mess. The Inkeeper turns and screams in terror.

Blair carries Maggie's body to an altar.  He begins a ceremony and says Maggie will be his bride throughout time.

The Innkeeper's bloody body is dragged across the floor of the room.

Blair begins performing a ritual to unite their spirits.

Our thoughts

John: What happened to Chris Jennings' sister Molly? Are we to believe that was just a nickname for Chris' sister Amy?

Christine: Perhaps Amy is Molly's twin sister. 1970s kids may recognize Amy, played by Denise Nickerson, as Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, or possibly as one of the hip members of the Short Circus on The Electric Company, singing about vampires.

John: I'm willing to believe that Blair can use a spell to get Maggie to do whatever he wants, but does he really think that Barnabas or Willie will go through with the experiment when they see who Eve's new life-force donor is?

Christine: If Blair loves Maggie so much, why is he willing to risk her life by putting her through the experiment? It was an interesting ritual, though it's not clear how he sacrificed her on the Black Altar, as Diabolos demanded. It looked to me like he was just spitting whatever he drank from the chalice into her mouth to get their spirits to comingle. 

John: So long Conrad Bain, long-time manager of the Collinsport Inn. It appears that he was killed by Chris Jennings, or whatever Chris Jennings became in the light of the full moon.

Collinsport Hotel manager, Mr. Wells, with Sam #1 in Episode 11.

Mr. Wells with Sam #2 in Episode 61.

Christine: He had such a wonderfully frightening demise! I enjoyed the view of Amy and Chris through the fish tank that we first saw when we met Dr. Hoffman at Windcliff in Episode 265. The fish swimming in front of their eyes created a nice, creepy effect.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 631 - 11/25/68

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Blair pulls a coffin out of the ground and opens it up. Tom Jennings' staked body lies within. Blair removes the bloody stake, and demands that he rise. Tom sits up, and goes to attack Blair. Blair explains that he is his master, and Tom will do as he says.

Vicki is in bed when Tom Jennings crawls through her bedroom window. He approaches with bared fangs and she screams when she sees him. She gets up and runs from him, passing out. Before he can bite her, Barnabas arrives and sees Tom, who flees out the window.

Blair waits in his drawing room, getting up to look out the window. There's a knock at the door and it's Chris Jennings. He explains that he's Tom's brother and would like to talk. He asks Blair about Tom working for him the night he was attacked. Chris asks if there was something menacing him that night, as he's trying to determine if he was murdered. Outside the window, Tom watches. Chris asks Blair what he does, and he tells him he's retired. Chris is distracted, saying he thought he saw someone outside the window. Blair explains that he would like to retire, and bids Chris goodnight.

Vicki wakes up to see Barnabas sitting by her side. She says she recognized Tom Jennings was there earlier, but he's dead. She says that dead people can't come back. Barnabas explains that his kind can. He tells her that a few people in the world suffer the curse of the living dead. They feed on the blood of others. He tells her they are called vampires. She seems willing to believe him. She asks if Blair could be responsible for making Tom a vampire? If so, she says that Blair may have sent Tom to kill her. She explains that she went to Blair when she found out Maggie planned to marry him. She says she told Blair that if he tried to go through with it, she'd tell Maggie everything she knows. Barnabas tells her he doesn't want her to have anything more to do with this. He promises her that Maggie will be safe.

Blair lets Harry in, and asks for details. Harry says he watched as they took the body and buried it at Collinsport cemetery. He sends Harry downstairs to collect a shovel when there's a knock at the door. Barnabas comes in and tells Blair that he had better cancel his arrangements. He tells him that his scheme to kill Vicki has failed. Blair pleads ignorance. Barnabas says that in order for the experiment to resume, Blair must swear that Vicki is safe. Blair guarantees her safety, and asks if that is all.

Barnabas adds one more condition. He says it would be insane for him to let Maggie marry him, and tells him to stay away from her. Blair asks what will happen if he refuses, and Barnabas says Eve will never live again. Blair says he wants Eve to be brought to life. Barnabas gets him to agree that he will stay away from Maggie and Vicki, and he is to destroy Tom Jennings. Blair reluctantly agrees, and Barnabas confirms they will be ready to begin the experiment at sundown tomorrow.

He yells for Harry to come upstairs, and he does. He says he's trying to decide whether to go to the graveyard, or deal with Tom Jennings. He decides they will go to the graveyard and dig up Eve's grave. Harry looks troubled. Blair tells him he's in trouble if he doesn't get the body out of the grave, which means Harry will be in trouble, too. He promises that after tonight, Harry will never see him again.

Blair and Harry walk to the cemetery. Barnabas is in the woods, watching from a distance. Tom Jennings is also lurking in the woods.

Blair and Harry arrive at the grave. Harry begins digging.

Barnabas sneaks into Blair's house. Tom Jennings sneaks in after him.

The coffin in on the surface. Harry opens it to show Blair the contents. Satisfied, he tells him they are bringing it to the old house.

Barnabas finds Tom's coffin in the basement. He starts upstairs to wait for him. He looks outside when Tom attacks him from behind. Barnabas grabs two candlesticks and makes a cross to fend him off. Barnabas apologizes to Tom, but says he must. Barnabas forces him to look out the window, and Tom disappears.

Our thoughts

John: What's with Tom the vampire bobble-head when he sneaks up on Vicki?

Christine: Tom's an animal! His bloodlust has him all aquiver. Tom really seemed to enjoy being a vampire, unlike the rest of the vampires on the show. He will be missed.

John: Blair is really up against a wall, and not liking it. Of course broken promises flow freely around Collinsport, so I don't know that I believe he'll be so quick to leave Maggie alone...

Christine: Barnabas should know better. Once he's got Eve, he'll have Maggie as well.

John: Barnabas must have recently watched Horror of Dracula, using the candlesticks to form a cross a la Peter Cushing. Unfortunately, Tom's demise isn't in quite as grand a fashion as Christopher Lee's.

Christine: That was a nice homage. Tom died as he lived, with a flair for melodrama. It's interesting to see Barnabas explain about vampires to Vicki after feeding off her himself at one time. How is it that Julia and Willie remember being victims of a vampire, but Carolyn and Vicki do not?