Thursday, August 31, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 309 - 8/31/67

Barnabas notes that Julia seems uneasy, and asks what she injected in him tonight. She says that it will speed up the change in his blood. He asks what she's hiding from him, and when she says nothing, he clutches her throat and demands to know. She begs him to let her go, and he does, demanding to know what she's withholding.

She tells him that Sam and Joe came by the house, and asked what she was doing there. She says they wanted to ask him about Sarah. David had mentioned that she spent time near the old house. Barnabas goes through the list of people who know who he really is: Maggie, Willie, Julia... and Sarah. Barnabas is convinced that Sarah's presence must mean something. Barnabas describes failing her. He says she must be back to destroy him if she's only appearing to his enemies.

Burke stops by to see Vicki. Her greeting is indifferent. She invites him in, coldly. He asks if she's ready to accept his apology, and they step into the drawing room. She asks what he has to apologize about. He admits that he had said something offensive. He says he made too much out of nothing, and he hopes he'll forgive her. He says he thought she might be knowing the answers to the questions he had about Barnabas, too. She says it doesn't involve her. She and Barnabas are just friends. Burke says all he cares about is them and their future. They kiss, and she asks Burke to apologize to Barnabas. She explains it would be a great gesture on his part. Burke agrees.

Barnabas arrives to deliver a book to Vicki. She invites him in. Burke steps into the foyer, and Vicki says that he'd like to talk to Barnabas. The two leave Vicki and step into the drawing room. Burke explains that he's been the victim of an overactive imagination. Burke tells Barnabas he is the most unknown quantity in town. Barnabas says he didn't think the cost of wanting privacy would be so high. Burke says he recognized a deepening mystery, which resulted in a series of question marks. Barnabas asks if that means he's not interested in what he does during the day. Burke explains that it's none of his business. Barnabas offers to answer any questions Burke has, however Burke only asks that he accepts his apology. Barnabas does, and the two shake hands.

While Julia sits reading in the old house, she feels another presence. She asks if it's Sarah.

Barnabas and Burke step out of the drawing room, and tell Vicki they've had their talk. Barnabas explains that their relationship has improved. Burke leaves Vicki and Barnabas to talk history.

Julia walks through the woods, calling to Sarah while London Bridge plays in the background.

Barnabas thanks Vicki for playing intermediary between he and Burke. He asks her if any of Burke's suspicions had foundation with her. She says no. He says he offered to answer any or Burke's questions, and offers to do the same for her. She says her only questions are related to the book he brought her.

Julia is back in the old house. Barnabas returns, and she tells him Sarah was here. He asked if she saw her, and she says no, but that she felt her presence. She points out a book that she closed is opened to a picture of Sarah Collins. Barnabas picks the book up and examines it. He says that sooner or later, she'll come to him.

Our thoughts

John: Barnabas is back in his 'clutchy' phase. That didn't work out well for Willie, and particularly bad for Jason McGuire. So far, Julia is somehow managing to stay alive.

Christine: He also throttled Maggie a few times. It appears to be his signature move. Barnabas continues to display his persecution complex by assuming that Sarah is out to destroy him. She's probably just trying to keep him out of trouble by protecting the people he would otherwise harm.

John: While I'm willing to believe Burke will do what it takes to make Vicki happy, I thought his apology to Barnabas was uncharacteristic of him. I also think he would have taken up Barnabas' offer to know more about him. Perhaps that's still his plan...

Christine: I agree. I don't think he would have apologized even to make her happy, though I would expect him to keep investigating behind Vicki's back. I wonder if Barnabas truly believes that Burke is no longer suspicious of him.

John: I do love how we know ghosts are near when the appropriate Robert Cobert cue is played... Of course it's Julia's dumb luck that it happened when the actress who played Sarah had the day off.

Christine: That would be "Cue 80: Theremin Wail." It's a good way to signify an unseen presence and makes Julia look less weird for suddenly looking around and calling Sarah's name for no apparent reason.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 308 - 8/30/67

Maggie is excited to see Joe. He comes with news from the sheriff—no one knows who Sarah is. None of the Sarahs in Collinsport fits the description of the little girl Maggie saw. Sam thinks Sarah is a wild goose chase. Maggie suggests that David Collins might be able to help them. Sam and Joe leave Maggie to go talk to David.

Sam and Joe arrive at Collinwood to see David. They tell Carolyn they have something urgent to ask about. Joe asks David to introduce them to Sarah. David says he will, but that he can't depend on her.

Sam and Joe wander the woods, looking for Sarah. 

Joe suggests that perhaps Barnabas will know something about Sarah. They make their way to the old house to see Barnabas. Julia opens the door. Sam is surprised to see her. She says Barnabas is out, and he's allowing her access to his library. Sam tells her that he doesn't believe her. She asks why, and he tells her she's been focused on Collinwood and the old house. He thinks she must have some lead, and she tells him that she does not.

Carolyn and David arrive home. Julia asks if they had a nice time. David tells her they got all kinds of things, and then excuses himself to get something to eat. Carolyn asks Julia about her interest in Sarah, and she passes it off as a simple curiosity.

Sam and Joe return to the Evans' place. They wake Maggie, who comes out of her room clutching a doll, and claiming that Sarah had been there.

Our thoughts

John: How come no one else in or around Collinwood seems to be able to connect the dots about who Sarah is?

Christine: I believe the past excuse has been that since she died so young, nobody really knows too much about Barnabas' sister, so they have no reason to conclude that she's another ancestral ghost roaming the grounds.

John: Sam and Joe seem to let Julia off the hook a little too quickly. Wouldn't you press a little bit further to find out what she's doing hanging around Barnabas, instead of focusing on her patient's care?

Christine: Perhaps they are assuming that there is some romantic involvement between the two that's taking her focus off Maggie.

John: If the sheriff's guards were really watching over the house, don't you think they would have noticed a little girl in sneaking in? Or did she just show up in the house, ~ghost like.

Christine: Let's hope that's the realization that Joe, Maggie and Sam have when we see them next.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 307 - 8/29/67

Sam tells Maggie that it's too dangerous for her to leave the house. He assures her that it won't be for that much longer, and she tells him he can't stop her from leaving the house tonight. He threatens to keep her home by force. There's a knock at the door and Joe comes in. She complains about being trapped. She asks Joe to tell her father that a few minutes in town can't hurt. He says they're only trying to help her. She stomps off to her room. Sam says she should be safe in town if they're both with her. He tells Joe to go to The Blue Whale to get them all a table and he'll talk to her and then bring her along.

Joe finds Vicki alone and asks to join her. She lets him, and says Burke should arrive soon. He explains what's been going on with Maggie. Joe says the only things Maggie remembers are a piece of music, and a little girl she met. Vicki asks about the little girl, and says she was telling the truth. She talks about Sarah figuring into Maggie's sequence of events. She thinks that Sarah might know something the rest of them don't know. Sam and Maggie join them, and Joe tells them that Vicki might have figured things out. Vicki talks about all of the Sarah sightings recently. Joe reminds Sam that Sarah told him where to look for Maggie. Vicki says that David might be able to help them find Sarah.

Burke shows up, and when he leans in to kiss Vicki she pulls away. He gives his regards to Maggie.

Sam, Joe and Maggie leave Burke alone with Vicki. He asks what's bothering her, and she tells him that he is. She raises his investigation of Barnabas. Burke tells her that if Barnabas' background is clean, it won't matter. But he says he thinks Barnabas is hiding something. Burke asks Vicki why Barnabas doesn't talk about his life in England. Burke tells her that Barnabas gave him a name of who he stayed with in England, and that person died 130 years ago. Burke also points out that while Maggie didn't recognize the others when she returned, she did react to Barnabas. Vicki tells Burke that if he continues to malign Barnabas, she'll never marry him.

Our thoughts

John: It seemed odd to me that Sam wouldn't even let Maggie go out escorted by Joe, but then he came around and allowed that to happen. Not that they stayed long. Just long enough for Burke to show up.

Christine: Blue Whale jukebox aficionados might like to know that the popular tune that's playing on the jukebox when Vicki meets Joe at the Blue Whale is from the 1966 film, Un homme et une femme. The last time we heard anything close to pop music at the BW was when muzak versions of the Beatles' songs, Yesterday and Michelle, played on the jukebox in Episode 156. I have a fondness for the Bob Cobert tracks myself, though it's nice to hear something novel every now and then. Dan Curtis must have been in the mood to splurge.

John: I look forward to the villagers taking up torches in search of Sarah. Wait until they find out she's a ghost!

Christine: I think this is the first time we've seen Joe smoke on the show. It's especially noticeable when Maggie is having a conversation with Vicki as the camera remains oddly fixed on Joe. He appears to notice and then turns his head and nervously puffs away.

John: Vicki gives Burke the cold shoulder, and makes it clear that she's not happy with his bothering Barnabas. The wedge has officially been driven.

Christine: Burke is in a tough spot. He could continue the investigation on Barnabas and risk losing Vicki, or could halt his inquiry, allowing Barnabas to go unchecked, and risk losing Vicki.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 306 - 8/28/67

David pulls the lever that opens the secret door in the Collins' family tomb. He sees the coffin, and Sarah asks him if it's a good secret. He says it is, and asks who's in the coffin. She says she wants him to open it. She says it's all right. She starts to open the coffin, telling him he has to see inside.

The two of them open the coffin. David points out that it's empty. Sarah says she knows. He asks why they would have an empty coffin, and she says there was someone in it, and he's gone now. David tells her that dead people don't just get up and walk away, and she answers that sometimes they do. David says that it's late, and he has to go. Sarah says he promised to play with her if she showed him a good place to play. He promises not to tell anyone about the secret room. They leave and shut the secret door behind them.

Barnabas is dressed to leave when Julia walks in. She asks where he's going, and he says to see Vicki. She asks what about, and he clarifies that she is a meddlesome and domineering woman. He says a modern man may put up with that, but he won't. He says he's going to show her how a crisis should be properly handled. He says she failed with Maggie Evans, letting her escape from Windcliff. And then Maggie almost told Dr. Woodard about Barnabas. Now there's Devlin and his investigation into Barnabas. He says he'll put an end to his curiosities. She starts to say that violence will not solve things and he explains that sometimes finesse can work without violence. He explains that all will be resolved that night.

David starts to sneak upstairs when Vicki spots him. She calls him down and asks where he's been so late. He says he was playing with someone, but she won't believe him. He says he was playing with Sarah. Vicki asks where they were playing, and he says he can't tell her, because she showed him a secret place. Vicki asks what kind of place, and he says he has to keep his promise to Sarah. Vicki says she'd like to meet Sarah sometime. He says Sarah said she's afraid of meeting other people. She wants to know if Sarah really knew that Maggie was alive, or if she just said that. He says she's odd, even the dress she always wears. He says she always dresses like she's going to one of the dress up parties like Vicki and the rest of the family went to.

There's a knock at the door and Vicki lets Barnabas in. He asks if she has a few minutes. She says she needs to go in to town in an hour to meet Burke. They go into the drawing room, and Barnabas apologizes for his response to the announcement of her engagement. He says he's extremely fond of her, and he was concerned that she made the decision that will bring her the most happiness. He then brings up Burke. He says that he's distressed to have found out that Burke is having him investigated. Burke has been looking into his background, his business practices, and his daily activities. Barnabas says Burke has even had him followed lately. Vicki says it's not the first time Burke has done this, but unlike with Jason McGuire, this time it's unjustified. She says that Barnabas is showing remarkable restraint, and that she'd be furious. She asks him to let her handle it, and she'll ensure that he puts an end to it immediately. He tells her he didn't intend to bring her into this, but if she can deal with it he'll be eternally grateful. He thanks her, and Dr. Hoffman arrives.

She asks if David got home all right. She says that he was playing with his friend Sarah. Vicki says that no one seems to know where she comes from. Barnabas excuses himself, and says he'll leave the two of them to solve the mystery of David's playmates. Julia goes upstairs to bed, and David comes down saying he's hungry. She says she'll get Mrs. Johnson to fix something. Vicki leaves and Julia asks where he saw Sarah, and David says it was a secret place. Julia says she'd like to meet Sarah, and he says he knows, because she's said that before.

In Eagle Hill cemetery, Barnabas calls to Sarah. He hears her playing London Bridge, and he tells her he's come to take her home again. He enters the Collins' family tomb, and asks her to come back, saying he loves her and needs her.

Our thoughts

John: So what happened to the body of Jason McGuire? Wasn't the secret room in the tomb where Barnabas and Willie disposed of him?

Christine: They carried his body into the secret room in Episode 276, and then Willie tossed a shovelful of dirt as Barnabas looked down and bid Jason farewell, indicating that he was buried under the flagstones. Barnabas wasn't happy they had to defile the family crypt with his corpse, but he drew the line at sharing his coffin.

John: Gotta give David credit for not being easily spooked. He's comfortable enough to play in the cemetery, go into a crypt, and even open a coffin. A great candidate for a best friend if you happen to be a ghost!

Christine: I expected him to be a lot more enthusiastic than he actually was. He's spent so much time conversing with ghosts that it's difficult to believe he has not already figured out that Sarah is a ghost.

John: Nice play Barnabas, using Vicki to get Burke off of his trail while driving a potential wedge in their relationship!

Christine: Barnabas was quite the pathetic creature at episode's end, calling for his little sister, saying he needed her and loved her. It was a far cry from the arrogant male vampire on display earlier in the episode.

"You are a meddlesome and domineering woman. If the modern man is willing to tolerate your kind of woman that's his problem, but I will have none of it."  -Barnabas

"Problems are solved not only through violence. Sometimes all that is required is a little finesse. That which is something that few in your world would know anything about."  -Barnabas

Friday, August 25, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 305 - 8/25/67

David plays in the forest when Sarah surprises him. He asks where she lives and she says she can't tell him. She says it's hard to explain. He says he likes secrets. She says she told him that her friend Maggie Evans was alive. He says he likes that about her. He says people have been asking about her. They want to know who she is and where she lives, and since he doesn't know, he can't tell them. He says he has to go and she asks him to stay and play with her longer. He asks if she ever has to go home for dinner, and she says no. He asks if she can stay out as long as she wants, and she says yes. He tells her she's lucky, and starts to leave. She says she hates to be alone. She says if he stays and plays with her now, she'll show him a secret place nobody knows about. He asks where it is, and she says Eagle Hill. He tells her to show him.

Barnabas bids Willie a good evening. Willie says he's later than usual, and asks if anything is the matter. He says yes, and asks for Dr. Hoffman. He says something is affecting him. Willie asks if it's the experiments. Barnabas says he thinks so, and wonders if he should be Hoffman's guinea pig. He says he may need to end her experiments. He also says that he doesn't understand the presence of Sarah. There's a knock at the door, and Willie lets Dr. Hoffman in. Barnabas says something is happening to him, and he thinks it's her experiment. She says that it's taking effect, and they're making progress. Barnabas says they had better be. She goes downstairs to prepare for some tests. Barnabas tells Willie that he doesn't trust her. He tells Willie if he suspects she's harming him, he must destroy her, and Willie says he understands.

David is in Eagle Hill cemetery calling for Sarah. She appears and says she was right behind him. David says it's a pretty creepy place to play. He asks what's so secret about this place. She tells him to follow her, and they approach the Collins family tomb. He asks if her secret place is in there, and she says yes. She invites him in with her, and he hesitates. She tells him to open the door, and they enter the tomb.

Julia tells Barnabas that she's pleased with the test results. Barnabas suggests that she's lying, and that she'd say anything to continue her experiments. She tells him she's altered the cellular structure of his blood cells. He reminds her that her life is at stake. She asks if it's necessary for him to continually remind her of his threats. He asks how much longer the experiments will continue. He says if he continues to feel weak, he will put an end to the experiments. He says he needs his strength to deal with someone who is in his way. She asks if he means Burke Devlin, and Barnabas says yes. He's asking questions and interfering with his plans. Julia says if he's interfering with Barnabas' plans, then he's interfering with her plans as well. She thinks there's a solution that doesn't require violence. She asks him to let her handle it. He tells her to do it for Burke's sake, and for hers.

David asks Sarah what kind of games she plays in the tomb. She says sometimes she sits and thinks, and other times she cries. He says the place is a cool secret, and she says that's not the secret. She tells him to pull the ring in the lion's mouth, but he can't reach it. She says to stand on Naomi Collins' crypt and pull the ring. He does and a door opens.

They go inside and David points out the coffin. He asks her who's in there, and she says to open it so he can see. He thinks it's wrong, and she says he has to see. She helps him lift the coffin open.

Our thoughts

John: Has David just found the remains of Jason McGuire?

Christine: Surely he would have looked a little more horrified if he had just seen a rotting corpse. Sarah looks pretty pleased with herself though, so you could be right.

John: Doesn't Barnabas realize that Julia's experiments are going to make him human again, and therefore mortal? Of course he's going to feel worse.

Christine: It could be that he was more upset about being debilitated at a time when he needs all his strength to fend off Burke Devlin. It's also natural for him to be wary of Julia's motives, since most humans tend to destroy vampires, rather than befriend them, as Julia has.

John: So Julia is going to handle the Burke Devlin problem. That should be interesting...

Christine: Most certainly. She created an advantage for herself in cooperating with him to get Vicki to think less of Josette and more about becoming Mrs. Devlin.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 304 - 8/24/67

Burke goes to the old house to see Barnabas. Willie opens the door and asks what he wants. Burke says he needs to see Barnabas. Willie says he's gone. Burke calls him a liar. He says he saw Barnabas arrive before dawn, and he hasn't left. He pushes past Willie, saying he's going to stop him from seeing Barnabas. Burke calls out to Barnabas. He starts upstairs. Willie tells him to go ahead and call, and to go ahead and search the rooms upstairs. Burke asks where he is, and Willie says he doesn't know. Willie says he's seen him go to work with no sleep at all. Burke asks him what work Barnabas does, and Willie says he doesn't know. Willie asks why he's so curious about Mr. Collins. He says he wants to know a lot more about Barnabas, and he will, before storming out.

Vicki comes downstairs and finds Julia in the drawing room. She notices her looking at the bonnet David's friend left. Vicki said it was strange the way she ran away. Vicki wonders why her parents would dress her so strangely. She notes that they don't make things like that nowadays and says it's like it's from another century. David enters, and Julia offers to take David for a walk. Vicki thanks her and leaves. David asks where she wants to go, and Julia says they can look for his friend Sarah to return her bonnet. He says he knows where they might be able to find her if she's around.

David and Julia walk into the woods. Julia suggests calling for her. He does, and says she's not around. She suggests waiting for her, and David says he doesn't want to. Julia says she'd like to meet Sarah. She asks him to tell her about Sarah. He describes her as having long hair and sad eyes. He says they play games. He says that he heard something, and they walk a few feet away. They circle back around and the bonnet is gone.

David and Julia return to the main house. He runs upstairs and Vicki comes in and thanks her again. There's a knock at the door and Burke enters. He says he needs to speak to her urgently. Julia offers to look after David. Vicki goes upstairs to get her sweater.

Burke asks if Julia is still spending a lot of time in the old house. She says she's been getting a lot of valuable information there. He asks her opinion of Barnabas Collins. He asks if she finds him odd. He asks if she's ever seen him in the daytime, and she says she has on several occasions. She says he has business matters to attend to during the day. Burke says he hears that a lot. He says Willie said the same. Burke says that he gets a strange vibe from Barnabas, and thought Julia might too. Julia says if Barnabas is unique, it's because he's a perfect gentleman. She says she doesn't know what he's thinking, but she's sure he's wrong. Burke asks her if she thinks it's odd how much he looks like his ancestor. She agrees the resemblance is striking. He says it's uncanny. Vicki comes downstairs and she and Burke leave. Julia approaches the portrait of Barnabas.

Julia asks Willie about what Burke did. Willie explains how Burke followed Barnabas home and saw that he didn't leave. Julia puts Willie on the spot for not coming up with more convincing lies for Burke. She says she needs to do something to curb Burke's suspicions.

Burke and Vicki arrive at The Blue Whale. He orders them a couple of coffees. Vicki asks him what he wants to talk about. He says he needs her to do something for him that she won't understand. He asks her to promise that she won't go to the old house, and that she'll stay away from Barnabas Collins. He says he has good reasons.

Our thoughts

John: Burke is hot on Barnabas' trail. Will he be the one to finally utter the 'v' word?

Christine: I wonder what Barnabas will do when he hears Burke was snooping around at the Old House.

John: Now that Burke has let Julia know he has suspicions about Barnabas, it seems like it's going to be the beginning of the end for him. Julia needs to get Barnabas healthy enough to appear in the daylight soon, or she'll have to start hypnotizing everyone in town before Barnabas kills them!

Christine: Julia admitted her feelings of fondness for Barnabas. Could romance be in the air?

John: I guess we'll see how Vicki reacts to Burke's request tomorrow. I don't think she's going to take too kindly to his controlling behavior before they're even married.

Christine: She probably won't take kindly to it after they're married either. I have a feeling Vicki will disregard his orders.

Bartender Bob Rooney has the day off and this is the classy dude serving up drinks at the BW today.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 303 - 8/23/67

Burke shows up at Woodard's office, and is shown to a private office. He calls Blair for his research on Nile Bradford in London. Blair tells him that the only Nile Bradford died 130 years previously. He hangs up and Woodard enters. He apologizes for keeping Burke waiting. Burke tells him that it's not every day he finds a 130 year-old skeleton in somebody's closet.

Burke says he'd like to review Maggie's case files. Woodard says he can't allow that. He asks what it's about, and Burke says he can't explain. Woodard asks if he has a lead on who kidnapped Maggie. Burke asks about Maggie's neck wound. He says that the blood samples were stolen, but it was his opinion that the bite was from an animal. Burke asks if the kidnapping and the neck wound are related. He says the bite was not from any indigenous animal in this area. Woodard says that if Burke has a hunch who kidnapped Maggie, he needs to take it to the sheriff. Burke says that suppose the man they're looking for is an outwardly sane, rational member of the community. Someone they'd never suspect.

Joe asks Maggie if she wants to play cards. She snaps at him, sick of being cooped up in the house for days. Joe says she still needs to be protected. Maggie says that if she's at risk, it would be at night, like before. She says she could work they day shift at the coffee shop. Joe tells her she needs to do what he and the doctors are asking. They sit down to play cards. She asks Joe how Dr. Hoffman got involved in the case, and if it's been effective. Joe says Dr. Woodard suggested it, and things seem to be working.

As they play cards. there's a knock at the door. Joe lets Burke in, who asks to speak to Maggie. He asks if her memory is improving. She says she doesn't remember anything. Burke points out that Woodard says she knows less than that night. Burke says that she told Woodard that she was locked in a room in a house with a man who wanted her to die. She told him that she described the man coming into the room, and seeing his face, only to be interrupted when the other doctor arrived. She still doesn't remember anything. Joe mentions how Vicki, some folks from town, and Barnabas Collins have been by to visit. He's surprised to hear that Barnabas stopped in. Maggie says there is one thing she remembers, soft music, but she doesn't know if there's any connection.

In the drawing room, Vicki sits and listens to Josette's music box. Burke arrives for their date, and Vicki points out he's late again. He says he's been doing detective work. He tells her to go upstairs to get a sweater. She grabs the music box and Burke asks about it, remembering that it's the one Barnabas gave her. Vicki points out that it's been behaving strangely. She closes it at night, and in the morning she finds it open. He asks her to play it, and she does. He describes it as light and playful, thinking of Maggie's description. He asks why Barnabas would give it to her, and she says because he's thoughtful. Burke opens it and listens to it one more time.

Our thoughts

John: Since when does Burke know Woodard well enough to make himself at home in his office, making calls and asking to review private patient records?

Christine: My thoughts exactly. Was that a contrived excuse to have them put their heads together about Maggie's abduction?

John: Burke has turned into a regular private eye, pulling together all the clues to point to Barnabas as Maggie's abductor. That should make for an interesting confrontation in the near future, and one that I don't expect Burke will come away from as successfully as Dr. Hoffman did.

Christine: Maybe the fangs will finally come out.

John: I also get the sense that Joe and Maggie's relationship is going to be on the rocks soon if they plan on keeping her locked up for the rest of her days.

Christine: It's a bit ridiculous. If Joe can take off work to babysit her at home, then why can't he take her out for a grand ol' time at the Blue Whale? If Sam's not at home painting, then it's probably where he's at too.