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Dark Shadows Episode 742 - 4/29/69

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Quentin stops by the cottage to see Laura. He asks her why she came back. He says he doesn't believe it's for the children, and she says she needs them. He offers anything in their place. He offers her money, and his power, if it will get her to leave. He says he knows what will happen to them if she takes them. She tells him that if she leaves them, Quentin will take advantage of Jamison, the heir to Collinwood. He says that at least Jamison will be alive. He shows her a paper from the police in Alexandria. He reads the confirmation that Laura Collins died by fire in Alexandria. He says he knows all about her, and now he has the proof that she's dead. She tells him that he has everything it takes to show everyone how stupid he is. She tells him that her proof is her mere presence in Collinwood. She tells him to leave. He tells her that he's going to find out how she got there and what she's after.

Dirk arrives, offering to protect her, but Quentin says it's unnecessary as he leaves. Dirk tells her that Quentin is dangerous. She says that he knew she needed him, and that's why he came to protect her. Dirk says he wants to stay with her, but she explains it's not practical. She says they can see each other tonight and sends him on his way.

Charity comes downstairs and meets Dirk. He says he has the carriage ready to give her a ride into town.

Barnabas rises and calls to Charity, beckoning her to come to him.

As they prepare to leave Collinwood, Charity hears Barnabas. She tells him that she forgot something. She sends him inside to get a book, and when he goes in she slips away. He comes back outside to find that she's missing.

Charity arrives at the old house. When Barnabas opens the door, she says she mustn't be there tonight, as her father is waiting for her in town. He invites her in, and she comes. He says he needs her more than her father does. She begs him to let her go. He bares his fangs and leans in for a bite.

Barnabas asks Charity what she would like to do, and she says she wants to stay with him. He asks if she believes in spirits, and she explains that her father does. He reminds her of the portrait of Laura Stockbridge they found. He says they opened her grave and it was empty. He tells her that he needs her to witness what he's going to do to prove who Laura Collins really is. He tells her to wait while he goes to Collinwood.

Quentin and Beth are kissing when she tells him she has to go. She says that she would like to think they have a future together, but they can't as long as he's married to Jenny. He tells her Jenny is mad, and she counters that she is still his wife. He says that once he talks to Judith, they'll have her committed and the marriage annulled. He tells her to be patient, and kisses her again. A bat flaps outside the window of Quentin's room. Quentin and Beth leave together, just as Barnabas appears in his room.

Downstairs, Quentin tells Beth that there's no one around to see them even when they're trying to attract attention. He leaves and Dirk enters. Beth asks him if he's going to lecture her. He tells her it's her life to throw away as she chooses.

Barnabas searches Quentin's room. He finds a book that he flips through, when Beth walks in. He explains that he's looking for Quentin. He says he wanted to borrow this rare volume he saw the other day. She says she'll tell him when he returns.

Quentin asks Beth what book Barnabas took. She says it had DEAD in the title. He asks if was near his desk or the bookcase. When she says it was by his desk, he realizes that it was the EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD. He leaves, telling her that he and Barnabas have some talking to do.

Charity asks Barnabas why the door is locked. He explains that Quentin will be coming to see him, sure that by now he knows he took his copy of the EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD. Barnabas suspects there's a connection between the book, Quentin and Laura's time in Egypt, and the missing body of Laura Stockbridge. He tells her to sit down, and begins his own Egyptian incantation.

Laura tells Dirk that his presence has give her strength, but he can leave now. He tells her she needs his protection. She tells him she suddenly feels weak.

Barnabas continues his incantation.

Dirk asks Laura what's happening. She tells him she needs the scarab. Dirk asks her if Quentin is responsible. He gets the scarab, but she disappears before his eyes.

Laura Stockbridge Collins appears before Barnabas. He asks why she's there, and he says the children will be hers. Charity runs from the room, screaming. Quentin arrives and is shocked to see her. Laura screams and disappears.

Our thoughts

John: So Beth actually is interested in Quentin. That would explain why they would find themselves trapped together as ghosts in the future. Thus far, she's been pretty good about hiding her true feelings.

Christine: Well, he is still married to a crazy lady who stuck a knife in him and killed him. She will probably try to kill Beth once she finds out she's messing around with her husband.

John: I love that Quentin must have so many books with DEAD in the title that he needed Beth to be more specific about where in the room Barnabas found it.

Christine: Barnabas showed off his aptitude for conjuring Egyptian deities, which he must have learned from his quick browse through Quentin's book.

John: I wonder what it was about Quentin's arrival that caused Laura to scream and disappear?

Christine: I wondered that also. Maybe the sight of him caused the ghost of Phoenix past to clash with Laura the 1897 Phoenix. I'm not sure how there can be a Phoenix ghost when her spirit lives on in her present incarnation, but I've always had some difficulty understanding how the Phoenix timeline and reincarnation works.

Monday, April 29, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 741 - 4/28/69

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Sandor tells Barnabas that he doesn't want to open Laura's tomb. Barnabas assures him that it is empty. Sandor reluctantly chisels the tomb open. In the cottage, Laura hears a hammering noise. Magda says she hears nothing. She suggests that Laura rest, but instead Laura screams and runs out of the cottage.

As he stands over a closed coffin, Sandor tells Barnabas that they will be punished. Barnabas demands that he open the coffin, but ultimately lifts the lid himself. As he does, Laura arrives. They find that it's empty. Sandor assumes it was grave robbers, and Barnabas tells him the coffin was never occupied. Barnabas then senses something, as Laura hides in the shadows. Sandor says they must leave and Laura sneaks away.

Quentin asks Magda where Laura is. He asks if she's with Dirk, and Magda tells him she's not. He finally gives her some money, and Magda says she ran out 30 minutes ago. Quentin asks why, and Magda tells him she doesn't know. He wonders who else in interested in Laura.

Sandor seals up the tomb. He tells Barnabas that Laura in Collinwood is no ghost. Barnabas reminds him of the portrait, and asks if that's a coincidence. Sandor suggests that Laura could be a descendant. Barnabas tells him she had no children. He does admit that he doesn't remember how she died, other than it was sudden. He finds a book in the crypt with death records, and sees that she died by fire. He thinks Quentin might know the truth about Laura; about when they went away. Sandor points out they went to Alexandria, Egypt. Barnabas wonders if he found out the truth about her there.

Laura stares into the fireplace. She tells Magda to burn the portrait. She says that she can't do it, and that Magda must do it for her. Magda offers to take it to the old house, and Laura tells her she must burn it, and tell no one. Magda places it on the fire. Laura looks away and asks her if it's burning. She almost seems excited to hear that it is.

Barnabas returns to Collinwood and finds a cable from Alexandria in the foyer. Quentin enters and says he'll never understand Barnabas' life... saying he's always out and never at home. Barnabas tells Quentin that it's a shame they started off so badly. He says everyone is so secretive, however Quentin is open with his friends. He asks him about what happened with Laura in Alexandria. Barnabas picks up the cable from Alexandria and says it may refresh Quentin's memory. He hands it to him.

Quentin asks why Barnabas is so interested in Laura. He says he's interested in everyone he meets. Quentin doesn't believe him. Quentin tells Barnabas that he's much more mysterious than Laura. He probes into Barnabas' work. He says he hears he's often in Bangor. A rooster crows, and Barnabas says he must leave. Quentin says that he'd like to go to Bangor with him the next time that he goes. He offers Barnabas breakfast, and when he tells him he doesn't eat breakfast, he invites him to lunch, if he's not going into Bangor.

Sandor tells Magda that Quentin is keeping Barnabas on purpose, as the two approach Collinwood.

Barnabas says they will have lunch soon. Sandor comes in and says there's an urgent message from Bangor. Barnabas leaves, and tells Magda to stay and watch Quentin. She goes into the drawing room and tells him that Laura returned to the cottage, and she thinks someone was threatening her. Quentin accuses Magda of playing everyone against each other. He opens the cable from Alexandria and is shocked. He says he knew he was right. Magda asks what he's talking about. He asks himself what he's going to do now.

He asks Magda if Laura has changed. Magda says she seems desperate about the children, who she didn't seem interested in before. Quentin says he needs an honest answer. He asks if Laura has any powers. Magda says she has a certain sensitivity, but she has no powers. She tells him that he needn't worry. He can do whatever he is planning.

Quentin stops by the cottage to see Laura. He asks her why she came back. He says he doesn't believe it's for the children, and she says she needs them. He offers anything in their place. He offers her money, and his power, if it will get her to leave. He says he knows what will happen to them if she takes them. She tells him that if she leaves them, Quentin will take advantage of Jamison, the heir to Collinwood. He says that at least Jamison will be alive. He shows her a paper from the police in Alexandria. He reads the confirmation that Laura Collins died by fire in Alexandria.

Our thoughts

John: An empty coffin in Collinsport? What's next? Gambling at Rick's in Casablanca? I'm shocked. Shocked!

Christine: I'm disappointed. I was hoping for a dummy corpse.

John: Another classic flub in today's episode, when Barnabas refers to, "My cousin, Uncle Jeremiah..." Too bad we didn't get to see the caretaker. I almost expect he would be the same one who was there 100 years in the future!

Christine: He did give the impression that he's immortal.

John: Two points for me! Yes, I was off by a day, but Laura's portrait did find its way into the fire in today's episode. It is interesting that Magda is either lying to Quentin, or ignorant when it comes to Laura and her powers. Not that he should need third-party confirmation, considering she already almost killed him.

Christine: It was strange that he acted ignorant of her powers after experiencing them firsthand. It was interesting that she couldn't place her own portrait in the fire yet still got quite a thrill out of it burning up.

Friday, April 26, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 740 - 4/25/69

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Magda is in the old house when Barnabas rises. She tells him that he should leave tonight. She suggests that they will find him in his coffin. She says that she can understand how he thought he'd get away with the girls in the village, but now they've found his marks on Charity Trask. Barnabas asks who did, and she says her father and Judith. He asks her what they know. She says that a doctor assumed they were bites of an animal. Magda says that while she won't tell anyone, she and Sandor are in danger for helping Barnabas. She points out that he has taken Sandor from her. He assures her that his time in the past is limited, as he's trying to save someone's life in the future.

He asks her to spend the evening with Laura. He shows her the portrait of Laura, explaining that it was painted when he was just a boy. Sandor comes in, and Barnabas reminds Magda that she has her orders. She leaves, telling Sandor that his master has uncovered another secret in Collinwood. Barnabas says he's trying to figure out a way to defeat death. He tells him to seek out the crypt of Laura Stockbridge Collins, who died in 1785. He says he must know the truth about Laura if he is to beat her.

Edward and Laura come downstairs, and she asks him if it takes great effort to keep on hating her. He reminds her of the conditions under which he allowed her to stay, and asks why she is not staying in the cottage. She says it needs work. He asks if Quentin kept her in luxury when they ran off together. He tells he he wants her out of the house by morning. Magda arrives, and Edward tells her to help Laura move to the cottage that night.

Sandor searches the crypt and finds the tomb of Laura Stockbridge Collins.

In the cottage, Laura tells Magda to take anything that's Quentin's, box it up and deliver it to him. She picks up Tarot cards, and Laura asks if she taught Quentin. She then asks about a doll, pointing out that there are no pins in it. She adds that he might be saving it for someone special, and Magda asks if that would be her. Laura asks Magda to read the cards. She says that her children will come with her. Magda asks if Quentin will come with her, too, and Laura says no. Magda begins dealing Tarot cards, and the first card up is death.

Laura tells her to start over, shuffling the cards, first. She deals death, again. Laura accuses her of doing it on purpose. She says there's no death there, and Magda assures her there will be. Laura imagines it must be Quentin, and asks her to continue. Magda says it has already taken place. Laura tells her to return his cards, and storms out.

Edward and Barnabas share a drink in the old house. Edward tells Barnabas that Judith has invited Trask to move his school to the estate. Edward says he doesn't think it's a good idea. Barnabas asks why, and Edward says it's Laura. He asks Barnabas how well he knows Laura, and Barnabas tells him he can't honestly answer. Edward tells him that she had run off with Quentin. He adds that she's determined to take the children. Barnabas asks about Laura's history, and Edward says she doesn't like to be questioned about her family, and describes how when he researched information on where she attended school, the stories she told him proved not to be true. Edward asks Barnabas to help him by talking to Judith, and he agrees.

Sandor interrupts them, and Edward thanks Barnabas for his help before leaving. Sandor tells Barnabas he found the tomb. Barnabas says they will meet there at midnight, after he meets with an old friend.

Barnabas arrives at the cottage with something for Laura. He says he found it in the attic of the old house. She opens it and finds it's her portrait. She says it's incredible, and asks Magda to look at it. She says she might have sat for it herself, and Barnabas says that's true. He adds that she must have had relatives in the area 100 years ago. Laura says that the more she looks at it, the less it looks like her. Magda says it looks just like her. Barnabas excuses himself, and Laura thanks him for the portrait. Once he's gone, she tells Magda to put the portrait in a closet.

Sandor tells Barnabas that he doesn't want to open Laura's tomb. Barnabas assures him that it is empty. Sandor reluctantly chisels the tomb open.

Laura hears a hammering noise. Magda says she hears nothing. She suggests that Laura rest, but instead Laura runs out of the cottage.

As he stands over a closed coffin, Sandor tells Barnabas that they will be punished. Barnabas demands that he open the coffin, but lifts the lid himself.

Our thoughts

John: Funny how all the ladies in Barnabas' life seem to be just fine with his preying upon the common streetwalkers in Collinsport. We'll see if his putting the bite on Charity comes back to haunt him.

Christine: I don't understand why Barnabas feels threatened by Laura and assumes she's out to defeat him. She surely will be, now that he's tinkering around with her coffin.

John: If you were Laura, wouldn't you have tossed that portrait into the fire as soon as Barnabas left? Of course it would have been ironic if it turns out the portrait of the Phoenix can't actually be burned...

Christine: Oh, I think it's as flammable as all the other portraits of her we've seen. Angelique's is the one that resists destruction by fire. Maybe Barnabas will find her portrait next if he does a little more rummaging around in the attic of the Old House.

John: This show has single-handedly made opening empty coffins a soap-opera trope. As a result, this Friday's cliffhanger is somewhat anti climatic.

Christine: Perhaps this time will be different since they know we're expecting an empty coffin. It certainly would be a nice surprise if we found a corpse inside that coffin. Laura's gravestone has changed from the one we saw in our very first visit to a cemetery on Dark Shadows in Episode 154, but at least they're still using the same set to house it. Too bad the creepy Caretaker isn't around to greet Sandor and Barnabas.

Episode 154

Episode 157

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Dark Shadows Episode 739 - 4/24/69

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Charity asks what's wrong. Barnabas says that woman, referring to Laura, has been dead for over 100 years. Charity says he must be mistaken. Barnabas says he has lived many lives and seen many people, and Laura is much more than she seems. He asks Charity to stay at Collinwood during the day, and to come see him at night at the old house to help her find out who is Laura Collins. Charity says she's frightened, and he tells her there's no need to be frightened when he's near.

He opens the door and Angelique walks in. She recognizes Charity, who does not know who she is. Angelique explains that she is Barnabas' fiancé. Charity runs upstairs, ashamed. Angelique says she's surprised his taste in women hasn't improved. She says Trask can be nothing but trouble. They discuss Charity's ancestor, who tried to kill the witch 100 years ago, and who Barnabas walled up in the basement of the old house. She reminds Barnabas that he's here to save David. He says if she's concerned about him, she should undo what she did to him, and make him human again. She tells him to spend his time with girls down at the docks. 

Charity has a dream, in which Angelique comes to visit her. She explains that it's Charity's wedding day, and she's there to help her get ready. She shows her a black veil, and Charity says a veil mustn't be black. Angelique explains that it must be black when marrying death. Reverend Trask oversees the ceremony, with Charity present, but rather than matrimonial ceremony, he recites a burial ceremony. She pleads to her father, saying that she's not dead. Angelique explains that she is dead. Charity says she loves Tim, and that she's not dead. Angelique explains that Charity is not dealing with humans. She turns to see Barnabas, with fangs bared. He is replaced with a fanged skull, at which Charity screams while Angelique laughs. Charity wakes up screaming.

The next day, she's still asleep in bed when Judith comes in to check on her, explaining that it's four in the afternoon. Judith opens the drapes and Charity recoils due to the light. She says it hurts her eyes. Judith says it was good she brought Jamison back, but she should rest until her father arrives. Judith goes to put a black wrap on Charity, who sees a resemblance to the black veil in her dreams and tells her to take it away.

Trask arrives at Collinwood and meets Angelique. She introduces herself as Barnabas' finacé. She tells him that she knows about his daughter, and she should be married off as quickly as possible. She excuses herself as Judith comes downstairs.

Trask is surprised to hear that Charity is still sleeping this late in the day. Judith explains that she's not feeling well. They retire to the drawing room and discuss the fire. Trask says he will rebuild, and Judith offers to help. She also offers a house on the property to be used as a temporary school. He is touched, and she explains that she's only offering money. He says that she must realize that money does not provide all the rewards she would wish. He says he recognizes her needs in making this generous offer. He says that there are problems in her heart and soul which he will help her with. She says that she admires him for not complaining, despite his ill health. He asks what she means, and Judith says his wife told her. He counters that his wife is the one who is in ill health.

Barnabas rises from his coffin and calls to Charity.

As they are about to enter her room, Judith explains to Trask that Charity was pale and lethargic. Inside, they find her bed empty.

Charity visits Barnabas in the old house. In the basement, he shows her a trunk that belonged to Jeremiah Collins. He pulls out a portrait of Jeremiah's first wife, Laura Stockbridge. Charity looks at it and says it's the same woman. Barnabas describes her arrival at Collinwood, and how at 10 years old she was the most beautiful woman he had seen. He mentions how she died by fire. Charity says they all frighten her, and she must leave. He convinces her to stay, and says they must find out if Laura Collins is the same woman as Laura Stockbridge.

Judith tells Trask that if Charity is gone, it must be because she's in shock. Trask says that no one is immune from evil. He adds that Angelique told him that he should watch his daughter. He says she's always been a perfect child, but that may have been the Devil's disguise for what lurked inside her. Judith suggests several explanations why she might have gone, when Charity walks through the door. Her father interrogates her, and she faints. They observe two bite marks on her neck.

Our thoughts

John: Funny how Angelique tries to steer Barnabas away from important people, and suggests he focus on whores down by the dock. Is that the life of a vampire's wife?

Christine: If she truly loved him, she'd make herself the blood donor, and then he wouldn't have to resort to dockside women. Even Julia offered her neck to him. I do have to wonder Barnabas' purpose in playing romantic vampire to Charity. I thought he was manipulating her to get at Trask, but that does not seem to be the case. It only serves to remind us of his unnatural liaison with cousin Carolyn.

John: Look who's back! Looks like our old pal the wide-eyed skull has had some dental work done! I tell ya, there's no such thing as a bad episode when the skeletons show up in any way, shape or form!

Christine: The wide-eyed skull has never looked better! This has got to be the first time a vampire skull has been seen on TV. That was superb!

John: Is this the first we've heard of Jeremiah's having a wife prior to Josette? I'd write it off as my own bad memory, but I've come to believe that the writers will assume that we haven't been paying attention, and will retcon anything they see fit.

Christine: I believe it is the first we've heard of Jeremiah's first marriage. In Episode 373, Joshua introduced Millicent to Jeremiah and suggested he marry her for her valuable estate, which he declined. I don't recall it being stated either way if he was a widower or bachelor, though I assumed the latter.