Friday, August 31, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 570 - 8/30/68

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Julia enters a room with a coffin, and asks Tom where he is. Liz follows her in and asks her if it's her coffin. Julia yells at her to leave. Liz leaves Julia. Tom lurks in the shadows behind her. He tells her he's there, and comes to her. She removes her scarf, and he leans in for another bite.

Barnabas and Willie return to the old house, wondering where Tom and Julia must be meeting. Willie suggests that Barnabas may be interested in stopping Tom because of his feelings for Julia. Barnabas admits he needs Julia for the experiment, and Willie counters that he talks about her like a missing secretary. Barnabas finally admits that he cares for Julia more than he appears to. Barnabas recalls how the docks were a good place to find victims when he was a vampire.

There's a knock at the door, and Liz comes in. She tells Barnabas they have an empty coffin ready and waiting for her. She asks Barnabas to hide her. She says she can't talk in front of Willie, and Barnabas sends him away. Liz says he mustn't let Roger send her back to Windcliff. Barnabas is sure Roger would only do things in her best interest. She says he's going to let her be buried alive. She says they'll think she's dead, but she won't be.

Barnabas says she could stay if he thought it for the best. He offers to go back to Windcliff with her, and she says that she begged Julia for help. Barnabas asks where she saw Julia, and Liz says she was with the coffin. Barnabas asks where it is, and Liz describes an empty crypt at the edge of the cemetery.

Barnabas finds the coffin, and Julia lying next to it, unconscious.

Willie comes across Liz in the old house, and she accuses him of spying on her. She tells him not to tell anyone that he's seen her. Barnabas returns home with an unconscious Julia in his arms.  Liz says she's dead, and Barnabas confirms that she's barely alive. He tells Willie to take Liz upstairs to her room, and he does. He pleads with Julia to snap out of her trance. Willie comes back and says they have to get her to the hospital. Barnabas asks what time it is, and then realizes that it's almost dusk. He says he knows where Tom will be at dawn, and he'll be ready for him.

Willie has prepared a stake, and Barnabas tells him to join him. After they leave, Liz enters Josette's room where Julia lies sleeping. She asks why Roger made Julia plot against him, and then suggests that Julia will be buried before she is.

Willie and Barnabas arrive to find the coffin empty. Willie freaks out and runs out. Barnabas picks up the hammer and stake as Tom returns. They struggle, and Barnabas tells him he's wasting his time with the light coming soon. Barnabas screams as Tom leans in to bite him.

Our thoughts

John: Wow. Barnabas finally admits that he has feelings for Julia. Should they start shopping for a china pattern?

Christine: Hot damn! It's a pivotal moment for Barnabas to admit he cares for Julia, and quite amusing that it came as a result of Willie's needling, though I don't think they'll be setting up house anytime soon, since he's got to court her first. He's an old fashioned guy, after all. I would like to record the moment for future reference:
Barnabas: What do you want me to admit, Willie? That I care for Julia more than I appear to? All right, I will admit it. She's been a part of my life for so long, a very important part, and I must find her.
John: Remember back when Willie was afraid of upsetting Barnabas above all else? Nowadays he prods him about his feelings for Julia while the world is watching, and gets freaked out by all the other supernatural events going on around Collinwood.

Christine: Willie was the only one who would have been able to get Barnabas to admit he cares for Julia, and I think his doing so shows that he sees himself as more of a friend than servant to Barnabas.

John: I certainly didn't expect to see Barnabas overpowered by Tom Jennings. Something tells me that come Monday we'll have another episode of bitus-interruptus. Of course, if Tom does bite him, will it matter? As long as Adam is around, I assume Barnabas will remain immune to the vampire curse... won't he?

Christine: I guess we may find out. I'm not quite sure I understand what happened there. Barnabas was choking him until his tongue lolled, and then he was suddenly unable to grasp his throat any longer. Is there some magic afoot? I'm wondering why he didn't just use the silver bullets. I guess that would have been too easy. Vampire Tom is quite a character! Love the way he calls for Joooo-lee-uh.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 569 - 8/29/68

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Mrs. Johnson is staring out the window in the drawing room when there's a knock at the door. Blair comes in looking for Roger. She explains he's driven up to Windcliff because Liz has disappeared. She explains that she had been acting strangely, thinking she was Naomi Collins. Blair assumes she had a mental breakdown, and Mrs. Johnson says she thinks she was under a spell. Blair asks who would put her under a spell. She describes an evil force that hovers over the house, trying to destroy the family.

Roger returns home and Mrs. Johnson asks if there's any news. Roger says they haven't found a trace of her, and Blair says he wishes there was something he could do. Roger goes to get a drink, and invites Blair to join him, when Julia bursts in. She says she searched for him, but couldn't find Tom. Roger says Tom Jennings is the only Tom he knows, and she says that's him. Roger reminds her that Tom Jennings is dead, and Julia collapses. Blair carries her into the drawing room. Roger says that Barnabas had said she was ill, but he had no idea. Blair notices the marks on her neck.

Julia sips brandy as she comes to. She asks what she's doing in Collinwood. Roger gives her the rest of the brandy. She says she feels alright.

Roger tells her she came in looking for Tom Jennings before she fainted. She makes up a story about being reminded of Tom's attack when she was walking in the woods. Mrs. Johnson says the doctor is coming, and she tells them to send him away when he arrives. Roger suggests she go upstairs to rest. Roger says that Liz might be on the property. She says her nurse says she babbled on about wanting to come home to die on the property. He's concerned that if she is, the maniac who killed Tom might still be out there. Blair offers to search for her with Roger.

Liz wanders through Eagle Hill cemetery. She thinks about being buried alive. She sees Tom Jennings and asks who he is. He bares his fangs and she screams.

She hears Roger's call and Jennings disappears. She says there was a young man, but there's no trace of him. He tells her she's safe with them. Roger introduces her to Cassandra's brother. He tells her they'll take her home. 

They return to Collinwood with Liz. She recognizes Mrs. Johnson. Roger asks her if she recognizes him, and knows who she is, and she says he's her brother Roger. She says she doesn't want to go back to the hospital. She wants to die at home. She describes how they're going to bury her alive if he doesn't help her. He assures her he will, and asks her to wait while he goes to do something.

Roger tells Mrs. Johnson that he's going to take her back to Windcliff, as she's still not well.

Liz listens at the door, and realizes she has to stop Roger.

Roger goes to get the car, and Mrs. Johnson goes to make a call. Liz explains that she cut the phone cord. Julia walks in and Liz asks her to help her.

She tells her that she's sane, and doesn't need to go back to Windcliff. Julia hears the dogs howling. She tells Liz she must go to him, and leaves as Liz says she's her only hope. Liz follow Julia out, and when Mrs. Johnson returns, they're both gone.

Julia enters a room with a coffin, and asks Tom where he is. Liz follows her in and asks her if it's her coffin. Julia yells at her to leave. Liz leaves Julia.

Tom lurks in the shadows behind her. He tells her he's there, and comes to her. She removes her scarf, and he leans in for another bite.

Our thoughts

John: Is it just me, or did you think that Mrs. Johnson was going to tell Blair that she was originally hired to spy on the Collins family? She dished a bunch of other family secrets to the relative stranger...

Christine: It didn't occur to me at the time, but I can certainly envision it now. Mrs. Johnson's role on the show is to blab to anybody and everybody about Collins family business, while proclaiming she does not gossip. It's what makes her character so much fun. Roger has an amazing way of administering first aid. No smelling salts, no problem! Just grab a glass of brandy and dribble it down the unconscious lady's throat!

John: Didn't they once establish that Windcliff was hours away, and yet somehow folks keep walking back to Collinwood from there?

Christine: I think we got the impression that it was a long drive for Joe and Sam to see Maggie there in Episode 265, and then Maggie inexplicably walked to the Blue Whale from Windcliff in Episode 294. There must be some time portal in the woods that they are managing to slip through.

John: So Liz escaped from Windcliff, possibly because she no longer believes that she's Naomi (which makes sense since Cassangelique the witch is no more). Her current death fixation is not completely clear, but it doesn't seem like it warrants a return to the sanitarium. Has Roger gotten too comfortable as the lord of Collinwood, that he's willing to lock Liz up to avoid returning to his role as a guest in the house?

Christine: Since her death fixation was a direct result of Angelique's spell, I would have expected it to cease once Anqelique transitioned from witch to human to vampire. It could indicate that the spell has worn off, but the trauma of recent events has inspired her to spiral down into a Poe inspired storyline. I'd say you were right about Roger wanting to assume charge of Collinwood, except that Carolyn is the mistress of Collinwood and the actual person in charge, just as she was the last time Liz went on vacation to the hospital. I'd expect her to put the kibosh on Uncle Roger's plans to return her mom to Windcliff, should she put in an appearance before he's able to do so.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 568 - 8/28/68

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Jeff enters the old house and goes downstairs. He sees Lang's lab equipment setup, and his journals. He realizes that he's right, and that Barnabas brought Lang's experiment to life, creating a monster. He wonders why they would have done that, and what they hoped to gain. He can't figure out why they moved the equipment to the house, until he finds the cadaver under a sheet. He gasps, and Barnabas comes out and tells him that they are going to create another one.

Jeff accuses Barnabas of lying to him about Adam being Lang's experiment. He explains that they had to. He tells Barnabas he's going to call the police, and Barnabas explains that Adam will kill Vicki if they don't create a mate for him. Jeff refuses to believe him.

Barnabas asks why Jeff thinks Adam kidnapped Vicki. He says if he loves Vicki, he will help them with the experiment. Jeff asks how, and Barnabas says he can help the same way he helped Lang. Jeff says he's going to take Vicki away from Collinwood, and Barnabas says that Adam has threatened to kill the entire Collins family. Jeff asks why they created Adam in the first place, and Barnabas says he cannot explain why, but he regrets it. He says that if Adam gets his mate, he has promised to leave. He implores Jeff to cooperate with them.

Roger visits Barnabas at the old house. He's concerned that he can't find Julia. Barnabas explains that she's staying with him. Roger tells him that Liz has escaped from Windcliff. Barnabas tries to explain that Julia is not well, but Roger presses him to get her.

Barnabas comes to Josette's room to talk to Julia. She explains that she can't sleep; she can only think of Tom Jennings.

She says she can't concentrate on Lang's notes. Barnabas says there are emergencies. Jeff Clark broke into the house and is aware of the experiment.

He adds that he has that under control, but there's another concern. Liz has escaped from Windcliff. 

Julia says she doesn't want to see Roger, and Barnabas tells her he'll think of something to tell him.

He leaves, and Julia realizes that night will come again, and she doesn't know if she can resist Tom again.

Julia is in the lab when she tells Barnabas the sun will be setting soon. He says he'll stay with her in Josette's room when Jeff Clark returns. He says he has agreed to help them. He hates it, but he can't avoid it. She asks Jeff to assemble a scope as Barnabas escorts her to her room. Jeff thinks that Vicki must never find out what he's doing.

Julia tells Barnabas it's not necessary for him to stay with her, and he says he won't leave her. She says he can prevent her from leaving, but he can't prevent Tom from coming. Barnabas says he's prepared for that, and pulls a gun out of his smoking jacket. She says a gun won't stop him, and Barnabas explains that he had silver bullets forged that will destroy Tom.

Tom calls to Julia.

Julia hears Tom's call, and Barnabas tells her to resist him. She tries to go, and Barnabas holds her back.

She senses Tom nearby, and Barnabas tells her to sit and be silent. He hides in the closet until Jennings appears. Julia stands between them, and Jennings disappears. They hear howling dogs, and Barnabas knows that Jennings is out there. He looks out the window and says he's waiting for her. He turns and sees that she's gone.

Our thoughts

John: So Roger shows up for a brief cameo, fills us in on Liz, and then somehow Barnabas manages to get rid of him offscreen. Quite an awkward way to introduce a new story thread, but an easy paycheck for Louis Edmonds.

Christine: Well, at least we have a heads up that Elizabeth's annual contractual vacation will soon be coming to an end, and hopefully it also means that we'll be seeing a lot more of Roger as well very soon.

John: So where exactly did Barnabas learn the silver bullet theory for killing vampires? And what's with Tom magically appearing and disappearing, with nary a squeaky bat in sight?

Christine: Barnabas learned the silver bullet theory from his dad back in Episode 459, who discovered from his research in Boston that you can kill a vampire by shooting a silver bullet into its heart. He had planned to destroy his vampire son that way until he realized it was easier for him to chain him in a coffin rather than do the dirty deed. Vampire Tom is the next generation vampire, who's evolved to be a little more stealthy and a little less squeaky. I'm wondering whose mausoleum he appropriated the coffin from that he's currently using.

John: In the time it took him to turn around and look out the window, Julia slipped out of the room, down the stairs, and out the door. Barnabas is no spring chicken, but I've got to believe he could catch up to her...

Christine: He may have his chance at putting a silver bullet into Tom Jennings' heart yet. I think today's episode proves that Barnabas truly loves Julia, but will probably be unable to admit his feelings for her, since he seems determined to be stuck on Vicki, despite her engaged status.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 567 - 8/27/68

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Barnabas grills Julia on being in the woods, why she passed out, why she wouldn't leave, and most importantly—why she's wearing a scarf. He pulls it from her neck, revealing bite marks on her throat.

He says he's going to destroy Tom Jennings, and she's going to help him. He asks her where his coffin is hidden. She says it's too late to stop him. He tells her that he'll take her to the old house and lock her into a room to prevent her from seeing him. He says Tom will be forced to come and see her, and he will be ready for him. She agrees to join him, and he tells her that in the morning, she can resume the experiment. She tells him she's too weak to continue.

Jeff and Vicki stumble across Adam outside of Collinwood. Jeff tries to attack him, and Adam knocks him out before running off. Vicki screams for help.

Barnabas and Julia hear Vicki and come to her aid. Julia examines Jeff. Barnabas asked what happened, and Vicki says they saw Adam. Jeff says the man who hit him was the one who attacked Vicki in the woods, and they need to call the police. They go inside, and Barnabas tells Julia that Adam will be on his way to the old house, and they need to be there working on the experiment.

Jeff calls to tell the Sheriff about the attack. Vicki sits Jeff down in the drawing room. Jeff asks Vicki if she's sure Adam was the man's name. He says it's not possible, and when Vicki asks what he means, he's somewhat cryptic. He asks her to tell him what happened in the woods, and where Adam took her. She says she remember Adam lifting her up, and then returning to Collinwood. She says she can't remember anything, except Adam saying that she would help him. Jeff tells her he wants to check on something, and leaves her alone. She asks why he can't tell her what he's doing, and he says he will when he returns.

Adam stands in the empty basement of the old house. He rummages around the lab, and breaks something, when he hears the door upstairs. He hides as Barnabas and Julia come downstairs. He comes out and asks where they had been. Barnabas says they were at Collinwood, and the police have been called to find him. Adam points out that Barnabas would like that. He says that they have done nothing in two weeks. Julia tries to explain that it will take several weeks, and Adam asks why. She adds that she's been sick. Adam suggests that she's lying. Adam demands to know how much longer it will take, and Julia says it might be four weeks. Adam gives them four weeks to make him a mate. He says he will check in on their progress, and to remind them of what will happen if they fail. Vicki first, and then the others. Adam bids them goodnight.

From the woods, Jeff sees Adam leave the old house.

Julia asks Barnabas what they're going to do, and he tells her he's going to find and destroy Jennings. He tells her he'll lock her into Josette's room, where she'll be safe.

Jeff approaches the old house and wrestles with the door. Depressed that it doesn't open, he tries several windows before finding one that is open. He enters the old house and goes downstairs. He sees Lang's lab equipment setup, and his journals. He realizes that he's right, and that Barnabas brought Lang's experiment to life, creating a monster. He wonders why they would have done that, and what they hoped to gain. He can't figure out why they moved the equipment to the house, until he finds the cadaver under a sheet. He screams, and Barnabas comes out and tells him that they are going to create another one.

Our thoughts

John: It seems like Adam must have taken a strange route to the old house if it led him right by the gazebo at the main house.

Christine: Maybe he was stopping by to peek in on Carolyn. Barnabas was right to question where Tom Jennings takes his repose. Is he cozied up with Angelique in her basement tomb at the house by the sea? I hope Barnabas will meet up with his wife sometime soon and see that she's getting a taste of the lifestyle she had imposed on him back in the day.

John: Adam's appearance got Julia to snap out of her vampire bride daze. I have to admit the thought of seeing Julia the vampire is intriguing...

Christine: Poor Julia. At long last, Barnabas says he's going to take her and lock her up in the Old House and she's unable to appreciate it. I think Barnabas may be jealous of Tom Jennings, after all.

John: I was wondering where Adam's bride's body was at when he visited, and as soon as he was gone, it seemed to have miraculously reappeared in the basement. You'd think that would have been great example of the progress they had made thus far. I guess they were more interested in showing Jeff finding the body than Adam. Of course, Adam wouldn't have squealed like a schoolgirl.

Christine: Are you still of the opinion that Don Briscoe is the most over the top actor on DS after seeing Roger Davis' performance today?