Friday, December 30, 2016

Episode 135 - 12/30/66

Vicki follows David up to his room and asks why he ran away. He reiterates that the lady downstairs is not his mother. Vicki says she's very nice, and seems to love him very much. He says if he goes downstairs, something terrible might happen. Vicki says that's just his imagination. He pleads with Vicki not to make him go downstairs and she agrees. She goes downstairs and he returns to looking out his open window.

Vicki suggests to Liz that David postpone his visit with his mother until tomorrow. Laura says she knows he doesn't want to see her. She says she could see it in his eyes that David was afraid of her. She turns back to staring into the fire.

Upstairs, David calls out to his mother again and tells her to stop looking at him.

Liz says that David needs more time than they imagined to adjust to her. Roger invites Laura to stay with them in Collinwood. Roger suggests that Laura could stay in Matthew's cottage. Laura is thrilled by the idea. Carolyn arrives home and is introduced to her aunt. She offers to take her aunt to Matthew's cottage.

David yells for his mother to go away before closing the window.

Liz gives Carolyn the keys to the cottage. She tells Laura she'll have Mrs. Johnson give it a cleaning in the morning. She and Carolyn leave. Liz goes upstairs to see David. Vicki tells Roger that David has been saying strange things about his mother; that she isn't really his mother. Roger says not to bother Liz with that. He says he'll deal with it.

Liz checks in on David. He asks if she's gone, and his aunt tells him that she'll be staying in Matthew's cottage. He says she gives him a funny-scary feeling when he's around her. He cries and tells her that he's scared, but doesn't know why.

Carolyn shows Laura to the cottage. She looks around and says she'll be very cozy. Carolyn asks where she's staying, and says that her old friend Burke Devlin is staying at the Collinsport Inn. She says that her uncle Roger hates Burke, and Laura says that she doesn't hate him. Laura goes to the window and asks which window in the house is David's.

David tells his aunt he was just being silly, and apologizes for crying. He says his mother is very pretty, and says he looks forward to meeting her. Liz tucks him in.

Laura asks if she can move in right away. Carolyn explains that the place isn't ready. Laura says she'll start a fire, and she'll be fine. Carolyn says she has to go into town, so she'll pick up Laura's bags and bring them back. Laura explains that they're already packed, as she never unpacked.

David tosses and turns as the voice of his mother calls to him, saying she needs him.

Our thoughts

John: We get a nice, loving scene between David and Liz. I kept wondering if something was possessing him, as he wasn't his bratty self.

Christine: Hasn't David been possessed all along? I thought it was the widows, but it's possible it's been his mother that's been possessing him all this time. Liz has obviously taken on the role of mother to David and will have a hard time giving him up to Laura, especially if she starts acting unbalanced.

John: So Laura never unpacked her bags, and as far as we know, she never spent much if any time in the Inn. What are we to infer from this?

Christine: We can infer that she hasn't changed her clothes or brushed her teeth since she arrived in Collinsport.  It seems she's also been spending a lot of her time hovering around outside David's window sending him psychic messages.

John: Laura's calling to David in his sleep is particularly creepy. I wonder how long into the new year Laura's story will last.

Christine: Since she's moving in to Matthew's cottage, she must intend to stay awhile. In only four short months we'll get to meet Elizabeth's cousin from England.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Episode 134 - 12/29/66

David stares out his bedroom window calling for his mother. Liz enters and asks what he's doing. He explains that he's awaiting her arrival.

Downstairs, Liz tells David his mother should arrive soon. Roger stokes the fire, and David offers to take over. He seems to think she'll be moving into Collinwood. Liz sends him off to get washed up, and asks Roger what he intends to do. He says he has no plans to resume relations with her, but it may make sense for her to move into the house to get her away from Burke at the Inn.

David changes his shirt while he looks out the open window. Vicki enters and asks what's the special occasion. He explains that his mother is coming, and Vicki is very happy for him. He says he's happy to finally see her, but he had a bad dream in which he saw his mother standing in burning flames, calling him to join her.

Laura arrives at Collinwood, and Roger lets her in. Laura asked how David reacted to the news of her return. Roger said he had dreamed about it, and that he even had a bad dream about her return. Roger tells her that Burke Devlin is trying to stir up the mess of 10 years ago. Laura says she has no intention on becoming involved in anything. Vicki comes downstairs and Roger introduces her to Laura. Roger sends Vicki upstairs to collect David, and they retire to the drawing room.

Vicki finds David upstairs hiding in a corner. She explains his mother is downstairs, and he tells Vicki he doesn't want to see her. Vicki tells David that his mother is very beautiful, and very nice. He reiterates that he doesn't want to go downstairs, and that he doesn't want his mother to come upstairs.

Liz explains her concerns to Laura. Roger says that he's gotten used to having David around, but if leaving is the best thing for him, he's all for it.

Liz says that everything depends on how Laura and David's relationship develops. Vicki walks him in, and Roger introduces him to his mother. David sees her surrounded by flames, and runs upstairs.

Vicki finds David, and he tells her that the woman downstairs is not his mother.

Our thoughts

John: I laughed when Roger told Laura that it would be hard to get used to David being gone, but he'd somehow manage if it was for the best. Right. I expect he'd already have David's bag packed and waiting by the front door.

Christine: I like how he says it while pouring himself a celebratory drink.

John: Laura is certainly a unique character. She at times comes across as aloof, but as soon as she engages someone in a conversation, she's clearly all there, and sharper than she initially lets on.

Christine: Vicki tells David he and his mother will have a lot to talk about, and when he asks what he should talk about, she suggests he talk about the things he does, such as the games he plays and the homework he doesn't study enough, though she was probably thinking about how he tampered with the brakes on his father's car and nearly killed him, locked her up in a room in the closed off wing and left her to die, and how he didn't set her free when she was Matthew's captive in the Old House. I wonder if Laura would be proud of all he's accomplished during his short time at Collinwood.

John: Okay, we get it. Laura is somehow a phoenix. Does she need David as a sacrificial lamb in order to survive?

Christine: She claims she only needs to love and be loved. Perhaps that's what fuels the flames. She is going to be a fine addition to Collinwood. After being teased with ghosts for so long, it's certainly novel to have a supernatural event handed to us on a platter, with no beating around the bush about it. David sure was working a goofy grin up until he went back to his trademark scowl. What a fine young actor.

Did you notice when Roger asked Vicki to go upstairs and get David, she turned around and walked in the other direction? Some governess!

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Episode 133 - 12/28/66

Burke is on the phone with Blair, and tells him that Laura is the one who can prove he wasn't driving 10 years ago.

Sam stares into the painting he did of Laura surrounded by fire. He covers it when Maggie comes in. She asks if he wants breakfast, and he says he doesn't want to hear about his drinking habits. Sam acts strange, and he says it best when he says something's always bugging him. She goes to lift up the cover on his canvas and he flips out. She says he's been acting strange since the strange woman came into the restaurant. She asks if he ever figured out who she is, and he tells her it's Laura Collins. She asks what Laura has to do with him, and he ignores her. She looks back at the covered canvas.

Burke knocks on Laura's door, but she doesn't answer.

Burke comes into the diner and asks Maggie if she's seen a woman staying at the inn. Maggie says he's looking for Laura Collins, and he asks if she's seen her. She says she hasn't seen her today, but she seemed odd. She comes in, orders coffee, and sits alone without drinking it. Burks tells Maggie that he's never met another woman as exciting or as much fun to be with as Laura. Maggie says she was married, and Burke dismisses that fact. Sam shambles in, and Burke invites him to sit down with him at the bar. Burke tells Sam the one person who can change everything is back in town—Laura Collins. Sam plays dumb, and Burke tells him to start sweating, and then leaves.

Maggie asks her dad what Burke meant. Sam starts to storm out because of the interrogation, and runs into Laura. She asks if he remembers her, and he smiles and says yes. Sam asks her if she's back in town for good. She says she's not sure. He asks if she's seen the family, and she says she's seen all but David. He asks what brought her back, and she replies 'unfinished business.' Sam tells her it's nice to have her back before leaving. Laura sits down and Maggie brings her a cup of coffee. Maggie says her arrival in town has caused a lot of commotion. She says Burke Devlin was just in looking for her. She asks Maggie to tell Burke she hasn't seen her, at which point he arrives. Laura appears shocked to see him.

Burke and Laura exchange pleasantries, and Laura gets up to leave. Burke asks her for just a minute of her time and sits down. He tells her he's been waiting 10 years for this moment, but now he's at a loss for words. She asks how he is, and he says he's bitter. He asks if it's possible she's more beautiful than he imagined. He says he can sense that she's different. He asks why she came back, and she says to do what had to be done. He asks if she saw Roger, and suggested he'd be thrilled to see her. She says she came back for David; that she needs him more than anything. Burke says David is the kind of son they could have had, and Laura says he's exactly the kind. Burke says he came back to prove his innocence, and she's the key to that. She says she has to solve her problems first. She gets up and leaves.

Sam works at his canvas, and steps back and throws the brush at the painting, which appears to flicker in the light.

Our thoughts

John: Today is the first time Vicki's introduction is interrupted by a dialog scene, and then resumed.

Christine: Maggie is some kind of waitress. When Burke asks for another cup of coffee, she tells him to help himself, and then holds out her cup so he can serve her as well!

John: I love when Laura tells Sam he looks the same, Sam says alcohol is a preservative.

Christine: I love the expression on his face when he sees her.

John: Did Laura just confirm my long held suspicion that David is Burke's son??? Things are heating up in Collinsport!

Christine: That's what I heard, though Burke was too fixated on how she might help him prove his innocence to notice. It appears that Sam may be possessed, as he seems unable to control his hand while painting the portrait of Laura. Things are heating up, indeed. Or as Burke Devlin says, "This town's just about ready to come alive."

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Episode 132 - 12/27/66

David tells his aunt that he's sure he saw his mother, and she explains it was only a dream. After she leaves him, he gets up and looks out the window. He calls out, asking if anyone is out there.

Roger, Liz, Vicki and David have breakfast. David asks to go play, and his aunt tells him to finish his lessons first. He and Vicki go upstairs. Liz says it was a strange coincidence that David had a dream about his mother the night she showed up at Collinwood. Roger suggests that Liz doesn't want David to see his mother, as she wants to take her place in his life. She denies it, but he says she wants the heir apparent under her wing. Liz thinks Laura's not capable of caring for David. Roger asks if she seemed unbalanced when they saw her last night, and Liz agrees she does not. She claims that Roger wants to unload his son. She says she'll fight to keep David in Collinwood.

Upstairs, David works on his math lessons. He asks Vicki why she doesn't hate him. She says that she doesn't, because he told Burke Devlin where to find her. David says he thinks she's nicer than he did when she first came to Collinwood. He asks her if she wants her mother to come back, and she says yes. He says he's not sure if he wants his mother to come back.

Roger asks what Liz will do when Laura returns to see David. She says she's worried about the effect it will have on David.

David tells Vicki he had a scary dream last night. He says he doesn't feel well because he didn't sleep much last night. She tells him to lie down for a while, and they can resume his lessons later. She tucks him into his bed to rest, and as soon as she's gone, he's up and at the window. He calls to his mother.

Liz works on paperwork while Roger brings in firewood. He brings up how Liz never liked Laura, and considered a gold-digger. He says her own mate was not exactly ideal. Roger suggests that they tell David his mother is in town, so that he can prepare. Vicki comes down and says she's concerned about David. Roger asks Vicki to bring David down. He tells Vicki his wife is back in town and wants to see David. She goes to get him.

David continues calling to his mother from his bedroom window. Vicki walks in on him. She asks if he was talking to someone and he denies it. He asks to go out and play. She says his father and aunt want to talk to him. She sends him down, and closes his bedroom window.

Liz tells Roger she'll tell David since he's tactless sometime. David comes down and she asks how he's feeling. David says he knows that his mother is here. He says he's known since last night when he saw her in his dreams. He then asks if he can go upstairs, and they let him. Roger says he must have overheard them talking about her. Liz says he described where she sat, and what she was wearing. Roger dismisses it.

David is back at his window, calling to his mother.

Our thoughts

John: We finally get to see our first sit-down family meal at Collinwood! And Roger is dressed down for the first time in 132 episodes. And despite that, they managed to keep Mrs. Johnson off the payroll for this episode.

Christine: Roger attempts to assert his fatherly authority by telling David to eat his runny eggs. Could it be he's ready to accept David as his own?

John: I'll bet Roger misses Matthew now that he's got to lug firewood around. Mrs. Johnson is a tough old broad. I wonder if she would have done it had she been in today's episode.

Christine: I wonder how long before Liz hires another groundskeeper.

John: I love how Liz so casually describes Roger as tactless, and he doesn't even flinch!

Christine: Remember the first time we saw David talking to his mother out the window? It was back in Episode 15 right before Roger's car accident when he says, "He's going to die, mother. He's going to die." It seems he's had a longstanding psychic connection with his mother.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Episode 131 - PRE-EMPTED 12/26/66

No episode aired 50 years ago today due to a pre-emption for a post Christmas football game.

Merry Christmas from Collinwood!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Episode 130 - 12/23/66

Roger tries again to call Laura at the Inn, but she's still not there. Mrs. Johnson comes downstairs and eavesdrops on Liz and Roger talking about Laura, and how she's staying at the same place as Burke.

Mrs. Johnson visits Burke Devlin in his hotel room to tell him about what's troubling the Collins clan. She realizes that he doesn't know. She tells him that Laura Collins has returned to town. Burke is speechless. She says they think Burke brought her back. He says he tried several years ago, but that she was in a sanatorium, and in no state to leave. Mrs. Johnson tells him that she's staying at the Inn, and he calls down to the front desk to confirm. He does discover she's checked in under her maiden name. Burke says his trouble began with her, and will end with her.

Burke knocks on the door to Laura's room at the Inn. No one answers, so he leaves.

Outside the Collins mansion, David swings in a swing set. Laura approaches and watches him.

Mrs. Johnson prepares David's bed, and she suggests that he may soon be getting the discipline he needs. She starts to cover him up with blankets, and he says he can do it himself. She says someday soon there might be someone else to tuck him in. As she gets ready to leave, David says he felt like he was being watched earlier today; by a woman behind a bush. She tells him to go to sleep and leaves him. He hops out of bed and opens the window she closed so he can hear the howling wind.

Roger tries calling Laura again. Mrs. Johnson comes downstairs and confirms she put David to bed. In the drawing room, Liz asks if Roger will tell David about his mother. She says they need to prepare him.

Upstairs, David tosses and turns in his bed.

There's a knock at the front door, and Mrs. Johnson lets Laura in. Roger comes into the foyer and sees his wife. The exchange pleasantries, and Roger sends Mrs. Johnson away. Roger tells her she looks well, and she says she's hardly at her best. She asks about David, and says she's very anxious to see him. She says she expects Roger never expected to see her again. He says neither the house or those within it have changed. He brings her into the drawing room to see Liz. Liz invites her to join her by the fire, and Laura kneels down very close to it.

David's tossing and turning continues.

Roger offers her a drink, and she confirms she doesn't drink anymore. She tells Liz she's been moving around after getting out of the sanatorium. She says she's found a place out west to settle down. She tells Roger she has no intention in wallowing in the past. She figured out what she wanted—David.

David calls out to his mother in his sleep.

Roger asks what she means when she says she wants David. She says David can give her love. Roger asks where they stand. Legally, they're still married, and Roger says he's responsible for her. She says she won't oppose a divorce. She says she wants complete custody of David.

David continues to call out to his mother in his sleep.

Liz asks what she means, and Roger suggests she wants to take him away from Collinwood. Laura agrees. She says she needs David's love, and she will get it from him. She asks Roger if he wants David more than she does. Liz says they need time, and that the choice must be David's. She prepares to leave, and asks that they call her at the Inn as soon as they make a decision.

David bolts out of bed.

After seeing Laura out, he asks Liz what she thinks. She says she doesn't know what to believe.

David appears to sleepwalk downstairs. Roger tells him to go upstairs, and David ignores him. The front doors fly open and David runs outside calling for his mother. Liz and Roger bring him back into the house as he describes a dream where he saw his mother.

Our thoughts

John: Ah, Mrs. Johnson, Collinwood's resident Deep Throat. You get the sense that she'd be in the spying business even if Burke wasn't slipping her some cash. I particularly like how she can't help herself as she drops hints to David about things to come.

Christine: It seems an unusual task for a housekeeper to tuck a kid into bed. I can understand why Roger doesn't do it, but why isn't Liz up to the task? Where's Vicki? Visiting Frank Garner in Bangor?

John: While the events of 10 years ago aren't brought up specifically, Laura's confirmation that she no longer drinks speaks volumes.

Christine: Sam mentioned in yesterday's episode that she started drinking after her marriage to Roger because she felt guilty about the accident, which is what led to her being placed in the sanitarium. I believe her mentioning that she no longer drinks was a way to communicate that she is well and able to care for her son.

John: We know that Roger doesn't want David. I'm surprised he didn't run upstairs and get him to send him on his way with his mother that night.

Christine: Roger may be okay with letting David go, but Liz certainly won't be.

Bob Lloyd has wished us a happy holiday season nearly every day this week except today, so we'll have to do it for him. Happy holidays from those of us here at Dark Shadows Before I Die.