Friday, February 17, 2017

Episode 170 - 2/17/67

Mrs. Johnson watches as Carolyn and Vicki set up a table and chairs for the seance. Vicki suggests that maybe they should call it off. She's concerned that something is going to happen to her. Vicki asks Mrs. Johnson to stay with David while he's sleeping during the seance. She leaves and Roger comes in. He explains that he doesn't expect Josette to make an appearance. He says he'll give Guthrie a chance, and then after witnessing his failure, he'll toss him out into the storm.

Dr. Guthrie arrives and Mrs. Johnson lets him in. He makes himself at home in the drawing room. He sets up a tape recorder to record the seance. Mrs. Johnson tells him she thinks the dead should be allowed to rest. Vicki arrives and says the others will be down shortly. Vicki lights some candles as Carolyn and Roger arrive. Guthrie closes the doors to the drawing room and turns out the lights. He starts the tape recorder and sits down at the table with the others. He reviews their objective—summoning Josette's ghost. He says she may appear to them, or use one of them to speak through.

The four place their hands on the table and create an unbroken circle of their fingers. He asks them to all repeat over and over in their minds, "Josette Collins"...

Vicki has a blank stare, and then reacts to an unseen force. Carolyn calls to Vicki, and Guthrie shushes her, and tells them to concentrate on Josette. Vicki moans, "No...." The doors to the drawing room blow open, revealing Laura Collins. She apologizes for interrupting, and says she changed her mind. Roger fixes a drink, and Guthrie asks Vicki if she remembers what happened. She says she felt as if she was in a long corridor, and all of their voices were mere echoes. Guthrie asks if they can try again, and Laura suggest not, but Vicki agrees. Guthrie invites Laura to join them in the circle.

The five place their hands on the table and begin again. Laura is between Guthrie and Carolyn, opposite Vicki. Guthrie makes his introductory statement, and Vicki is noticeably shaking.

In the old house, Josette's portrait glows, and her ghost steps down from the painting.

Laura seems alarmed as Vicki goes back into a trance. Carolyn says she smells jasmine perfume. Vicki begins speaking in French. Laura stares at her, eyes wide. Vicki eventually screams and lands face down at the table.

Our thoughts

John: Were tape recorders so foreign in 1967? Or is Mrs. Johnson just a Luddite...

Christine: Our first Collinwood séance! Another DS milestone. How much fun this must have been on a Friday afternoon in 1967!

John: I was amused when Guthrie had to specify "Josette... COLLINS....", lest another ghost named Josette show up.

Christine: I like the way Laura crashed the party. She must have realized that she'd need to be around to keep a lid on things.

John: Where are the subtitles when we need them! I could make out death, and devil... I guess we'll have to wait until next week for Guthrie to transcribe the recording.

Christine: Pardon my French. Some of it was difficult to make out. Imperfect translation follows.
Il y a étranger ici. Il y a de père d'humilier d'étant beau vide. Il y a une morte, qui ne pas morte. Elle marche dans le monde. Il y a une qui dorme sans sommeil, sans réveille. Il y a un petit garçon innocent qui est en danger serieuse. Il y a des feux--des feux pendant le siècle. Il y a notre feux pour cher m'ont. Les flammes touchant le ciel. Les flammes consomme tout. Il y a une présence en diable. Il y a quelqu'une qui vas detruire. Cette personne s'appelle... Cette personne s'appelle...  Cette personne... AAAAA!
There is a stranger here. There is a humiliated father so empty (or handsome--not sure I transcribed the French right). There is a dead woman, who is not dead. She walks in the world. There is one who sleeps without sleep, without waking. There is a small, innocent boy who is in serious danger. There are fires--fires during the century. There are fires for a dear one (not sure about this one). The flames touch the sky. The flames consume everything. There is an evil presence. There is someone who is going to destroy. This person's name is... This person's name is... This person.... AAAAA!


Dave Dykema said...

Thanks for the translation!

Christine said...

You're welcome, Dave! I did my best with my high school French, though I hope a more adept French speaker may someday help me correct the errors in my transcription and translation.

Martin Parsons said...

Hello! I have just been watching these episodes and thinking how decent Alexandra Moltke's French was - though I can't make it all out. Here is a transcription:

Il y a danger ici. Il y a des pierres ???, des tombeaux vides. Il y a une morte qui n'est pas morte. Elle marche dans le monde. Il y a une qui dorme sans sommeil, sans réveille. Il y a un petit garçon innocent qui est en danger serieuse. Il y avait des feux...des feux pendant les siècles. Il y aura un autre feu, prochainement. Les flammes toucheront le ciel, les flammes consommait tous. Il y a une presence en diable (or possibly endiablé with a mispronunciation). Il y a quelqu'une qui va détruire. Cette personne s'appelle...cette personne s'appele...cette personne...aaaargh!

There is danger here. There are [it's pierres not pères, but I cannot work out what kind of stone - obviously it should be tombstone but it's not], empty graves/tombs. There is a dead woman who is not dead. She walks in the world. There is one who sleeps without sleeping, without waking. There is an innocent young boy in serious danger. There were fires...fires throughout the centuries. There will be another fire soon. The flames will touch the sky, the flames will consume everything. There is a powerful presence (or potentially a devilish/possessed) presence. There is a woman who will destroy. This person is called...this person is called...this personne...aaargh!

Christine said...

Merci beaucoup, Martin! Unfortunately, Dr. Peter Guthrie doesn't clarify the most difficult part to hear and translate when he shares what Vicki said in the next episode. Maybe he couldn't make it out either. It makes sense that she'd be talking about empty graves.

Dr Rat said...

Way late to the party here, but just watched this episode.

In reference to the stone,I don't think she is saying "tombeaux" but "tombale" - and a pierre tombale is indeed a tombstone.