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Dark Shadows Episode 1113 9/30/70

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Gerard tells Julia that he has something that belongs to her, and she starts to say "My ... " and follows up with, "word." He says he found it in the playroom two nights ago, and found its mate on her dresser when he delivered her luggage. He points out that it can't be a coincidence. He asks who she is, and what she wants in Collinwood. She asks what gives him the right to question her. He says that Gabiel found it, and he could ask her. He asks if she was the woman Daniel claimed to see in the room, and she reiterates that she arrived today. He says when he saw the earring, he had a feeling it belonged to a woman who didn't dress as a woman normally would. She asks him if he was a psychic. He says not professionally. She explains that she found the other earring on the bureau in the room. He tells her that the mystery will be solved, and soon. Ben arrives, and she says she'd like to hear more stories about their father. Gerard excuses himself and goes upstairs.

Julia tells Ben that Gerard suspects something. Ben says he can't find Barnabas' coffin, and there were attacks in the village last night. Attacks like those they haven't seen in Collinwood since 1797. Ben says there's one place he'd be sure to go, and he'll see if he can find Barnabas there.

Barnabas goes into Josette's room in the old house. He speaks to her portrait, explaining to her that he must begin a new life, and telling her goodbye. He takes her portrait off the wall, and turns it to face the fireplace. He turns to see Ben in the room with him. Barnabas says he returned to the room for the last time. He will make an existence without Josette. Barnabas tells Ben he will not involve him this time. Ben pleads for him to talk with Julia from 1970. Barnabas says he does not share Ben's naivete. He says that she let Barnabas out of his coffin in 1967. He tells him he's not safe, and Barnabas says that word has no meaning for him. 

Gerard tells Leticia that Flora has written asking him to come see her at Rose Cottage. She calls him a heartbreaker, and he promises not to break hers. He tells her he made a new life for her bringing her to Collinwood. She says he gave her to Flora like she was a present. Gerard tells her that she's going to be famous — she'll be in a book. He tells her there's money to be made there, and they're not leaving until they get it. Julia enters, and Gerard introduces her to Leticia. Leticia says she needs to work on Flora's horoscope. 

Gerard leaves, and Julia asks her if she lives at Collinwood. She explains that she lives in Rose Cottage with Flora. Julia asks her about her ability to see the future. She says perhaps. Julia asks if she could see 1970, and Leticia says that she can only see a day or two into the future. Julia asks her to try. Leticia does, and says she smells smoke. She describes dust, and then stops. Julia wonders if that means Collinwood was destroyed. She can't understand what happened to Barnabas.

In 1970, Barnabas is sitting by the fire in the old house. Stokes comes to see him, and says he's sorry that Barnabas wasn't well enough to attend the funeral. Stokes says he shouldn't have gone to Europe, but he thought he had time to bring back the one man who could exorcise Gerard. He mourns the dead — Elizabeth, David, Daphne, Hallie... Barnabas says the creatures Gerard summoned from the grave prevented him from following Julia onto the stairs. He says he needs to find out where Julia went, and how to get there. Stokes says that if the stairs brought them from 1995, that must be where Julia is now. Barnabas says he's sure the stairs lead to the past, where this all began. He says the family journals mentioned Quentin building a time-traveling staircase in 1840. Stokes says he assumes Barnabas will try to use the I Ching again. 

Carolyn comes in, and mentions her mother is away with David and Hallie. She says she'll spend the weekend at the beach house. Barnabas says they can decide that later. She then asks him what happened to Collinwood, and who the men were who set fire to it. She then says that was just a dream — a nightmare. She says she's going to go upstairs to pack a bag. She goes upstairs and Stokes says she must get to Windcliff. Stokes asks about the 'other' problem, and asks where he is. Barnabas says he's upstairs.

In Josette's room, Quentin prepares to put his head in a noose. Carolyn comes in and screams for Barnabas. Quentin says he must join Daphne. Barnabas and Stokes run in and Quentin attacks Stokes, blaming him for Daphne's death. Barnabas sends Carolyn away. Quentin says the children were dead, and Daphne died in his arms. He said he could have saved them. Barnabas tries to calm him, and Quentin says he won't return to Collinwood. Barnabas tells Stokes to take Quentin to Windcliff.

Barnabas picks up his I Ching wands. Stokes tells him Quentin will be better off at Windcliff. Barnabas says he'll be as lost as he is now in 1995. Barnabas asks Stokes to take care of Carolyn. Stokes reminds him if the I Ching works, someone must stay in the old house to protect his body. Barnabas says Willie Loomis will. Stokes goes to get Carolyn to take her to the beach house. Barnabas goes into the secret room and tells Roxanne (through her coffin), that she'll be safe. He says he's going to go back in time to try and change her fate. 

Barnabas tosses the I Ching wands. Stokes says it's the 49th hexagram. Stokes tells him to visualize a door with that hexagram, and concentrate on it until the door opens. Barnabas does. He says it's opening. Stokes tells him to rise and go through the door. Barnabas sees a tombstone showing that Julia died on October 6, 1840. He says it can't be.

Our thoughts: 

John: While it was cool to pop back to 1970 (one last time?), I'm a little disappointed that they ignored some of the major questions, like: how did Barnabas escape the clutches of Gerard's zombies? Where's Gerard now, since we know come 1995 he'll still be hanging around the place? How did Elizabeth die, because as far as we know, she wasn't there the night of the destruction (and wasn't she with Roger, meaning that he too should be dead)? While it's obvious the writers could, through the 1840 sequences, alter the future to save all who died in 1970, it certainly seems more likely that they saw the writing on the wall and knew that the end was near for them to basically leave present day in what appears to be an irrecoverable mess.

Christine: Barnabas escaped because he is undead, and therefore cannot be killed by zombies. I imagine Gerard is still lurking about Collinwood with his zombie friends. I was also surprised to hear that Elizabeth died. I thought that was a very lazy and unacceptable piece of writing for such an instrumental character. I don't know if the writers knew the end was near, but they may have sensed Dan Curtis was exhausted and challenged to squeeze out new storylines. It could be that returning to the past was meant to be Barnabas and Julia's only way of altering history to prevent the destruction of Collinwood.

John: So despite all of their efforts, it looks like 1995 will play out just as it was when B&J dropped in; making their attempts to change the future a complete and utter failure. In retrospect, one has to wonder why Gerard chose to hold off on exacting his revenge on Collinwood (for reasons as yet to be determined) for 130 years... Why wait so long? Perhaps before we're through, we'll get a scene where Gerard declares that in 130 years, he'll get his revenge! And what are the chances we ever hear more about the mysterious European who could have exorcised Gerard... perhaps a descendant of Count Petofi?

Christine: After all Quentin has gone through in his lifetime, it's difficult to believe that these catastrophic events, while traumatic, would cause him to completely break from reality. 

John: Damn! Barnabas makes it clear that he isn't even going back in time to save Julia — he's going to save his new girlfriend, Roxanne! Of course, he's feeling guilty now that he sees Julia is on deck to die, but really, whether she lives or dies, as long as he can get his hands on Roxanne, he'll likely be happy in 1840!

Christine: That's not what I heard him say at all. He told Stokes he was determined to risk using the I Ching to find his way back to save Julia, as well as change history to prevent the destruction of Collinwood. Granted, he also wants to prevent Roxanne from becoming a vampire, though that may be hard to do if it turns out he is the one responsible for that happening. It was quite unexpected to hear 1840 Barnabas say goodbye to Josette and assert he must begin a new life without her, when all other Barnabas reincarnations professed undying love and obsession for her. Incidentally, it is always amazing to see that Barnabas tosses the desired 49th hexagram of change on the first try every time. 
49th hexagram again! What luck!

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Dark Shadows Episode 1112 9/29/70

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Julia goes to the mausoleum. She realizes that she should be at Collinwood, but she's convinced Barnabas is summoning her. She goes inside and wonders if it's just her imagination. She enters the secret room, where Barnabas' coffin is chained up. She wonders if his spirit has made the journey through time, knowing that if it hasn't, he won't know her. She speaks to him through the closed coffin, and calls for his spirit to reach out to her. She picks up a rock and smashes the locks.

Gabriel is examining the earring when Gerard walks in with Flora's book. Gabriel tells him that he's to go to Rose Cottage to see Flora once he's done with the book. He says the book is fascinating. Gabriel tells Gerard he only says what he thinks when he's angry. Gabriel says he has decided that Gerard does have special powers. Gerard asks why he laughed at him. Gabriel says his statement about the earring was perplexing. Gerard asks where he found it, and Gabriel responds that he should use his powers, and then says he found it in the children's playroom.

Julia undoes the chains on the coffin. She lifts the lid, revealing Barnabas inside. He looks at her and she tells him who she is. He grabs her throat, and says that no one must know his secret. Be walks in and tells him to let her go. He says she's a friend. Barnabas comments on how old Ben looks. Ben says he never thought he'd see him again, and tells him it's 1840. Barnabas asks if he told her about him. Ben tells her to leave, and reminds Barnabas that he needs his help. Julia leaves. 

Barnabas asks about his father, and Ben says he's been dead for years. He says that Daniel is an old man now. Ben says Julia says she came from the future, and she knows him there. She says that he learned a way to spend his spirit back in time, and she was hoping he would know her. Ben suggests that he get back into the coffin. Barnabas says he can't do it again. Barnabas says he cannot stop the craving, and runs out of the mausoleum. Julia steps out of the shadows and re-enters the mausoleum. Ben says that he couldn't stop him. Julia says that if he's caught tonight and destroyed, her Barnabas will cease to exist! Ben says she has to go to Collinwood and prepare them to accept Barnabas' in case anyone remembers. 

Samantha is walking in the woods when she hears someone and runs screaming.

Samantha returns to Collinwood and tells Gerard that a man in the woods was chasing her. Gabriel asks if she saw the man, and Gerard offers to go investigate. Gabriel tells her the police are combing the area, because a woman was attacked by the cemetery, bitten on the neck. Samantha goes to talk to the servant who told him the story. Gerard asks Gabriel how he wants to use him, and Gabriel says he doesn't know yet. He wheels out of the room. 

There's a knock a the door. A woman introduces herself as Julia Collins, and asks to come in. Samantha invites her in. She says Gabriel is the authority on the Collins family. Julia asks her if her brother is there. Gabriel asks who her brother is, and she says Barnabas Collins. She says there appears to be a mistake. Gabriel invites her into the drawing room. She apologizes for arriving unexpected. Samantha introduces everyone. Gabriel asks her if Barnabas is in Collinsport. She says she was to meet him there. She explains that Barnabas lives in England, and she lives in Pennsylvania. She says that she wrote them. 

Ben comes in and asks about Barnabas. Samantha introduces herself to Ben and says she heard all about him from her father, because the two were good friends. She says her brother looks just like her father. Gabriel says if he was head of the household, he'd bring out champagne, but they have none. Samantha fixes everyone Sherry. Gerard offers to help with her luggage. She says she's sorry Barnabas isn't there, as he's wanted to see Collinwood again. Gerard presses her on 'again,' and she explains that they felt as if they had been there, from all they heard from their father.

That night, Julia meets Ben in the foyer. She says they've got to chain Barnabaas up again. They return to the mausoleum, and find the coffin is gone.

Gerard contemplates how the earring found in the drawing room two days ago matches one found in Julia's bedroom. She returns home, and he asks if she's heard from her brother. She says she has not. He asks her when she last saw her brother, and she says not since she came to America. He asks her about places in Philadelphia, but she explains she never goes to the city. He says he has something that belongs to her, and she starts to say "My ... " and the says, "word." He says he found it in the playroom two nights ago, and found its mate on her dresser. She asks what he was doing in her room, and he says he delivered her luggage. He points out that it can't be a coincidence. He asks who she is, and what she wants in Collinwood. 

Our thoughts: 

John: A tracker is probably excessive, but is this only the third time that Barnabas will be introduced as a long-lost cousin from England?

Christine: I believe that is correct, though it is hard to keep track these days with all the comings and goings through time. 

John: Once again, we find that Julia is not fast enough on her feet to withstand the questioning of people suspicious of her stories. She really needs to stop traveling through time if she can't get her stories straight.

Christine: She was doing so well upon her arrival, too, though I'm not sure that awkward hug with Ben Stokes was fooling anybody.

John: If we hadn't spent all that time with Grimacing Gerard, I'd find him to be an interesting protagonist. But I assume his evil ways are yet to be revealed, right? I mean, he can't really be a nice guy who was wronged by the Collins clan, and therefore justified in bringing about its destruction 130 years in the future, can he?

Christine: We shall see. Do you suppose Barnabas lugged his coffin over to the basement of the Old House? I wonder how Julia and Ben intend to chain him back in his coffin. 

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Dark Shadows Episode 1111 9/28/70

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Julia hears Gabriel yelling, and comes out of the playroom to see what's happening, and is grabbed by the throat. Daniel Collins tells her that she mustn't scream, or they'll come, and it's his duty to kill her. He drags her back into the playroom. He says she cannot leave or scream. He says that she thinks he wouldn't recognize her, an attempt to shame him. He calls her Harriet, his wife's name, and she tries to convince him that she's not. He says if she screams, they'll all know that she haunts him for killing her. He says he must kill her over and over again. 

They struggle when Ben comes in and tells Daniel to let her go. He accuses Ben of turning on him. Ben tells him to forget about Harriet. Julia hides, and Ben tells him to look around and see that she's gone. Ben offers to sit with him in his room, to ensure Harriet won't come. They go into the hall, where Gabriel is waiting. Daniel tells him that his mother awaits him in the playroom. Ben says there's no one in the room, and escorts Daniel back to his room. Gabriel goes into the playroom.

Julia hides in the playroom as Gabriel wheels around. He sees an earring on the floor and picks it up. He wheels out of the room.

Gabriel examines the earring.

Ben brings Daniel into the tower room, and shows him that there's no one there. Daniel says that it's not his room, and Ben reminds him that he moved out of the room where 'it' happened. Daniel talks about Ben telling him that Quentin had died, and says that it's Gabriel who is dead to him. Ben helps him into bed, and Daniel asks why he denied seeing the woman in the room. He says she'll ruin their world. Ben says their world was ruined a long time ago, and leaves him for the night.

Julia tells Ben that she doesn't think clothes will work. She asks if the old house is deserted, and suggests that she hide there until Barnabas returns. She says something must have happened to the stairs. She says he could also appear by way of the I Ching. He can project his spirit into his body inside his coffin. Then he'll summon someone to release him. Ben tells her to stay away from the coffin. He was chained there for his own sake, to stop the killing. He says her life depends on his explaining the family. He tells her to steer clear of Gabriel and his wife; and Gerard, too. He mentions cousin Flora who lives in Rose Cottage.

Flora arrives at Collinwood and comes into the drawing room where Gabriel is at. She complains about a migraine, and asks if the healer is there. She has a copy of her novel with her, and he asks if she brought it for him. She says she did not, but he should read it — A Summer's Death. She explains that it's an ironic title, of love enduring past the lovers' dying. She  points out the healer has returned, and hands a copy of her book to Gerard, as he enters the room. He asks Gabriel to excuse them. Gabriel says he'd love to stay and watch a miracle, and Gerard tells him that he works with the mind. Gabriel tells Gerard to ignore him. Gerard rubs Flora's forehead and speaks to her with suggestion. Flora says he sees other reincarnations of her. 

Gabriel looks at the earring he found in the playroom. Gerard tells Flora when she opens her eyes, the pain will be gone. She gets up and invites Gerard to join her at Rose Cottage after dinner, and he says it would be his honor. Gabriel asks if Gerard can cure him, and make him walk again. Gerard says he wouldn't even attempt it. He says a headache can be cured through the mind. Gabriel asks if he's clairvoyant, and he says he is, in a limited way. Gabriel asks him what he makes of the earring. He says it's one he's never seen before. Gabriel asks him to use his power to see where it came from. He says he sees a tall woman, not dressed as one should be. Gabriel laughs at him and calls him a fraud. Gerard is angered. He grabs Gabriel and shakes him, and tells him not to laugh at him. Gabriel says that he may have use for him.

Ben gives Julia clothes, and tells her that she can say her name is Julia Collins, Barnabas' brother. She should say he wrote her and told her to meet him at Collinwood. He says she should come to the house at 8:30 tonight.

Flora is in the drawing room with Gabriel. She's anxious about receiving Gerard's feedback on her new book. She tells Gabriel he introduced a whole new world to her. She asks if he's met Leticia. She says her powers as a mystic are fantastic. She says her next book will be called Whispers from Heaven. Gabriel says that the black arts Gerard practices aren't usually related to Heaven above.

Ben joins them in the drawing room after 8:30. Gabriel brings up the legend of Angelique, a witch who married Barnabas. Gabriel reminds Ben that he knew her, and asks if she was really a witch. He looks at the clock and says it's later than he thought it was. He asks if anyone else heard a carriage.

Julia is at the mausoleum. She realizes that she should be at Collinwood, but she's convinced Barnabas is summoning her. She goes inside and wonders if it's just her imagination. She enters the secret room, where Barnabas' coffin is chained up. She wonders if his spirit has made the journey through time, knowing that if it hasn't, he won't know her. She speaks to him through the closed coffin, and calls for his spirit to reach out to her. 

Our thoughts: 

John: Why would leaving her hiding place be the first thing Julia does? She deserved to be accosted by Daniel. It is always interesting to figure out who's-who whenever we start off a new time period. So we have Roger=Daniel, Jeb=Gabriel, Elizabeth=Flora, and we already know Carolyn will eventually be introduced as Leticia. And that's on top of the expected known personalities of Barnabas, Angelique, Roxanne, and, if he's not already dead in 1840, Quentin.

Christine: I am so thrilled to have Louis Edmonds back to demonstrate what a masterful actor he is! He is especially entertaining when he's playing a character gone mad. Flora is also one of Joan Bennett's most delightful characters on the show. 

John: Gerard Speaks! And he does not disappoint! I'm anxious to see his story fleshed out, so we'll finally understand why he decided (out of the blue) to destroy Collinwood in 1970 — 130 years after his own death... And I'm not quite sure why Elizabeth got all psychedelic as a result of Gerard's head rubbing. It's probably premature to start a psychedelic head-rub tracker.

Christine: The colorful visions were clearly a result of his awesome healing powers. No wonder Gabriel wanted to stay and watch. 

John: Oh, Julia, will you ever learn? Granted, you've lived but one lifetime, but you've now been into how many time bands? I think we can all guess what is bound to happen when and if she cracks open Barnabas' coffin. Of course, maybe there's a part of her that's thinking she might have her best chance at eternal life with him if she makes herself a willing victim...

Christine: Well, there is precedent for her believing that he's traveled through time by way of coffin, since he managed to do that in 1897 as well, and if he didn't, then she may finally get the opportunity for an eternity with her beloved boyfriend. I'd expect Ben to be astute enough to show up before that happens, since she will clearly not be arriving at the appointed hour. 

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Dark Shadows Episode 1110 9/25/70

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Julia exits the staircase, and is standing in the door of the playroom. She sees Carrie, alive, wearing period clothes. Julia realizes that she's in 1840 Collinwood. A man rolls up in a wheelchair. Gabriel Collins. He asks Carrie why she's still up. She asks that he not interrupt his grandfather while sleeping. He reminds her that she and her grandfather are guests, and she should not presume to tell a Collins what to do. He tells her to go to her room. He says she's been spoiled by everyone else since Tad left the house. He tells her to open the door for him, and she does, pushing him into the room. Julia continues to watch from across the hall. 

Samantha Collins sees her in the hall and asks her what's wrong. She realizes that its Gabriel. She adds that it's Quentin's fault that's the way he is. Carrie asks if she'll talk to Gabriel. Samantha says she knows why Gabriel wants to see Carrie's grandfather. She asks Carrie to join her in the playroom. They notice the door is open. Samantha tells Carrie that she loved Tad so much. They step into the playroom and look around. Carrie lights a lamp. Samantha says she stayed in her room all evening knowing that she had to do this tonight, for her own sake, but now she's afraid to look. Julia listens from the shadows. Samantha says the room is filled with toys that will never be used again. She bemoans letting Quentin take Tad on the boat, knowing he was going to die. And now both Quentin and Tad are dead, and she's in a room surrounded by toys.

Gabriel wheels up to the bed of Ben Stokes. He wakes him. Stokes asks if Gabriel's father is doing worse. Gabriel tells him that he wants Ben to tell his father that Quentin is dead. Ben says he won't tell Daniel that Quentin is dead for Gabriel's sake. Gabriel says he'd tell him that he died, quite willingly. Ben gets out of bed. Stokes points out that Gabriel is jealous that all of Quentin's money went to Samantha instead of him. Gabriel tells Ben that he's going to go into his father's room, tell him that Quentin is dead, and then be a witness as he changes his will so that Gabriel will inherit everything. Gabriel asks Ben what will happen to his granddaughter when he dies. Ben says that Quentin and his father said she could stay. Gabriel points out that once his father is dead, it will be up to him.

Samantha plays with a toy that she gave to Tad on his sixth birthday. Carrie tells her that she should wait; her grandfather says that things look better in the morning than they do at night. She asks Samantha to go to her grandfather's room and talk to Gabriel. She agrees. They leave, and Julia realizes that she can go to Ben Stokes for help. She wonders what happened to Barnabas.

Samantha finds Gabriel in Ben's room. She says she knows where he sent Ben. Gabriel says she never cared about anyone but herself, not even Quentin.

Julia sneaks out of the playroom. She goes across the hall into Ben's room. It's empty. She notices Barnabas' portrait on the wall. She hears people coming and she hides. 

Samantha returns with Ben. He tells her that he's only done one thing harder in life than telling Daniel that Quentin was dead. She asks him if the will will be changed, and Ben says no. Samantha leaves, and Julia steps out of the shadows. She introduces herself to him as a friend of Barnabas. He assumes she's a creature like Barnabas, and she tries to explain that she has come from a different time. She says that Barnabas was alive in 1970, and he tells her she's mad.

Gabriel plays a game of chess by himself. Samantha finds him in the drawing room, and tells him that he's failed. She explains that Ben told Daniel, and the will isn't going to be changed. Gabriel swipes the chess pieces off the board.

Ben doesn't understand what Julia is saying, and says she's some sort of witch. Ben says he knows Barnabas is chained in his coffin right now. There's a knock at the door, and Julia begs him to not give her away before hiding again. Carrie comes in and asks him who he was talking to. He says he was talking to himself. She says he was talking to Gabriel, telling him all the things he meant to say but couldn't. He tells her she's right, and sends her away. Julia comes out, and he says he'll hide her in the playroom tonight, and find her clothes tomorrow. Julia asks him about Daphne, and he doesn't recognize the name. She says she was the children's governess. He says her name is Hortense. She asks if Gerard Stiles is there, and he says that he is, and that he was the one who brought them the news about Quentin and Tad. 

Gabriel writes a note, asking someone to come to his room after they return from Rose Cottage. He seals the letter with wax, and addresses it to Gerard.

Ben sneaks Julia into the playroom. He tells her to stay in the room until tomorrow.

Samantha runs downstairs and tells Gabriel that she went to the tower and his father has broken out — he's gone. Gabriel goes and calls for someone to wake the servants. Julia hears Gabriel screaming.

Gabriel wheels to Ben's room. Julia comes out of the playroom to see what's happening, and is grabbed by the throat. 

Our thoughts: 

John: Well, the transition to 1840 wasn't quite as painful as I had feared. At least there are a few familiar faces with Carrie and our (really) old pal Ben Stokes as we get familiar with Samantha, Gabriel and the mysterious Daniel Collins. And so far, Samantha is the only one without a familiar face. Now that we can basically trash our all but useless Catastro-tracker, maybe we should we do a countdown to the first time we hear Gerard's speak...

Christine: Technically, we did hear him speak, since he was responsible for the opening narration in yesterday's episode. Cool to see trusty Ben Stokes, but boy, he sure is crusty! Is that a boil on his cheek? It's pretty awesome that the best Collinwood portraits are housed in the room where he stays, with Barnabas' portrait over the mantel, and Isaac's portrait on the wall near the bed. 

John: So how exactly does wheelchair-bound Gabriel get around Collinwood, particularly upstairs, and so qiuckly? The house in present day (1970) isn't built to ADA standards — let alone 1840 Collinwood.

Christine: How indeed? We are off to a good start in 1840, with compelling characters and intrigue all around. What sort of accident put Gabriel in a wheelchair? Are Quentin and Tad really lost at sea, or is Gerard already up to no good? Will Daphne be arriving to take over as governess, or has something happened to alter past events? 

John: Barnabas is Collinwood's number-one throat-grabber, but I'm willing to bet that it's not his hand grabbing Julia's throat, since I'm not expecting 1840 will have a dual-Barnabas infestation. Perhaps we'll get an authentic Barnabas throat grab when Julia and Ben free him from his 1840 coffin prison!

Christine: I'm assuming the grabby hands belong to Daniel. Who do you suppose will be playing that role? I'm hoping that Louis Edmonds will be back from vacation to take on the job. Does the Stairway to Time come and go like the parallel room? If Barnabas hasn't been consumed by the dead yet, can he stand in the closet until the stairway appears and rejoin Julia? He was able to travel through time in his coffin once before. Is it possible he can do it again? 

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1109 9/24/70

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Following the sound of a heartbeat, Barnabas and Julia go into the room with Quentin's portrait. Julia says that he's still alive. Barnabas says he's either been taken prisoner and is close to death — or Gerard has buried him alive! Julia asks him what they should do. Carrie gasps, and they turn to see she and Tad standing in the door. Tad says all is happening as it did before, first Gerard killed Quentin, and then they died. Barnabas asks the children if they know where Quentin was buried in 1840. Tad tells Carrie it's their only chance. He tells Barnabas that Quentin was buried in an unmarked grave, near an area in the cemetery that was fenced off.

Quentin lies unhappily in his grave.

Daphne places flowers on the unmarked grave, and hears Barnabas and Julia approaching. She leaves before they arrive. Julia finds the flowers on the fresh grave. Barnabas says Quentin must be buried there. Daphne watches from the shadows.

Barnabas digs while Julia stands and watches.

Tad tells Carrie that Gerard will be mad when he finds out they told them where Quentin's grave is. Gerard appears in the room, and beckons them to follow him.

Barnabas opens the coffin, and they find Quentin inside, still alive.

Gerard brings the children to see Daphne in the tower room. They ask Daphne what's going to happen, but she doesn't speak to them. Gerard takes out a box, and Daphne says she has clothes for them to change into. She then begs Gerard to spare the children and take her instead. He gives her the box of clothes. Daphne tells the children to change into the clothes. Gerard leaves them and closes and locks the door.

Quentin says he had the memory of Gerard from 1840, waving a green flag three times. He says that led to the destruction of Collinwood. He asks Julia where the children are. She says they're at the old house, and he says they aren't there anymore.

Gerard stands inside the playroom, admiring the charred wreckage of the Rose Cottage doll house.

Quentin, Barnabas and Julia arrive in the West Wing. He tells them he has to open the door in order to get to the playroom. He does, and they go inside. The children are not there.  They leave, and Gerard steps out of the shadows.

Quentin calls to Tad and Carrie. Barnabas and Julia call them as well. Daphne tells the children to remain still. Quentin, Barnabas and Julia come in and see them. Daphne is glad to see Quentin is safe. He says he must stay with the children, and sends Daphne with Barnabas and Julia. 

After they leave, he calls to Gerard and says that he's there. He says he'll force him out. He takes the children to the window, and tells them to look to the sky. He seeks the guidance of a star. He says that David and Hallie are the ancestral twins of Tad and Carrie, and through the light of the star will they be restored to their bodies. Tad says he can feel it happening. Carrie says that perhaps it's better this way. Gerard appears in the room. Quentin tells him that he lost. Gerard scowls, and grabs Quentin's throat. He leads him to the window and tosses him aside. He grabs the green flag and waves it three times.

In the cemetery, zombie pirates burst forth from the earth.

Quentin is alone in the room when Barnabas and Julia return. He says he failed. The children are gone, and he failed to stop Gerard. They tell him that Daphne got away from them. Quentin says they must find Daphne and the children, it's their last chance.

Daphne runs into the playroom where she finds Tad and Carrie. Gerard appears and she screams for him to leave them alone.

Downstairs, six pirate zombies enter Collinwood.  

Quentin calls to Daphne. He enters the playroom and finds the children, unconscious. He hears Daphne moan, and she apologizes to him. Daphne asks him why Gerard had to destroy Rose Cottage, and then dies in his arms.

In the foyer, zombies trash Collinwood. Julia and Barnabas see them from the top of the stairs, and the zombies run after them.

Zombies invade the second floor, and the house catches fire.

Quentin cradles Daphne's body. He lays her down and leaves the playroom.

Barnabas barricades the door to the west wing. Quentin comes out and tells him and Julia that Daphne and the children are dead. He tells them to escape the house while they have time, and walks away. Zombies break through the door and grab Barnabas. Julia opens a door and sees the stairway has re-appeared. Barnabas tells her to go, promising to follow her. She runs up he stairs. Barnabas breaks away from the zombies, but when he arrives at the door, the staircase is gone.

Julia exits the staircase.  She sees Carrie, alive, wearing period clothes. Julia realizes that she's in 1840 Collinwood. 

Our thoughts: 

John: Quentin sure bounced back quickly for someone who had been buried alive, even if for only a few hours and not the days that have passed for us.

Christine: Perhaps that is the result of having a portrait that gives him immortality. 

John: Was there not enough money in the make-up budget to cover zombie hands? Interesting that the zombies toggled between old-school Romero ghouls and contemporary running zombies when the need arose. And pretty funny when someone threw a drape over one of their heads! All told, the zombies coming through the door and grabbing Barnabas was pretty cool.

Christine: Some comic relief was desperately needed after seeing two children lying dead on the floor, with one of them being a main character present since the inception of the series. Pretty shocking! If that draped zombie looked familiar, it was because he also played the zombie known as Emory Pace, resurrected by Jeb in Episode 963. I was just happy to see that someone thought to replace Benjamin's portrait with a tapestry to protect it from zombie mayhem! 

John: Okay, from this vantage point I think it's safe to call BS on Carolyn's clues about the destruction of Collinwood. None of it really meant anything. There was no real significance. It was just a variety of of odds and ends strung together, like plot points in Lost. The appearance of depth through complexity, when it's now pretty clear that it's unlikely there was any real plan. And they dropped the ball on the murder. Daphne's death could hardly be classified as such, and the timing had her die after Gerard had already set in motion the destruction of Collinwood. So, on the bright side, some fun creepy stuff in 1970 Collinwood, but at the end of the day, it was all a rather laborious setup to get us back into 1840. At least we got to go out with zombies.

Christine: Think of the children! What about the children?! It makes sense that Carolyn's clues were meaningless. She was probably still possessed by Leticia in 1995 and was just messing with Barnabas and Julia. 

John: Could this be the end? Or perhaps the more important question, should this have been the end? Hopefully the final 200+ episodes will prove to be worth our while, and will justify all the time and energy spent setting things up following the return from parallel time, first to the future (1995), and then back to the present (1970).

Christine: The only question in my mind is whether or not Barnabas is getting eaten by pirate zombies! This episode is really pretty traumatic with the kids dying and the Collinwood we have come to know and love over the past four years left in ruins. While it may be a disappointing turn of events, it's hard not to admire the writers' willingness to take big risks, and I think you'll find that what's to come will be worth your while. Buckle up! It's going to be a bumpy ride!

They're coming to get you, Barnabas!

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