Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 547 - 7/30/68

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Cassandra says she has come to say goodbye to Barnabas. She lets him know that one word can end 200 years of pain. She asks why he never loved her, and he says he loved Josette. She's angry that he has escaped her curse. She says she has wasted her time on him. She explains that even dying, she loves him. He asks what she means, and she tells him that she too is now human, like him. He reminds her she is a witch, and she says she's not anymore. She says that she will die by the morning, and if she must die, he must, too. She points a gun at him. He doesn't believe that she's human. He assumes it's another trick of hers. She tries to pull the trigger but can't.

As her hand trembles, he says she really is human. He reaches for her and she warns him not to touch her. He asks if Blair condemned her. He gets the gun away from her, and tells her to sit down. With her hood up, she sits in a chair. Barnabas asks her who Blair is, and what she did. He tells her to look at him, and turns her to face him.

Vicki wakes in the night after having a bad dream. The portrait of Angelique is on a chair near her bed, glowing. As she watches it, the face changes. She realizes that she must get Julia.

Julia returns with Vicki, and they see the portrait has changed. Vicki says it's like the portrait is alive, and Julia adds that perhaps it is. She leaves to go to the old house, and Vicki asks what Barnabas has to do with it. She asks if the picture has something to do with Angelique. Vicki finds it hard to believe. Julia says Vicki knows more about Angelique than anyone else. Vicki realizes that buying the portrait paved the way for Cassandra's arrival. Julia goes to get Barnabas, and suggests Vicki stay with Roger in the drawing room.

Barnabas sits Angelique down and asks her again about Blair. Julia enters, telling Barnabas the portrait is changing. Barnabas points to Angelique and says she's dying—that she's human now.

Angelique begs her to help her. Barnabas says they can't help her. She tries to look at her face, but she runs off.

Julia tells him that this is his chance to be free of her, and he says that he could have killed her, but he chose not to. Julia says he'll regret that. Barnabas suggests that he will only be free if Blair does away with her. Julia says she won't let him miss this opportunity, and reaches for the gun. Barnabas says he plans to watch, to learn more about Blair. She takes the gun, and he tells her no.

Roger looks at the portrait, and says perhaps Blair's restoration is responsible. Vicki tells Roger that she doesn't trust Blair. Roger asks why. She says she doesn't have a reason, but she doesn't want him in her room that night. Roger agrees, and says it's curious that the portrait changed tonight. It's almost as if he caused it. He says that he and Cassandra fought earlier. He then suggests that she stay with Carolyn. They hear a noise downstairs, and Roger goes to check it out.

Cassandra pounds on the door, screaming for help. Roger opens the door and a shrouded Cassandra falls to the ground, her face old and wrinkled.

Barnabas and Julia arrive at the main house, and he demands Julia give him the gun.

Roger helps the old woman into a chair. Julia enters and Roger says he needs her help with the strange woman. Julia goes to get her bag, and Barnabas helps Roger lead the woman into the drawing room. They lay her down on the couch, and Julia asks them to leave her with the woman. She says she will not be long. Barnabas is concerned about what she'll do, but leaves with Roger.

Roger wonders who the woman is and where she came from. Julia comes out and says the woman's heart is weak, and she only has minutes to live. Roger says he can drive her to the hospital. When they go back in, the woman is missing.

Our thoughts

John: I'm a little disappointed that Barnabas wasn't able to take advantage of Angelique's state to get the information he (and we) wanted about just who Nicholas Blair really is.

Christine: Well, we know he's from Martinique, that they're members of the same coven, and his ability to make her human suggests that he's the leader of the gang. Barnabas should be concerned that if Blair can take her out, it's likely that he can also bring her back.

John: What's with the portrait? It looks like it got slimed. You'd think they would have pulled one of Sam's old-Angelique paintings out, since that's the look they went for with the make-up, anyway. And we won't even go into why Vicki would have the portrait displayed in her bedroom...

Christine: It was weird for her to have the witch's portrait propped up next to her bed, but I think it was part of the magical charm of the portrait exerting its influence over Vicki, that was dispelled once Nicholas removed Angelique's power. I also wonder why they didn't use Sam's portraits. Did Dan Curtis Productions throw them out? What has happened to all these wonderful portraits? I still have not discovered the answer.

John: I love how when they're outside the main house, Julia is fondling the gun with it pointed right at Barnabas. I thought for sure it was going to be him that she killed.

Christine: Julia was right. He should have finished off Angelique while he had the chance, but then she also could have put a pillow over her face when she was alone with her in the drawing room. In the end, nobody really wants to see Angelique die.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 546 - 7/29/68

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Cassandra listens to Lang's recording again.

Adam lies asleep in his bed.

Cassandra explores the West Wing, using her witchcraft to open the door to Adam's bedroom.

She comes inside and finds him asleep on the bed. She realizes that she can't kill him through magic, or Blair would know she was responsible. So instead, she raises an axe over her head. Meanwhile, Blair watches her from across the room. He asks her if she never follows orders.

Adam wakes up, and asks who she is and why she's trying to hurt him. He grabs her, and Blair tells him to let go of her, and leave her to him. Adam clutches her throat, demanding to know who she is. Blair points out that they have a shared hate of Barnabas. 

Adam releases her throat, and Blair promises she won't bother him again. Blair adds that Carolyn would not like it if Adam hurt Cassandra. He lets her go, and Blair sends her to the drawing room to wait for him. She says she was only doing what he wanted her to do, and he points out that she wasn't obeying his direct orders regarding Adam. She leaves, and Adam asks why she hates him. Blair says he has so much to teach Adam, after he finishes the business at hand.

Cassandra goes downstairs, thinking Blair couldn't get rid of her, but realizes it's her last chance. In the drawing room, she removes a voodoo doll of Adam. She says he can be destroyed as easily as she can tear the doll apart. She says when his heart stops beating, Barnabas will be a vampire again. She takes a pin and prepares to poke the voodoo doll.

In his room, Blair tells Adam that they will be very good friends.

Cassandra declares that Adam will bring the curse to Barnabas, and sticks the doll with the pin.

Adam clutches his chest in pain. Blair asks what's wrong.

Cassandra repeats her assault.

Adam drops to the floor.

Blair knocks the doll from Cassandra's hand. He grabs her and she admits she disobeyed him. She asks forgiveness, and he asks her what his master would say. She says he's her master, too, and he tells her that her master is on Earth, living in the old house.

She begins to panic, and he tells her that she will be a woman in panic. He asks her name, and she says Angelique. He tells her Cassandra Collins is her name now. She's no longer playing a woman married to a human—she is a human. He strips her of her powers, and tells her that she will die as humans die. He reminds her that she was born in 1774, and they shall soon know when she dies. He tells her she is now mortal, and laughs maniacally.

He hands her the voodoo doll, and says she can try to use her powers. She realizes that she is powerless. She asks how much time she has left. He won't tell her, other than to indicate that her time is short.

He mentions that her husband is coming downstairs. He opens the door to the drawing room, and meets him in the foyer. Roger asks about Cassandra, and Blair says she's in the drawing room.

Roger demands to talk to her, and she tries to leave. He tells her she's coming upstairs, and she says what he thinks of her no longer matters. He says the marriage was a mistake. She's not interested in him, and she says he's keeping her from more important things. She storms out, telling him that there has never been anything between them. She says that she used him, and when he asks for what, she explains she used him for what she's about to do.

Cassandra arrives at the old house and sees Barnabas through the window. She knocks on the door and he asks what she wants, and she says as the former mistress of the house, she should be allowed in. He asks why she's admitting that now. She tells him she remembers the day he hung Josette's portrait, and asks him where it is now. He doesn't trust her. She says she has come to say goodbye. She lets him know that one word can end 200 years of pain. She asks why he never loved her, and he says he loved Josette. She's angry that he has escaped her curse. She says she has wasted her time on him. She explains that even dying, she loves him. He asks what she means, and she tells him that she too is now human, like him. He reminds her she is a witch, and she says not anymore. She says she will die by the morning, and if she must die, he must, too, as she pulls a gun on him.

Our thoughts

John: Holy Axus-interruptus, Batman! While I'm glad Adam has lived to see another day, I was kind of hoping that his dismembered limbs might live on to attack Angelique, EVIL DEAD 2-style...

Christine: We all have our dreams...  I loved how Nicholas removed her powers, kicked her out of the coven, and then cackled madly about it. I was surprised he finally did it after all the times he threatened her and never followed through.

John: Poor Roger, only now realizing the girl of his dreams (or portrait) never truly loved him. Do you think anyone will point out that he has particularly bad taste in wives?

Christine: Liz may do so once she's back from the hospital, and free from Angeqlique's spell. Unfortunately, Nicholas didn't have the foresight to realize that without her powers, Angelique no longer has any hold over Roger, who will probably ask them both to leave, causing Nicholas to lose access to Adam. 

John: I wonder if Cassangelique found Roger's gun in the drawer in the drawing room, or if she stopped by the gun shop in Collinsport on her way over to the old house.

Christine: She must have grabbed it from the drawer while Nicholas spoke with him in the foyer. That was some quick thinking. Angelique continues to have a funny way of showing Barnabas how much she loves him by threatening to kill him. Can't wait to see how this all turns out.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 545 - 7/26/68

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Blair comes in from outside and Cassandra asks where he has been. He tells her he found where Adam is. She asks where, and he refuses to tell her. Roger arrives home, and Blair welcomes him. Roger asks Cassandra how David is. Blair excuses himself to go upstairs, and leaves Cassandra with Roger, still unaware of Adam's location.

Roger asks her to join him in the drawing room. He points out that she hadn't asked him about Liz. He tells her she's still very sick, thinking she's Naomi Collins, living in the 18th century. He says her preoccupation with death concerns him. He yells at Cassandra for not listening to him.

Adam is reading one of his books when Nicholas interrupts him, introducing himself. Adam tells him to leave. Blair points out that Professor Stokes told him where he was, and that he's going to take over his higher learning. He tells Adam that he is his friend, and he is going to help him. Adam says Carolyn will be angry that he's there. Blair says that he should be a strong willed individual, and he doesn't need to do what others tell him. Blair tells Adam that he is very important. He says Adam can alter the course of history, and shakes Adam's hand.

Cassandra paces in the drawing room when Blair returns, smiling. He asks what happened to Roger, and she says he's gone upstairs.

She asks if he found Adam, and Blair tells her that Carolyn hid him in a secret room in the house. Cassandra asks how soon she can see him. Blair warns her to stay away from Adam. She storms out of the room and goes upstairs.

Adam explores the house, looking for Carolyn. He finds her asleep in her room, and leans down over her. He calls her name and she bolts awake. She asks what he's doing. He apologizes for frightening her. She asks if something happened, and he tells her a man found him. He says it was Nicholas. She asks if he did anything to him, and Adam says no.

Carolyn can't figure out how Blair could have found Adam. She says she'll deal with him. Adam says he'll go back to his room, and Carolyn tells him to stay in her room until she's finished with Blair.

Blair stands by the fireplace in the drawing room.

Carolyn comes downstairs as the clock strikes 12. She walks into the drawing room, and tells Blair to sit down. She explains that as a guest, he has no business exploring closed off areas of the house. He starts to explain an interest in architecture, and she stops him, telling him that he's lying. She says he wasn't looking for architecture; he was looking for Adam. He asks why he would be interested in someone he never met.

Carolyn lets Blair know that she knows Blair was asking Stokes about Adam. She asks if he plans to go to the sheriff, and if not, what his interest is in Adam. He says he plans to do nothing. He says he's not her enemy, and he's got nothing against her or her family. He says he saw something he shouldn't have seen, and he promises not to mention what he saw to anyone else. She says he has put her mind at ease—for the moment.

He bids her goodnight and goes upstairs. From the top of the staircase, he gives her a creepy smile.

Carolyn leads Adam back to his room. She wonders how Blair got in. Adam describes how Blair just appeared in the room. Carolyn says Harry may have left the door open. Adam tells Carolyn he likes her smile as he runs his finger across her lips.

Cassandra listens to Lang's recording again.

Adam lies asleep in his bed.

Cassandra explores the West Wing, using her witchcraft to open the door to Adam's bedroom.

She comes inside and finds him asleep on the bed. She says she can't kill him through magic, or Blair would know she was responsible. So instead, she raises an axe over her head.

Our thoughts

John: It was looking like Adam might have another #MeToo moment with Carolyn in her bedroom, but it turns out he just wanted to tell her about Blair. Crisis averted. Until they go back to his room, and he starts hitting on her again. Poor guy just doesn't know any better.

Christine: Adam is like a little boy with his first crush who wants to hold her hand and maybe play Post Office. It's not like he's trying to force himself on her. He's just a lonely monster. A few more lessons with Blair may remove his sense of innocence, however. 

John: I was curious what leverage Carolyn was going to use against Blair. She could tell her Uncle she wanted to kick him out, but all Blair would have to do is mention Adam, and she'd have plenty of explaining to do. I was a bit disappointed that Blair seemed to fool Carolyn in to believing him, when her instincts should be clearly telling her not to.

Christine: I would expect her to go back to Stokes with the information and convince him to find a safer place to hide Adam. Did I say would? I meant wouldn't.

John: Are we supposed to assume that Cassandra's eighty-sixth listen to Lang's recording the one that made her realize that Adam was probably hidden away in the West Wing? And I want to know what she did with her replacement Dies Irae recording...

Christine: I don't think so. Blair told her he was in the West Wing, and it's probably easy enough to follow the many footprints in the dust to find his room. She's listening to Lang's recording for the umpteenth time because she's taking delight in hearing over and over that if Adam dies, Barnabas will be a vampire again, which finally prompted her to go exact her revenge. I loved when she said she had to kill him as a human would, and then raised the ax. As though Nicholas won't suspect she was responsible for killing him with an ax. Perhaps she intends to pin it on Harry Johnson.