Thursday, November 30, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 374 - 11/30/67

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Angelique finds Ben cleaning the fireplace in Josette's room. She puts on Josette's perfume and he says she shouldn't do that. She says she takes her clothes, her suitors... whatever she wants. She tells Ben there are many surprises in store for Josette today as she puts something into her bottle of rosewater cologne, saying it will make her love someone who doesn't want her.

As Jeremiah and Barnabas go downstairs, he tells his nephew that he should rest as the doctor requested. Josette says Jeremiah makes her feel selfish for asking him to come down. Barnabas explains that Jeremiah has always been his closest friend, and he has his best interests in mind. She asks Barnabas to join her in opening a present. He explains that all he wants is to be with her, and when she agrees, they kiss. She pulls back and says they shouldn't be alone together. She says that at times, he is almost too modern. He agrees, and they go to open the present.

Josette opens the box and drops it, screaming. A skull wearing a wig drops to the floor. Ben enters, and Barnabas asks if he saw who delivered the package this morning. Josette says Angelique may have brought it in. Barnabas says he'll investigate it, and asks Ben to accompany Josette whenever she goes into town. Ben says that Joshua may not allow it. Barnabas says that once they are married, he plans to have Ben stay with them, instead of his father. Ben says he doesn't deserve that, and Barnabas says he can thank him by ensuring nothing happen to Josette. He starts to tell Barnabas that there are other things, when he suddenly loses his voice.

Ben bursts into Angelique's room, clutching his throat and unable to speak. She tells him she warned him what would happen if he tried to tell Josette and Barnabas. He approaches her with his hands outstretched, and she tells him that he'll never be able to harm her. She asks if he'd like to move or speak again, and he nods. She asks him to promise not to hurt her, and he does.

Jeremiah holds the hairy skull, and asks Barnabas to let him handle it. Barnabas says he doesn't think it's anyone in town. He thinks it may be someone in the house. Angelique enters, and as Jeremiah leaves, she tells Barnabas that Josette is not up to going to the old house.

Barnabas asks her what she knows about the hairy skull—a present from someone who doesn't approve of their marriage. He claims that she's responsible, and she tells him he knows nothing about her. She says she would never do anything to make him hate her.

Barnabas asks how Ben lost his voice. Ben says he's fine now. Barnabas asks him if he knows anyone out to get him or Josette, he needs to know. Ben says a lot of people hate the Collins family. He also points out that Barnabas is different than the rest. Barnabas reiterates that Ben will come to stay with them once he and Josette are married.

Angelique looks in on Josette, who has a headache. She rubs the doctored rosewater cologne on her head. Josette asks if she ever loved anyone, and Angelique says she does, but that he does not love her...yet. Josette says she feels different.

Jeremiah drinks as he sits and reads a book in bed. There's a knock at his door, but there is no response to his inquiry. He gets up and opens the door, and Josette comes in. She says she had to see him, and closes the door behind her. She tells him that ever since she's been in the house, she has wanted to be with him. She grabs him and tells him she loves him.

Jeremiah says she does not—that she loves Barnabas. She gasps and runs out of the room.

Angelique is waiting when Josette runs back into her room, crying.  She asks to be left alone, and Angelique exits, smiling.

Our thoughts
John: Angelique's control over her servants is certainly more effective than that of the vampire Barnabas. He probably wishes he had it so easy.

Christine: It leads one to wonder who would win in a face-off between witch and vampire. How come Angelique didn't also fall under the spell of the love potion after putting it on her hands to massage into Josette's forehead?

John: It would appear that Josette has officially lost all traces of her French accent.

Christine: What was Ben doing skulking around the corner when Josette was freaking out about whoever may have sent the skull?

Christine: He said he didn't know anything about the package, but it appears to be the same box Angelique was pulling Josette's hat from in yesterday's episode. Surely he saw it in her room.

Episode 373

John: Jeremiah did a good job at initially fending off Josette's advances, but something tells me it's only a matter of time before he begins to reciprocate...

Christine: You're thinking of Burke Devlin. Dull, straight-laced Jeremiah wouldn't even consider it. There will have to be more poppet making and/or potion laced beverages for that to happen. Is it just me, or does Jeremiah's canopy bed seem overly feminine?

John: Perhaps he thinks Victoria Winters will find it welcoming...

Christine: And what the heck does he have on around his neck to relax and read books in bed with?

Christine: I'm surprised you failed to recognize the hairy skull from Maggie's death dream in Episode 224. It may also be the same skull that appeared on Dr. Reeves' desk in Episode 17.

John: So they needed to disguise it with a wig so we wouldn't recognize it? That's perhaps the most ridiculous thing we've seen, and that's including the world's least convincing bat...

Maggie's dream skull.

A doctor's best friend in the office.

Who wouldn't want this for a wedding gift? What's Josette's problem?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 373 - 11/29/67

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Ben downs the drink Angelique gave him. She says he is under her power, and she will protect him from evil spirits and death itself. She tells him she must bring him a spiderweb from an oak tree without a single broken strand. He says he has to work for Mr. Collins, and she reaffirms that she is his master now.

Ben returns with a spiderweb without a broken thread, and asks what she wants it for. When she tells him it's for a dress, he points out that he'd like to see her wearing it. She explains that it's a dress for a doll. He asks why the doll doesn't have a head. She says it will be wrapped in Josette's handkerchief, then the spiderweb, and then a lock of her lover's hair. He asks how she'll get Barnabas' hair, and she explains that it will be Jeremiah's hair. Ben is confused, and Angelique describes how she will use Jeremiah to plant hatred in Barnabas. She envisions him sending Josette home, and then he'll be with her. Ben starts to push back, saying he won't let her harm his friend Barnabas, and she uses her control over him. He realizes finally that she is a witch, and he is now her faithful servant.

Ben brings several packages into the house. Jeremiah asks whose they are, and before he can answer, Joshua yells at him. He takes them upstairs and Joshua explains that Millicent and Daniel have arrived. He tells Jeremiah that cousin Millicent is meant for him to marry, as her estate is extremely valuable. Millicent comes downstairs and Joshua reintroduces her to Jeremiah. Joshua asks Jeremiah to take her to see her cousin Barnabas. Vicki comes downstairs, and when Joshua introduces her to Millicent, she calls her Carolyn before apologizing and explaining that she reminded her of an old friend.

Jeremiah tells Vicki that she did well, and Vicki explains that Millicent looks like her best friend Carolyn. She tells him that she thinks she's there for a purpose, and Jeremiah suggests to educate Sarah. She tells him that's not it—that she thinks she's there to change things. Jeremiah says he can't explain it, but he feels as if they've known each other in another time or place. He assures her that he doesn't believe it. He tells her Joshua wants him to marry Millicent, but he won't do it. She agrees. She says Millicent will never marry.

Joshua returns, and explains to Vicki that now that Daniel has arrived, she'll be responsible for his supervision as well, and sends her to her room. Jeremiah tells him that he was very rude. Joshua says he's rude and selfish if he considers letting Millicent's inheritance escape them. He implores Jeremiah to keep an open mind about Millicent.

Angelique tries on a hat in her room when there's a knock at the door. Ben enters with a drink. He notices that the hat belongs to Josette. She says she'll never miss it. She asks if he brought Jeremiah's toddy, and she puts something in it. He asks her to confirm that it will just put him to sleep. She offers for him to taste it, but he takes her word for it. She confirms that he knows what to do after Jeremiah is asleep, and he confirms that he does. He says he wishes she could do it, and she says a lady cannot enter a man's bedroom—not that she's a lady yet.

Ben brings Jeremiah's toddy to his room. He asks if it's alright, and Jeremiah takes a sip and tells him it's fine.

Angelique fashions the dress on the Josette voodoo doll she's created. She thinks to herself that by the time she's through with Josette, there will only be one thing for her to do. She summons Ben to do what she commanded.

In Jeremiah's room, Ben removes Jeremiah's ring from his finger while he sleeps, and cuts off a lock of his hair.

Angelique runs Jeremiah's hair through his ring. She wraps the cobweb around the Josette doll, and then ties Jeremiah's hair around it. She says Josette loves Jeremiah several times.

Our thoughts
John: How exactly does one procure a spiderweb without breaking a single strand of the web? Apparently, you hope to find a complete web on a small branch, just like Ben does.

Christine: No one ever said spellcraft was easy work, though it's quite enjoyable to watch Angelique work her magic.

John: How many times will Vicki explain that everyone looks like someone she used to know? And how long until she spills the beans and tells Jeremiah where she's really from.

Christine: Vicki seems to believe her purpose in the past is to meddle in the Collins family love affairs, though if Sarah was responsible for the switcheroo, I imagine it was to get her to prevent Barnabas from joining the vampire clan. It's unlikely that Vicki will figure that out, but I wonder what sort of havoc she may wreak if she operates under her current misapprehension. I loved the way Jeremiah evaded having to entertain delicate, giggly Millicent at Joshua's request by claiming he felt a cold coming on.

John: I'm sorry, Jeremiah's hair didn't look as long on his head, or after Ben cut a lock of it, than it does when Angelique ties it around the doll.

Christine: It must be part of the magic. He should at least find a noticeable bald spot on his head when he wakes up.

John: Additions to our 1795 scorecard:
Present Day/1795
  • Carolyn Stoddard/Millicent Collins

It seems the pesky fly has also traveled to the past.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 372 - 11/28/67

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When Vicki finds a man cleaning the fireplace who looks like Matthew Morgan, she becomes hysterical. He grabs her and tries to shake some sense into her when Joshua shows up and tells him to unhand her. He says he didn't do anything, and then Vicki confirms that what he says is true. He resembled someone she knew. Joshua tells her that Ben Stokes is not to speak to any women in the house unless specifically asked to, and he must be punished. Joshua tells him that his request for the following day off has now been denied.

He wanders away, and Vicki pleads with Joshua not to punish him. Joshua explains that Stokes is serving out a prison term as their servant, and he's a dangerous man. Joshua then tells Vicki that his distant cousin Millicent Collins will be arriving soon from Boston with her younger brother, Daniel. He says she'll be there through the wedding, and perhaps longer. She and Jeremiah were selected for marriage to one another. Vicki says that Millicent never married, and Joshua asks her why she said that. She tries to talk her way out of it, and Joshua falls for it.

Angelique is in the forest gathering herbs when Ben Stokes grabs her and asks what she's doing. She claims to be gathering Bay leaves for her mistresses salad. Ben explains she has poisonous nightshade that could kill someone. She introduces herself to him. She mentions that she saw him single-handedly lift a carriage, and that he must be strong. He tells her he can't speak to her, or any women, on orders from his boss Joshua. She grabs his hand and says that she won't tell anyone they talked, and that she hopes they will speak again in the future. Ben leaves, and Angelique continues gathering the nightshade.

Vicki stops in to see Angelique, but she's not there. She sees Barnabas' toy soldier and handkerchief on the desk. Angelique enters and Vicki startles her. Vicki says that Josette was looking for her. She thanks Vicki and says she'll go to her. Vicki asks what the toy soldier is doing in her room. Angelique says she doesn't know, suggesting that Sarah might have dropped it when playing in there. Vicki asks if Sarah dropped the handkerchief, too. She says she shouldn't be taking things, and shouldn't be careless with them, so she deserves to be scolded. Angelique asks her not to, as she says Sarah will stop coming to see her if she gets in trouble. Vicki agrees, this one time, and says she'll take them back to the nursery. Vicki leaves, and Angelique realizes that she needs someone to work for her to keep her from falling under suspicion.

Ben chops wood in the forest.

Angelique mixes a potion over the fire in her room, and pours it into a goblet.

Vicki finds Ben in the forest, and apologizes for what happened earlier. He says that Joshua would have found another reason to deny his holiday, because he's just mean.

Angelique calls for Ben to come to her.

Ben seems to take ill while talking with Vicki. He asks her to go away so he doesn't get into more trouble, so she does. He hears Angelique's voice calling him to come to her. He sees a vision of her, that disappears, and he walks into the forest towards the house.

Angelique cradles the goblet when Ben arrives at her door.

She invites him in, and he says he doesn't know what he's doing there. She says she called him to her, and he goes to embrace her. She backs off, and tells him to drink from the goblet.

He downs the whole thing, and asks her what's next.

She says he no longer has a will of his own, and he will do whatever she tells him to do. He will be her slave.

Our thoughts
John: Come on, Vicki. Must you call out the name of the prior character EVERY actor played that shows up in 1795? You'd think that by now you'd know that these aren't the same people.

Christine: Maybe she's hoping one of them will find a way of traveling to the past to rescue her.

John: And if that weren't enough, Vicki has to continually mention things she knows because she came from the future, followed by random explanations that will serve only to make others suspicious of her.

Christine: She would be wise to keep her yap shut, though I expect that she won't.

John: Poor Ben Stokes. Just when he thinks the new hot babe in town is interested in him, he finds out that she's just looking for a slave.

Christine: Seeing Ben Stokes with an axe recalls to mind the time Matthew Morgan threatened Vicki with an axe in Episode 126. By the way, I think Angelique just invented Coca-Cola.

John: Additions to our 1795 scorecard:
Present Day/1795
  • Matthew Morgan/Ben Stokes

Monday, November 27, 2017

Dark Shadows Episode 371 - 11/27/67

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Angelique says she wishes she could see the look on Josette's face as she pulls the handkerchief tight around the neck of his toy soldier.

Barnabas chokes, and he falls to the ground. He begs for Josette to get someone to help him as he falls to the floor in pain. Jeremiah runs in and leads Barnabas upstairs to his room. Vicki assures Josette that they will get a doctor to help him, but she runs past her up to his room.

Jeremiah helps Barnabas into his bed, and asks what he can do to make him more comfortable.

Josette and Vicki enter, and Josette says it was like Barnabas was being attacked. Jeremiah leaves to get the doctor.

In her room, Angelique smiles.

Jeremiah waits downstairs for the doctor. The doctor comes downstairs and explains that there is nothing physically wrong with Barnabas.

He leaves, and Vicki appears telling Jeremiah that his nephew is going to recover. Vicki tells Jeremiah that she was surprised to see how he responded to Barnabas' condition. She had been led to believe that the two of them were never close. Jeremiah takes offense to her claim, and then quickly apologizes for yelling at her.

Josette prays for Barnabas to be well again. Angelique steps into the doorway and smiles. She then asks Josette what has happened to him. Josette explains that the doctor told her there's nothing physically wrong with Barnabas. Angelique asks if there's anything she can do, and Josette asks her to pray with her.

She suggests that Josette should have her rosary, and when she goes downstairs to retrieve it from her luggage, Angelique stands over Barnabas and revels in the fact that no one knows what's wrong with him. He clutches at his throat while she thinks to herself that he has no one to blame but himself. She asks if he wants her to do something, and he pleads for her to help him. She says that last night she wasn't even worthy of him. Barnabas says he's going to die, and she says he cannot. She seems shocked, not wanting him to die because she loves him. Josette enters and Barnabas tells her he's going to die. Angelique runs out of the room.

Angelique runs into her room and struggles with the knot tied around the neck of the toy soldier. She gives up and searches for a knife. Unable to find one, she goes back and is successful untying the double-knot.

Barnabas tells Josette that he feels better, albeit weak. Jeremiah enters, and Josette tells him that his nephew has recovered. He asks what happened and Barnabas tells him that appears to have gone away.

Angelique holds the toy soldier and thinks about how foolish she has been. Angelique realizes that she must find a different means for her revenge; one that won't kill him, but will result in disrupting his marriage to Josette, and ensuring he ends up with her.

Our thoughts
John: Vicki continues to let on that she knows more about what's going on than anyone else in Collinwood. I'd think such premonitions might lead her to getting burned at the stake!

Christine: What was Angelique thinking was going to happen to Barnabas when she tied a tight knot around that poppet's neck? She seemed surprised by the result. If she wants to steal Barnabas away from Josette, then why doesn't she just work a love spell on him? Perhaps she's not adept at that sort of magic.

John: Despite Jeremiah being smitten with Vicki since first meeting her, we find out today that suggesting he didn't have a good relationship with his nephew is a quick way to burn that bridge.

Christine: It was a dumb thing for her to suggest, though his reaction seemed a little over the top.

John: Angelique has certainly got some wide eyes. Is that a common trait for a witch?

Christine: It appears to be a common trait of all supernatural women on Dark Shadows.

John: Additions to our 1795 scorecard:
Present Day/1795
  • Caretaker/Doctor Thornton