Friday, February 26, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1220 2/26/71

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Catherine visits Bramwell at the old house. He explains that Daphne has gone into the village, and she asks to come in to speak to him privately. He lets her in. She says she didn't faint due to a dizzy spell. She tells him that she's pregnant — with his child! He asks if she's sure, and she confirms that she is. She tells him that she didn't tell him to hurt him, and he replies that he's always dreamed of having a child with her. She assures him that it's not Morgan's child. She says that she knew he shouldn't have married Daphne. He says there's only one thing to do — the two of them will leave Collinwood forever. He suggests that they go to the South of France and rent a villa. She brings up Daphne. Bramwell says he would send her to hell if it would solve anything. She tells him Daphne will find hell enough here with him. He asks what she wants from him. She says to let her go back to her husband. Bramwell points out that it's his child, and Catherine says that it will be the child of who she says it is.

Flora is shocked to hear that Bramwell and Daphne have married. She tells Julia they must decide on a gift. Morgan says they have more important things to worry about. Quentin comes in and says he's been to every sleazy boardinghouse looking for Gabriel. He says that he saw Kendrick Young at the police department, and he's intent on finding Gabriel. Morgan doesn't understand how no one has seen Gabriel. Quentin points out that he could be dead. Flora says they will proceed with the lottery this afternoon, with or without Gabriel. Morgan says that Carrie Stokes found a letter in the cottage addressed to James Forsyte, from someone with the initial A. He says that after reading it, the letter burst into flames. Quentin says there may be other letters. Flora tells him that they only have a few hours, adding that everyone needs to be there, including Catherine. 

Bramwell offers to take her back to Collinwood, and she says she can make it back on her own. She says they're planning to meet about the lottery. He brings up the child, and she says she's not telling them anything. He says that if necessary, he will go to Collinwood and tell everyone she is pregnant. She says they'll want to know how he knew. She storms out. 

Morgan and Quentin dig through letters in the basement of the cottage. Just as they're about to give up, Morgan finds a document on James Forsythe. They find a reference to Brutus Collins, and someone with the initial A. Quentin points out that Brutus' wife was named Amanda. Quentin finds a date that links it to the time the curse began. Quentin wonders why the spirit didn't burn the letter they have. 

Catherine returns to Collinwood and Julia tells her she missed the meeting. She tells her the lottery will be at 3 o'clock. She then asks what the doctor said. Catherine makes up a story that Julia doesn't believe. She demands that she tell her the real reason she fainted. Catherine doubles-down with her denial. Julia reminds her that they've known each other for a long time. She asks Catherine what's really wrong. Catherine tells her that she wants to be her friend. Julia is reluctant to commit.

When the boys return without more information on the curse, Flora says that they will proceed with the lottery. She then spells out the rules, and asks if anyone will refuse to do what has to be done if chosen. Quentin says that one Gabriel in the house was more than enough. They each draw and take turns unfolding their slips of paper. It gets down to Morgan and Catherine. They open theirs at the same time, and Catherine announces that she was selected.

Our thoughts:  

John: Was anyone expecting that response from papa-to-be Bramwell? I can't believe he volunteered that he'd send Daphne straight to hell. Not exactly a solid foundation on which to build a marriage.
Christine: The whole purpose to marrying Daphne was to try to get Catherine back, and he may have been hoping the news of a child together would be the ticket to bring them together. Who really believes he'll be okay with letting Catherine pass his kid off as Morgan's? 
John: Can't say that I'm particularly interested in the Brutus/Amanda/Forsythe love triangle. Just get over it and explain why there's a curse already!
Christine: Right. Unless we're about to travel back in time to meet those characters next...

John: Can't say that Catherine being selected in the lottery was much of a surprise. The only question is, which of her competing paramours will step in to do as they promised? Morgan suggested that he would take her place if she was selected, and Bramwell has threatened to tell the truth before letting her go into the room. Or will it be something behind door number three?
Christine: Perhaps we'll find out that James Forsythe is about to be reincarnated as her unborn child and she'll survive the night in the room because of it!

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1219 2/25/71

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Of the entire 1245 episode run (1225 + 20 pre-emptions), it's miraculous that only one episode is lost to the ages — the episode that originally aired 50 years ago today. For the home video releases, MPI/Dan Curtis Productions recreated the episode with clips and stills from surrounding episodes, an audio recording of the episode, and a narrative recreation read by Lara Parker. It opens with the closing footage of yesterday's episode.

Daphne visits Carrie. She asks Carrie to help her make a decision by looking into the future. Carrie warns her that she can't control what she sees. Carrie sees Bramwell with a sad look on his face. She sees that he's standing in the cemetery, looking at Daphne's grave, with 1841 listed as her year of death.

Daphne gets Carrie to admit that it's her grave that she saw. Daphne believes the vision was wrong, and is not dissuaded. 

Morgan returns to Collinwood and tells Catherine that he was unable to convince Kendrick from going to the police. He says he was covinced Gabriel killed his sister. He says the police are searching for Gabriel. He blames Gabriel for attacking Kendrick, and says that's going to all but convince the authorities that he's guilty. He says they all would have been better off if Gabriel had just gone into the room. He is surprised that Catherine is not really paying attention to him. He asks her what's wrong, and she tells him that Daphne and Bramwell are to be married. Morgan is shocked by the news. He asks if she spoke with Daphne, and she says she won't listen to anyone. She says there must be something they can do to stop them, and he reminds her that Daphne's an adult, and can do as she chooses. He says he doesn't have time to worry about Daphne and Bramwell. He says he has to worry about Gabriel and the curse. Catherine is furious that he puts the lottery before her family. They argue, and he asks her if she's concerned about Daphne's future, or if she's having second thoughts about not ending up with Bramwell. Catherine angrily storms out on him. 

In the old house, Daphne sits by the fire. Bramwell asks if she's had time to think about her answer. He asks if she needs more time. She says she doesn't. 

Carrie comes to Collinwood looking for Quentin. Morgan explains that he's in town. He invites her in to sit by the fire. He asks her what's so important that it couldn't wait until morning. She says she was looking through trunks in the basement of the cottage, and found a letter addressed to James Forsythe. Morgan reads the letter. It's a love letter from someone with the initial, A. Morgan asks her if there's anything else she can tell him about the note. He asks if she can determine who the person named A is. She asks to see the letter, and when he goes to get it, the lights turn out and the wind blows through the room. The letter bursts into flame. Carrie screams and says that a cold hand brushed across her cheek.  She tells Morgan that a cruel, evil spirit is with them in the room.

At the old house, Bramwell tries to convince Daphne that Carrie's 'visions' are nonsense. He assures her that she will live a long and happy life. He asks if she's changed her mind about them, and she says she has not. She says she knows he would never do anything to hurt her. 

Bramwell comes to see Flora. Morgan lets him in, and asks what he wants with her. Bramwell explains that they want to tell her, as mistress of Collinwood, that he and Daphne are now man and wife. In the foyer, Catherine collapses.

Bramwell, Daphne and Morgan are in the foyer waiting to hear from the doctor examining Catherine. Morgan tells them to wait in the study. They agree.

Catherine insists that the doctor tell her husband exactly what she told him to. 

The doctor tells Morgan that Catherine is physically sound, just under emotional strain. 

Morgan tells Catherine that he doesn't understand why she collapsed. She explains it was a dizzy spell, brought on by Daphne's marriage to Bramwell,  the lottery, and their argument last night. She gets up to congratulate Daphne and Bramwell.

Catherine goes to the study to congratulate Daphne and Bramwell.

Later, Catherine visits Bramwell at the old house. He explains that Daphne has gone into the village, and she asks to come in to speak to him privately. He lets her in. She says she didn't faint due to a dizzy spell. She tells him that she's pregnant — with his child!

Our thoughts:  

John: Ah, the infamous lost episode of Dark Shadows! I recall reading about this going in, but didn't remember exactly where it landed in the show's run. I guess this is just another reminder of how close to the end we are (and let's face it, if we had to lose an episode, I can't think of a better storyline to do it than 1841 parallel time). Still, it's somewhat odd having storytime with Lara Parker...
Christine: I thought she was the ideal narrator. 
John: I have to admit, I'm surprised that the marriage of Bramwell and Daphne took place offscreen (though it does make for a good surprise announcement — one you'd think they might have held for an episode cliffhanger).
Christine: I love how Daphne shrugs off Carrie's vision of her impending death. So, who is the mysterious A? Could there be another Angelique in this time band? 

John: After nearly five years, with just a handful of episodes remaining, we have our first pregnancy in Collinsport (the fast-growing Leviathan baby-spawn doesn't count)! If only the writers had managed to work this soap opera trope into normal time! Still, this is one loose end that I don't expect we'll see completely tied up in the remaining weeks of the show...
Christine: It's going to be a problem for Catherine to explain her baby bump to Morgan, though maybe he'll be chosen in the next lottery and she'll avoid having to confront him about it. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1218 2/24/71

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Daphne returns to Collinwood to tell Catherine that she's going to marry Bramwell. Catherine runs off into the night.

Bramwell is drinking in the old house when Catherine comes to see him. He says he knew she would come. He tells her that she isn't going to stop his marriage any more than he stopped hers. She says she won't stand by while he ruins her sister's life. He asks her if she's making Morgan's life better, and she says that she loves him. She tells him that he's bitter and resentful, and asks if her sister should have to pay the price for his feelings towards the Collins family. She accuses him of playing a selfish, vicious game. He tells her that it's settled — it's what he wants, and what Daphne wants. Catherine storms out.

Carrie comes downstairs and finds Daphne in the drawing room. She asks how Daphne is doing, and says she knows that something is bothering her. Daphne asks why she's looking at her so strangely. Carrie explains that she had a feeling that someone wasn't going to let her do something. She says sometimes when she tells people the things she sees, they get upset. Catherine returns to Collinwood and tells Carrie goodnight. Taking the cue, Carrie leaves. 

Daphne says she can't believe that she was naive enough to think Catherine could be happy for her. Catherine tells her she'll do everything in her power to stop the wedding. Daphne says she loves Bramwell, and wants to marry him. Catherine says she's a fool for thinking he loves her. Daphne accuses her of being selfish. She says Catherine is the one who is afraid to face the truth. Catherine begs her to reconsider. Daphne refuses. Catherine tells her that she will soon know what a marriage without love is. Daphne's retort is, "as you do, Catherine."

Bramwell's mother is surprised to hear of his plans. She asks if it's what he truly wants. She says she knows him better than anyone, and asks if he's marrying for love, or to get back at Catherine and the others at Collinwood. He tells her that he does not feel that he is being unfair to anyone. She says she doesn't think there has been a greater love than that between her and his father, Barnabas. She asks if he'll be able to say the same thing at her age. 

Daphne returns, and Bramwell asks her if Catherine was able to change her mind. Josette asks if Catherine was opposed, and Daphne confirms it. She tells Daphne that she'd be a welcome daughter, but it may be a mistake to rush into something that will alienate so many people. Josette leaves them. Barnabas asks her what's giving her doubts. She says he has never told her that he loves her. He says he asked her to marry him. She points out that he hasn't said the words. He accuses Catherine of poisoning her mind. Daphne asks why there's so much emotion in his voice when he speaks of Catherine. She adds that he has yet to say the words. He tells her he loves her, and she says she knows he doesn't mean what he just said. He asks if she wants to marry him, and she says she doesn't know. She says they need to be open and honest with one another. He tells her that his love can grow. She asks him to give her until morning. 

Josette goes to visit Catherine. Catherine tells her that it won't help for her to plead Bramwell's case. She tells her that she couldn't agree with her more. Catherine is surprised. She says that she shouldn't have reacted as she did. She says it was exactly what Bramwell predicted, and she succeeded in confusing Daphne. She says the wedding can't be stopped by a show of pressure. Catherine says she can't stand by and do nothing. Josette tells Catherine that she and Bramwell could have been happy, if only she had been willing to wait. 

Daphne visits Carrie. She asks Carrie to help her make a decision by looking into the future. Carrie warns her that she can't control what she sees. Carrie sees Bramwell with a sad look on his face. She sees that he's standing in the cemetery, looking at Daphne's grave, with 1841 listed as her year of death.

Our thoughts:  

John: It seems pretty clear to everyone but Daphne that Bramwell doesn't really love her. In any other time band, I'd say 'Daphne' would be the better catch for 'Barnabas' than 'Angelique', but since Bramwell's such a slimy guy, he doesn't deserve a nice girl like her.
Christine: She acknowledged that he didn't mean what he said after she cajoled him into saying he loved her, so I think she knows. Bramwell is rather spoiled and entitled, but perhaps it's because he doesn't have his dad around to advise him in a way that would have us adding to the slap tracker. I hope we might get around to hearing how Barnabas met his demise. 
John: Nice Freudian slip when Bramwell calls Daphne Catherine! At that point she should have realized that things were in trouble!
Christine: I think Josette's reticence to give her blessing on the union may be enough to change Daphne's mind, though Carrie's vision should be the tipping point, that is, if she decides to tell her about it. We are really knee deep in soap opera romance now, aren't we? 

John: So, do you suppose there's a Widows' Hill in this time band? Daphne seems like just the gal to take a flying leap...
Christine: If there's a Josette and a Barnabas and a Collinwood, then there's definitely a Widows' Hill. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1217 2/23/71

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Kendrick waits for Melanie in the drawing room. Gabriel sneaks into the room with a knife. He approaches Kendrick and tells him that the same thing that happened to his sister is going to happen to him, too. Gabriel tells him there has to be death in the house. Kendrick tells him he's insane. Morgan hears from outside the door but can't get in because the door is locked. They grapple, with Gabriel ultimately stabbing Kendrick. Morgan gets in with a spare key, but Gabriel is nowhere to be seen. Morgan tells him it's only a flesh wound, and they'll take care of it. Kendrick says just like his sister. Catherine arrives and Morgan goes searching for Gabriel. Catherine calls to Daphne.

Gabriel sneaks through the secret passages in Collinwood. He goes into a room and sees a portrait of Brutus Collins. Gabriel believes Brutus is responsible for the locked room and the lottery. He tells Brutus he's going to die again, and he cuts the portrait with his knife. He then lights the remains of the painting on fire.

Morgan hears Gabriel laughing, and talking to Brutus. Morgan comes in and attempts to put out the fire. Gabriel leaves the room and locks the door with Morgan inside. 

Daphne finds Catherine and tells her that Kendrick will be alright. She says she's going back to the old house, and Catherine forbids it while Gabriel is loose. They are unaware that Gabriel is listening to them from behind the secret passage. Catherine says the best thing for them to do is stay together and wait. Daphne asks about Julia, and Catherine says nothing frightens her — except perhaps love. Daphne says she's going to go to the old house. Catherine asks her if she knew Bramwell came to visit. She tells her that she was glad to see he him alive. Daphne asks if she told him she disapproved with her going to the old house, and Catherine  confirms that she did. Catherine says she can't spend her life with him in the old house, bitter and fuming over the Collins family. Daphne asks if she hates him. Catherine says she has no choice anymore, and begs her sister to stay away from him as she runs out crying.

Gabriel sneaks into the drawing room with his knife. Daphne sees him and tells him to keep back. She tells him that Kendrick is going to be alright. He goes to stab her and she screams. She tells him he doesn't want to kill her. Bramwell comes in and calls Gabriel, stopping him. Daphne runs to Bramwell, and Gabriel runs out through the window. Catherine appears and asks what happened. Bramwell leaves to pursue Gabriel. Catherine asks about Morgan, and heads into the secret panel.

Kendrick comes downstairs and tells Daphne the sooner he leaves, the better. He tells her that when he finds Gabriel, there will be one less Collins to worry about. 

Gabriel is in the woods, clutching his knife. He suddenly wonders what he's doing. 

Morgan tells Catherine that he told a servant to take Daphne back to the old house. He says that tomorrow they will hold the lottery again. He says if Bramwell finds Gabriel, he'll turn him over to the police. Catherine reminds him that Gabriel was ready to burn down the house. She says the Collins' family always blames everything on the locked room. Morgan asks her what Bramwell was doing at the house, and she points out that he saved Daphne. 

Bramwell returns to the old house alone and finds Daphne waiting for him. She thanks him for saving her. He starts to say he had to go to Collinwood, and she suggests that he was coming to see Catherine. He denies it, and asks if she believes him. She tells him she'll believe anything he says. He asks if she's in love with him.

Morgan tells Catherine that Bramwell will try and use this incident for his own good. He wonders how he'll tell his mother about Gabriel. 

Catherine answers a knock at the front door. It's Daphne. She says she came to tell her that she's going to marry Bramwell. Catherine runs off into the night.

Bramwell is drinking in the old house when Catherine comes to see him. He says he knew she would come. He tells her that she isn't going to stop his marriage any more than he stopped hers.

Our thoughts:  

John: It seems silly that they can't find Gabriel after watching him go through the secret door. Was anyone else disappointed that Kendrick's stabbing was just a flesh wound?

Christine: I like Kendrick, so I'm glad it was only a flesh wound. Who else can we count on to rescue sweet Melanie from the abuse and madness at Collinwood? It is an interesting parallel to Desmond and Leticia, with him receiving a wound in the same place Desmond did.
John: So, are we to understand that Brutus' room is only accessible through the secret passages in the house? I'd like to know who lit those candles. And I hope you got a good shot of that portrait, before it got cut up. Is Brutus a dead-wringer for any other clan members in our time or parallel time?

Christine: Why, I most certainly did capture the portrait of Brutus, as well as the sacrifice of yet another portrait on the show. I suppose it's too late for a portrait destruction tracker. I think that the secret passage is just a more expedient way to get to the rooms in the house that are closed off and unoccupied. The lit candles seem to suggest someone has created a shrine to Brutus, though it's possible Gabriel is the one responsible. It was interesting to hear him talk about the "thing" in the room. 

John: I guess Morgan wasn't engulfed in flames, and managed to find a way out of the locked room. I thought his father the ghost might appear to a) help him out, and b) remind him it's lottery-time!
Christine: Melanie was always Justin's favorite, so I guess he'll only rouse his spirit to communicate with her. As predicted, Bramwell knew the best way to get back at Catherine was to marry her innocent, young sister. 

Monday, February 22, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1216 2/22/71

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Quentin and Julia return to Collinwood and find Melanie in the drawing room. She tells them that 'he' told her that the curse isn't over until a Collins goes into the room. Quentin asks her who spoke to her. She says it was Poppa. Quentin says he knew it; they have to have the lottery again. He goes to find the others. Melanie asks Julia when the curse will end. Julia tells her to go to her room to get some rest. 

In the woods, Quentin hears someone, but no one responds to his calls of who's there. 

Carrie is not surprised when Quentin arrives to see her. He comes in and she asks if someone is waiting for him outside. He tells her that he came alone, and she tells him that someone followed him. He looks outside in time to see someone leaving. He asks her how she knew that. She explains that she just felt a presence. Quentin asks Carrie to concentrate on the name James Forsythe, and tell him whatever she can about him. He tells her it's important, but he can't tell her why. She does so, and she tells him she can see Collinwod of long ago. She says two people are approaching the house; James Forsythe and a woman. He asks about him. She says he's young and handsome, and he lives in Collinwood. She adds that he's in love with her. He tells her that no one named James Forsythe lived in Collinwood. He then asks her about the woman. She says she sees them about to enter the house — and the nothing. She tells him that James Forsythe is somewhere near Collinwood. Quentin says if what she saw was a long time ago, Forsythe would be dead. She says she can't explain it, but she feels that he's close. Quentin thanks her and heads back to Collinwood.

Quentin hears someone following him in the woods and confronts his follower. It's Kendirck Young. He tells Quentin he was on his way to Collinwood, and that he wasn't following him. Quentin asks him why he's going there, and he says he heard Melanie was sick. Quentin tells him that she was, but she recovered. He adds that there's no need for him to pay a visit. He tells Quentin that he'll do what he wants.

Melanie is in the garden when Kendrick arrives to see her. She thanks him for coming, and says that if she weren't so tired he could stay longer. He tells her about his life in Boston, and she asks why he's telling her. He explains that he wants her to know him, as friends. He asks her what's troubling her. She tells him that sometimes friends have to trust one another, and asks him to trust her. She tells him he's different from the other men she's met; gentle and thoughtful. He suggests that all the other men she met must be Collins'. She says she can't relate to anyone in the real world, and he offers to help her. He kisses her, and she kisses him back. 

They are interrupted by Julia. She asks Kendrick what he's doing, reminding him that he's not welcome. She tells Melanie to go into the house, and Melanie tells her that she's not a child, and she will choose her own friends. She says she'll go into the house if Kendrick can come with her. Julia says that if she lets her speak to Kendrick alone, she'll let him join her in the house. She goes inside. Julia tells him not to see Melanie again. He refuses. She asks what he's after, and he explains that he's after nothing. Julia explains that Melanie has led a sheltered life. She asks him what it will take for him to leave and never come back. He asks why the Collins' are all so miserable if money can buy everything. She asks him how much. He tells her no amount would be enough. He reminds her that Melanie can leave tonight, and she can't stop her. Julia tells him that Melanie must never leave Collinwood.  

Quentin reads from the Collins family history when Kendrick comes into the drawing room. He asks how Kendrick ingratiated himself with Julia. He says he didn't. Quentin says as far as he's concerned, he can stay. As long as he doesn't start asking the wrong questions. He leaves Kendrick alone. Gabriel sneaks into the room with a knife. He approaches Kendrick and tells him that the same thing that happened to his sister is going to happen to him, too.

Our thoughts:  

John: So much for any urgency getting a new lottery going. I'm betting we don't have a new sacrifice scheduled before Friday...
Christine: I think the urgency is with finding Gabriel to send him back into the room since he seems to be the least liked member of the family. 
John: I love how Quentin gets a cursory description of James Forsythe from Carrie, and suddenly he knows that her vision was from so long ago that Forsythe must be dead. Since it's parallel time, making things up as they go is a foregone conclusion. Do you suppose he's the cause of the curse, in response to something Brutus did?
Christine: He may or may not be the cause, but surely he has something to do with the Cursed Room or they wouldn't keep talking about him. I love how Carrie knew that Quentin was about to arrive but had no idea why he had come to see her. I guess her psychic powers have limits. Quentin alluded to the fact that a brother had killed another Collins family brother once before. I might think Barnabas killed Jeremiah in this time band too if he didn't have his portrait hanging over the mantel at the Old House. If he didn't, then who did?

John: Maybe Gabriel has gone crazy from his limited time spent in the room... Of course, I wasn't quite expecting him to find his way home. If he was smart, he would have gone away and never looked back!
Christine: One thing we do know is that Gabriel has multiple pairs of the same outfit, assuming of course that Tim Braithwaite was buried in the clothes he had loaned him to assume his place in the Cursed Room. 

Friday, February 19, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1215 2/19/71

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At dawn, Morgan goes to the room and unlocks the door. He goes inside and finds someone lying on the bed, apparently dead, and realizes that it's not Gabriel. 

Flora appears and thinks Gabriel's dead. Morgan says it's Tim in Gabriel's clothing. Flora doesn't understand, and asks where Gabriel is. She wonders what happened to Tim. Morgan tells his mother that it's not safe to be in the room. He tells her that he'll dispose of the body. She asks if they'll have to go through the lottery again...

Morgan finds Melanie in the drawing room. She asks if Gabriel is dead. He says it's not Gabriel. Morgan tells Flora that he's going to get the police. Morgan tells Melanie that the body in the room was Tim Braithwaite, one of Gabriel's drinking friends. Morgan tells Flora that they can tell the truth, saying they found the body in an abandoned section of he house. They can say he came to rob the house, and had a heart attack. He hatches a plan to say that he'll tell the police he found a window open downstairs. Flora asks why Tim would do it. Morgan takes out a check for $1,000. He says that he saw Tim right before he found Gabriel in the Eagle, and says they must have just closed the deal. 

Melanie starts to laugh. She says Gabriel's plan worked, reminding them that she's alive and so is Quentin. She says the spirits don't care if they get a Collins as long as they get a human sacrifice. She says that Gabriel was right. She says the Collins' turned it into a family tradition. Flora points out that she's a Collins. She says a lot of them don't treat her that way. She cries and says her father didn't have to go mad. 

She says after six generations, Gabriel has proven that the curse wasn't just on them. Morgan tells her to stop, and slaps her. She says she knows she shouldn't have said those things, but they're all true. 

Melanie leaves, and Morgan asks if they should take Gabriel back. Flora asks if he actually thinks he'll come back. Morgan wonders how much Gabriel told Tim. Flora wonders if Tim told anyone about the deal, and if the police will question them. She decides that it's all over, and they won't have to hold another lottery for another generation. 

There's a knock at the door. Morgan lets Carrie Stokes in. She says Gabriel asked her to come as soon as she could after daybreak. She explains that he saw her last night, just after dark, and told her to bring them a letter this morning. Flora takes it and goes into the drawing room. Carrie says she heard Melanie was doing better, and asks if she can go see her. Morgan sends her upstairs. He goes into the drawing room, and Flora reads the letter out loud. In it, Gabriel says he won't be back, adding that the half hour he spent in the room before Tim arrived was a hell he will never forget. He adds that he is sane, but will be haunted by the experience. Morgan says they can end the curse if they can get more details from Gabriel. He tells his mother that he and Catherine had their first disagreement last night — about having children. She says that of course they'll have children, and he points out that's what Catherine wants, but he won't agree as long as the curse exists. He says he'll find Gabriel and end the curse. He says Carrie is a psychic that they can use to find Gabriel. Flora says that Carrie didn't know she had such powers before Gerard planted the seed. 

Carrie comes into the room and says she had a feeling that Morgan wanted to talk to her. Morgan asks if she can help them. She says they've been kind to let her and her father live in the gate house. Morgan asks if she can help them find Gabriel. She says she's never tried it without Gerard. Morgan gives her Gabriel's letter. She reads it, and Morgan asks if she sees him. She says, "trees, forest, a stream leading to the sea. The trees are not tall — they're young. Over the stream there's a rope bridge big enough for one." Morgan asks where the rope bridge is. She says he's staring at it, and then comes out of her trance. 

Flora says there's no rope bridge, but Morgan pulls out a painting of a rope bridge. He asks Carrie if that's the bridge, and she says it is. Morgan goes to find him. Carrie says she doesn't think Gabriel is there now. She says Gabriel will find him. 

Flora and Morgan go to visit Justin's grave. Once they get to the cemetery, she tells Morgan he can go home. She goes into the crypt and sees Justin's marker lying broken on the floor. 

Melanie comes downstairs looking for her mother and Morgan. She goes into the drawing room and sees her father's ghost. It tells her that they won't let him rest. He says someone must go to the room. That the lottery must be held again.

Our thoughts:  

John: Break out the Slap tracker! Gotta give Morgan credit for slapping his (adopted) sister harder than his nemesis, Bramwell!
Christine: That's just the sort of lout that he is. He really is reprehensible.
John: How exactly did Carrie know that Melanie was doing better? Did Gabriel tell her? And was he just making an assumption that his plan would work?
Christine: Did you miss the part where they said she had psychic abilities? It's funny that yet another Braithwaite has died as a result of his interaction with the Collins family. 

John: Morgan must have a short or selective memory if he thinks that the only fight he's had with Catherine is over having children. Should someone drop the name Bramwell to remind him?
Christine: So, if the spirits were so unhappy about not getting their Collins sacrifice then why did they end the plague? Perhaps Catherine will be going to spend a night in the room after all.

Collinsport Slap-Tracker

20 Roger slaps Burke Devlin's drink out of his hand!

93 Roger slaps David!

128 Joe slaps Maggie's butt!

383 Barnabas slaps Jeremiah!

467 Elizabeth slaps Roger!

535 Julia slaps Cassandra!

619 Blair slaps Angelique!

790 Trask slaps Judith!

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Thursday, February 18, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1214 2/18/71

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Morgan and Julia listen by the door to the room Gabriel is locked in. She wonders if they'll see Gabriel alive again, and if they do, if he'll be insane. Julia goes to check on Melanie. Morgan goes down to the drawing room to be with Catherine.

Catherine asks Morgan if anything has happened. He says they didn't hear anything inside the room. They profess their love for one another and kiss. Catherine says she feels sorry for Gabriel, and wonders if they'll ever know what he experienced. 

Julia tends to Melanie, who is delirious. She babbles about Brutus, and then screams, "No!" Julia tries to interrogate her about Brutus. Melanie sits up and tries to get out of bed. Julia asks her who she is. Melanie asks for James Forsythe. She says he killed him. 

In the night, Catherine sneaks out of her room. She goes to the door behind which Gabriel is locked. She listens at the door, and then starts to open the door when she is startled by Julia, who asks what she's doing there. She says she told Catherine not to interfere, and sends her away.

Bramwell is sneaking around the gazebo when he spots Catherine, and hides. He comes up behind her, and she is pleased to see him up and about. She tells him that he looks well, and asks how he feels. He doesn't respond. He asks her how it feels to be part of the Collins' madness. She reiterates that she's glad to see him, but suggests that he leave. She says Morgan wouldn't like his being there. He reminds her that she chose Morgan, so why would he mind. He bids her goodnight and starts to leave. She engages him in further conversation, and he asks her if she's happy. She says it's impossible with all that is happening in the house, but with Morgan, she is. He asks if she wishes he had never come, and she says yes. She expresses concern that Morgan might see them. He asks if Morgan would know she wants him to touch her. She says she doesn't want that. He asks if she's sorry that he lived. She admits that she wanted them both to live. She begs him not to speak of the duel again. She asks about Daphne. He says she just saw her, so she knows how she is. He adds that she was very kind to him; there when Catherine wasn't. She says that people will talk if Daphne is in the old house with him. He says she doesn't think that. She admits that she doesn't want him to hurt Daphne. He asks if she's jealous. 

Morgan appears, and asks why she would be jealous. He sends her inside, and tells Bramwell to leave. Morgan asks him why he didn't fire at him in the duel, and Bramwell walks out on him. 

Julia is watching over Melanie when Josette comes to see her. Julia says they'd like to cofine the plague to the house. Josette points out that if that were concern, they wouldn't have Daphne in the new house, or have visited the old house. Josette asks how it happened; noting that plague is unheard of in modern times. 

Melanie sits up and is pleased to see Josette. She sees Julia and asks her what she's doing there. Julia asks if she's alright, and Melanie asks if she had another one of her attacks. Julia says she was ill, but she doesn't understand. Melanie asks if the lottery has been held. Julia explains that Gabriel is in the room as they speak. Melanie hopes that he breaks the spell. Julia leaves Melanie with Josette to go check on Quentin. Josette tells Melanie that she's very fond of her. It makes Melanie very happy, because she always doubted that anyone in the family loved her. 

Julia comes downstairs and tells Morgan that Melanie and Quentin have both recovered. She says it's as if the curse has been removed, or the thing in the room has been appeased. She wonders what's happening to Gabriel in the room. Julia prays that the curse is over. 

At dawn, Morgan goes to the room and unlocks the door. He goes inside and finds someone lying on the bed, apparently dead, but it's not Gabriel.

Our thoughts:  

John: Well, so much for getting to see anything on the far side of the door to the locked room. I was hoping we might get some details on Brutus from possessed Melanie, but that didn't amount to much, either.
Christine: Josette's interaction with Melanie leads me to believe that Josette is her birth mother. If so, the question is why she doesn't know that, and if it may be because Barnabas is not her father.
John: I did find it quite funny when Catherine told Julia that she had a right to be outside the door to the locked room, and Julia's response was that it was not a matter of right or wrong. To be fair, Julia was right, because Catherine's claim to have a right to be there had nothing to do with it being right or wrong...
Christine: Bramwell really knows how to get to Catherine. He may take up with Daphne for the sole purpose of making Catherine jealous. 

John: So who was that lying dead in the bed if not Gabriel? Frankly, had he not said that, I couldn't tell that the body didn't belong to Gabriel...
Christine: It kind of looks like an Invasion of the Body Snatchers pod version of Gabriel still taking form. Also, if that's not Gabriel, then what happened to Gabriel? At least the plague was abruptly ended. If only that would work on Covid.