Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1047 6/30/70

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Barnabas promises Carolyn he will send Angelique back to her grave. She goes upstairs and he opens the secret panel to find the woman missing. Julia arrives and asks him what happened. She explains that she was just with Angelique and suddenly she could hardly stand. Barnabas says that the woman is gone, and he thinks Stokes has her. He asks Julia to find out if he does. He says he'll search the grounds and then check the mausoleum. He tells her to be careful, because they might suspect her.

She leaves, and before he does, Carolyn comes downstairs. She says Will died protecting his secret. Barnabas says he died protecting Quentin and Maggie. Carolyn says that he shouldn't have died for them. She says it's not worth it. Barnabas says that if Will's death has any meaning at all, it is to destroy Angelique. She apologizes, but says she loved Will, and he loved her in his own way. He suggests that she get some rest. He says he has to know she'll be alright, because he has something important to do. She says she won't betray him. Nothing matters to her anymore. She sends him away, telling him he's protected by her indifference.

At Collinwood, Stokes is on the phone with Claude North, asking if Roxanne is with him. He asks North to use his special psychic sympathy to find out where she is. He then asks North to meet him in their usual place. He adds that they have extraordinary enemies. He leaves Collinwood and runs into Julia. She says Angelique is very weak, and asks if he's found the girl. He says he may know where she is, and Julia offers to help. He says he'll let her know when he has more information.

Roxanne wanders through the woods near the cemetery. She hears someone approaching and hides behind a tree. Barnabas appears with a flashlight, and walks past her.

Stokes approaches the Collins family crypt, and then ducks behind it. Barnabas approaches the crypt and enters. Stokes comes out, wondering what brought Barnabas there.

Inside, Barnabas enters the secret room.

Stokes realizes that Barnabas knows too much. He assumes he has Roxanne in the room.

Barnabas lights the candles. He realizes that someone has been there and cleaned things up. He wonders if the woman had returned. He also notices that the dagger is gone. He looks around and finds a cufflink with the monogram "CN." He realizes it belongs to Claude North.

Carolyn is drinking in the old house when she is frightened by Stokes standing outside her window. He knocks on the door and she lets him in. He explains he was passing by, and wanted to extend his condolences.

She tells him she's very busy, and he offers to refill her drink. He says he always felt Will's talents were far beyond the ordinary. He mentions the influence of Barnabas on his life. He says the new Barnabas Collins also influenced his life, refilling her drink again. She says she doesn't know him that well. Stokes asks why a man with such talent and a beautiful wife destroy himself. He says he thinks someone else must be behind it, and presses her on that. She says he's right.

Barnabas returns and asks if Stokes is paying a social call at this hour. Stokes says he wanted to extend his condolences. Stokes says they both have a taste for nocturnal activities. He adds that he took a shortcut through the cemetery tonight, and saw him there. Barnabas says he was in the cemetery, and bids Stokes goodnight. Stokes says that when he mentioned him to Will the other night, Will suggested that he might have a girl somewhere. Stokes asks Barnabas if he has a girl somewhere, and Barnabas reminds him that he bid him goodnight. Stokes leaves. Barnabas tells Carolyn to go upstairs to bed, but instead, she runs out of the house.

Carolyn arrives at Collinwood looking for Will. She goes upstairs.

Barnabas tells Julia to tell Stokes that she searched the basement of Will's house and found nothing. They wonder who has the girl. Barnabas says he's returning to the mausoleum. He thinks she's going there, or Claude North is bringing her there. He tells Julia to go to Collinwood to find Carolyn.

Carolyn looks out the window where Will jumped to his death. She cries. 

Quentin finds her and tells her that she shouldn't be up there. She asks what's going to happen to all of them. She says that she's too powerful, even though Barnabas is powerful. He asks what she's talking about, and Carolyn tells him that Alexis is Angelique. She says she's dead, but alive. He says she's drunk, and that he destroyed Angelique himself. He tells her to leave. Carolyn brings up her mother, and then says she'll leave. She says his secret is safe with her.

Barnabas returns to the mausoleum, and enters the secret room. He hears someone, and finds the woman outside. He closes the secret room door and finds her kneeling at a grave. Barnabas reads the name—Claude North, who died in 1866.

Our thoughts

John: That was a pretty cheesy-looking "CN" prop cufflink to establish Claude North's presence in the mausoleum. What I don't get, is with Barnabas back and forth to the mausoleum every ten minutes, how did he not run into him when he was scheduled to meet Stokes there 30 minutes after their phone call?

Christine: Well, it seems he is dead, so perhaps he can flit about undetected easily. I'm wondering if he's the one who taught Stokes how to resurrect his stepdaughter and donated Roxanne to do it, though I'm especially curious to know why he's living in the secret room of the mausoleum.

John: Carolyn realizes that Stokes is related to Angelique, right? I mean, even drunk she has to be aware that he's more of a threat to her than Barnabas.

Christine: At the time she did not seem to have much concern for her own well being. I thought she was going to take a dive through the window herself today, so it was a surprise to see Quentin show up at the eleventh hour and remove that possibility. I think her newfound recreation may end up shortening her lifespan one way or another.

John: Did Quentin just confess to Angelique's murder? Or was he referring to destroying what he thought was her body? And would drunk Carolyn appreciate the difference? Sadly, I doubt she'll remember that he said it in the first place.

Christine: I think he was referring to destroying her body, but I believe Carolyn thinks he confessed to the murder, since she seemed relieved to know her mother wasn't responsible, as she had thought.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1046 6/29/70

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Barnabas asks the unconscious woman if he was wrong to bring her there. He places his hand on her cheek and her eyes open.

Angelique is coming downstairs at Collinwood when she starts to faint. 

Barnabas helps the woman stand up.

Angelique screams and collapses. She reaches towards the phone, calling for her father.

Barnabas brings the woman upstairs. He tells her there's nothing to be afraid of. He then tells her that she's very lovely, and asks if she understands him. He asks who she is, but she just stares at him. He shows her the drawing of her and she smiles. she runs her hand across Claude North's name. Barnabas asks who that is. He puts the drawing away, and then tells her that he's going to take her to a place she might recognize.

Angelexis grabs the phone cord and pulls it off the table. Maggie hears and comes running downstairs. She goes to call a doctor, and Angelexis tells her to call her father. Maggie helps her upstairs.

Barnabas leads the woman to the Collins family crypt. Inside, she seems to recognize the place. He leads her to the secret room, and tells her that it frightens her. He opens the secret door and she looks inside. He steps in and beckons her to join him. She does. 

He lights the candles on the table. The woman appears to be frightened. Barnabas picks up a knife from the chair, and realizes someone else has been in the room since he was last. He asks the woman if the knife means anything to her. She seems to recognize it. He asks her if it belonged to Claude North.

Stokes tells Angelique that the moment Roxanne speaks will be the end of her. At that point she'll be in complete control of her faculties, and she will have regained her life force. Angelique asks what he's going to do about it. He says he must invoke the powers of darkness that have guided him to be successful in his experiment. He starts an incantation.

Barnabas puts the knife back on the chair. He notices the woman appears to weaken. He takes her out of the secret room.

Angelique tells her father that she's feeling much better. She says she can't go through it again, and her father says they must find the body and hide it. He says they can find the body by contacting Claude North. She asks who he is. He says he hoped to never see him again.

Barnabas brings the woman back to the Old House, and leads her into the secret room behind the bookcase. He helps her back up on the table. Barnabas hears a very loud car approaching. He leaves the woman and closes the secret door.

Carolyn enters the house, calling for Will. She sees Barnabas, and he says he has to talk to her. She's preoccupied with the results of her shopping. She looks at him and asks him what's wrong.

She asks if something happened to Will. Barnabas tells her that Will is dead. Carolyn asks if he killed him, and he says Will jumped out of the Tower window in Collinwood. He says Angelique found out what he knew. Carolyn says that he is as guilty as she is, and screams that she hates him before running off.

Angelique tells her father he's wasting time. He says he'll try and find Roxanne, and if he can't, he'll seek out Claude North. She asks about him again, unimpressed that he's afraid of some ordinary man, and he assures her that Claude North is no ordinary man.

Maggie finds Carolyn in the drawing room, and tells her she's terribly sorry. Carolyn says that despite everything, she loved Will, and he loved her. Maggie asks if she's seen him yet. She says seeing him will only remind her of what's wrong with Collinwood and everyone in it. She says no one is who they seem to be, with Barnabas on the top of the list. She starts to tell Maggie about Barnabas, but she stops when he enters.

Stokes comes downstairs and hears the arguing in the drawing room. He realizes that this is his opportunity to search for Roxanne in the old house.

Barnabas asks Maggie to let him speak to Carolyn alone. Carolyn tells her that if she doesn't agree, he'll force her to do it. She leaves them. Barnabas says it would be easy for him to stop her. She says she's not afraid of him. He says he's not trying to hurt her, and he was helpless to protect Will. He says he will avenge his death. She asks if that will bring him back, and he says no. He tells her that they were happy until Angelique came into their lives. She agrees. He offers to take her home. She says she needs to see Will first. He leads her upstairs.

Back at the old house, Barnabas promises Carolyn he will send Angelique back to her grave. She goes upstairs and he opens the secret panel to find the woman missing.

Our thoughts

John: Wouldn't you think Barnabas would find something more appropriate than a nightgown for the woman to wear when he drags her out to the cemetery in the middle of the night?

Christine: Oh, I think there is some method to his madness in dragging her out to a cold cemetery in such a revealing nightgown. It may be what fuels his obsession for her.

John: Barnabas believes in ripping the band-aid right off! He didn't hesitate to tell Carolyn that Will was dead without so much as suggesting that she sit down, first.

Christine: She is right to assign blame to him for Will's death. While the parallel Collins family may have had their Angelique problem to deal with, Barnabas' presence has only made things worse. Now Will is dead and Quentin is on the run because of his meddling. Barnabas has managed to wreak havoc and cause suffering in every time period he has existed in. The guy is a walking disaster!

John: Laying odds on who will portray Claude North. Based on his being a master of evil would suggest it could only be the parallel-time equivalent of Nicholas Blair... but if he has the ability to draw folks into existence, he might very well be the Charles Delaware Tate of parallel-time. I would welcome the former, and dread the latter!

Christine: I had not considered either of those possibilities, and a parallel Tate is something to fear indeed! He's got to be a bad guy if even Stokes doesn't want to deal with him.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1045 6/26/70

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As he looks for Quentin in Collinwood, Will says he must be careful, because Maggie says he's gone mad. He thinks Quentin will know he wants to help him. He then wonders if Angelique has somehow changed Quentin. He searches the tower room in the West Wing, and finds a tie. He hears footsteps, and the door begins to open. It's Angelexis. She asks him why he's there, and he says he could ask her the same question. She tells him that she lives in the house. He tries to leave, but she closes the door. She tells him he should have known they would have a private meeting sooner or later. He calls her Alexis, and she says he knows her name. He says she's made a mistake. She says Barnabas made the mistake, not knowing how much they were always drawn to one another. She asks him if he remembers. She tells him that she's his Angelique. He says Angelique is dead. She caresses his face, and asks if he remembers all the nights they spent together. He'd read to her by the fire, and tell her that she was his inspiration. She kisses him.

Barnabas says they won't accomplish anything with the body until tomorrow. Julia says Angelique keeps asking her questions, but she'll come as soon as she can tomorrow. He feels something, and senses Will is afraid. He says he must help him, but she reminds him it's almost dawn. He says she can't help Will without giving up her secret. She says she'll find a way. He reminds her Angelique is dangerous.

Angelique tells Will he never could resist her. She says they're all alone, just the way they always wanted it. He breaks away from her, and she says something or someone has changed him. She tells him she wants the truth. She demands that he look at her.

She asks if he knows the truth about her, and he says he does. She asks if Barnabas told him. He promises no one will ever know her secret. She says she wants more from him than just a promise. He screams at her to leave him alone. She demands that he tell her the secret of Barnabas Collins.

He says Barnabas doesn't have any secrets. She says she knows he's cursed, and she wants to know about his powers. Will tries to avoid looking into her eyes. She commands him. He says he'll never do it. He tells her that she's evil and he hates the sight of her.

She wants to know what kind of power Barnabas has over him. She tells him he's Barnabas' slave. She tries to convince him how his life could be better with her. He threatens to jump out of a window. He says he won't betray Barnabas. Julia walks in on them and Will falls out the window to the ground below.

Angelique yells at Julia, saying she made him do it, and ruined everything. She asks why she came into the room. Julia said she thought she might be in danger. She asks how she knew she was there. Julia says she heard voices. Angelique runs outside to check on Will.

Angelique and Julia examine Will. Julia says his spinal cord was severed on impact, and he died instantly. Angelique asks her if she has a medical degree. She wants to know how she died. Julia says she had previous experience seeing someone who had died similarly, and that's what the doctor said. They go inside to tell the others about Will.

Barnabas rises for the night. He goes to check on the body in the secret room, and finds Angelique waiting for him in the foyer. She says she hasn't been there long, but she hasn't been snooping around to find his secrets. She says she came to pay her respects to the widow, but she can't find Carolyn. He asks what she did to Will. She says she is not responsible for his death. She says Will jumped to his death rather than giving up Barnabas' secret. She says she very nearly found out what he is, and she's now determined to find out.

Julia tells Barnabas she arrived too late to save Will. Julia gives the the woman an injection and shock treatments to render Angelique helpless. Barnabas watches as the woman glows. He says it isn't working. She turns off the switch. She says they can try again later. She suggests that Barnabas stay with her, and leaves for Collinwood. Barnabas asks the woman if he was wrong to bring her there. He places his hand on her cheek and her eyes open.

Angelique is coming downstairs at Collinwood when she starts to faint.

Barnabas helps the woman up.

Angelique screams and collapses.

Our thoughts

John: I wasn't expecting Will to be able to withstand Angelique's charms. I'm pretty impressed that he did. And while he was threatening to jump, it sure does seem like Julia's the one to blame for Will's death.

Christine: She and Barnabas were both responsible for his death. If Barnabas and Julia had not decided to remain in parallel time, William H. Loomis may still be alive. Now Carolyn is a widow in both timelines. Way to go, dynamic duo! I really enjoyed John Karlen's anguished performance.

John: I thought for sure we were going to find out that Angelique captured Julia after she let slip her expert opinion on Will's cause of death. But no, she appears to have bought the story about having seen so many dead men fallen from heights, and listen to so many experts weigh in on the cause of death, that she was able to make the instant connection. Yeah, right...

Christine: It seems that all those mistakes are going to add up pretty soon.

John: So when exactly did they install a Frankenstein lab in the old house?

Christine: I was wondering if they went back to their own time while we weren't watching to haul over all their Adam equipment. That was a preposterous setup. I'm not sure I want to endure a flashback to the Adam storyline, or another storyline where Barnabas does dumb things because he's enamored with a woman.