Works of Charles Delaware Tate

Episode 804

Charles Delaware Tate, a renowned painter, first arrives at Collinwood in Episode 804 to paint a portrait of Quentin at the request of Count Petofi, who is possessing Jamison. Quentin is unwilling to sit for the portrait, which Tate claims was commissioned by his late grandmother, Edith, and has to paint his portrait from a photograph.

Episode 806

Quentin Collins
Episode 806

Tate works on Quentin's portrait in Episode 806, while Charity speaks with him about her father's request to have him also paint her portrait. When he leaves the room to wash up, she sees the portrait change to that of a werewolf, and screams.

Episode 806

Episode 806

Episode 806

Tate works on Quentin's portrait in his studio in Episode 818.

Petofi warns Tate that both he and Quentin will suffer if the portrait is destroyed.

Tate puts the finishing touches on Quentin's portrait in Episode 818.

In Episode 829, Charity, possessed by Pansy Faye, has a vision of Angelique finding Quentin's portrait with blood dripping from his chest, and then his body with the same bloody wound in the Tower Room. She predicts he will be dead on the tenth of September.

Episode 829

Episode 829

Petofi brings Quentin's portrait to Collinwood in Episode 831. In the following episode, Quentin finds his portrait in his room after inexplicably escaping a werewolf transformation at moonrise. He sees himself depicted as a handsome werewolf.

Episode 832

Episode 832

Episode 832

Episode 832

In Episode 833, Tate shows Quentin one of the sketches he made, to prove he didn't paint him as a werewolf.

In Episode 834, Barnabas and Julia discover the werewolf portrait and learn how Quentin evaded his curse.

Episode 834

In Episode 838, Petofi demands that Quentin find out Barnabas' time travel secret in exchange for ending his curse.

In Episode 839, Barnabas tells Quentin he saw his portrait changed to a wolf during a full moon, when he did not.

Episode 839

In Episode 844, Petofi cuts Quentin, and his portrait bleeds while he does not.

He uses the demonstration to pressure Quentin into killing Barnabas.

Close up of the effect in Episode 844.

Tate, jealous over Quentin and Amanda's romance, steals Quentin's portrait in Episode 848.

Tate considers burning Quentin's portrait in Episode 850.

An unscarred portrait is shown at Tate's in Episode 850.

Quentin's scarred portrait in Episode 849 for comparison.

Close up in Episode 849.

Petofi recovers the portrait from Tate in Episode 851.

Episode 851

In Episode 854, after beginning the mind swap process, Petofi shows Quentin his portrait.

Quentin notes that his portrait has changed in Episode 854.

Amanda Harris
Episode 822

In Episode 822, Count Petofi observes Charles Tate working on a painting of a piece of jewelry, which Tate says came to him in a dream. Petofi recognizes the portrait of his ideal woman he's been working on as the spitting image of Amanda Harris, and sets up a chance meeting. Tate recognizes her from the portrait and also observes that she is wearing the piece of jewelry he had added to her portrait earlier.

Episode 822

Episode 822

Episode 822

In Episode 825, Tate confronts Petofi in his hideout, and he reveals a sketch of Amanda he took from Tate. Petofi says she hails from New York, where Tate surely must have encountered her, but Tate asserts that he would have followed her if he'd ever met her. 

Episode 825

In Episode 833, Tate finds the sketch he made of Amanda on March 11, 1895, which coincides with her first memory.

Episode 833
Amanda's portrait on display in Episode 834.

Tate regards Amanda's portrait in Episode 834.

Amanda discovers her portrait in Episode 842.

Amanda's portrait featured in end credits in Episode 843.

Tate's Other Creations
Tate discovers he has the power to create when he sketches a vase and it appears before him in Episode 833, which proves to him that he created Amanda. 

Episode 833

Episode 833
In Episode 840, he sketches a glass in front of her to demonstrate his power of creation, but it fails to materialize. In Episode 842, he proves his power to her when he materializes a speechless man from a sketch. When Tim Shaw takes his creation in an attempt to extort him for his power in Episode 843, Tate shoots his creation, which disappears.

Episode 840

Episode 842

Episode 842

Tate shoots creation in Episode 843.

His creation dematerializes in Episode 843.

Petofi tries to test Tate's power in Episode 851, but Tate fails, and Petofi removes his power to create.

Inconsequential Works
Unknown portrait shown behind Tate in Episode 833.
In Episode 850, Tate works on a seascape that was present in Sam Evans' collection early in the series.

The portrait of Maggie's Mom by Sam Evans appears by an unconscious Tate in Episode 850.

Another woman found in Tate's sketch pad in Episode 851.

More of Charles Delaware Tate's work will be added as it appears on the show.

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