Monday, February 4, 2019

Dark Shadows Episode 681 - 2/4/69

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Maggie goes to David's room, but doesn't see him as he was hiding. After she's gone, David recites "I do not like thee, Doctor Fell."

Maggie returns to the storage room in the West Wing. She opens the door and screams when she sees Quentin standing inside. He steps towards her and she turns and runs. He smiles.

Carolyn and Chris arrive at Collinwood. Liz comes downstairs and as they chat, Maggie runs downstairs screaming about a strange man she encountered staring at her in the West Wing. Chris offers to go take a look, and Carolyn goes with him.

Maggie tells Liz that the man was wearing an old fashioned coat, matching the description of the stranger Mrs. Johnson saw. Liz wasn't aware or Mrs. Johnson seeing anyone, but realizes that may explain her recent behavior.

Carolyn and Chris explore the West Wing.

Liz gives Maggie some brandy. She asks what she was doing in the West Wing. Maggie says that David disobeyed her orders and left his room. She followed him into the West Wing, but couldn't find him. She says that when David came back, she extended his punishment, and he threatened to get even with her. She says that he must be responsible for this strange man frightening her. She says she checked his room again and he was gone. She tells Liz that David has changed. Liz says she's willing to believe that a strange man made it into the West Wing, but she can't believe David had anything to do with it. Liz explains that she went to see David, and he was in his room while she was looking for him in the West Wing.

Chris asks Carolyn what's behind a door, and she says it's a storage room. They go inside, but can't see anyone inside. She tells him they might as well leave, and they do, not seeing Quentin sitting in the dark. He gets up and laughs to himself.

Maggie drinks tea, and says she's sure David wasn't in his room when she checked. Liz says he may have been hiding from her. She says that maybe he did hide, knowing she'd search the West Wing and run into the man.

In his room, David talks to Quentin, saying it's wonderful, and confirming they're just going to scare Maggie, and not hurt her. Quentin nods. David says he won't play the game any more, unless they just play for fun. Quentin smiles. David asks him where Mr. Juggins is, and says they should get him ready.

There's a knock at his door and Chris and Carolyn enter. They ask who he was talking to. David says he was telling himself a joke. Carolyn tells him to get ready for bed. They tell him goodnight and leave. David sings a song about Mr. Juggins, and turns to see Quentin sitting in a chair, smiling.

Chris tells Liz they didn't find anything in the West Wing. Maggie assures Liz she didn't imagine the man.

David asks Quentin where Mr. Juggins is. Quentin looks to the wall, and David starts to clear the access to it.

Maggie says she can't understand what David wants to see in the West Wing. Carolyn agrees that David hasn't been himself lately. Liz and Maggie go upstairs to see David.

David is putting on his pajamas when his aunt and Maggie come in. Liz tells David that Maggie went looking for him in the West Wing, and ran into a stranger. She asks if he knows who it was. He denies it. She reminds him that he threatened to get even with her. He tells his aunt that he wouldn't lie to her. Maggie reminds him that he lied to her about going to the West Wing. He admits that he went to the storage room. She asks how he got out without her seeing. He tells her that he was hiding. David tells his aunt that he's telling the truth. He offers to take them up there to show them where he was hiding. Maggie agrees to apologize if he can prove he was hiding. He takes a flashlight out of his desk.

Chris points out that David is pretty intelligent. Carolyn asks when he saw David. He says it was before he got sick. He says David was almost surprised to see him, as if he expected something had happened to him. But he points out that something didn't happen to him until later.

David leads them to the storage room where Maggie saw the strange man. Maggie points out the man, and David shines the flashlight on a mannequin wearing an old suit. He calls him Mr. Juggins, and says he's an old friend of his and Amy's. Liz asks if that's the man she saw, while David grins. 

Our thoughts

John: Another crazy time shift in Collinwood as it's apparently the same day for Maggie and David, but several days appear to have passed for Chris...

Christine: Surely that means there will be another full moon next week.

John: As Quentin becomes more and more expressive, it seems like we're building up to something big. I never would have imagined that he would be so interesting based on the way they set him up.

Christine: One can't help wondering why he wants revenge on the Collins family. What did they do to him? Was he always an evil guy, or is he just an evil spirit?

John: Granted, while not as creepy as the silent Quentin, Mr. Juggins would surely freak anyone out who ran into him in a dark room.

Christine: I think Mr. Juggins is pretty creepy even with the lights on. I wonder if it was Quentin or David that came up with the name Mr. Juggins. Carolyn and Chris roaming the West Wing had me thinking about Scooby Doo again today.

Carolyn and Chris, or Fred and Daphne?

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Paul Haney said...

I think it's pretty clear from the "conversation" between David and Quentin that it was Quentin that came up with the entire Mr. Juggins concept, including the name.