Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dark Shadows Episode 449 - 3/14/68

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The Countess comes to meet Joshua at the old house. She's shocked to see the portrait of Josette has been moved. He tells her Barnabas moved it to her room. She says it was there the night Barnabas died, and he says she's correct, adding that Barnabas is not dead. She says she must see him. He says she cannot, but he needs her help. He explains Barnabas is under a curse. The Countess suggests that he talk to Vicki, and he says she is not the witch. The Countess realizes that Angelique was the witch. He says he must undo the curse, and asks is she knows some way. She asks where Barnabas is, and he says he's at Collinwood. The Countess says she will send a psychic message. As they go to leave, the Countess sees Angelique appear in the portrait. Joshua sees her, too, and the Countess says she will try to stop them.

Nathan and Millicent return to the house. Joshua says he is sending everyone into town to see the Governor, and spend the night. Nathan asks if he's ordering them to go. He speaks privately with Joshua, and Nathan asks why he's clearing the house. Joshua says he blackmailed him to get his wife, but now he must leave as directed. Nathan asks if Barnabas will be gone when they return.

Millicent complains of a headache as she looks out the window to the drawing room. She points out the light in the tower, and asks him to confirm that he sees it. He does not admit to it. He says if she's so enchanted with the tower, she should go check it out to confirm that the tower is deserted. He says she must, for her own good, to conquer her fear. She asks him to come with her, and he shakes his head. She refuses to go, and he berates her for fearing to walk upstairs on her own. She looks out, and seeing the light in the tower, tells him she no longer sees it. He calls her a liar, and she admits she still sees the light. He tells her she must go to the tower room tonight.

Joshua tells the Countess that they are alone in the drawing room. He tells her they are alone in the house. She tells him to think of Barnabas, and to ignore any strange things that happen. The Countess leads a seance.

Nathan sneaks downstairs and listens at the door of the drawing room. He turns and bumps the door. Joshua opens the door and asks what he's doing. He says he's looking for Millicent and can't find her anywhere. Joshua says she must have gone with the others and commands him to leave.

The Countess restarts the seance, asking for the witches curse to be lifted.

Millicent approaches the tower room. She sees a light coming from the room, and hears Nathan's voice telling her she must open the door and look inside. She unbolts the door and opens it. She steps inside and a pair of hands reach out and grab her.

She screams, and Barnabas asks why she came. Millicent sees the coffin and says he's going to kill her. She screams for Nathan, and says he will kill Barnabas. He asks her to promise that she didn't see him, and she says she can't. He tells her that she gives him no choice, and he bites her neck.

The candle is blown out, and Joshua asks what that means. They step into the foyer, and the Countess tells Joshua that someone is coming. The door bursts open and a woman dressed in black enters.

She says that they have sent for her. She tells them the man they sent for her to see has already gone.

Our thoughts

John: The Countess is going to send a psychic message. Unfortunately, she'll be calling collect.

Christine: That is one creepy crone she dialed up. It appears that Angelique's portrait materialized supernaturally rather than being produced by mundane methods, which begs the question why she didn't create a more flattering portrait.

John: Why is Nathan still wearing his uniform if he resigned his commission? Are those really the only clothes he has?

Christine: He said that Millicent begged him not to leave the Navy when he was badgering her into going up to the tower room, though I tend to believe that they are the only clothes he has. The shadow of Barnabas' hands reaching for Millicent has me thinking of Nosferatu again this week.

John: How is it that Millicent screaming like a banshee in the tower room can't be heard throughout the house. They've already established that the tower room is within eyesight of every window in Collinwood...

Christine: It may be within eyesight, but it doesn't mean it's within earshot. I wonder if Millicent will become Barnabas' first vampire servant, or if he's done her in. Joshua will not be pleased either way.

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