Thursday, October 22, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 1129 10/22/70

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Julia and Barnabas are walking through the woods when they hear something. Barnabas assumes that it's an animal. Julia finds Hortense's body. Barnabas says it appears as if someone tried to tear her head off. Julia says she's still alive. She sends Barnabas to get her medical bag.

Quentin is pacing in the drawing room when Barnabas rushes in. He says the governess has been attacked in the woods. He explains he's come for Julia's medical bag. Julia comes in and tells Quentin that Hortense died. Before she did, she says she spoke to her about a headless man. Quentin says no, and rushes off. Barnabas says he's not upset about Hortense — he seemed to know something about the headless man. 

Julia tells Samantha  about Hortense. She says she might still be alive if she hadn't come to see her. Samantha tells Julia that she is going to divorce Quentin and stay with Gerard. Julia says she thought she might stay with Quentin because of Tad. She explains that Tad is coming with her, and Hortense was going to tell her when he was ready. She asks Julia where Quentin went. Julia says she doesn't know. Samantha pulls a gun out of a drawer, and says she'll have a servant drive her and Tad to Rose Cottage. Julia asks if she would be better off waiting until daylight. 

Quentin returns and asks Samantha if she was planning to take Tad herself. She comes downstairs and he takes the gun from her. He says that what she was trying was the lowest thing she had ever done. She says he's responsible for Hortense's death, and he points out that if she had been successful getting Tad out of the house, he would be dead now, and she would be responsible. She reminds him that Tad is not his son, and he slaps her. She says he can do what he wishes with her, but he can't change the truth. He tells her that she has no legal or moral rights to Tad. She brings up his infidelity, and he points out that he told her about that one woman. She tells him that he's going to be sorry, and that she's going to make his life a living hell, and storms off. 

Quentin pours himself a drink. Barnabas comes in and asks him what he knows about the headless creature. He asks where Quentin went, and if there is a headless creature. Barnabas says this could lead to a series of disasters at Collinwood. He adds that if what they're dealing with is supernatural, he's jeopardizing the lives of everyone at Collinwood.

Barnabas is surprised to hear that Judah Zachery's body is wandering around. Barnabas asks where the disembodied head is. Quentin says it's missing, and he and Desmond assumed it was reunited with his body. Barnabas points out that they now know that isn't true. Barnabas asks when Zachery lived, and Quentin says he was a warlock condemned to death in 1692. Barnabas asks why he was beheaded. Quentin says the villagers didn't think he could die like a normal man. He says the head was displayed publicly, and the body was buried secretly. He adds that each time through history that the head has appeared, a series of murders have followed. Barnabas says they need to find the body and head and destroy them both. Quentin says others have tried and failed. Barnabas asks if they have tried to destroy the body. Quentin agrees to join him on a search.

Barnabas tells Julia that he and Quentin combed the entire woods and found nothing. Julia points out what Hortense's death means, and he says the governess position is open. He says if they keep Daphne from becoming the governess, they might be able to prevent the events of 1970.

Daphne is writing in her diary when Julia comes to see her. Julia tells her that she must leave Collinsport immediately, or she may die. Daphne asks who she is, and why she's threatening her. Julia reiterates that she must leave. She says she will soon be offered a position of governess at Collinwood. She says if she accepts it, it will lead to her death. Daphne asks why she's trying to frighten her. She asks how Julia knows who she is. Julia tells her not to accept the governess position. She adds that she's not leaving. Julia tells her not to say anything of what they spoke of to anyone.

Julia tells Barnabas that she failed to convince Daphne. 

Quentin goes to see Daphne. She invites him in. He explains that he's in a hurry. He says his cousin Desmond referred her, and he'd like her to be the governess to his son. She says she doesn't know what to say. He asks if the position interests her, and she says it does. He tells her that he's in an hurry, and she agrees to accept the position. He asks if she has any reservations about working at Collinwood, and she assures him that it's just what she wanted.

A caped figure wanders through the Eagle Hill Cemetery. It enters the mausoleum, and goes into the secret room. Angelique is shocked to find Barnabas' coffin is gone, and says that he will never get away from her.

Our thoughts: 

John: A bit thick on the fog machine outside Collinwood this morning. I don't think there was ever that much smoke on set, including the days when Collinwood was ablaze!

Christine: I would refer you to Episode 628 when the smoke from Diabolos' office wafted up to the rooms in the House by the Sea where Nicholas Blair was staying. I think that was far worse. 

John: Two weeks after generating it, it's already time for us to dust off the Slap Tracker! And Quentin gave a a textbook bitch slap to Samantha today. Ouch!

Christine: Julia and Barnabas decided to show up today to make another half hearted attempt at saving Collinwood. They don't seem to understand that when they keep taking days off, they undermine the mission. I wonder if the zombies are having a wild house party at Collinwood in 1970 right now. 
John: Angelique is back! Be sure to check your DSB4IDIE bingo card for vampires, witches and warlocks (oh my)! All that on top of a dismembered head, and headless body bumbling about! And with a little luck, there could even be a werewolf out and about about, right?
Christine: It is about time that Angelique came back to mess with Barnabas. It will be wonderful to see their reunion. Hopefully that will happen tomorrow. 

Collinsport Slap-Tracker

20 Roger slaps Burke Devlin's drink out of his hand!

93 Roger slaps David!

128 Joe slaps Maggie's butt!

383 Barnabas slaps Jeremiah!

467 Elizabeth slaps Roger!

535 Julia slaps Cassandra!

619 Blair slaps Angelique!

790 Trask slaps Judith!

805 Trask slaps Charity!

865 Quentin slaps Aristede!

963 A zombie slaps Julia!

964 Zombies slap Roger and Quentin!

1119 Samantha slaps Gabriel! 

1129 Quentin Slaps Samantha!


Paul Haney said...

That Angelique/Barnabas reunion will have to wait until at least Monday. No episode aired on 10/23/70 due to Nixon's speech to the U.N.

Grant said...

Even for a photo of Lara Parker as Angelique, that photo above is a really "atmospheric" one.