Friday, July 22, 2016

Episode 20 - 7/22/66

Roger and Vicki arrive at the hotel. Roger tells her to wait in diner until he calls for her to come up to Devlin's room.

Sam sits down with Vicki while she waits in the diner with her coffee. Sam asks where Roger is. He saw them arrive together. He asks if Roger deserted her? He continues to probe, and then realizes he went up to see Burke.

Roger knocks on the door and Burke answers. He asks what happened to him. Roger says he was in an accident, but he survived. He asks Burke about the business deal. Roger wants to talk about it. He wants to know what Roger is driving at. Roger agrees to have a drink, and wants to hear about the business deal.

Sam arrives back home and the phone rings. It was the hotel clerk, calling to see how Maggie was feeling after midnight. Maggie says not to worry about it, she asked him to call. Sam realizes that Maggie had the hotel clerk call if he saw him.

Burke says he wants Roger to talk to Liz about selling the cannery. Roger calls him a liar. He accuses Burke of trying to kill him. Burke denies it, and Roger spells out how he tampered with the car, and then calls down to the diner.

Sam shows Maggie a painting he made of the Collins house, and she says she hates that place.

Burke denies having anything to do with Roger's car as Vicki arrives. Burke jokingly talks about tampering with the car, using a tool... and then hesitates. Roger accuses Devlin of having a wrench, which Vicki confirms. Burke says he picked it up from the front seat before throwing it on the bench. Burke tells Vicki to get Roger out of his room. Burke says he's no longer a young kid who will get railroaded. He then turns to Vicki and suggests she should get on a train out of Collinsport.

Back at Collinwood, Vicki asks if Roger is still sure about Burke being responsible for the accident. Roger says that he needs Vicki now, so she has to stay whether she likes it or not.

Our thoughts

John: Is it safe for Roger to drive with one arm in a sling?

Christine: Is it safe for Roger to drive with one arm in a sling after downing snifters of brandy? I wonder how many cars he has wrecked. Roger's got a lot of bravado while meeting with a man he believes tried to kill him. What happened to the sniveling coward we've come to know and love?

John: Sam seems suddenly sober. Other than the fact that he's incoherent. Of course it may be the fact that his daughter is a long-haired brunette for the first time. She must have really felt ill to not put on what must have been the horrible blonde wig we've seen her in prior to this episode.

Christine: We haven't seen Maggie since Episode 12, so she's had some time to grow and color her hair. Thank goodness the wig is off and the real Maggie Evans is here.

John: Roger seems to like having the upper hand on Burke... as far as he knows. The poorly choreographed slap of Burke's drink out of his hand was quite humorous. Too bad Burke didn't punch him in the nose...

Christine: It's even better in still shots. Enjoy.

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  1. Of course the time-warp that is this show has started to affect my mind... But has it been much over 48 hours since Victoria Winters arrived in Collinsport?
    Anyway, I didn't even notice the change in Maggie Evans' hair until my wife mentioned it. I really only remember her from the Barnabus period, so her blonde look never seemed correct anyway.