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Dark Shadows Episode 865 - 10/17/69

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(For the duration of the Petofi/Quentin mind-swap, Count Petofi occupying Quentin as played by David Selby will be referred to as Petofi-Q, and Quentin in Petofi's body as played by Thayer David will be referred to as Count Quentin).

Angelique tells Charity that they've wasted enough time discussing Quentin when Petofi-Q returns. She kisses him goodnight as he heads upstairs. This upsets Charity, who tells her that he's not Quentin Collins. Angelique jokingly says he certainly looks like Quentin. Charity tells him he's something evil.

Angelique does agree that Quentin has changed. Charity says she sees a building, not far from Collinwood. She says the walls are made of stone, and describes it as below the ground. As she says that's where the real Quentin is, Petofi-Q comes downstairs.

She says that she knows he's not Quentin, and asks him Carl's birthday. And the date of his death. He says she's mad. She says he can't answer because he doesn't know. She then asks what Carl gave him for his 21st Birthday. Petofi-Q asks Angelique what kind of nonsense Charity has been telling her. Angelique tells him he can answer her questions. He refuses to do so. He tells Charity he doesn't want her madness in his house. She asks who he is, and what he's done to poor Quentin before running upstairs.

Angelique asks Petofi-Q why he won't just admit it. He asks what, and she says that he handled the situation badly. He tells her that Charity is a lunatic, and he doesn't have to subject himself to her madness. Angelique says that she's concerned about him. He says he likes her when she's warm and understanding. She says that perhaps she shouldn't have postponed the wedding. He asks if she'd consider a new date, and she tells him that she would.

In Petofi's lair, Aristede tells Count Quentin that he wonders where Evan is. They argue about Aristede referring to him as Petofi. Aristede says that he will soon be leaving this place for the grandeur of Collinwood.

Count Quentin says he's crazy to think Petofi would take him to Collinwood. Aristede says he's not referring to the Collinwood of now, but the Collinwood of the future. Count Quentin says that he's not only crazy, but stupid, if he believes Petofi will take Aristede with him to the future. They hear someone arrive, and Aristede tells him to hide. Count Quentin reminds Aristede that with his current look, he is in fact the master and Aristede is the slave.

Angelique comes downstairs and says she would like to speak to him alone. He tells Aristede to leave. When he argues, Count Quentin slaps him. Aristede reluctantly leaves.

Angelique says she thinks he has done something to harm Quentin. He tells her that she must believe him. He tells her that he is Quentin Collins.

At Collinwood, Petofi-Q goes to Charity's room. He tries the door, which is locked. He knocks and asks to speak with her.

She asks what he wants to talk about. He says he'd like to apologize. She refuses to open the door. He says she needn't be afraid of him, but she says she is, because she doesn't know who he is. He tells her that if she continues raving as she has been, her days are numbered.

Aristede comes to Collinwood to see Petofi-Q. He tells him that Angelique is at the mill. She said she wanted to talk to Petofi alone and he made him go away. He says he had to follow Count Quentin's orders or they would have been on to him. Petofi-Q is concerned about what he'll tell her. Aristede says that she won't believe him even if he tells her the truth. Petofi-Q says she has a reason to believe him.

Count Quentin tells Angelique that he's told her everything. He asks if she believes him and she says she does. He says Julia also believed him, but she disappeared before she could help him. Angelique tells him to stay there. He says Aristede has gone to Petofi, and will have told him about their visit. He begs her to hide him until she can help him.

They hear someone arrive, and Petofi-Q comes downstairs. Angelique addresses him as Quentin, and asks what he's doing there. He asks the same of her. He says that while Charity was bantering on, he couldn't tell if she believed her, but now he knows. He asks if Count Quentin told her the whole thing. Count Quentin admits that he has.

Petofi-Q says that Angelique is the real loser. She could have had the mind of Count Petofi and the body of Quentin Collins. She goes to leave and he tells her she can't. She says he can't stop her. He tells her that she hasn't felt the full power of his hand. She says that he can't keep her there.

He calls Aristede, who blocks her with a torch. Petofi-Q says he was not unprepared this time. He points out that she is vulnerable to fire, so while she concentrates on that, it's impossible for her to resist his hand. He places it on her and she screams and passes out.

Our thoughts

John: I'm glad that Charity's possession by Pansy Faye is finally starting to pay off! I was hoping that we might actually see Quentin backed into a corner, but she was at least able to set the stage for Angelique learning the truth.

Christine: I thought surely Angelique already knew Quentin was not himself, but I guess she called off the wedding because she found out Petofi-Q is a terrible kisser.

John: Poor Aristede still harbors a belief that Petofi will take care of him, but something tells me before their story is over, he is likely to have a grave right alongside Evan's...

Christine: Good to see Quentin enjoy the Petofi privilege of being able to slap Aristede around. Too bad it didn't knock some sense into him and help him realize that he will not be enjoying the spoils of future Collinwood alongside his Excellency, as Quentin in Petofi warned.

John: I'm sorry, Angelique is 'vulnerable' to fire? Isn't that awfully convenient, and perhaps a little too easy for Petofi to exploit? How come no one else, including Barnabas, appears to have known that she had such a debilitating weakness to something so common?

Christine: Who isn't vulnerable to fire? It's not a stretch to see how she couldn't use the full strength of her mind to repel the power of the Hand while distracted by being threatened with burning. I'd like to remind you that in Episode 665, Barnabas had Ben burn Angelique after she betrayed him by allowing Vicki to die on the gallows, so I think Barnabas is well aware of her weakness.

Down for the Count:
Barnabas was staked in his coffin 19 episodes ago.

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