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Episode 93 - 11/2/66

Liz hangs up on her call from Richard Garner. Roger asks what the call was about. Liz tells him that Vicki asked for a few days off, and is in Bangor with Burke Devlin. Roger suggests it wasn't a coincidence, and could have been arranged beforehand. Liz asks Roger if there's anything else Vicki might tell Burke. Roger says no, and asks why Vicki didn't leave permanently. Liz says it's because David pleaded with her to stay.

Roger goes to talk to David and runs into Carolyn. She's still upset about Vicki and Burke.

In his room, Roger asks David what he's doing. David is drawing Bill Malloy's ghost, as described by Vicki. Roger asks why David changed his mind about Vicki. David says that the ghosts are the reason. David talks about Bill Malloy. and says that his ghost might tell who killed him. He might even tell him that Roger killed him. With that, Roger slaps him and David runs downstairs.

In the drawing room, Liz reiterates that she thinks Burke is attractive. Carolyn says she hopes she never sees him again. Liz says she recently said that about Joe. David runs in claiming his father hit him. Liz escorts David upstairs as he wishes his father was dead.

Carolyn calls Burke in Bangor, She doesn't reach him live and is upset. Carolyn tells her mother why Vicki went to Bangor - to research B. Hanscombe. She says the portrait of Betty Hanscombe looked like Vicki. Liz explains she was the daughter or niece of their butler. Liz asks why Vicki didn't ask her. Carolyn asks if she would have told her anyway. Carolyn swings back to Vicki and Burke. Liz brings up Carolyn's father. She explains the romance between them was really more the love between her father and the Collins money. She does say there was another man she loved. Carolyn assumes it was Bill, but Liz explains it was Ned Calder. She says Joe reminds her of Ned, and that the way she's treating Joe is the same way she treated Ned. She warns Carolyn not to make the same mistake she did. Carolyn calls Joe and asks about their date tonight (which obviously hadn't yet been scheduled).

Roger comes downstairs as Carolyn runs by happy to be alive. He tells Liz that she has to get rid of Vicki. He says she's a bad influence on David—like talking about Bill Malloy's ghost. Roger also says she needs to sell Collinwood—to Burke Devlin if he'll still buy it. Liz says she plans to spend the rest of her life in Collinwood. Roger asks what she'll do if he leaves, and takes David. She says he loves money more than his son. Roger asks Liz what is between she and Victoria Winters. Liz sticks with the party line. She also adds that she's not worried about Vicki saying anything to Burke.

Our thoughts

John: The Carolyn roller coaster once again flies off the track; once again over Vicki and Burke. Even Liz is getting sick of it. We'll see if she can woo Joe back, or if he's already too far gone with his new squeeze, Maggie Evans.

Christine: He'll be back.

John: David gets a long overdue slap in the face from his father. Certainly a high point of the episode.

Christine: He does need some type of redirection, though I'm not sure a slap in the face is what will turn the delinquent around. Perhaps the ghosts will set him straight.

John: Roger does a full court press on Liz to get rid of Vicki, but she refuses to budge on the issue.

Christine: It must have something to do with what happened 18 years ago when Paul Stoddard left, Vicki started receiving money at the foundling home, baby Carolyn was born, and B. Hanscombe the butler was discharged, along with the rest of the servants. Roger should be careful lest he raise Elizabeth's suspicions.

The dramatic mood swings of Carolyn Stoddard.
From anger to elation.

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