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Dark Shadows Episode 1115 10/2/70

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Roxanne is upset that Barnabas didn't visit her tonight. She wonders if he's the one she's always felt that she was destined to meet, or just a stranger. She knows she'll see him again if he stays at Collinwood. She turns to see him in her room. He tells her not to be frightened, or to make a sound. He says he couldn't resist coming to her. He says that he is the stranger she spoke of, and he will love her as no one has. He leans in to bite her neck.

Barnabas is kneeling by Roxanne's bed when she wakes. She says she's never felt this way before. He apologizes, and she asks why. He says he should have resisted the temptation. She says that all she wants is to be with him, and kisses her. He says he will come to her tomorrow evening at dusk, and kisses her again.

Gabriel finds Samantha in the drawing room. He offers to show her his abilities as a mind reader. He says she's thinking about what life would be like without Quentin. He assures her the family will take care of her. She reminds him that she is the one who will take care of them. Gabriel says as long as his father is alive, the will can be changed. She says he already tried that. She says when Collinwood is her house, she'll suffer his presence only as long as he stays in his place. 

Gabriel wheels out, and Gerard comes in. She asks him not to start reading her mind, too. He says he knows she can't accept that Tad is gone forever. She shows him the last thing he wrote. Gerard says he remembers him well, sitting on the deck writing. He says he talked a lot about her, how much he loved her. She says she wants to hear everything he said. Gerard says it was Quentin who talked about her the most, and he feels like he's known her forever. She says she'd like to start over, but she doesn't know where to begin. He assures her that he does, and leans in to kiss her. She tears herself away and says she shouldn't have done that. He points out that their loyalty to Quentin is gone. 

Gabriel bursts in. She says she has nothing further to say to him. She bids Gerard goodnight and leaves. Gerard starts to leave, and Gabriel says they are going to have a talk, and calls Gerard "Mr. Miller." Gerard asks what he just called him. Gabriel says, "Ivan Miller," his name before he changed in ten years ago in London. He flips through papers and Gerard asks where he got that info. Gabriel lists off crimes including embezzlement, gunrunning, smuggling, suspicion of murder... Gerard says the charges against him were dropped. He asks what Gabriel's point is. He tells Gerard that black arts have served him quite well. Gerard goes to grab the papers and Gabriel grabs his wrist and bring him to his knees. He tosses the papers on the floor and tells Gerard there's another copy in his safe deposit box. Gerard points out that it will end up in the hands of the police if anything happens to Gabriel. Gerard says he could always leave Collinwood voluntarily if he chooses not to be Gabriel's slave. Gabriel tells him to get a large quantity of arsenic. Gabriel says he is not to ask questions.

Roxanne wakes up and is bothered by the sunlight coming in through her window. She gets up and draws the curtains shut. She hears Samantha knocking on her door. She makes sure her neck is covered before opening the door. Samantha asks if she's still upset about last night, and she says she's not. Samantha goes to open the drapes and Roxanne stops her. She says she looks pale. Samantha asks her to tell he what's troubling her. She says  there's noting. Samantha says she can tell there's another man. She asks about him, and Roxanne says she will, someday soon.

Gabriel is working with his exercise ball when Gerard returns. He hands over enough arsenic to kill an army. Gabriel says he's not going to kill anyone, but Gerard will. He says he wants the death to come across slowly, and not to be known. Gerard asks who the unfortunate victim is to be. Gabriel says the first person who comes through the door. He turns as Samantha enters the drawing room. Samantha asks him what's wrong. Gabriel says she interrupted them. She turns and leaves. Gerard tells him he's out of his mind. He says there must be another way to get the family money. Gabriel says 10% of the estate will be Gerard's. Gerard contemplates it briefly, and tells him they have a deal. Gabriel hands back the arsenic.

Barnabas composes a letter to Ben. He apologizes for what he is about to do.

Barnabas goes to the gazebo and calls to Roxanne.

Roxanne wakes, and gets out of bed. She follows Barnabas' commands.

Roxanne arrives at the gazebo. She embraces Barnabas. She says she will do anything he asks. He says there is a way for them to be together forever. She says she's not afraid. He leans in and bites her neck again. He then lays her body down, and tells her that tomorrow she will be dead, but she need not fear death. He says tomorrow she will be his again, and leaves her body lying near the gazebo.

Our thoughts: 

John: Was someone playing a radio in 1840 when Samantha and Gerard were talking? I heard music in the background throughout that scene, and can only assume that was a mistake.

Christine: Your ears must be better than mine, since all I heard was Robert Cobert's music cues. The Dark Shadows Wiki explains that singing can be heard throughout the episode due to interference affecting the audio.

John: After all this Gerard Stiles build-up, we now find out that his real name is Ivan Miller? And that he's basically a common criminal? I thought he was going to be a cool pirate. It sure would have been nice if ANY of this portion of the family history had been documented in the many historical tomes we've been introduced to over the years...

Christine: Ivan Miller seems to be more of a pirate name than Gerard Stiles. He's hardly a common criminal the way he managed to get around to four countries to commit crimes. It was odd to see the way Gabriel overpowered him with his superhuman death grip. With all the close ups on his stress ball exercising, I gather we're supposed to believe he can do some serious damage with his pincher fingers.

John: Not only did Barnabas waste no time in putting the bite on his soul-mate, Roxanne — he went all the way and killed her! What will 1970 Barnabas think of that (when and if he actually I-Chings back to 1840)?

Christine: I wonder how long before Angelique shows up to interfere with Barnabas' happy plans for his eternal life with his vampire bride. 

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