Thursday, January 28, 2021

Dark Shadows Episode 1199 1/28/71

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Melanie rushes in looking for her mother and Julia. Melanie tells them that her father is dying. Julia says that the lottery will start again before this week is out. Flora walks out, and Melanie says that Julia had to mention the lottery. She says her father is the only one who makes her feel as if she belongs. Julia asks her who makes her feel unwelcome. 

Morgan comes in and tells Melanie that their father wants her. She leaves. Morgan points out that when he was five, he heard his parents talking about that room, and how one day he or Quentin would have to go in and spend the night. He says he stood in front of the door, and began to tremble, feeling the evil that was inside. He says he can't run anymore. He says he knows that he'll be the one that has to go into the room. He says if his father lived another week, he could marry Catherine tonight. Julia tells him that he can't marry her tonight. He says if they're married when his father dies, she'll be part of the lottery. Morgan says no, there will be no women this time. He says Quentin agrees, and Gabriel will, too. She says he can't tamper with tradition. He says he knows that six Collins' have gone into that room to spend the night; three died, and three left the room mad. He says Quentin, Gabriel or he will be on that list. She says the letter he reads when his father dies will determine who goes in. She asks if he's told Catherine about the lottery. He says he has not. She says that after this lottery, they will have a whole generation to wait. Morgan says the next lottery will include his and Catherine's children.

Bramwell comes to see Catherine. She says he can't come back to Collinwood and change everything since he's been gone. He tells her they've always been exactly alike. She says that's why they shouldn't be married. He says that's why she shouldn't marry anyone else. He tells her that Morgan is spoiled, arrogant and weak. He says he returned because he knew she was in trouble. They kiss. He tells her that she still loves him. She says she loves Morgan, and they could have a good life together. He says he could give her that, and she asks him how he can do that. She asks if they would live on his bitterness towards the rich Collins'. He says he has a plan to get money. She says he always has a plan. She reminds him that they had their happiness when they were young. 

Morgan interrupts them. He asks Bramwell what he's doing there. Bramwell says he will go where he wants when he wants. Morgan tells him to never come here again. Bramwell leaves it to Catherine. She tells him that she wishes he would never come there again. He tells her that she'll be sorry she said  that, and she will change her mind. He storms out, and she hugs Morgan. He tells her that they must marry tonight, but he can't tell her why. He tells her that his father is dying. She asks him why he wants to get married tonight, and what he's not telling her. 

Flora says she can't bear being in the room where they found the body. She asks Julia if she thinks anyone saw them burying the body. She then asks if she remembers Justin before he went into the room all those years ago. Melanie comes in and says she thinks her father is doing better. Julia asks her if she was with her father when he had his second attack. She says she went to his room but he wasn't there. She says she found him downstairs. Flora sends her out. She asks Julia if she thinks Melanie knows they found the man's body. Julia says the man's name is Trask. She took his wallet. Flora wonders if he's one of the ones who owns the bakery. They find a card that says he's an undertaker on Front street. Flora says there's no funeral chapel there. She tells Julia to burn the wallet and its contents. She says that Justin killed him, so they had to bury him. Julia says they should burn the house to the ground, saying that they're trapped. Flora is concerned about her sons. Julia says that Justin can't die before someone sees the woman in white. 

Morgan comes to see Bramwell. He asks him to promise not to come see Catherine again. Morgan tells him that he has always envied the Collins'. Bramwell says that she'll be his again, and tells Morgan that if they have to fight, one of them will die. 

Catherine goes to Collinwood to see Melanie. Catherine tells her that Morgan wants to marry her tonight. She asks Melanie why. She tells her she wants to understand the house. Melanie is about to tell her when Julia comes in and interrupts them. Melanie leaves, and Julia tells her that Morgan is not home yet. Julia escorts her out.

Morgan makes his way back to Collinwood, thinking that it's a house of death that Catherine will make alive. He then sees the woman in white, and realizes that tonight is the night.

Our thoughts:  

John: While I'd be interested in what happens behind the closed door that either kills or drives family members mad, I'm almost willing to bet that we'll never find out that particular detail.
Christine: Don't you think it's better that we don't find out? Maybe there's a parallel Head of Judah Zachery. 
John: It's amusing to see Bramwell (Barnabas) putting the moves on Catherine (Angelique), only to be the one who's rebuffed.
Christine: Yes. It's particularly interesting that watching the two of them together was what inspired Barnabas to declare his love for Angelique. I love Bramwell's painted on 5 o'clock shadow. It makes him look so roguish!

John: How cheap have things gotten for them to have established the importance of seeing a 'woman in white,' and then not even show her!
Christine: Not even a chroma-key woman in white either! Where's KLS when we need her?

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