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Dark Shadows Episode 1191 1/18/71

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Lost in the secret passages of Collinwood, Daphne finally finds a door that leads outside. She steps out and is grabbed by Gabriel. She screams, and he tells her that no one will hear her. As he chokes her, he hears his father's voice, and sees his ghost. Daniel tells him that he will kill no more, and he says that his time has come. Gabriel runs away from Daphne's unconscious body. Back in the house, he encounters his father's ghost again, which assures him that he will die this night. Around every corner, he s confronted by his father's ghost. 

Daphne comes to and gets up.

Gabriel returns to the East Wing and goes into the room where he observed parallel time, and begs for the room to change and take him away. His father's ghost appears, telling him that wherever he goes, he will follow him.

Daphne runs in the front door of Collinwood and finds Joanna. She says Gabriel killed Edith, his father, Randall... and will kill them all. She adds that he can walk. 

Gabriel tries to get away from his father, but he cannot. He goes out onto the roof, and complains to his father's ghost that no one loved him. Daniel's ghost tells him that he must die, and Gabriel falls through a banister on the roof. His dead body lies in the grass down below.

Daphne tells Joanna they aren't safe. She says she must go to Quentin. Joanna tells her that Quentin has escaped, and he's with Desmond. She asks why he didn't leave. Joanna says he was worried about what Gerard might do to her. Daphne tells her how she thought Gerard had killed Edith because she found what she thought was his cufflink. 

Julia finds Gabriel's dead body.

Daphne tells Joanna that she came to kill Quentin, and she might have done it. She says she doesn't know what to do. Julia returns and is glad to see Daphne safe. Daphne warns her about Gabriel, and she says she he's dead outside. Daphne explains that he could walk, and he was a murderer. Julia says that someone needs to let Quentin know that Daphne is safe.

Quentin tells Desmond that he sees someone coming. Desmond moans in pain. Quentin says it must have just been fishermen. Joanna comes in and tells him that Daphne is safe at Collinwood. 

Quentin asks Joanna when Gabriel found out he could walk. She says he told Daphne he could since he was a child. Quentin says he thought he ruined his life. He asks why he took Daphne, and she says he was going to use her to barter with Gerard. He wants to go to Collinwood, but she reiterates that it's not safe. Desmond reminds him that Gerard is in the house, and Samantha would turn him in if she saw him. Quentin tells Joanna to have Daphne meet him under the parapet in an hour. Joanna leaves, and Desmond tells him to be careful. 

Joanna tells Daphne that Quentin will meet her in an hour. She tells her that she knows Quentin doesn't love her now. His love was her reason to live, but she'll find another now. Julia suggests that Daphne get some rest, and she goes upstairs. Joanna tells Julia of the strange events she observed in the East Wing. Julia casually explains that she witnessed a separate time band that exists in that part of the house. She asks Joanna to describe what she saw. Joanna says she saw Gabriel talking to a woman named Melanie who looked like Leticia Fave. She says an employee, Stella, had disappeared, and Melanie was trying to find her. 

Julia goes to the East Wing to check out parallel time. She sees someone who looks like Willie/Will/Desmond, who tells someone that looks like Julia that his name is Kendrick Young, and he has come to see his sister Stella. He asks if she's a Collins, and she says obviously. He asks where his sister is, and she says she doesn't have the faintest ideas. She adds that his sister was flighty and didn't follow orders. She adds that she left yesterday, saying that she didn't like it in Collinwood. He doesn't believe her. She says they are well rid of her, and she has nothing else to say about her. She tells him to close the door on his way out. He tells her that he intends to find out what happened to his sister. The doors are slammed, and when Julia opens them again, the room is empty.

Quentin meets Joanna outside the house. She tells him that Daphne is in the East Wing waiting for him. She tells him to be careful, noting that Gerard and Samantha just returned. 

Daphne is in the East Wing when Quentin arrives. They embrace and kiss. She says they can't stay, and they step into an empty room. Daphne realizes where they are and says it's not safe for them to stay in the room, but before they can leave, the room is suddenly furnished. She tells him that they're trapped in another time!

Our thoughts:  

John: Gabriel had to work really hard to push himself through that breakaway banister! Do you think we weren't supposed to notice that he went from leaning to the banister on his right to one on his left when they cutaway? I'd love to know the explanation behind that. Of course he probably should have gone down to the basement and tried Quentin's time-traveling staircase instead...

Christine: My guess would be that Daniel can be seen in the shot when he leans on the right, but the fall looks better on the left. 
John: I had to laugh when Joanna referred to herself in the third person and told Quentin that Joanna was safe, and then adding that Daphne is safe! Glad to see she's come to terms with things, and isn't about to wig out again. Good for her!
Christine: I'm wondering if Julia's counterpart may be responsible for Stella's death after all, with the way she was dismissing Kendrick's concerns. 

John: So Daphne and Quentin have crossed over into parallel time. Honestly, how can that be a bad thing for either of them? And how long before Barnabas, Julia, Stokes, and other do the same? Do you think we'll ever return to 'normal time' before the show comes to an end in April?
Christine: I suppose it could be a bad thing if they have parallel counterparts, since it's been established that two counterparts can't coexist in the same time. It's possible the others may not make the journey to parallel time. I'm not sure we'll find our way back to the original time band. 


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