Monday, February 24, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 956 2/23/70

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Maggie kisses Quentin. They notice that they both have the sign of the trident on their hands.She asks what it means. She tells him he must go, and he says he could never leave her alone. They kiss again. Amy walks in on them and is shocked. Quentin tells her they couldn't fight it if they wanted to, and they'll still fight with Barnabas against Jeb.

He says she needs to be careful that Jeb doesn't find out she's not loyal to him. She says Jeb would kill her if he found out she wasn't under his control. Amy sneaks out after hearing that. Quentin asks if they should tell Barnabas, and Maggie says it's her place to tell him. She then kisses Quentin once more.

Amy startles Elizabeth, and tells her that Maggie opened their box. Elizabeth asks how she knew. He says Jeb told her secretly, and no one was to know. Amy says Maggie is fighting against them with Quentin and Barnabas. Elizabeth asks her to tell her exactly what happened.

Maggie notices the mark is gone from her hand. She sees its missing from Quentin's hand, too. She asks him if it's over. She says she doesn't feel the way she did before. He tells her that they merely looked at each other for a few moments, and it won't happen again. He reiterates that it's not safe for her in the house, and she tells him that if she leaves, Jeb will know she's working against him. Quentin bids her goodnight. Maggie realizes that she threw Barnabas' ring into the fire, and goes to look for it. Elizabeth comes in and asks her to help her move some books.

They go upstairs, and Amy opens the door. Willie is standing outside, and asks her where she's going. She says she's going on an errand. He asks her to get Julia or Barnabas, and Amy tells him they're not there. He asks about Maggie, and she says that she's out until late tonight. Amy leaves him alone, and he picks up the phone to make a call.

Elizabeth takes Maggie to the tower room. Once Maggie is inside, Elizabeth closes and locks the door. Maggie asks to be let out. Elizabeth goes downstairs. Maggie realizes that she must have overheard her talking to Quentin. She doesn't know what to do.

Willie sends kisses to the person he's speaking to when Elizabeth finds him. He tells her that Julia sent for him. He says he's looking for her or Barnabas. Elizabeth says that Barnabas won't be at the house tonight. Willie tells her that he's got plans to get married. Elizabeth tells him that she doesn't have time to chat. He says he's going to tell Maggie, and asks where she is. She says she doesn't have any idea where Maggie is, and suggests that Willie go to the old house to see Barnabas.

On the way to the old house, Willie sees Amy pass by. He follows her.

Elizabeth asks Amy if she saw Willie in the woods, and she says no. Amy asks if Maggie is locked in the room, and Elizabeth says she is. Elizabeth asks if he's coming, and then follows Amy inside. Willie approaches the door and looks up to the windows.

Amy says Jeb was glad they told him, and would be there soon to take care of it.

Willie sneaks in an open window. He goes from locked door to locked door, asking for Maggie. He wonders where she is.

Elizabeth asks if Jeb is coming in his form from his room. Amy says he was very angry. Elizabeth is upset about Maggie, and Amy reminds her that she's a traitor. Elizabeth sends Amy up to check on Maggie. She goes upstairs, and Willie sees her and follows her.

Amy calls to Maggie through the door. Maggie asks her to unlock the door. Amy says that only Jeb can unlock the door. She says he's coming now, and then she goes downstairs. Willie comes to the door and unlocks it. Maggie hugs him. Amy closes and locks the door behind him. Willie says it's a trap, and tells her that Amy did it. Maggie asks him to help her escape.

Elizabeth and Amy stand by the front door, waiting for Jeb. Elizabeth then takes Amy into the drawing room. The doors slam shut, and the invisible Leviathan creature leaves footprints up the stairs.

Willie asks Maggie what happens now. She shushes him, and they hear breathing outside the door.

Our thoughts

John: In the time he has been away, Willie has sure let his hair down. Of course Elizabeth didn't notice, or couldn't be troubled to mention it.

Christine: Both his hair and his kissy lips remind me of Carl Collins. I hope for his sake that his fiancé doesn't suffer the same fate as Pansy Faye.

John: Maggie trapped in a room... again? You think one of these days she'd learn her lesson, and carry a lock-picking kit with her wherever she went. Of course it doesn't help when you're dependent on the likes of Willie Loomis to rescue you.

Christine: Still, it's nice to have Willie back, who is at least willing to try and rescue Maggie, despite his fearfulness. Incidentally, the box that once held the Hand of Count Petofi can be seen on the table outside Maggie's room, where it also appeared during early episodes.

John: So now the Leviathan creature has feet? I thought he just glided around like some sort of apparition. All the more reason I'm disappointed that they've never revealed him to the audience.

Christine: I suspect it would have been a greater disappointment if they had revealed him to the audience. I have to wonder about the leafy debris footprints. Does the Leviathan creature have sticky feet that cause him to track detritus all over the place, or should we assume it's part of the creature that comes loose as he travels? Either way, you'd think it would have made it easy for the cops to track him down. It may have been more appropriate for him to leave slime trails in his wake instead.

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