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Dark Shadows Episode 946 2/9/70

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Carolyn wakes to the sound of shutters slamming. She gets up and closes the window. She then hears  labored breathing outside her door. She calls to Angelique's husband for help. The door to her room swings open, a bright light shines on her and she screams. She falls over and passes out as a shadow falls over her. Jeb walks in and picks her up. He says he couldn't go through with it.

Angelique's husband enters the room and sees Jeb standing over Carolyn, now on the bed. He asks Jeb what went wrong, and what about the ceremony. Jeb says there isn't going to be a ceremony tonight. He asks Jeb why he changed back to the human, and he says she was terrified of him. He says he can't do it that way. Angelique's husband says when she wakes up she'll remember his true form, and Jeb tells him that she won't. He says he can't appear to her as a repulsive creature, and since she's attracted to Jeb Hawkes, he'll come to her that way. Angelique's husband brings up the book, and Jeb snaps at him.

Jeb asks what his next move would be. Angelique's husband says he shouldn't be there when she wakes up. Jeb agrees, and says he's going to Collinwood to meet with his future mother in law.

Elizabeth is pacing in the drawing room when she hears a howling wolf outside.

The werewolf stumbles through the woods, bleeding from a gunshot wound.

Elizabeth goes to the phone when Bruno appears at the top of the stairs and tells her to put it down. She does. She asks who he is, and what he's doing in the house. He says he's been looking around the house, as he plans to be spending a lot of time there. He shows her his ring, and invites her into the drawing room.

She realizes that he's there to give her instructions. She asks if something is wrong. Bruno tells her that she's to stay there and speak to no one until Jeb arrives. Bruno tells her the house will be ideal for them when the time comes. The wolf howls again. Bruno asks if she knows what it is. She says it sounds like the wolf that walked upright like a man which had attacked her months ago. Bruno says that it's been around Collinwood for a while. He says he wounded it earlier. He grabs his gun and goes outside to finish it off. He tells her that it's a great threat to Jeb,

Carolyn wakes to find Angelique's husband standing over her. He says that he's beginning to think his house doesn't agree with her. He tells her that she was walking in her sleep. He says he found her unconscious on the floor. She apologizes for being such a burden. He says he'll stay up with her until Angelique returns. Carolyn says she doesn't understand what's happening to her, and why things changed tonight. He asks if she remembered what happened after getting out of bed. She says she remembers getting out of bed to close the shutters, and then she doesn't remember. She admits that she must have fallen and hit her head. He tells her there can't be any other explanation.

Jeb arrives at Collinwood and introduces himself to Elizabeth. He asks where Bruno is. She tells him he went to hunt an animal in the woods. Jeb says he hopes he finishes it off.

Bruno searches the woods for the werewolf.

Jeb asks Elizabeth whose idea it was to take Carolyn away, and she says it was Barnabas' idea. He says in the future she should check with him first. He says that when Barnabas asks how he found out where Carolyn was, she's to say that she called him. She says that she told Barnabas that she wants Carolyn to be one of them, but Barnabas said it wasn't the time. Jeb tells her that Barnabas is no longer in charge. He assures her that Carolyn has a future with them.

The phone rings, and it's Carolyn. She reminds her mother that she was to call as soon as she got home. She apologizes, and says there's someone who wants to speak to her. Elizabeth puts Jeb on the phone. He tells her he woke in the night concerned that she needed him. She tells him that she'll see him tomorrow when she returns to Collinwood. Bruno returns and says the animal is nowhere to be found. Elizabeth goes up to bed. Jeb tells Bruno that he has a score to settle with Barnabas. Bruno warns him about the werewolf, but Jeb says he wants to see Barnabas now.

Jeb makes his way through the woods towards the old house when he hears the growling werewolf behind him. He runs to the old house and once inside, screams for Barnabas. The werewolf appears outside the window and jumps through.

Our thoughts

John: It appears that Angelique's husband is a Leviathan after all... I wonder if we'll get an explanation as to how he ended up with Angelique. That would seem to be one heck of a coincidence. Of course, one might think that Angelique would be attentive enough to notice if her husband was a Leviathan. I wouldn't think such an important detail would escape her.

Christine: I'm not sure if he's a Leviathan or just a Leviathan collaborator. Jeb told him he was successful at being a man of action "thanks to us," which would suggest he's not one of them. On the other hand, he appears to have some knowledge of the Leviathan book, which could mean he's one of them, or he's just interested in studying the Leviathan doctrine. I have to wonder why he entered the room when he thought the Leviathan ceremony was in progress. You'd think there would be some expectation of privacy for that. Nancy Barrett demonstrated the challenge of not exposing oneself when falling backwards in a very short dress.

John: I'm a bit disappointed in Jeb. For someone of such low moral character, I find it hard to believe that he would have a change of heart right before claiming Carolyn as his own. It seems like he's more concerned about preserving her human looks. Don't know how that works if he plans to live on as a hideous creature.

Christine: That certainly was a cop out. While he is fascinated with her beauty, it could be his own vanity that has him wanting her to come to him of her own free will.

John: Damn if that werewolf doesn't like jumping through windows! Will this be the end of Jeb? I can't imagine Barnabas rushing to his rescue, but I also don't expect we'll see Jeb so easily dispatched on a Tuesday...

Christine: I love how Jeb was out to get Barnabas, and quickly reverted back to crying for daddy when the big bad wolf showed up. I suppose Jeb may find some random silver candlestick nearby to ward off the werewolf, but let's hope he gets a few scratches on his pretty face before he does.

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Grant said...

One thing I've always liked about Bruno is that he's one of the few characters (like Carolyn) who dress in a trendy way. I'm not saying I would want everyone on Dark Shadows to dress in a really obvious mid to late ' 60's way, but having at least a few of them do it is good.