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Dark Shadows Episode 950 2/13/70

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Quentin tells Carolyn that Jeb murdered her father. She says he doesn't have any evidence. Quentin says he'll tell her everything. Jeb bursts in and tells Carolyn that Guthrie was just murdered at the antique shop by the man who also killed Sheriff Davenport and her father. She asks who, and he tells her that it was Philip—and that he just confessed. Quentin tells him he doesn't believe it. Carolyn says that he liked her father. Quentin tells her she's right. Jeb says the police think Philip was schizophrenic. Carolyn can't believe Philip could have done it. Jeb says the investigator came to the shop to question him, and then when he came to Collinwood, Philip called him. Guthrie went to see him. An hour later, Philip walked into the police station saying he had done it again. When they followed him back to the antique shop, they found his body.

Quentin reminds Jeb that Paul died as a result of something he had seen—and he doubts that it was Philip Todd. Jeb gets an uncomfortable look as Quentin goes on to describe how the victims' clothes had been disintegrated by a substance that no one could identify. He asks Jeb if the same was true, and if so, what the substance was. He asks if Guthrie died of a heart attack, too. Jeb says the police are still questioning him.

Carolyn goes out to call the police for an update. Jeb says he thinks they've met before. Quentin says the only place they could have met is the one place he's never been—hell. Quentin assures him that he has learned to take care of himself. Jeb adds, "for a long time, I can imagine." He surmises that Quentin doesn't believe the sad story of Philip. Quentin says he doesn't. Jeb assures him that he won't get him to change his confession, and Quentin asks if he wants to bet on that.

Carolyn presses the police for details when Barnabas arrives. He asks what's wrong, and she tells him Philip has just confessed to the murders. He says that's impossible. Jeb and Quentin walk in, and Jeb asks if he has another suspect in mind. Barnabas says that it shocks him, and asks if Carolyn has told her mother. She goes upstairs to do so.

Barnabas tells Jeb that he's in serious trouble. He says he was, but not anymore, and says that he and his friend Quentin should realize that. He tells Barnabas that he shouldn't have sent him to get the box. Barnabas says he cannot let Philip die for what he did. Jeb accuses Barnabas of treason. Barnabas says he's a traitor to a cause he never believed in. Jeb says he cannot stop the Leviathans. Barnabas assures Jeb that he will lose other followers. Jeb tells him to look at the last person he tried to enlighten. Barnabas says he cannot sacrifice all his converts. Jeb agrees, and says he could pick some choice ones, like David, or Elizabeth.

Carolyn comes in and asks Jeb to take her to the antique shop so she can check on Megan. He smiles and agrees. After they leave, Quentin says he's going to have to kill Jeb. Barnabas says they don't even know how to do that. He says it might be in the book, but he won't get another chance to look at it. Quentin says he told Carolyn Jeb killed her father before he walked in, but he wasn't able to explain. Barnabas says they must get the box out of Jeb's room. Quentin reminds him that Philip was caught, and Barnabas says that he won't be.

Jeb tells his caged super bat that his time has come. He takes out the Leviathan box, and opens the bat's cage. He brings him to the box and puts him inside and closes it. He places it on the desk and hides the empty cage. He leaves the room and thinks the box is now Barnabas', and he can do with it what he wants.

Jeb comes downstairs in the antique shop and tells Carolyn that he gave Megan sedatives, so she can't see her. Carolyn cries and says Philip couldn't have killed her father. Jeb hugs her and says he hates to see her cry. She kisses him. She tells him that she likes him, but he's so harsh with people sometimes. She says she could tell he was arguing with Quentin earlier. He tells her that he likes Quentin, but Quentin doesn't like him.

Barnabas and Quentin leave Collinwood to go get the Leviathan box. Quentin warns him that Jeb may have set a trap for him.

Jeb and Carolyn return to Collinwood. He asks if she'll be able to sleep, and she says she wants to sit up for a while to think. He asks if he can see her tomorrow, and she tells him to call her as soon as he talks to Megan. He kisses her, and tells her that if anyone asks questions about him, to tell him. She says she will if she believes what they say. He leaves her, and she goes into the drawing room and sits down.

Barnabas tells Quentin to guard the door as he goes into the antique shop.

Carolyn dreams. In the dream, Jeb shows her his birthmark, and says she remembers him as Joseph... and Alexander... and Michael. He says it was as Michael that he realized just how much he wanted her. She asks why he keeps telling her this. She refuses to believe that they are all the same person, but he says it's true. He tells her to come to him and shows her his bloody hands. She asks what he has done. She backs away from him, and goes into a room where she sees a dead body on the floor. He closes the door and tells her there's nobody there. Blood pours out from under the door. He tells her that she saw nothing. She wakes from the dream wondering what it means.

Barnabas comes out of the antique shop with the Leviathan box. He tells Quentin to stay around the shop while he goes to where he can destroy the Leviathan box. He says that when he's done, he'll return to the old house. And Jeb will know to come after him.

Barnabas takes the Leviathan box back to the altar. He calls to the spirits, saying that he no longer needs them. He says his days will be spent ridding the world of the Leviathans. He prepares to smash the box with his cane when it opens on its own, revealing a bat inside. The bat bites him on the neck.

Our thoughts

John: What, now everyone knows the exact details of how Paul died? Carolyn is not phased that Quentin and Jeb seem to know details that had not been publicly shared, like the clothes being disintegrated, or the strange substance. The only thing they didn't discuss was the stench...

Christine: Again, Barnabas states that they don't know how to kill Jeb. He seems to have amnesia from Episode 944 when Jeb admitted he had to kill the werewolf before it could kill him. Perhaps he just wasn't listening to him. I can understand why he would tune out his whiny voice.

John: I love how Carolyn wakes from a second, nearly identical dream in which Jeb confesses who he is, and basically shows her that he has killed people, and she remains befuddled—unable to figure out what it all means. It's not like Carolyn's dream is full of metaphors, with strange symbols behind multiple doors... it's all right there on the surface, and she's just clueless. You'd think she'd be able to put two and two together considering that Quentin had told her Jeb murdered her father.

Christine: I'm telling myself that Jeb is using Leviathan mind control on her because I don't want to believe that she's really that dumb. Jeb's birthmark seems to be wandering.

Today's episode

Episode 937

Episode 913/914

John: Oh, Barnabas... you're all set to swing away to smash the box, so what do you do when it opens and there's a bat inside? Nothing. You just stand there, waiting for the bat to slowly emerge, and make his way to your neck... I think they probably could have staged that scene more effectively. Unless we find out in the days to come that Barnabas decided that being a vampire would be the only way to kill Jeb...

Christine: I think it's understandable that Barnabas would freeze in shock. Also, someone had to hand that huge bat to him to hold to his neck while we were being distracted by the chromakey bat. It's not like they were using the bat by Bit Baird on a fishing pole, and I'm sure they didn't want to risk tossing it to him on the likelihood that he'd drop it and have to pick it up to make it bite his neck, which would have been pretty funny. The good news is...the vampire's back in town! Who's going to get the first bite?

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