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Dark Shadows Episode 952 2/17/70

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Barnabas enters the antique shop and goes upstairs. Outside the door, he hears the breathing. He goes downstairs and throws gasoline throughout the shop. He takes a match and lights the room on fire. He leaves the antique shop engulfed in flames.

Megan arrives at the flaming antique shop and calls to Jeb, telling him there's a fire.

Elizabeth receives a call from Megan, telling her that the shop is on fire and Jeb is trapped inside. She agrees to meet Megan there.

Barnabas tells Julia that by the time the firemen arrived, there was nothing left to save. He says Jeb didn't get out while he was there. Julia says that he knows he can't kill him. Barnabas says that every inhuman creature has one vulnerability. Julia asks if he thinks the Leviathan creature's is fire, and he says it can't be that easy. Barnabas says they have destroyed his room and his special powers. When Jeb comes to confront him, he will be human.

Elizabeth returns to Collinwood with Megan. Megan says she would have felt better had they found something—anything in the wreckage. She says she doesn't care about the antique shop, she only cares about him. Jeb appears in the drawing room and tells them that no one could get rid of him so easily.

Megan asks how he got out, and he says he was out the window and away before anyone realized it. He has the Leviathan box with him. Elizabeth goes to prepare a room for him. Jeb tells Megan that someone set the fire, and she was supposed to be there to protect him. Megan says that she say Barnabas in the crowd watching the fire. She said when she went looking for him later, he was gone. Jeb says Barnabas is a traitor, and he knew that he would move against him.

Julia prepares a syringe for Barnabas. She tells him that he has to accept her dosage, since he aged when she gave him the dosage he requested the last time. She goes upstairs, and Barnabas is surprised to find Jeb in the room with him.

Barnabas admits to having set the fire. He says he will keep trying until Jeb is destroyed. Jeb says that Barnabas will be destroyed first, but not until he sees him marry Carolyn and take over Collinwood. Julia comes downstairs and is shocked to see Jeb. He leaves, and she says she really hoped that he was dead. Barnabas tells her to return to Collinwood when he goes to sleep. He tells her they need to get Willie back. She says that she will stay until he's back.

Elizabeth asks Megan where Jeb is. She says she'll offer him the carriage house. She mentions that Jeb and Carolyn really seem to care for each other, and Megan angrily says she knows, and storms out.

Philip tells Megan that being in a jail cell, accused of three murders he didn't commit, is a nightmare. She says he could have let Jeb kill her, and he says that he couldn't. He adds that with his room destroyed, Jeb is just an ordinary man. Megan says that if they're loyal, Jeb will find someone else to claim responsibility for the murders. Philip tells her that he's glad the shop burned down. He says that if he ever gets out, they'll go someplace else and start all over again. He points out the one positive is having her back again.

Elizabeth asks Jeb if he likes the carriage house. He does. She says there's a room in the back where he can be his higher form. He says he feels like he belongs in Collinwood. He says he will take over soon, and she asks if she should ask Barnabas about having him move in. Jeb says she is not to consult Barnabas on anything; he is a traitor. She asks if she should keep him out of Collinwood, and Jeb tells her no. He wants Barnabas to see what's happening.

Barnabas rises and thanks Julia for protecting him. He starts to go out, and she asks him not to. He tells her that no matter what happens, there's one more thing that he must do.

Megan returns to Collinwood. She tells Elizabeth that it must seem odd that a woman whose husband was killed, and the woman whose husband was accused of the murder, were staying under the same roof.

Barnabas bats into Philip's jail cell. Philip asks how he got there, and says it's strange, and it frightens him. Barnabas says they will try him for three murders he didn't commit. Philip says if he tries to escape, Megan will be killed.

Barnabas tells him that Megan is Jeb's slave. Barnabas tells him that Jeb turned him into a vile creature of the night. Philip is frightened, and says that he didn't betray Barnabas—that someone else already had.

Megan tells Jeb that Philip asked her to leave with him, and she said she would, IF he got out of jail. She then adds that she'd never go anywhere with him. She offers to consecrate the room for his higher self, and Jeb says that she didn't do that before—Oberon did.

He says he doesn't need the room. He says he's in a different form, and he plans to remain in this form. She says he's what's in the room, and Jeb is only what the world sees. He says the world seems to like it fine, and gritting her teeth, Megan says that Carolyn does. She says that if he wants Carolyn, it must be in the way that the book demands. Jeb asks if she would be jealous otherwise. He says he's tired of her thinking of him as something she has a special hold over. He tells her that he's different, and things between them are different. He kisses her. Lightning strikes and she asks what he did. The lights go out, and he says there's someone coming. He calls to them. Megan is terrified, and asks him who he angered.

Our thoughts

John: So things are playing fast and loose with the Leviathan creature. Everyone seems ready to re-do a room for him in Collinwood so he can switch back and forth between selves, but Jeb seems to want to stay in Carolyn-ready mode.  Methinks the days are numbered for the Leviathans...

Christine: We've got our vampire back and there seems to be little need to drag this storyline out, so it may be time to put the Leviathans back into the box and send them back to hell from whence they came.

John: If Barnabas can convince Philip that Megan doesn't even care about him, what good is that going to do? If Philip recants his confessions to the murders, will anyone believe him? And does he have any physical evidence that can pin the murders on Jeb? Maybe they'll let Carolyn's dream testimony corroborate his accusations!

Christine: There is no evidence to show that Philip did commit the murders, so without a confession, there isn't much to hold against him, especially since he is not a slime monster.

John: So Jeb crossed a line by kissing Megan? It's not like she's his mother. I wonder who's coming to see them. Oberon would make sense, except for the fact that if Oberon could have traveled through time, he never would have needed Barnabas. I guess we'll find out tomorrow!

Christine: Eww! Yes, she is his mother! She held and nurtured him when he was a baby, and corrupted him with the permissive parenting that made him the obnoxious lout that he is now. Someone must have finally decided that Jeb violated too many rules in the Leviathan book, and can't allow the precious Leviathan seed to go to waste when it's supposed to go toward propagating the race. I hope he's in for some serious reprimanding.

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