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Dark Shadows Episode 957 2/24/70

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Willie and Maggie hear labored breathing outside the tower room door. It stops and they hear a scream. Jeb is outside the door looking terrified. He screams again and runs off. They hear a turn in the door lock, and they are able to open the door. No one is in the hall. Willie leads Maggie out of the room.

Barnabas winces in pain as Julia gives him an injection. He says they've taken no effect, and she says they have taken some effect, he just doesn't know it yet. She warns him that Jeb could find his coffin. He says he won't find it where it's hidden, and that he's worried about she and Maggie staying in Collinwood. Julia says Carolyn would ask questions if anything happened to her.

Willie and Maggie arrive at the old house. Maggie tells Barnabas that they know about them, and they tried to kill her. She says they were locked in the tower room and heard the breathing. She says Amy and Mrs. Stoddard locked them in. Julia takes Maggie upstairs.

Willie tells Barnabas that none of this makes sense. Barnabas tells him that it does. He says they found out about Maggie. Barnabas mentions the murders, and then tells Willie not to even ask, and asks how they escaped. Willie described what happened in the room, and then how a man screamed and ran away. He says the key then turned in the lock but there was no one there. Barnabas says he doesn't understand it.

Willie tells him he's in real trouble now, and Barnabas says he's in more trouble than Willie realizes. Willie understands that Barnabas is once again a vampire. Barnabas offers to tell him everything.

In Josette's room, Julia gives Maggie something to calm her down. Maggie tells her that she failed. She says Amy or Elizabeth must have overheard her talking with Quentin. Maggie wonders who unlocked the door. Barnabas comes in to see her. Maggie asks why Jeb turned into human form. Barnabas says he thought the only place Jeb could change was destroyed when the antique shop burned. He says they must have sanctified another room.

Willie laments Barnabas' condition with Julia. She tells Willie that Barnabas is in more danger than he's ever been before, which is why they need his help. He tells her that his fiancee Roxanne is staying in the motel. They're going to New York to get married, and he can't stay. Julia says that he must.

He says he can't take care of Barnabas, not realizing that Barnabas is on the stairs. He asks what he would tell Roxanne, and says he can't say. Barnabas says that he can't stay—he has his own life to lead. Willie says he hopes they're still friends, and Barnabas assures him they are. Willie goes upstairs to say goodbye to Maggie before leaving. Barnabas tells Julia that he hopes Willie and Roxanne will be happy. Julia says he could have made Willie help him, and he refuses to do that.

Willie brings Maggie a cup of tea. She thanks him. He says he was nervous about seeing her; that he might forget all about Roxanne. He says he hopes that she's half as happy as he is someday. He tells her she needs to take care of Barnabas. He turns and leaves.

Julia says they can't find anyone else. Jeb walks in on them and says he's glad to find them talking about him. Barnabas asks what he wants. Jeb says he wants to see Barnabas alone, and Julia refuses to leave him. Jeb says he'll be safe for the moment, and Barnabas tells her he'll be fine. Jeb suggests she go up to see Maggie.

Jeb tells Barnabas he made a mistake making him a vampire. He says that Blair told him that. Jeb says Barnabas has made mistakes too, like burning down the antique shop. Jeb says he's gong to get Willie to punish Barnabas, and that Barnabas will be there to see him marry Carolyn. He then says he'll find his coffin. Barnabas tells him to leave.

Jeb tells him that he's going to get him. He says he knows Barnabas caused what happened to him in the hallway, using his weaknesses against him. He storms out, and Barnabas wonders what he meant when Jeb told him he was responsible for what happened in the hallway. Barnabas thinks Jeb is terrified of werewolves and ghosts.

Willie comes down, and Barnabas tells him to leave before Jeb harms him, too. He leaves. Julia comes downstairs and Barnabas says that something supernatural must have scared Jeb, and they have to figure out what it is.

Willie comes back in and tells Barnabas that he can't leave right now, the way things are.

Julia returns to Collinwood. She wonders what could have stopped Jeb. She doesn't think it was a ghost. She decides to go to the tower room to look for evidence. She goes upstairs, and Jeb comes out of hiding.

Julia goes to the tower room, and Jeb grabs her from behind asking where Barnabas' coffin is. He sees something, and tells it to stay away from him. He runs off and Julia asks who it is and what they want.

Our thoughts

John: Didn't it seem odd that there was no real reunion between Barnabas and Willie? Interesting how they changed the dynamic in their relationship, and rather than having Willie once again be Barnabas' protector against his will, they made a point of Barnabas freeing him of any obligation, and having Willie return to stay of his own free will.

Christine: What confuses me is Julia's adamance that Willie stay to protect Barnabas. I would have thought she'd jump at the chance to do the job herself, especially since she's gone to the beauty shop just to resume Barnabas' treatments.

John: As soon as Willie started talking about Roxanne, did anyone else hear the voice of Pansy Faye singing? If Roxanne proves to be anyone else, I'll honestly be shocked.

Christine: I was actually hearing the sound of another coffin being interred. Let's just hope there won't be a revival of "I Wanna Dance With You" before that happens.

John: Any bets on what's scaring Jeb? I think we can rule out a werewolf, as that would have come with the ceremonial growling we're accustomed to. Of course, after going to such lengths to demonstrate that the werewolf was the only thing that could defeat the Leviathans, they drag out a new foe that turns Jeb into a trembling little girl who runs off crying at the mere sight of it. So what can it be? My money is on the ghost of a smiling Paul Stoddard!

Christine: I was thinking that it might be Josette's ghost back in her role as protector of the family, now that Barnabas has finally released her to the grave. While I hope you're right about it being Paul Stoddard with a toothy grin, it doesn't make sense that Julia would be asking the apparition to identify itself if she knew who it was, unless it's appearing as formless ectoplasm.

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