Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Dark Shadows Episode 947 2/10/70

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Jeb runs into the old house and screams for Barnabas. The werewolf appears outside the window and jumps through.He approaches a terrified Jeb, who runs from him. The werewolf grabs him, but Jeb breaks free and tries to run upstairs. As he's about to go in for the kill, the werewolf hesitates, stumbles and falls. On the floor of the old house, he reverts to Chris Jennings.

Barnabas returns to find the old house window broken, and Jeb on the stairs. He hears a  moaning and finds Chris on the ground. He wakes and asks Barnabas what he has done. Barnabas tells him to be quiet, and says he has to get him out of there. He sees Jeb and asks if he killed him. Barnabas says that he's still alive, but he needs to get back to the cottage to change his clothes. He tells him to return later.

After Chris is gone, Barnabas comes back in and wakes Jeb. He tells him that the animal is dead, and he's safe. Jeb chastises Barnabas for not being there when he needed him, and Barnabas corrects him, telling him that he arrived in time to fend off the creature. Jeb asks what special powers he has over werewolves, and Barnabas shows him his silver cane, explaining that he beat the werewolf with it. He says if it hadn't been for him, Jeb would have been dead. Jeb realizes that he would have been killed if Barnabas hadn't intervened. Barnabas explains that he is loyal to their cause, and Jeb decides that he was wrong about him.

Jeb asks why he took Carolyn away from him. Barnabas says he was convinced Jeb was moving too fast. He asks how Jeb found out, and he says Liz called him. He says she didn't betray Barnabas; she assumed he knew. Jeb tells Barnabas that he went to see Carolyn in his true form, and she was terrified. He says he didn't harm her, and he has decided that he wants her to feel the same way about him that he feels about her. Barnabas congratulates him on his maturity. Jeb apologizes for not trusting him earlier. Barnabas says he'll go get Carolyn and bring her back to Collinwood.

Anglelique arrives home, angry at her husband. She claims he sent her on a wild goose chase to get her out of the house last night, and she demands to know why. He plays dumb, and tells her he's sorry about what happened, but there's a simple and logical explanation. He tells her a story, and she falls for it. He then says she was just upset that he was alone with a woman. She asks what he means, and he tells her that Elizabeth was called back to Collinwood.

Barnabas arrives to take Carolyn back to Collinwood. Angelique introduces him to her husband. He asks Barnabas if he first met Angelique in England, and after a glance to her, Barnabas confirms the story. Angelique sends her husband to get Carolyn, and asks Barnabas if everything is all right. She explains that her husband called her away from the house last night and she only just got home. She says that on her way back, she had a terrible feeling that something awful had happened last night. Barnabas tells her that Jeb was there last night. Angelique says it must have been before her husband got home. She asks if Jeb knew Barnabas was responsible for Carolyn being there. He says that he was, but he has since proven his loyalty to Jeb. Angelique tells Barnabas that she doesn't know Jeb, but he knows he's a dangerous creature. She goes upstairs to help Carolyn pack. Barnabas admires Angelique's portrait.

Angelque's husband comes in and asks her if they're finally alone. She says they are. He says there are three of them. He, she, and the secrets she's keeping from him. He says Carolyn appeared fine, and asks why Barnabas came to pick her up. He says they promised each other no lies. She says there were no lies. He asks her if there's no other reason why the house guests were there. She says that there have been no secrets related to them. He says the rules have changed between them, and now secrets are allowed.

She agrees to tell him everything she knows. She says Carolyn's life was in danger from the Leviathans, and goes on to describe what they are, and how Barnabas has changed from their leader to their enemy...

Jeb is back in the antique shop, reading, when someone arrives. It's Angelique's husband. Jeb tells him that he knows that he's not to be seen there. He says that he thought Jeb would be interested to hear the truth about Barnabas. He says he's out to destroy them. Jeb realizes that Barnabas lied to him. Jeb threatens to turn him back into a vampire.

Chris arrives at the old house and asks Barnabas if the man is alright. Barnabas says that unfortunately he is. He tells Chris that Jeb is his most dangerous enemy, and he'll try to kill him before the next full moon. Barnabas says he can't tell him everything, but Jeb is also his, and Carolyn's, and Sabrina's enemy—Jeb is the enemy of all humans, and must be destroyed. He says he will destroy him as soon as he finds the way.

With a small cage in hand, Jeb searches the graveyard and finds the grave of Richard Fairbanks, who was hung for the murder of his wife and children 200 years ago. Jeb calls to the dark spirits of the underworld. He calls for an avenger to strike down the traitor, Barnabas Collins. He opens the cage and a bat flies towards him. It flies into the cage and he closes it.

Our thoughts

John: What dumb luck! Just as the werewolf was about to deliver the fatal blow to the Leviathan creature, dawn breaks and he turns back into Chris Jennings. If Barnabas only knew how close Jeb came to being vaquished...

Christine: Why is Barnabas wondering how to kill Jeb? Jeb admitted to him in Episode 944 that he wanted to kill the werewolf before it could kill him. All he has to do is lock both of them in the secret room in the Old House on a full moon night. Problem solved.

John: Come on, Angelique... are you so blindly in love that you believe your husband's lame excuse? Sure, she's not going to assume he's a Leviathan, but it's not that much of a stretch to believe he might be interested in being alone with Carolyn. And then she goes to commit the cardinal sin of telling the truth. Couldn't she have told the truth without telling every single detail, including an outrageous tale of a strange race of pre-human creatures? That kind of 'truth' is only going to succeed in getting yourself locked up! Of course, he was perfectly accepting of the truth, and she didn't stop to think that there might be a reason for that.

Christine: It is certainly unlike her to be fooled so completely, but love can make a person believe what they want to believe, despite what their gut is telling them.

John: Ah, the strange incantations of Dark Shadows continue. I thought we were going to get a new member of the Walking Dead team, but he goes to the grave to call on a rubber bat? I don't get it, but they were awfully proud of today's puppet, zooming right into his smiling face in the cage.

Christine: It didn't really make much sense that he had to go to the grave of someone evil to call up evil. Isn't he evil enough on his own? I wonder if Jeb has carefully considered the consequences of his retribution. Providing Barnabas with supernatural powers will make him a more formidable enemy. While he may not be a threat to Jeb, I would think he could bring all the Leviathan conspirators under his control with a little nip on the neck. Or are we to assume that the Leviathan box is mightier than the vampire fang? I have to say, Jeb has managed to capture the cutest bat we've seen on the show yet. How can that sweet toothy grin and pug nose harbor anything evil?

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