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Dark Shadows Episode 937 1/27/70

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Barnabas tells Jeb that he thought the matter was settled. Jeb says that Carolyn is destined to go up the stairs and join him in his room. Barnabas is surprised to hear that she too would have his ability to change form. Jeb says in time they all will. He tells Jeb that he cannot have Carolyn, and Jeb tells him that he will, and that he will marry her on Friday.

David is in a wheelchair with a cast on his leg. He asks Maggie to sign it. She asks how he hurt his leg, and he tells her about an accident when riding his bike. He says a blonde man jumped out of the bushes and he fell and broke his leg. Julia asks if he was going to the antique shop, and he wheels out of the room.

Barnabas tells Jeb that he will not marry Carolyn on Friday. Jeb says he hated getting orders from Barnabas as a child, and now he will do what he wants. Barnabas says the book states that her father must give her away. Jeb says that Barnabas can. Barnabas reminds him that Carolyn must want him, and cannot be forced to marry him.

Jeb tells him that he will make arrangements for them to stay in Collinwood after the wedding. Jeb says Roger will then become one of them. He says that Julia is an enemy, and Barnabas must come up with a suitable fate for her. Jeb says Maggie Evans is also a threat to him. Jeb points out that Amy is one of them without his permission, and she will have to go. As will Mrs. Johnson. Jeb brings up Josette, and Barnabas' curse. He then asks if Barnabas knows what he needs to do, and he reluctantly agrees.

David shows up at the antique shop and is surprised to see Jeb with Barnabas. He recognizes Jeb as the man who jumped out at him.

Maggie can't find David anywhere. She asks Julia if she saw him when David rolls in. Julia hands him crutches and he goes upstairs. Maggie says he's not normal and Julia is puzzled by that.

David finds Jeb in his room. He tells David hat he knows why he had to do what he did, and David tells him that he does. David realizes that Jeb was Michael, and Alexander before that. Jeb reminds him of the radio he gave him when he was Michael. Jeb offers David his watch. When he takes it off, it reveals a birthmark underneath.

Maggie walks in on them and realizes he's the man who caused David's accident. He says he felt responsible and came to see David. Maggie tells him that he can leave now, and he calls her by her name. He says he's heard of all of them.

Coming downstairs, Maggie tells Jeb that he should have helped David when he caused the accident. They come into the drawing room and Jeb apologizes to Julia for his rudeness earlier. He shakes her hand, and she notices his birthmark. He leaves, and Maggie tells Julia that he reminds her of Michael. She doesn't know what he was doing in David's room, and Julia tells her she must find out. She goes upstairs and Julia phones Quentin.

Maggie asks David about Jeb, and he says he apologized, and gave him a watch. Maggie says there's more to that story than he's telling her.

Quentin arrives at Collinwood, and Julia asks him to go with her.

Maggie doesn't understand why he's treating Jeb like a hero since he caused his accident.

Julia tells Quentin that she saw the birthmark on Jeb's wrist, so they must exhume Michael's body. Quentin starts to dig.

Barnabas tells Maggie that he brought David home after finding him at the antique store. Maggie asks him who Jeb is, and he says he can't answer her question. He tells Maggie that he's concerned about Carolyn. He says he doesn't think the antique shop is a good place for Carolyn, particularly now that Jeb is in town. He asks Maggie to discourage her from going there. She tells him she'll try.

With the coffin out of the grave, Quentin opens it.

Barnabas tells Maggie she's wise for not trusting Jeb. She goes upstairs, and Julia returns. She says she has to talk to him. He tries to avoid her, but she tells him she opened Michael's grave and found an empty coffin. She says she pronounced him dead two weeks ago, but it was clearly faked. She says she doesn't know how, but she knows why, and demands that he tell her everything. He agrees to tell her the whole story.

Our thoughts

John: Credit the writers for working in the real broken leg on David into the storyline! And it was a nice touch to make it the fault of Collinwood's latest resident, Sleazy Jeb.

Christine: I can't believe Dr. Hoffman would recommend that David go up the stairs on crutches, and that she wouldn't insist they set up a place downstairs for him to stay while he recuperates. He'll be in a body cast the next time we see him. Then how is he going to wear that hip watch Jeb gave him?

John: David gets around in the wheelchair a little too easily for someone seemingly in one for the first time. And how exactly did he navigate all the way into town and to the antique shop in said wheelchair?

Christine: I seem to remember Roger driving down a steep, winding hill away from Collinwood the night of his accident in Episode 15, which makes me chuckle to think of David going bumpity bump down same road in his wheelchair. It was pretty silly to suggest he could do that, but I suppose if he can get up the stairs on crutches, he can whiz down a steep hill in his wheelchair.

John: Good thing Julia was able to call on Quentin for an expedient exhumation of Michael's grave. Do you think he just dead-lifted (pun intended) the casket out of the freshly dug grave? Once again, the speed at which local residents can dig up graves in Collinwood is certainly impressive!

Christine: It always amazes! They come out nearly as fast as they go in. Clearly Jebez wanted Julia to see his birthmark. Was it to engage her as an adversary, or will it be a loyalty test for Barnabas? I hope that Julia gets to hear the whole story tomorrow. Barnabas should realize that she needs to be informed to protect herself, and then they can team up to fight Leviathans together.

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