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Dark Shadows Episode 240 - 5/26/67

Roger Collins reads the article about Maggie's disappearance when David announces that she's been found. Roger asks him what he's talking about, and Vicki clarifies he's referring to Josette—specifically her portrait in the old house. Vicki sends him out to play, but admonishes him not to bother his cousin Barnabas at the old house.

David knocks on the door of the old house. He tries to get in but the door is locked. He peers into the window and sees a woman in a wedding dress. He calls for Josette to let him in, not realizing that it's Maggie who he is seeing. As he goes to leave, the front door opens, so he enters. He calls for Josette, and looks for her but cannot find her.

David makes his way upstairs, and enters Josette's bedroom. He sees the portrait and speaks to it. He asks why she seems so far away when he just saw her downstairs. Barnabas enters and asks him what he's doing there. He asks if someone was here with him. David says that he was talking to Josette; more specifically to her portrait. He said he saw her downstairs a few minutes ago, but she disappeared. Barnabas suggests that means he imagined it. David says he saw her through the window.

Barnabas sits him down and asks if he has a habit of peering through others windows. Barnabas says that he's very fond of David, but asks him to forget that he thinks he saw Josette. David said that she must have been downstairs, as she opened the door. Barnabas explains that the house is very old, and the doors and windows are capricious. Barnabas asks David to stand in front of the portrait and look at it. A long and careful look. Barnabas asks him if he still feels Josette is somewhere nearby, and David admits that he does not. Barnabas tells him that she's gone, and David is upset by that.

Roger admonishes David for snooping around the old house, and tells him to apologize to his cousin. Barnabas says that an apology is not necessary, and that he thinks he's confirmed for David that Josette isn't there to be found. Vicki sends David upstairs while Barnabas and Roger retire to the drawing room.

Barnabas declines an invitation for a brandy. Roger says he wants to reiterate the apology, and that he'll talk to David to ensure it doesn't happen again. Barnabas thanks him, and requests that he does impress upon David that he shouldn't come around the old house. He explains how much he likes his privacy.

Roger blames the situation on Maggie Evans' disappearance. He says that from that, David has a renewed interest in finding the portrait of Josette. Barnabas agrees that it's quite interesting. Roger explains that there are no clues into Maggie's disappearance. Barnabas says he's sure she's still alive. Roger says that the doctor has some samples of her blood, and he has some suspicion that the blood samples might help him verify them. Barnabas asks about the suspicions, and Roger says he doesn't have more detail. Barnabas confirms the name of the doctor who has Maggie's blood samples.

Upstairs, David tells Vicki that something about Josette was different. Vicki tells him to stop it, and that he will not be going to the old house again. He talks back and she threatens to involve his father to be more strict with him. He goes downstairs, but as soon as Vicki is gone, he confirms that his father and cousin are still talking, and then heads out of the house.

Vicki tells Roger that David didn't have his dinner. Roger blames David's behavior on Vicki's lack of discipline. She says she's sure he's gone to the old house. Roger says that's exactly what he means. He just forbid David to go to the old house. He also suggests that David's fascination about Josette may be spurred on by Vicki's concern for Maggie Evans, and he asks her to try and hide her emotions. Vicki explains to Roger that she's frightened, and he apologizes for his behavior. Roger offers to go find David, and she says that's not necessary. He tells her he'll go with her.

David enters the old house and looks for Josette. He hears her music box and sees her come down the stairs. She's in the shadows so he cannot see her face.

Our thoughts

John: Roger! David! I'd almost forgotten what they look like! Of course they're both back to their old form. David disobeying orders, and Roger berating Vicki for her mishandling of him.

Christine: We last saw David in Episode 224 and Roger in Episode 228, so it has been a few weeks. I like how Roger blames Vicki's lenience for David's misbehavior when he is the little miscreant's father, who should be assuming responsibility for him.

John: For a minute, it looked like Barnabas may have taken a more angry tone with David. I don't know if he can ever convince David not to be interested in Josette.

Christine: So, Barnabas exorcises the real Josette and has Maggie assume her identity, because the real Josette would not want to have anything to do with him. If her spirit were still present in the Old House, she would not be pleased with Barnabas using Maggie as replacement, and would likely interfere with his aberrant plan.

John: How long until David realizes that Josette is in fact Maggie?

Christine: Considering that Kathryn Leigh Scott does not portray 'Josette' in this episode, it may take him awhile. Dorrie Kavanaugh appears as the "Woman in White" in this episode and Episode 238. She also appeared as the woman in Maggie's dream back in Episodes 224 and 225/226. David should at least recognize that she's more corporeal than he's seen her before. Incidentally, I wonder if Jason McGuire ever made it back to the house after being surrounded by howling dogs in Episode 237. We have yet to learn his fate.

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