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Dark Shadows Episode 241 - 5/29/67

David sneaks into the old house looking for the ghost of Josette. He hears a music box playing, and sees a woman coming down the stairs in a bridal gown with a veil. She speaks to David, asking his name, and then telling him she's been away to a place of death, but now she's come back. She had to come back. Maggie asks him where she is. He says she's in her house.

They discuss her music box, and then he points out that this is more than she's ever talked to him before. She says she's forgotten something, and David asks if she'll speak to him again. He says he used to call to her portrait, but she didn't always respond. She asks about the painting. He says it used to be above the fireplace, and now it's in her bedroom. He tells her he cried when it was taken down, but he's happier knowing where it is.

He shows her the portrait of Barnabas, and says it's being painted by Mr. Evans. Maggie recognizes the name. He then tells her the painting is Barnabas, and she repeats his name. She seems frightened. David asks why. There's a knock at the door and David hears Vicki and his father outside.

He turns around and finds that he's alone. David calls to Josette. From outside, Roger demands that he open the door. David opens the door and says hello to them. Roger asks where Barnabas is. Vicki says they heard David talking to someone. Roger asks if he came looking for Josette's ghost, and asks if he's seen her. David says no. Vicki seems to sense (or smell) something, and asks him if Josette had been in the room. The door opens and Barnabas enters.

Roger explains that David returned for another visit. Barnabas says his fondness for the house is insatiable. He asks if he came to visit him, or to find someone else. He says he wanted to see Josette again. Barnabas asks if he did, and David quickly says no. He asks David if he went upstairs, and David tells him no. Roger apologizes again, and ensures Barnabas it won't happen again. He sees the portrait, and says it's coming right along. Barnabas explains that Sam Evans isn't presently able to work on it. Roger comments that the resemblance to the portrait in the main house is uncanny. They excuse themselves, and Barnabas bids them goodnight. After they leave, he heads upstairs.

In her room with her music box playing, with her veil now lifted, Maggie looks at the portrait of Josette, and then looks into the mirror. Barnabas' hand closes the music box. He asks if she saw the people in the house. He reiterates that no one is to see her. She repeats after him. He says they wouldn't understand that she is Josette, and might call her Maggie Evans. She connects to Evans. Barnabas repeats that her name is Josette Collins. He says she's always been Josette Collins, no matter what anyone says. Maggie repeatedly says, "I am Josette Collins,"' and Barnabas opens her music box, resuming the melody.

The sheriff arrives at the old house and introduces himself to Barnabas, and he is invited in. He mentions that he heard that he had visited previously. They discuss Willie, and the sheriff asks about Willie's whereabouts when Maggie Evans disappeared. Barnabas confirms that Willie was on an errand to Bangor. The sheriff asks about the prior night Maggie disappeared. Barnabas explains that Willie was only gone long enough to get to the Evans house and back. As he's showing the sheriff out, Josette's music box begins playing upstairs. Barnabas makes an excuse that he had just winded it before coming downstairs.

Roger admonishes David, and asks Vicki to have David write the word 'honest' and its definition 50 times tomorrow. As they go upstairs, Vicki asks what he saw. She said she smelled Jasmine, and wants to know if he saw Josette. He says he did, and that they talked a lot. Vicki is surprised they had a conversation. David mentioned the music box, and says she was very different this time. He says she then disappeared. He gets her to promise not to tell anyone.

There's a knock at the door, and Vicki lets the sheriff in. He explains he was on the property, and thought he'd update she and Roger on the search. He explains that things aren't any better now that Barnabas has provided an alibi for Willie. He admits that it's possible that Maggie is dead.

In the old house, Maggie comes downstairs and calls out, "little boy, I need you."

Our thoughts

John: Granted, she had the veil on, but don't you think David knew Maggie well enough to recognize her? Perhaps since he's expecting to see Josette, he doesn't notice that Maggie looks nothing like the portrait. At least nowhere near as close as Vicki and and the portrait of Betty Hanscomb.

Christine: It is pretty weak for David to act oblivious to who she really is. He should be able to recognize her as the nice lady who gave him a free sundae.

John: Vicki could see through David's lies, and even if Roger could not, I'd think that Barnabas would be sharp enough to notice. Things can't keep up this way for long, or David is bound to go missing, too.

Christine: I wonder why Barnabas doesn't just lock the door to the Old House, especially now that he's kidnapped Maggie Evans. He should at least put his servant in charge of guarding her when he's not around.

John: Do you think Barnabas is drugging Maggie? It's one thing for her to be caught up in a trance in his presence, but you'd think seeing David, or hearing her name, might snap her back to reality.

Christine: Perhaps the music box is acting as a hypnotic influence. Or his bites have transmitted some vampire toxin into her bloodstream that makes her forget who she is. Either way, we haven't been provided with much evidence for why Maggie is acting like she's brain dead and not attempting to break free.

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