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Dark Shadows Episode 242 - 5/30/67

Burke Devlin stops in to see the doctor. He says Sam Evans is about to go over the edge. He says the only way to save Sam is to find Maggie. He asks the doctor if he has anything he can tell Sam about his investigations into Maggie's blood work to take his mind off her disappearance. The doctor says he's going to get Hoffman, one of the best men in the field, to come look at his slides. He can't explain what's going on with Maggie's blood, and is confident that Hoffman will be able to.

Liz is upset that Peterson asked Roger about her financial matters. She says she's not going to explain things to Roger. Roger tells Liz he's not prying for the sake of prying. Liz says she hasn't been feeling herself lately, and Roger attributes it to the arrival of Jason McGuire. He suggests that the money she's withdrawing is being paid to Jason. Roger says that he knows how she feels, bringing up the car accident. He brings up the key to the basement she wears around her neck. He asks her if the secret she's being blackmailed over is in the basement. Liz denies everything. Roger tells her he just wants to know what's happening so he can support her. She begs him to leave her alone.

Liz finds Jason in the drawing room, drinking. She explains that the situation cannot continue. He says she's upset that he hasn't been in the office, and tells her not to worry, he's been working on public relations. She tells him that's not the issue at all. She says she cannot transfer any more funds to a Swiss bank account, under any circumstances. Jason ignores Liz. She tells him that he'll get no more money from her, and nothing that he says or does will change that. Jason says he'll resign himself to that.

Liz tells Roger she straightened out the accounts with Peterson. She apologizes for how she acted previously. He asks if she can tell him what's going on, and she says she can't.

Burke and the doctor examine his office, which has been ransacked. He explains that his slides have been stolen, along with the sample of Maggie's blood. The doctor says this is confirmation that Maggie was taken. He shows Burke the bars on his window which were torn open by a madman. 

Our thoughts

John: I was excited to hear a reference to Dr. Hoffman, and surprised that HE is being referred to the top MAN in HIS field. I will be extremely interested over the next few weeks to see how Dr. Julia Hoffman is finally introduced

Christine: Clearly Dr. Hoffman was originally intended to be a male character. Thankfully that's not how it turned out or we would have missed out on the pleasure of having Grayson Hall join the cast. Looking forward to her arrival.

John: Someone should explain to Burke the difference between a microphone and a microscope.

Christine: It's a wonder Liz didn't learn from Roger's experience with being unable to keep a terrible secret and decide to confide in him. It's only a matter of time before the truth comes out. It's nice to see the siblings band together. It appears that Jason survived his experience being surrounded by howling dogs in the woods.

John: I think the writers dropped the ball when it came time to resolve the cliffhanger with Jason, and are hoping we wouldn't notice. I would have assumed Willie would have been the one to steal the blood from the doctor's office, but he couldn't tear open the bars on the window. That would establish the break in as the handiwork of Barnabas. But it raises the question, how would he have known the doctor had Maggie's blood samples let alone that he was calling in an expert to review the evidence.

Christine: Why are there bars on the window to Dr. Woodard's office in the first place? That seems odd. You'd think Barnabas would just steal the blood samples and go, rather than taking the time to trash the doctor's office. Perhaps the smell of blood made him lose control. I seem to remember someone telling Barnabas in a previous episode that Dr. Woodard had discovered something in Maggie's blood, but I haven't been able to track that down, so maybe I'm imagining that happened.

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