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Dark Shadows Episode 228 - 5/10/67

Jason and Liz argue in the drawing room. He has asked for a position in the family business, and she has refused. He says if she did, it would make more sense of her letting him stay in Collinwood. She says it just one more example of blackmail, and he tells her not to use that word—for the last time. He says he wants a position in public relations, and she says she's not taking him into the family business. He asks what he said when she opened his Swiss bank account. He says this would provide an explanation for the money she's giving him.

Carolyn bursts in and asks if she's alright. Jason says he was telling her that she's working too hard, and he's working to help lighten her load. Carolyn asks if her mother is alright one more time before leaving. Jason says he's heading into town, and expects that by the time he arrives, she'll have called the cannery to have them make space for their new director of public relations. He leaves, and Liz walks to the phone, reluctantly picking it up and making a call.

Roger tells her he was dumbfounded to hear that she had appointed a director of public relations, and then to discover it was Jason McGuire. He suggests that it was all Jason's idea, and she denies it. He asks why she's letting Jason force himself into the house and family business. She says she doesn't want to discuss it, and Roger tells her she's making a terrible mistake.

Carolyn is telling Vicki that she loathes Jason when he walks in to ask them where he can find her mother. She asks him how long he intends to stay in Collinwood. He says she should ask her mother. He continues to say that he told her this morning that he might be leaving, and she not only asked him to stay on, but to join the family business. She says she doesn't believe it, and he tells her she will. In time.

Roger tells Carolyn and Vicki that he never heard of Jason before he recently arrived in the house. Vicki says that he was surely a friend of Carolyn's father. Roger said that he didn't know Paul Stoddard very well, as he was in school back then. Carolyn asks if her father left anything behind, and Roger says only those things left behind in the basement. Vicki asks if his things are behind the locked door, and Roger says he has no idea what is there.  Liz walks in on them, and Roger says they're discussing Jason's new position. Carolyn asks for the key to the locked room in the basement to see her father's things. Liz says there's nothing in there, and Roger mentions what she told him earlier. She says that none of them are to ask about that room again, and walks out.

Vicki joins Liz in the drawing room. She apologizes for her outburst earlier. She says the room has no importance, and asks her to help Carolyn understand that. Vicki suggests that if Paul Stoddard's things are in that room, she can see why it might be upsetting to Liz. As we've seen before, Liz latches on to Vicki's explanation. She pleads for her help convincing Carolyn.

Carolyn digs through drawers looking for a key to the basement door. Vicki walks in on her and asks her not to. She asks for Vicki's help searching for the key, and Vicki says that maybe that's not what's in the room. She says there might be something more painful in there. Carolyn says she'll find out once and for all.

Our thoughts

John: Jason continues to get his claws deeper into Liz. Clearly she's forgotten that when she called his bluff previously, he backed off.

Christine: Jason tells Carolyn that he and Liz are quite close but were even closer before Paul Stoddard came along. While it's likely he's lying, why would he make up such a story?  Jason has ensconced himself in Collinwood, secured a position in the family business and has been provided with his very own Swiss Bank Account. What will Jason McGuire demand next?

John: Unlike Roger, Liz is a terrible liar. She too often reverts to ending discussions when the questions get too pointed. And then she grabs on to the most convenient excuse, only after someone else presents her with it. That basement room may eventually be her undoing.

Christine: I like how she demanded they all stop asking her about the basement and then tells Vicki to spread the word that the room is not all that important. Just as Roger's crime was eventually exposed, so too will Elizabeth's wrongdoing. Let's hope it's sooner rather than later.

John: Why is Carolyn even going to the trouble to look for a key. Why not just break the lock like she suggested?

Christine: She wants to sneak into the room without her mom finding out. I'm surprised Roger told Carolyn that he doesn't know where her mom keeps the key to the basement room after Liz made such a point about asking where the key she kept on a necklace was after returning home from the hospital in Episode 194.

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